Friday, July 12, 2013

News from the Jews

ADL attacks Freedompalooza, more U.S. tax dollars to Israel, Jewish radicals force gay marriage on America

Alright folks, I've got a number of news items from the Jewish press to highlight today.  Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but I think we can all gain a deeper insight into the nature and agenda of the organized international Jewish community simply by analyzing their own writings, press releases, and media outlets.

On June 25th, I interviewed Paul Topete of the patriotic rock band Poker Face.  Paul is the main organizer of Freedompalooza, "an annual festival committed to the fight for freedom by exposing the truth by means of music, speakers and vendors dedicated to helping Americans be successful in restoring our Republic."  The Jewish supremacist criminal organization known as the Anti-Defamation League, along with its partner in crime, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been whining and crying about Freedompalooza and the "hateful, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories" which proliferate there for weeks now.

Due to pressure from both the Anti-Defamation League and the Souther Poverty Law Center, pseudo American patriots like Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, and others cancelled their speaking engagements at Freedompalooza, largely as a result of discovering Paul Topete is capable of critically analyzing history (Paul rejects the absurd Jewish "Holocaust" propaganda and historical narrative of WWII, which the ADL and SPLC brought to the attention of Pratt and Rhodes).  American Free Press appropriately ran a headline in a recent edition of the paper entitled, "ADL, SPLC working to 'Holocaust' July 4 Festival" to describe the tactics of the organized Jewish community and their lackeys in their attempts to sabotage Freedompalooza.

On July 2nd, two days before Freedompalooza got started, the ADL released this ridiculous press release:

The American Free Press, an anti-Semitic and conspiracy oriented newspaper pub­lished by longtime white suprema­cist Willis Carto, is the primary sponsor of an upcoming gathering of white supremacists, anti-Semites, anti-government extremists and conspiracy theorists during July 4th weekend, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

“Freedompalooza 2013,” organized by Paul Topete, an extremist lead singer of the band “Pokerface,” will take place from July 4 – 6 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The list of invited speakers features several well-known supporters of anti-Semites and racists, including two former members of Congress: Cynthia Mckinney, who has a history of promoting anti-Israel rhetoric, including accusing the pro-Israel lobby of sabotaging her political career, and James Traficant, who since his release from prison on federal racketeering and bribery convictions has joined the Amer­i­can Free Press, where he has expressed his own anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views. [...]
How many Orwellian buzzwords ("white supremacist" or "racist" or "anti-Semitic") did the ADL use in these two paragraphs alone?  And people who consider themselves patriots are intimidated by this sort of childish, inane nonsense?

Shame on Oath Keepers and Gun Owners of America for cowering in the face of pathetic tactics like this from the organized Jewish community.  Cowards and sell outs like Stewart Rhodes and Larry Pratt will never be an asset to the America-first patriot community.  If you want to see how truly weak and pathetic Stewart Rhodes is, read the comment he left on the ADL blog post attacking Paul Topete and Freedompalooza.  Anyone reading this who still supports Oath Keepers and Stewart Rhodes may want to reconsider.

Former Representative Jim Traficant addressed the pathetic and childish attacks coming from the ADL and SPLC during a speech he gave at Freedompalooza this year:

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad certainly is not afraid of the organized Jewish community and their childish demonization tactics.  He recently announced that one of the greatest achievements of his presidency was exposing the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story as a fraud on the world stage, as The Times of Israel reported:

Outgoing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during a farewell ceremony Sunday that publicizing his Holocaust denial was a major achievement of his presidency.

“That was a taboo topic that no one in the West allowed to be heard,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech, according to the Iranian Fars news agency. “We put it forward at the global level. That broke the spine of the Western capitalist regime.”
Ahmadinejad has also openly questioned the official narrative explaining the events of 9/11, which he should be commended for.  I've often said that the lies associated with WWII, Adolf Hitler, and the fake Jewish "Holocaust" form our collective historical paradigm, especially in the West, while the lies concerning the events of 9/11 form our collective modern political paradigm. These two Big Jewish Lies must be exposed and rejected, and Ahmadinejad has arguably done more than any other leader on the world stage in recent memory to raise awareness of these issues.  It's no wonder the man is constantly demonized in the mainstream Jewish-owned mass media.  

Speaking of the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story, which has served as a political and psychological weapon employed by the organized Jewish community against the West, as well as a financial racket for "Holocaust survivors" and other Jewish charity and relief organizations, the Jewish Telegraph Agency is reporting that Hungry will resume "reparations" payments to "Holocaust survivors" via the Claims Conference.

About a year ago, the Hungarian government stopped making payments to the Claims Conference because they could not “identify the individuals eligible for compensation.”  There are all sorts of scandals associated with the Claims Conference and other "Holocaust reparations" organizations, including a recent "blistering report" which slammed the Claims Conference and it's leadership after a $57 million fraud was exposed.  It saddens me seeing Hungry and other European governments cave in to the extortion racket run by criminal organizations like the Claims Conference. When is this Holocaust-insanity going to end?

A friend of mine made the following photo, which I got a kick out of and I'm sure you will, too.

Sex scandals involving the Catholic Church regularly make headline news, and yet stories like this are kept out of the mainstream.  Any guesses why?

Six more people have come forward with accusations against Yeshiva University, days after 19 former high school students filed a $380 million suit charging that Y.U. covered up decades of physical and sexual abuse.

Mike Reck, an attorney representing the six, said his clients are disappointed they have been unable to reach a settlement with Y.U. and are poised to file lawsuits.

If the impasse continues, “the survivors have no choice but to avail themselves of the court system,” said Reck, an attorney with the New York office of Jeff Anderson and Associates, a Minnesota firm that specializes in abuse cases.
As if the American taxpayer wasn't already giving the criminal terrorist state of Israel enough money, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee allotted $2 million for U.S.-Israel energy cooperation in the fiscal year 2014 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill.

The money in the bill the committee approved Wednesday is the latest such appropriation under the 2007 U.S.-Israel Cooperation Act, which created a grant program to support research and development of renewable energy sources.
To conclude, I've highlighted on numerous occasions that the promotion of gay marriage and the homosexual rights agenda is entirely driven by the organized Jewish community, and always has been. The Jewish Daily Forward further documented this fact in a recent report:

A Jewish school teacher from Philadelphia is a face of a new landmark lawsuit that could prompt a Supreme Court ruling guaranteeing same-sex marriage rights nationwide.

Helena Miller, a lesbian whose wife is not recognized as a parent of their baby daughter, is one of more than 20 plaintiffs in a landmark federal lawsuit filed July 9 challenging a law that bans same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania.

The law also bars the state from recognizing such unions performed elsewhere, a provision that directly affects Miller and her family.

“We would really like for our child, when she’s old enough to understand what these things all mean, we want her to understand and see that our family is equal to any other family,” Miller told the Forward.

The new lawsuit, filed jointly by the American Civil Liberties Union and a Philadelphia law firm, is on the cutting edge of an aggressive new legal strategy aimed at pushing the U.S. Supreme Court to guarantee marriage equality across the country.
The homosexual rights movement's ultimate goal is to destroy traditional Western conceptions of marriage, gender roles, and basic social and familial norms.  And it appears to be working.  As Andrew Anglin recently wrote in a piece for the newly launched Daily Stormer website, "These Jews are not going to stop until you make them stop, folks."

Indeed, before you know it, the Jews will be saying pedophiles, rapists, and other sexual perverts and predators are "oppressed" and must have "equal rights."  That is where this agenda is going - it's time to stand up and say no.


  1. I watched that Traficant speech at the Freedompalooza.

    He said "I'm not an anti-Semite".

    He implied that Israel is a legitimate country.

    He said "I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body".

    This, after spending 8 years in "Art School" where he surely got plenty of up close and personal exposure to what "Multi-Culturalism" is all about.

    While he did say that Israel has a strangle hold on this country - it's too bad that after all of that - he can't say what needs to be said.

    We need new leadership.

    We need the truth to be told.

    We need new heroes.

    Step up.

  2. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 12, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    Today's sad holocaust tale comes from Pepkale Dodyk.

    Pepkale was only 3 years old when the evil Nazi's and Ukranian police invaded her town. So her and dozens of others fled into a cave with disease carrying bats.

    But the Germans raided the cave, and captured Pepkale's family. The other Jews escaped through a hole they had dug. In the rocks. With their bare hands.

    The Germans wanted the Ukranians to shoot Pepkale. But Usher offered his hidden stash of gold and silver to the Ukranians. So the Ukranians fired 5 shots over the heads of the Jews. They let Pepkale, her mother, and Usher live, but they killed the aunt and cousin.

    So the jews found another cave. They lived in the cave for 2 years, sleeping 22 hours per day, to conserve energy, because the 38 people did not have any food.

    The Ukranians tried to murder them by sealing the entrance to the cave, time and time again. The Ukranians were apparently unfamiliar with fire, and how it might adversely affect people hiding in a cave.

    Then a message in a bottle came, and Pepkale and the 37 other Jews came out of the cave.

    *It is unlawful to "doubt" the above story in many jewish-occupied countries.

  3. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 12, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    Did you know that at Auschwitz, people had to wade through 4 feet of ashes, just to get to the gas chamber so they could be gassed?

    Did you know that the Nazi's made Jews sing Christmas carols at their Christmas party while they gassed jews on Christmas Eve?

    Did you know the Nazi's ground up Jews and used them as rock salt at Auschwitz? This accounts for the lack of any pesky physical evidence, "of course".

  4. what a hoot...

    you rock um Friend.

    Jay Stang is an "OATH KEEPER" and his Dad Alan was a 100%
    Ashkenazim "Jew"...who wrote a book ..."It's Very Simple"

    ...the true story of the civil rights "movement"....!

    a must read.

    Paul Topete exemplifies " Testicular Fortitude",
    shore wushed Jim T. could modify his LANGUAGE on the "J" bring his "narrative" in line with TRUTH....

    at least when he aims at the ground he doesn't miss....

    Truth is so-called "JEWS" - especially KHAZARS



    just imagine how terribly awful it is to be a "Jew" on planet Earth...with the Internet available to all the GOY...!

    Talk about PSYCHOLOGICAL "PROBLEMS"...!!!

    ROCK ON, JOHN !!



  5. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 5:26 AM

    A brief sad tale today.

    Sally Eisner hid with a Gentile family on their farm during the war. One day, in December 1943, the Nazi's, who apparently had nothing else to do in 1943, came to this remote farm in search of Jews. Just in case there were any Jews there.

    The nazi's barged into the home, and Sally and her brother hid under the bed! But the nazi's saw Jew-sign in the form of handiwork, and knew there must be Jews close by. The nazi's raked under the bed with their bayonets, even stabbing the point against Sally's skin, but she never made a sound.

    Then the Nazi's searched the potato cellar. The Nazi's were mad when they left, because they didn't find any Jews.

  6. Great work, John! Keep it up..

    By the way, Im not a Holocaust denier. Im a Fiction denier.

  7. I used to wonder why some folks called it "The HoloHoax". Now I know....

  8. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 8:00 AM

    Today's sad holocaust tale comes from Henry Freidman.

    Henry was just a small lad when the evil nazi's invaded Poland. The Nazi's would shoot people before breakfast, for no reason. Henry hid in poo to avoid them.

    The Nazi's were going to capture Henry's father, but a Christian girl ran from the police station, where she just happened to overhear the Nazi's saying they were going to capture Hanry's dad. The Christian girl hid Henry's family for 2 years on their farm. All the rest of the family were jew haters, and wanted to kill the Jews, but they didn't know the Jews were hiding in the barn.

    Henry's mother gave birth to a baby girl, and the family heroically strangled the baby so it wouldn't cry.

    Henry now speaks to schoolchildren, and tells them they shouldn't hate.

    I especially liked the part about hiding in feces which is fittingly Jewish in nature as the Jews' fascination with toilet humor is well known.

    I am of course amazed that in the entire two year period not once did another member of the family go out to the barn. I wonder how the girl managed to feed all the Jews every day and provide them with fresh water like a good shiksa.

    One would think that a family of Jews would probably need around 2,000 gallons of water per year at a minimum assuming that they didn't need to bathe. She must have been a very strong German girl to lug all that water and also very cunning to avoid having anyone notice her hauling it all like a mule. The food requirements would be quite a strain on the good German family since Jews would need special food prepared that was "Kosher".

    But, the Jews survived the terrible situation and now are ready to sell books and give speeches to help us never forget. By the way, speaking of forgetting, did the Jews ever repay this German girl for all of the food and water they used for two years?

    I mean in modern America it would cost thousands of dollars per year to feed and clothe a family. During the war in Germany when provisions were scarce, I would think adjusted for inflation they owe her thousands. Have they tried paying her back?

    Or did the Jews just charge it to their "God's Chosen People" credit card?

    *If you do not reside in the US, you could be face criminal prosecution for doubting the veracity of the above holyhoax tale. Check your local laws for jew domination.

  9. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 8:27 AM

    Another sad holocaust tale comes from Simone Jacobsen.

    Simon was only 12 when her parents gave her to the French police to save her from the Nazi's. The French police kept Simone in a cellar under the library for 3 years, where it was perpetually dark. And filled with rats. So Simone read books.

    The police told Simone that the Nazi's would turn her into a bar of soap, so Simone never left the cellar for 3 years. The French police would daily rape this attractive young girl.

    Simon believes the rats adopted her as one of their own.

    When Simone was finally freed, she went back to the library, and her father opened the door. He was there all the time, but didn't know poor Simone was in the cellar with the rats!


    *If you do not reside in the US, you could be face criminal prosecution for doubting the veracity of the above holyhoax tale. Check your local laws for jew domination.

  10. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    Today's sad holocaust tale comes from Alfred Wetzler.

    Alfred was 24 when he was sent to the death camp of Auschwitz. Alfred managed to survive for 2 years without being deathed. But the evil nazi's did break his arm. And dislocate his foot. And break his head. And had their dogs bite him.

    Then Alfred and Walter Rosenberg hid in a woodpile for 4 days. Then they crawled under a hole in the fence. Death camps were well known for having holes in their fences that remained undiscovered for 4 days.

    Then they walked through the woods for 11 days. They gave Churchill the label of a can of Zyklon B, which conclusively proved that Jews were being killed with bug spray. So Churchill bombed Hungary. Alfred was responsible for saving 120,000 Jews.

    So Alfred wrote his story, but he was such a hero, that he wrote under the psuedonym of Josef Lanyk. Because jews are well known for their modesty. Walter Rosenberg also changed his name, to Rudolph Vrba.

    Alfred will be discussed in greater detail in another sad tale.,000+Jews


    *As always - If you do not reside in the US, you could be face criminal prosecution for doubting the veracity of the above holyhoax tale. Check your local laws for jew domination.

  11. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 8:31 AM

    Vassily Grossman was a writer for Pravda. As it turns out, Vassily wrote an article in 1943 about Treblinka, featuring giant machines that dug up massive graves, (300 meters by 25 by 6 meters), took out the millions of moldy Jew and Jew pieces, roasted them on outdoor Hibachi's, and made the ashes vanish by spreading them on the side of the road. Vassily even has Barry the gooley-gnashing dog in his version. And the hair sent to Germany to make submariner booties.

    But, most remarkably, Vassily has a naked, nameless Jewess battling a dozen Ukranians and killing 2 of them, wounding a third. And, equally, Vassily claims that the Diesel of death released 2-3% carbon monoxide.

    Here's a link to the full story in French.

    And an internet translation engine

    And the CODOH forum where they have some comments on this story.

    It's not as though anyone doubted why this fable was created, but it's interesting to note that Grossman's Wiki entry points out that Grossman was considered a war hero for his writings.


    *As always - If you do not reside in the US, you could be face criminal prosecution for not believing the veracity of the above holyhoax tale. Check your local laws for jew domination.

  12. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 8:34 AM

    And yet another sad holocaust tale comes from Zev Kedem.

    Zev was only 5 years old, vactioning with his sister in Carapthian mountains, when the Nazi's captured him. Unless Zev was 8 years old, and the Nazi's captured him while he and his family while they were fleeing to his grandfather's house in Poland. Zev remembers seeing his mother and sister on the other side of barbed wire.

    The evil Nazi's would kill all the children who were younger than 13 and could not work, so Zev was smuggled into a concentration camp where he worked alongside older men. Zev saw some other workers stealing Jewish headstones to use as paving tiles. The rest of the family managed to hide in a chicken coop where they avoided being sent to concentration camps. The Nazi's would drive around in trucks at night, warning the Jews that if there were any Jews hiding, they should come out so they would be killed. Jews would be forced to dig up Jewish graves, and extract the gold teeth.

    Zev was on Schindler's list, but the Nazi's found that he was younger than 13, so they sent Zev to Auschwitz to be killed. At Auschwitz, Zev wore a Harry Potter like cloak of invisibility, so he survived 3 years in the Death Camp. The rats would walk over Zev at night. The Nazi's tormented 5 year old Zev for 7 years.

    Then the nazi's tried to Death Walk Zev. Twice. But old Zev survived.

    Zev was silent about his ordeal for 50 years, but now he speaks every chance he can.



    *If you do not reside in the US, you could be face criminal prosecution for doubting the veracity of the above holyhoax tale. Check your local laws for jew domination.

  13. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 11:08 AM

    Another sad holocaust tale comes from Philip Bialowitz.

    Phillip was only 14 years old when he was captured by the Germans, and lined up against a wall with a dozen other Jews to be shot. But as soon as Philip heard the bullets, he fell down. Philip fooled the Nazi's into thinking he was dead by hiding under all the other dead bodies. The Germasn decided to rob the corpses in the morning, so Philip escaped.

    Then Philip was taken to Sobibor to be put into a vacuum chamber. But a miracle happened. Just before Philip arrived, the nazi's killed all the Jews, including the jewish helpers. So Philip's brother told the nazi's he was a pharamacist, and the nazi's decided they needed pharmacists to help burn bodies. Philip's life was spared!

    Then Philip would help carry the luggage of the jews who arrived to the death camp. The jews would tip Phillip when he stole their luggage.

    Phillip and his brother then heroically led the Jews to their deaths in the vacuum chamber. Then burned the Jews.

    So philip and his brother decided to escape. They tricked the nazi's, one at a time, by telling them there was a valuable coat they had found. When the Nazi came to steal the coat, the unarmed Jews killed him.

    Then the Jews all charged out of the north and south gates. The Nazi's were machine gunning at them, but they missed!. Jews in front of Philip were exploding as they stepped on land mines, so Philip had to step on their dead bodies!

    Then the Nazi's planted trees on the site, so no one would ever be able to tell the Nazi's operate their evil vacuum chambers and Jew hibachi's.

    Philip now tells his sad tale to anyone who will listen.



    *As always - If you do not reside in the US, you could be face criminal prosecution for doubting the veracity of the above holyhoax tale. Check your local laws for jew domination.

  14. Keeping The Lie AliveJuly 13, 2013 at 2:50 PM

    With a heavy heart I bring you another sad holocaust tale this time coming from father Desbios, a French priest.

    Father Desbios criss crosses the Ukraine, looking for mass graves of jews murdered and buried during the holocaust.

    Father Desbios will only record a mass grave if he has 3 eyewitnesses.

    The local Ukranians, who are all anti semites, think that Father Desbios was sent there and simply pays elderly Ukrainians to claim that there is a grave in the pasture he points out to them.

    Father Desbios also records the testimony of these elderly Ukrainians.

    Some of the Ukranians saw the ground moving 3 days after the Jews were buried, because the crack nazi killing squads were only allowed one bullet, and often they would miss. Because I guess they didn't know how to aim very well - being Germans, after all.

    Father Desbios has never actually seen any of these bodies in the mass graves, because it is up to the local authorities to disinter them. Instead, father Desbios relies on eye witnesses, and nazi reports.

    Since the nazi's burned all the bodies, all that is left is ashes and dust. The ashes sometimes squirmed for 3 days.

    Because the Nazi's destroyed all the evidence.

    Father Desbios interpreted the weather reports, which were actually coded documents - and figured out their "true" sinister meaning. When the Nazi's wrote " Clouds", this actually meant graves. When the Nazi's wrote " rain" the amount of rain actually meant the number of bodies.

    The holocaust is, after all, the most documented event in history.



    *As always - If you do not reside in the US, you could be face criminal prosecution for doubting the veracity of the above holyhoax tale. Check your local laws for jew domination.

  15. I am so glad that I live in a country where the police opened an investigation because someone mailed a cartoon implying holocaust education was being shoved down the kid's throats.

    I feel so fortunate.

    Investigation under way into West Hartford anti-Semitic mailing

    WEST HARTFORD--Nearly two weeks after several West Hartford residents reported receiving an anti-Semitic cartoon in their mail boxes, many questions surrounding the incident remained unanswered.

    We're following several leads, but we don't want to jeopardize the investigation by saying anything more at this time; Captain Lori Coppinger of the West Hartford police told the Ledger.

    The investigation began after West Hartford police were contacted by three town residents, each of whom received a crude cartoon that was interpreted as anti-Semitic in nature.

    A fourth recipient came forward after the investigation was launched and the incident made public.

    Although police declined to release the cartoon to the public, West Hartford Police Chief Jim Strillacci described it as a scene depicting a teacher pointing to a chalkboard with words referring to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust written on it, lecturing a student with a copy of the diary of Anne Frank stuffed in his mouth. According to those who have seen it, the cartoon seemed to imply that Holocaust education is being force fed to students.

    Although police cannot confirm a motive for the mailing, the common link among its recipients is their appearance at a contentious public hearing before the West Hartford town council on June 26 to discuss the town budget. All four recipients of the mailing; at least two of whom were not Jewish; spoke out in strong support of the budget, urging the council not to cut education spending.

    They were loudly heckled by those opposing the budget who appeared to favor additional cuts.

    According to Bruce Putterman, vice chair of the West Hartford Board of Education, who was contacted by one of the recipients of the mailing, the cartoon appears to be a jab at the teaching of tolerance and diversity in the town's public schools.

    Horrible and appalling incidents like this remind us of what we otherwise take for granted;that most people in West Hartford are fair-minded and embrace diversity, Putterman told the Ledger.

    This is the kind of exception that proves the rule.

    As the investigation continues, police are looking into the strong possibility that this incident is linked to a similar incident over a year ago in which several teachers at Sedgwick Middle School in West Hartford received the same cartoon in their mail boxes.

    According to Coppinger, those mailings included the same cartoon, and some included additional;even nastier anti-Semitic material.

    Vandals hit east of the river

    Police in Glastonbury are investigating who may have vandalized a sign directing visitors to the brand new Chabad: East of the River Jewish Center. On July 2, a 6-inch swastika was discovered hand-drawn on to the sign, at the intersection of Main and Griswold Streets. The sign was promptly removed.

    It's often difficult in a case like this, where it's seemingly an isolated incident, to find and apprehend the person who did it, but we are thankful that police were so responsive, Randi Pincus, assistant director of the Connecticut regional office of the Anti-Defamation League.

    Comments? Email

  16. Mr. Ahmadinejad knows that "Holocaust denial" is the first step... He's an honourable man for taking that step!
    We need more people with the guts to question the status quo.

  17. Teaching the 6 million at schools is an attempt to force kids to participate as 'believers' in the religion of the jews.

    Attempts to have its teaching legislated constitute 'force'.... In many nations it contravenes the law to suggest that the 6 million is derived of numerological jewish cabala, yet that is the truth of the matter.

    Yet the jews claim to be a rational and scientific people interested only in verifiable physical truths..... like 'race' does not exist.

    The same children whose heads are filled with the numericalShit of the jew will tell you forthrightly that there are visible and identifiable differences in eye shape, skin, eye and hair colour, facial characteristics that they as children can categorise and describe.

    The jew says they're 'wrong'.

    The jew should be kept away from the children of others.

    The jew seeks to do them harm.

  18. Good post John!
    Gave me some things to think about and chew on and I got some news which I generally have little to no time to look into these days. Thanks man!
    What caught my eye at the end!
    John, Serial-Rapists and Pedophiles are ALREADY barely ever prosecuted! Men are the worst culprits for letting this happen. Pedophiles do less time and are often never reported!!! YES! and I know this from disclosures from a few friends I have had over the years who found out in one case that their three-year-old had been sexually abused and instead of reporting him or beating the living crap out of him, I'd of probably taken permanent care of the problem! instead they prayed on it and urged his family to get him help! He was 26 years old!
    Why am I writing this? Whether it is media, fluoride, non-kosher FDA poisonous or worthless food, especially the crap ADM makes, Monsanto Jew poisoners of the planet and with GMOs, WHATEVER it is people have truly been brain-dead, numbed to the core, pathetic wimps for many years! I don't know about you but I find repeatedly that people that are awake like you and me had some kind of trauma or event, at the very least, growing up that set them on a separate path.
    I am not surprised Patriotard American "Freedom-Lovers" are cowards for "fear of the Jews". What I get mad about can be shown by a basic point: Under a Monarch are you any less free?
    These Patriotards got to stop all this Libertarian Jew crap about it having anything to do with Monarchy vs. a Republic. Benjamin Franklin summed it up correctly: it was the Bank of England and its ownership of Parliament forcing the colonies to accept the Sterling Silver Jew currency it issued while forcing all colonial script to destroyed and made criminal! that led to the American war for Independence. It never had anything to do with George III being some terrible Monarch! He was already a neutered Constitutional Monarch by that time in history unlike the King of France who gave the young American Colonial forces a great deal of aid.
    Though I know you and I differ on basic points about what could just basically be called Classic Americanism or what it is essentially to be American, the culture and the beliefs, etc. Basically there is a kind of ambivalence inside me because I believe in Autocracy, Monarchy, and a Militant Order of Society. Basically chain of command, stratification, discipline is what makes an army work and what ever is needed to do your job and your basic duty/ies is provided for by the collective or syndicate or corporazione, I won't use the English word because it confuses it will all its negative meanings here today, and even your normal human wants and your family are helped and provided for. That is how a society should work and it is why once Hitler and National Socialism was implemented in an absolutely wrecked Deutschland ready to re-divide into its smaller former states and ultimately be swallowed on both sides, what eventually happened after WWII, this is why National Socialism under Der Fuhrer worked!

  19. Find out the truth about Jews and their agenda for global domination at:


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