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News from the Jews

Jews behind Argentina false flag bombing, Jewish hypocrisy and double standards on immigration, and more

In this week's edition of News from the Jews, I'd like to highlight four separate news items I found rather revealing from the Jewish press.

The first story comes from The Times of Israel, and deals with the shady circumstances surrounding the 1994 AMIA Jewish center bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Adrian Salbuchi has long maintained that both the 1992 Israeli embassy bombing and the 1994 AMIA Jewish center bombing, both of which took place in Buenos Aires, were in fact organized and carried out by elements of the Mossad and organized Jewish community in Argentina.  As we well know, Israel and international Jewry have a long history of staging false flag attacks in order to demonize their enemies and gain sympathy in the eyes of the public.

The Jewish ex-interior minister of Argentina will be investigated for his ties to the AMIA Jewish center bombing.

The Buenos Aires Federal Appeals Court last week ordered the probe of Carlos Vladimir Corach in connection with an illegal payment of $400,000 to Carlos Telleldin, an auto mechanic who was among those charged in the 1994 attack that left 85 dead and hundreds wounded.

Telleldin, who allegedly provided the car bomb that blew up the Jewish center, has not been indicted.

The three Appeals Court justices called on Federal Judge Ariel Lijo to investigate “the existence of concrete allegations involving Carlos Vladimir Corach, which have not been investigated until now” regarding the illegal payment to Telleldin.

Corach was interior minister during the Carlos Menem government in the 1990s. He was responsible for obtaining the building for the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires and was the main speaker at its inauguration.  
This is certainly an interesting development in this case. I will continue to follow this story and post an update next week.

Last week, I highlighted an article from The Jewish Daily Forward demonstrating that the push for immigration "reform" - which essentially means American citizenship for millions of non-White criminals who have subverted American immigration laws and compromised the sovereignty of our nation - has come largely from the organized Jewish community. Flooding White Western nations with Third World, non-White immigrants has long been a priority of the organized Jewish community.

While the Jews in America lobby for amnesty for millions of illegal invaders, the Jews in Israel are cracking down on immigration, using their military to police their borders, denying refugee or political asylum status to immigrants, and deporting detained illegals to their country of origin. Take a look at this headline from

Illegal entry to Israel from Egypt is a mere fraction of what it was just last year, new data from the Immigration and Population Authority has revealed.

While 9,570 citizens of various African countries entered Israel illegally in the first half of 2012, only 34 did the same in the first six months of 2013 – a decrease of over 99 percent.

Multiple developments have been credited for the dramatic change. One is the new security fence which covers the 230 kilometers (144 miles) of border between Israel and Egypt.

Another is a law which went into effect in June 2012 under which illegal entrants to Israel who do not have refugee status are arrested.

The IDF has also bolstered its presence on the southern border in response to political instability in Egypt and increasing terror in the Sinai Peninsula, providing another obstacle to would-be illegal entrants.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reacted to the extreme decrease. “This is a result of the comprehensive work we’ve done to deal with the phenomenon of illegal entry,” he said.

“After stopping the phenomenon with the help of the fence we built along the border, we are now working to return the illegal entrants currently located here to their home countries,” he added.
The Jewish hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to immigration and national sovereignty is truly astounding.  According to the Jews, Whites cannot have their own nations or organize politically to advance their own unique interests - that would be racist - but Jews and non-Whites can.  This graphic explains it all:

Earlier this week The Times of Israel linked to an interesting article from which reported that Lockheed Martin, a major U.S. defense, aerospace, and technology corporation, is planning on building a "technology hub" in Israel, further underscoring a central theme of these blog posts: the entire "Global War on Terror" and Homeland Security/police state industry in America is largely an Israeli or, to be quite frank about it, a Jewish racket.  

Private Israeli security, defense, and telecommunications companies, often working directly with the Israeli military and intelligence establishment, supply the United States government and military with virtually all of the technology and equipment necessary to prosecute the Orwellian "Global War on Terror" both at home and abroad.  For example, it's well known at this point that the technology the NSA has been using to illegally spy on the private communications of American citizens comes directly from Israel.  

According to the article over at

Lockheed Martin plans to set up a technology development center in Israel, underlining the defense ties between the Jewish state and its strategic ally.

The move follows an April agreement under which state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, flagship of the country's defense sector, will build the wings for Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Israel's business daily, Globes, said Lockheed Martin will collaborate with Israel's Bynet Data Communications to build the Israeli military's Intelligence Corps center in the Negev Desert, south of Tel Aviv, a program known as Project 5/9, worth $210.6 million. [...]

Lockheed Martin and Bynet founded a joint venture, LB Negev, for the 5/9 Project. Bynet owns 51 percent and Lockheed the remainder.

Bynet's chief executive, Alon Ben-Zur, said the Israelis approached Lockheed Martin because of the complexity of the project. "There's no Israeli company which knows how to do this," he said. "You need someone with experience."

Israel's military intelligence is currently fast-tracking its cyber warfare capabilities to meet a growing threat, primarily from Iran. In March, the Defense Ministry urged Israeli companies to produce a new generation of systems to bolster the Jewish state's cyberwar capabilities as it braces for attacks using new viruses.
Why does Lockheed Martin need Israeli companies to "build the wings" for the F-35?  Aren't American workers perfectly capable of this task?

Finally, a major criticism leveled against the organized Jewish community is their ability to extract enormous sums of money from state and federal governments, both for Jewish organizations, charities, and non-profits in the United States and for the Jewish state of "Israel." Take a look at this headline from the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

Each year, when Frank Halper is faced with the state tax bill for his accounting business in Providence, R.I., he has a choice.

He can write a check for the amount owed by his company or, as part of a state tax credit program, he can send a check to a foundation that provides tuition scholarships to students at Providence’s two Jewish day schools. His tax bill will be credited for 90 percent of the contribution.

For the last five years or so, his firm has opted for the latter.

“We’re in favor of supporting these schools,” Halper said. “We feel Jewish education is the future of the Jewish people.”

Tax credit programs are among the growing number of ways that private Jewish day schools and yeshivas nationwide are corralling hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars annually. The money is helping to defray operating costs, provide teacher training, assist students with tuition bills and enhance educational offerings.

A decade ago, few Jewish schools were aggressive about pursuing federal and state funding. But as day school tuition rates have climbed, outpacing inflation and the ability of recession-weary parents to pay, schools have become much more effective not only at accessing government money but in lobbying state government for more.

“The financial crisis of 2008 had a huge effect on tuition and affordability — I think that was really the game changer,” said Darcy Hirsh, director of day school advocacy at UJA-Federation of New York, which in October 2011 became the first federation in the country to create a position for day school advocacy. “Families that were able to afford day school are no longer able, and schools’ financial aid has grown tremendously over the last five years.”

The haredi Orthodox Agudath Israel of America long has taken the lead in lobbying for government aid for Jewish schools. Two years ago it was joined by the Orthodox Union, which began hiring political directors in a half-dozen states to organize Jewish schools and lobby legislators.

In New York, the state with the largest day school population, Agudath Israel and the O.U. have been joined in their lobbying efforts by an unusual coalition that includes UJA, the Sephardic Community Federation, the Jewish Education Project and Catholic groups.

While media attention has focused on the alleged abuse of government funding programs by Jewish schools, suspect allocations represent just a trickle of the government funding flowing to Jewish schools.

The methods used by private schools to get government money differ from state to state and range from the complex to the Byzantine.
This is quite a revealing article here folks.  Jewish schools are receiving millions of dollars from the government, at the very same time veterans, seniors, and millions of hard-working Americans are being forced to have their social welfare benefits cut in order to "balance the budget" and ensure the U.S. federal government is able to fund it's top priorities - war, Wall Street, and Israel.

Also, if Christian schools cannot receive money from the government, why do Jewish schools get to?  We hear so much about the separation of Church and State, but what about the separation of Synagogue and State? It seems to me the Jews have an uncanny ability to milk the system - why is this allowed or accepted? Don't the Jews already have all the money anyways?

Truly unbelievable information you can uncover simply by reading the Jewish press...


  1. The Jews have made America their bitch state. It has taken a comprehensive plan involving the subversion of media, education, universities. Along with stealing America's wealth they created the "American" character that they needed, like the Hessians of old, to fight their wars for them. TV and movies play a large part in this molding of character. They've been working at it for a few hundred years. It took a while to coerce the Christians into supporting them. They had rewrite the Bible (Scofield) to promote their Zionist plans. Since these efforts span generations by nature it has to be a conspiracy of Jews against Americans - and the world. But America has been their number one target. Perhaps one day Americans will realize that they have been raised to be Israel bitch state. The Jews did want to destroy America like they did Russia. They wanted to turn us into their own personal piggy bank and expendable fighting force. So now we are broke, bankrupt and fighting wars we cannot possibly win - just for Israel - or the Jews can steal land that doesn't belong to them.

  2. The Jewish Bolsheviks turned Russia into their bitch state after exterminating around 40-50 million Christians; but 70 years later, Russia regained its sovereignty and threw the worst of the Jews out, regaining its status in the world.

    Americans are slowly waking up to Organized Jewry; and, in the not too long future, America will repeat Russia's angry reactions. We don't think it will take another 70 years, either.

  3. Indeed Argentina´s Embassy and AMIA explosions were made to intimidate Rabin´s into backtracking the Oslo and Madrid Agreements.- Once the Supreme Court´s appointed engieering expert explained why the embassy´s was an internal explosion, proven by the fact that an inside office desk was launched 160ft from the building, the political pressure mounted to supress the investigation, so the effort was concentrated on the AMIA´s one in order to blame the local Iranian embassy as responsible; again and to begin with, an Israeli Army detachment in a matter of hours was flown, without any Customs or Inmigration inspection, directly from the airport to the site before any forensic expert were allowed to examine the debris.- So, a van engine, no other part, was suddently "discovered" and as a consequence, the judge in charge was "persuaded" to brive the mechanic into declaring that he sold the van to the iranians. Much worst, those witnesses that once declared that there was no van hitting the building were not allowed to ratify.
    Working in tandem with the local US Embassy, the jewish community leaders whenever the probe was determining that there was no connection with the iranians always pressured in the blaming direction; confident as they are that the DA, Nisman, is also jew.

  4. Another white man loses his Job over his personal beliefs!


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