Sunday, July 28, 2013

News from the Jews

Jewish sex scandals, promotion of transgenderism, and anti-White immigration agenda

In the past few years, an array of Jewish politicians have been involved in sex scandals which have been publicized in the mainstream mass media.  Anthony Weiner, a former New York Congressman and current candidate for mayor of New York City, and Bob Filner, the current mayor of San Diego, presently find themselves in the spotlight, with the accusations leveled against Filner particularly egregious.  The Jewish Telegraph Agency ran a piece this week discussing these Jewish sex scandals:

The cloistered community that is Washington’s Jewish elite collectively choked a little Saturday morning as it progressed through a column in which Gail Collins of The New York Times named the protagonists of what she dubbed the “Weiner Spitzer summer.”

“Ever since the Clinton impeachment crisis, we’ve been discovering how much personal misbehavior we’re prepared to ignore in elected officials,” Collins wrote. “Hypocrisy, for sure. Adultery, definitely. Chronic lying, maybe. Financial skullduggery, possibly.”

Those seeking absolution this month for past misdeeds include Anthony Weiner, now running for New York mayor, who quit Congress in 2011 after he was caught saluting a female Twitter fan in his boxer briefs; Eliot Spitzer, now in a bid to be Gotham’s comptroller, who quit as the state’s governor in 2008 after the revelation that he patronized high-priced call girls — and allegedly kept his knee-highs on while doing so; and Bob Filner, who quit Congress last year to become San Diego’s first Democratic mayor in 20 years and is now facing a welter of sexual harassment claims, including allegations involving something called the “Filner headlock.”

Collins also bewilderingly brought in the bewildering case of Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), who was caught tweeting and deleting messages to a bikini model during the State of the Union address in February. Turns out she was his recently discovered love child. Then it was discovered she wasn’t. Then he commented on the looks of a reporter who asked him about the situation.

In her column, Collins did not identify the protagonists as Jewish, but their collective appearance in print unsettled Jewish political players who were whispering their names at social gatherings over the weekend. [...]
The organized Jewish community is often "unsettled" when it's members are exposed for the criminal perverts many of them so obviously are.  Specifically mentioning a criminal act committed by a Jew, and identifying the perpetrator as a Jew, is often considered "anti-Semitic" by the mainstream mass media and Jewish lobbying organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League and AIPAC.  Jews despise having their crimes and identities revealed, and work overtime to coverup, downplay, excuse, or whitewash the crimes they are actually exposed of having committed in the mass media.

I'd like to make a few more comments regarding San Diego's disgusting perverted Jewish mayor, Bob Filner, since San Diego is where I reside.  Virtually the entire political establishment, at the local, state, and federal level, and a variety of well-known and respectable residents of San Diego have publicly called for Filner to resign in light of the allegations made by some very high-profile, credible female sources who worked with Filner over the years.  Despite this pressure, and the nature of the allegations against him - including aggressive and arguably violent sexual harassment and assault, sexual groping of female staff and subordinates, verbal sexual harassment and advancements, and other lewd and perverted behaviors - Filner refuses to resign, and will instead be entering a "treatment facility on Aug. 5 for two weeks of intensive therapy," according to an official statement from the Mayor's office. Filner was quoted in The Times of Israel as saying, "During this time period I will be in the clinic full-time, though every morning and evening I will be briefed on city activities.”  Talk about chutzpah...

Bob Filner clearly as no shame, as the Daily Stormer recently noted, and he should be ran out of the fine city of San Diego.

The elites controlling America - and particularly the Jewish elite - think they do can whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want.  They firmly believe that they can rob, cheat, defraud, lie to, sexually violate, or otherwise mistreat anyone and get away with it, as if it's a special privilege God bestowed upon them. How much longer are people going to put up with this?

On a somewhat related note, if this involved the Catholic Church, it would be all over CNN and The New York Times - but it doesn't so you'll only find it in the Jewish press.  The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes released the names of 46 child sex offenders from the New York borough’s Orthodox community.

Hynes, who has been investigating sex crimes in the community for four years, released the names in a policy shift, according to the New York Post (see full list of names). Previously, Hynes had felt that releasing the names could further hurt victims or deter others from coming forward.

“We feel now it’s good for the community to know those who have been convicted,” said Hynes spokesman Jerry Schmetterer.

The District Attorney’s office is encouraging victims from the community to connect with an anonymous hotline called Kol Tzedek, Hebrew for “voice of justice,” that was set up to snare the community’s sex offenders. Calls to Kol Tzedek have resulted in 25 convictions.

Hynes has declined thus far to release the names of alleged sex offenders from the community whose cases are pending.
In previous columns here, I've noted the organized Jewish community's current efforts to normalize and promote transgenderism, a truly horrific and unacceptable social phenomenon which has been gaining traction and legitimacy in recent years.  Well, nothing has changed this week, as The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

At summer camp, sneaking into the boys side or the girls side is as classic an activity as roasting marshmallows. But what if the side you were assigned isn’t where you think you belong? Or what if you don’t fit into either side?

Jewish summer camp — with its gender-segregated bunks, bathrooms, activities and rituals, not to mention emphasis on heterosexual “hookups” — can be a minefield for transgender kids and their families, a newly-visible population that is gaining increasing recognition in the Jewish and political mainstream.

Now, just as public schools are complying with legal orders to allow trans children to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify with, camps, too, are becoming aware that trans kids have always been present among the legions of youngsters who hop off the bus for a summer of fun. Making Jewish camp trans friendly is a brand-new undertaking, and no one knows exactly what lies ahead.
Is there any perverted, deviant, and unnatural sexual or social movement that has not been organized and led by the Jewish community and radical Jewish perverts? We've seen the Jewish community promote and even elevate homosexual lifestyles, leading to the social and political acceptance (at least in the mainstream) of homosexual marriage and homosexual adoption.  The organized Jewish community largely runs the pornography industry, and champions destructive, promiscuous, and unhealthy lifestyles in the mass media, entertainment industry, and Hollywood.  The Marxist assault on traditional White Western civilization led by the organized Jewish community, radical Jewish intellectuals, and Jewish politicians has virtually destroyed America and much of the West.  Until we recognize this, and deal with it in a rational and objective manner (i.e., rejecting and shunning these movements and ideologies), we will only see our nations continue to degenerate, with fatal consequences.

A major strategy pursued by the organized Jewish community in the West - America, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe - has been to dilute and ultimately destroy the racial makeup of our White nations, especially via massive non-White, Third World immigration into Western nations, as Dr. Kevin MacDonald and others have conclusively established.  This strategy is primarily concerned with displacing and replacing the traditional White Christian establishment in the West with minorities (sexual and racial) and immigrants. Organized Jewry truly is the destroyer of Western civilization.

The fact that the organized Jewish community wishes to destroy traditional White America was made plainly obvious - yet again - this past week, as the Latino-Jewish Congressional caucus urged "a path to citizenship" for millions of the non-White, Third world invaders of the United States who have subverted our immigration laws and compromised the sovereignty of our nation, as the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported:

A bipartisan caucus of Jewish and Hispanic members of the U.S. House of Representatives said a path to citizenship for undocumented workers should underpin immigration reform.

The co-chairs of the Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus — Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), the chairwoman of the House Middle East subcommittee; Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee; and Rep. Xavier Becarra (D-Calif.) — said this week that immigration reform should include a “viable and efficient” path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and “smart, effective and humane” border enforcement.

“As longtime partners on these issues, we call for pragmatic common-sense solutions to fix our immigration system in a way that meets our nation’s economic needs, protects those who flee persecution, reflects our shared commitment to security, justice, equal opportunity, family unification, immigrant integration and human dignity,” the statement said.

A comprehensive immigration reform plan has passed the U.S. Senate but is foundering in the House, where some Republicans say border enforcement should be its emphasis, rather than avenues to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

The American Jewish Committee praised the caucus’ statement.

“The Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus initiative is critically important, emphasizing that both communities in the U.S. have been actively advocating for long overdue immigration reform,” Dina Siegel Vann, director of AJC’s Latino and Latin American Institute, said in a statement.
Then we had this piece from The Jewish Daily Forward:

For 25 years, Roy Naim, an undocumented immigrant, led a secretive life. Having no identification papers, he could not drive, rent an apartment or be legally employed. Worst of all, he constantly feared being deported from his home and family. All he did was try to lie low, and somehow get by.

Naim is still undocumented. But in the past year he has been doing anything but lying low. Since June 2012, the young man, who spent his entire adult life in the shadow of society, has appeared on the cover of Time magazine, was featured in a documentary and was interviewed by the New York Daily News. He is constantly on Twitter and Facebook, promoting a new immigration bill that would secure his future as an American.

Naim, 29, an Israeli-born Orthodox Jew, has become the Jewish face of activism for immigration reform.

In many ways he’s an unusual figure among immigrant activists. Three-quarters of the nation’s unauthorized immigrants are Hispanic, along with 11% from Asia, according to a 2009 Pew Research Study. Less than 2% are from the Middle East. [...]
Unbelievable!  Roy Naim, an admittedly "undocumented immigrant" - an illegal invader of America who should be immediately arrested and deported - is the "Jewish face for activism for immigration reform," according to the Forward.

Reading the stories above this week had me particularly outraged, more so than normal, largely as a result of also reading about a 93-year-old White woman getting brutally assaulted, raped, and murdered by a 19-year-old illegal invader from Mexico in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.  Then there was the report that an illegal invader who had 37 criminal convictions was only just now being deported.  And to top it off, the Jew Joe Klein, writing in TIME Magazine, openly praised the destruction of White America, essentially arguing that "Immigration will save the U.S. from White racism," as Dr. Kevin MacDonald's commentary on Klein's anti-White article correctly observed over at The Occidental Observer.

This is pure madness folks - our nation is being overrun and destroyed by people that do not look like us, do not speak the same language as us, do not have the same mental and intellectual capacities as us, do not have the same cultural, historical, or political traditions as us, and who are often hostile to us and our way of life - and we're supposed to be OK with this?  We're supposed to accept what the Jews and "Hispanics" want - total amnesty for illegal invaders and even more non-White, Third world immigration - and not get upset or outraged?  Is this acceptable to you?


  1. but the good news is CUFI and all the "JEW" worshipping "Baptists" are doubling down on all those "BLESSINGS" America is benefitting from for blessing the ASHKENAZIM "khazar" "JEWS" [GOG & MAGOG - PROSELYTES to TALMUDIC JUDAISM]

    who allege that they are actually all 12 TRIBES [Company of Nations]

    of the Children of Israel....

    so God & Jesus are Liars or the "Jews"...

    time to choose.

  2. if you switch a light on = darkness disapears

  3. Hackers steals list of 1400 emails of Council on Foreign Relations members list and other top Illuminati leaders. I uploaded the text file with the 1400 emails here. Please write to them all and let them know how you feel about their fascism and their satanic plans for the new world order.

    1. Can you define "Fascism?" Do you realize that the tidal wave coming at you is Bolshevism and NOT fascism? Do you not often wonder why Sean Insanity (fake Right Wing) of Fox Jews constantly evokes "IslamoFascist" and the Left evokes Fascist very frequently? is how the Jews condition you. Fascism is the antithesis of Communism (aka. La Kosher Nosejob). Fascists HATE Commies.

  4. I grew up in a neighborhood full of Jews. My earliest friends were Jews. I have fought in the US Army do defend Israel from their enemies. And yet I will always just be a Goyim to them, nothing more than an animal. They have been forced out of every country on earth where they gained a foothold. They were the Bolsheviks that killed many times more people than Hitler did, most of them Christians. They are the purveyors of pornography around the world. They are the original slave traders. They are indeed the chosen people. Chosen by the Devil to destroy everything good and honest and righteous on this earth.

  5. ".....They firmly believe that they can rob, cheat, defraud, lie to, sexually violate, or otherwise mistreat anyone and get away with it, as if it's a special privilege God bestowed upon them......"

    Well as I've said in the past many times, the Torah and the Talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity. Until the religion of this Moloch-worshipping clan is banned, we will continue to see this type of behavior unabated.

  6. Excellent article. I live in the San Fernando Valley where most of the porno industry exists. It is a fact that most of it is a Jewish business. The selling of liquor is also heavily a Jewish business. Where ever large profits are to be made, regardless of laws and morality, Jews will be found.

    The first employer of cheap exploitable illegal immigrants, that I noticed, was Solley's Deli in the west San Fernando Valley. Within two years all the restaurants employed illegals.

    Four years ago, a Jewish lawyer friend said to me, "The Jews used the blacks as the storm troops to break up the white establishment,"

    The largely Jewish Bolsheviks used the ethnic minorites to savagly torture and murder tens of millions of Christan Russians. I see the same plan unfolding here in America.

  7. If this is how they treat their families and friends, can you imagine what they are capable of doing to you, a total stranger.

  8. This is nothing new. The African slave trade was established by Jews; the slave ships were owned (and captained) by Jews; the auctioneers, on the most part, were Jews. Even today, Jews dominate the human trafficking business.

    Organized Jewry is behind the demographic changes in just about every Western nation, pushing the illegal entry of millions of non-white immigrants, many with either criminal records, contagious diseases, or both. Here in the US, a great many illegals have criminal records; many others have diseases such as antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. All of these must be sent back to their countries of origin ASAP. We want our country back.

  9. I've got no real evidence for this, although it wouldn't surprise me if it were true, someone commented on a link suggesting that cheap booze was being tainted with methyl alchohol. This is a neurotoxin, hundreds of times worse than regular drinking alcohol, (ethanol). Given what's being added to our food in the form of additives, it wouldn't surprise me. Aspartame, a known neurotoxin, brought to market on the basis of medical fraud breaks down into aspartic acid and methyl alcohol too. Again, I've not seen any credible evidence confirming this, but, given everything that's going on, just passing on the info as another potential threat.

  10. John.................don't worry, Dianne Feinstein cares about us --

    See...not all Jews are bad.


  11. Look, you can call me a yid if I am wrong but throw in corruption charges for the mayor of Montreal.

  12. One for the Whiner. It wants to be Mayer too.... FFS.....

  13. I think prostitution is a Jewish-pushed business too - it was legalized in parts of Europe in the late 1800s (I think but have not checked)

  14. Interesting article John!
    but I don't think that the sexual harassment and perversion is necessarily linked to molestation, sexual assault, aggressive physical harassment, and gross perversion as part of the Jewish Problem. When I look at some of these Jews like Spitzer and others who have enough White genes or look white enough to pass, though I can definitely see it with my Jew-dar, but this is key to the problem. "They look white to me" like Jared Taylor famously said as head of AmRen. This is why they are an Anti-Race with anti-blood, undead in a way, and with some spiritual sight you can see the vampire in them.
    But more on your article, I basically see the rest the same as you it is just that sexual harassment is so common today among the white goyim, not to mention among the lighter mestizos on down to darker and darker to black where it is savage, that few people will see there as being any connection to what Weiner or Spitzer did to the Jewish Problem though I can see that with Filner as he is a much better example of Jewish Perversion. The other problem is that the majority of white women absolutely respond positively mild sexual harassment which entices even more provocative behavior on the part of the male and I have seen it so many times in my life at jobs and in college among whites lighter than me even! Perhaps in some sense I could say this would be somewhat normal between two single people falling for each other but when it is at work, often two married people where the male is simply objectifying and trying to use and abuse the female, that is wrong and often grossly perverse but again it is so common with whites I don't think it is necessarily something we can tie to Jewish Perversion but perhaps the devil is in the details and I don't know enough, but when it comes to Weiner and Spitzer I don't think I want to know more.
    This is unrelated to your article but when I read an article years ago about what the Russian Mob Pedophile-Torture ring did I nearly lost it and did something crazy. But what kind of normal white man with a true sense of righteous anger would not!?
    The only solution here in occupied territory, we should aspire to be the loyal National Socialists underground in Deutschland, is to form units locally and loosely for versatility in strategy. And basic things like basic necessities support and networking which may be vital in the following years.
    John, I hate doing this on your site, but please anyone here interested contact me at, especially those in East Iowa, Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. I am in East Iowa very close to Davenport and Muscatine. I hope that there are some people willing to actually do something in the real world.
    Take care John! I always like dropping in at your site and appreciate the interviews and commentary!
    Sieg Heil!

    1. Please forgive!
      I meant the Jew Mob! Not the Russian Mob.
      They are the original Red-Star Commie JEW!
      Sick murdering demon parasite sons of the Devil!
      Please forgive my error and accept this correction!
      I heartily apologize for allowing a dis-info Jew black magic grammar to affect my writing!
      My apologies!

  15. Well, Don't know about you guys, but I for one am sick to the back teeth of this. I have also grown extremely weary of our own peoples inabilities to get a handle on this. How did it get to this? It's still something that I ask myself on a daily basis. No matter what history (official or otherwise tells us), I am still left scratching my head as to how we have ended up in this predicament.

    One thing I do know for certain, is that this cannot be allowed to continue. And the longer we as a people, linked by nothing more than ideology, stay seperated within this sea of corruption, lies, and death. We will have absolutely zero chance of survival. I have read a few times of those who would call for a white nationalist homeland. This would certainly appear to be the correct course of action. As within this world system, that has infected every facet of our lives, can no longer be destroyed from within. As many are too ignorant, blind or just simpley too stupid to see the prison for what it is.

    If we want change, the change is going to have to come from us. And start with us, to be passed to the generations that are to follow. We can no longer be consumed with our fate in the here and now. and we must do what we can NOW. Those of us who are wide awake here, today, are the start. And we must pursue wholeheartedly and without reservation, the two things that truely matter in this world; Land and children.

    Without land we are just another displaced people. Subject to anothers want and greed (as we have become). And without children we are done for, as there is no future. These are the two absolutes that are necessary for continued existence. And one will not come about without the other.

    Is it not time to let go of this society? Is it not time to just simply bid farewell to this rotten cancer within which we are forced to live? If we are brothers and sisters, then should it be not time to live as brothers and sisters? Joined in ideology and direction, in purpose and invention. AS A NATION!

    We are not Jews. Just as our concepts of honour and decency are alien to them. So is their concepts of nations within nations alien to us. And so we dwindle.

    And there really is no need for this, especially when the obvious is staring us straight in the face. We have lost! and we will continue to lose as long as we remain tied to the workings of the world Empire.

    It is about time we set ourelves free.

    Herald of Albion

    1. Contact me at
      This is exactly what I have written and why I requested people to contact me. I really don't have any way right now of going further than a 75 mile radius of where I live and times are tight for me but I really really want to find other people in my area: East Iowa, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois. I would like to go further outward and be able to travel much further but I just don't have any way to right now BUT I am very open to networking and corresponding and hopefully meeting and doing things in the real world with anyone in this region and, if ever possible, anyone anywhere!
      Mit Eisen und Blut, Blut und Boden!
      With Iron and Blood, Blood and Soil!
      I have a wife and two White Aryan boys so far! But I do not have land and fulfilling the 14 words is my life right now or at least I try to keep that the focus of my physical and mental material endeavors. With land, even a few acres, we can do a lot BUT we have to be realistic about where this land should be and we have to remember, with IRON and BLOOD!
      We are more than likely going to fail in this fallen material world and be killed at best, which we should meditate upon and pray for, to be a living sacrifice, but when we die our children must be trained to be the New Barbarians.
      But enough eulogizing, please I want to do real things in this world and it should be obvious that having the means for survival and breeding are required for our collective racial survival and our childrens' future.
      The 14 Words!
      I don't have much money, probably most of us don't, but there is still land for sale in a lot of good places in the midwest and I am working toward at least acquiring a plot within 5 years. Yeah, we don't have that long but this is where I am. Other than that raising my boys right and being a good husband along with trying to reach out and talk to those I can is my life as an aware Aryan trying to also regain my spiritual heritage in my blood that our ancestors call to us from.
      forgive this long message John.
      Glad to read somebody who sounds serious like I know you and Keith and Rich and Govhater and SoCalWolf are!

  16. Horse237's continuing blogged admonishment:

    "The fundamental fact of your existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to debt slavery. Accept that fact and move on to the solution. That is their plan for you; what is your plan for them?"

  17. that is why I like the story of Elijah...

    the book of Obadiah...& Matthew 13.

    oh ye of little faith !

    so like most people who can see and hear & think would say

    that the "JEW" worshippers need to go through the gnashing of teeth


    having self adjewdicated themselves...over & over.


    1. "Latino-Jewish Caucus" That's a laugh!!! The appropriate term is "Hispanic." Indians and mestizos are NOT Latin. Classic "fupped duck" Amerika.. Italians are Latin. So we have the "Fake Latin & Fake Jew" Caucus....


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