Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Realist Report - Zan Overall: 9/11

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by my good friend Zan Overall, also known as The Wise Old Man, to discuss 9/11 and the "truth" movement, and current events. Be sure to check out Zan's YouTube channel.  

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  1. Excellent show.

    The jews did 9/11 and blamed it on Islamic Nationalism. The are against any form of Nationalism - except their own.

    Islamic Nations do not conduct jewish Usury.

    National Socialist Germany also did not conduct jewish Usury.

    The jewish Usury scam is the primary weapon of world jewry.

    They targeted Islamic Nationalism - and they will then target "American Nationalism" next.

    Every Nationalist is a "terrorist"...according to the jews - except, of course, jewish Nationalists.

    Get it?

  2. Mr. Overall is a great guy. It comes across very clearly in his interviews. His remarks describing how muslims seemingly want to avoid taking on the issue of falsely being blamed for 9/11 is interesting. Knowing that 9/11 was a contrived catalyst for the organized destruction of Islamic banking practices (and other Islamic prohibitions) - perhaps the reticence among those that Zan has encountered can be explained by the fact that they are actively engaging in anti-Islmaic practices by the mere fact they live here. They most certainly buy and sell with Usury-based jew-money and most likely engage in Usury themselves on some level. Additionally, many muslim women do not cover themselves. Perhaps they are enjoying the fruits of Satan a bit too much to want to "rock the boat".

    I wonder if Mr. Overall would find a very different perspective coming from residents of an Islamic country where jewish-practices are not condoned.

    So why are muslims coming to live here again? Surely they know the kinds of things that go on here... You bet they do.

    1. Excellent thought-provoking points, above anon, and I so appreciate your presenting that final question. BT

  3. Good Afternoon,
    John the reason the no planes thing gets divisive among even those of us who know the Jews were behind 9/11 is because of Rabbi Dov Zakheim and his being an executive at Systems Planning Corporation which provided the flight termination system and command transmitter system that allows planes to be remote controlled. This along with his statement in the PNAC document "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century". If there were no planes at all then this becomes insignificant. Either way the man is still a criminal because as Pentagon comptroller he "couldn't account" for $2.3 Trillion!
    Second point is that yes there is a serious threat from the so-called Muslim world but it has very little to do with "Radical Islam" however this is not fiction and anyone who has read ibn Taymiyya, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab, Sayyid Qutb and listened to any of the Salafist/Wahabist imams can read and hear this! Just read the Quran and then learn about the Islamic Doctrine of Abrogation Al-Nasikh wal-Mansuk! The Verse of the Sword! Though others will point out not all Muslims believe this, perhaps even the majority do not!? and Sufism is very peaceful and seems to follow only the Meccan verses as Universal, etc. But like I wrote it is not all Muslims and is but a minority who are not nearly as powerful as the Jews want us to believe but they do exist. In my view the problem is not primarily religious but Racial and it is the MASSIVE influx of black and brown people, mostly Muslims, into the Europe that is the problem and then these angry, emotional, poor, and volatile people can be swayed by the Salafists/Wahabists preachers like the Captain Hook Imam in London Abu Hamza al-Masri. Of course this is manipulated and used as a Jewish trick which is why the EDL supports Israel and has its own Rabbi! and this is why the whole Counter-Jihad movement is funded by and lead in large part by Zionist crazed Jews whose own counterparts then support more and more massive loads of these non-White Muslims coming into Europe! But to think that Muslims can be our buddies, possibly excepting Bosnians and the ones that want to stay in their own countries and don't follow the more strict and violent forms of Islam, is just not realistic.
    John, I write this with all due respect and I know you are a really smart and outgoing guy and I in no way am trying to denigrate you personally at by my comments which sometimes are overdone. If I seemed in any way to be attacking you personally I apologize!
    Take Care man!

  4. Konrad Rhodes,

    RE: The "no planes" hypothesis

    Many people seem to have a very difficult time pinpointing when and how the first information about "the planes" came to them.

    Do you recall where you got that information?

    I know where you received that information. You received it from the exact same SINGULAR source that everyone else did.

    Therein lies the problem.

    In the Intelligence Community, staged events come up for analysis. Maybe the event was staged. Maybe it wasn't. How do you think they know which it was?

    They take a look at the Source of the information. Then, they look at the Content of the information. If there is only one source - and that source is highly biased or has been proven to have had credibility problems in the past, the source is regarded as being suspect. If there are numerous Independent corroborating sources - that helps a lot.

    Now back to the "planes". You were shown video. You weren't there. You didn't see any planes yourself. You saw some video. Essentially you viewed a movie about planes hitting the WTC Towers. Everyone saw the exact same video. They saw the same video.

    How was that video created? Was it "Camera Captured" video - was it "Software Created" video - or was it a mixture of both? Consider your answer carefully before answering.

    After considerable analysis, we have concluded that we were all shown "VIDEO" of an alleged event. That video has been analyzed for anomalies indicative of it not being a straight "Camera Capture" of an event.

    Case closed.

    Please look into this issue for yourself. The underlying strategy they used was Technology Based Deception.

    I am sure you can understand that when you view a video - that is not the same thing as looking out the window. Well, modern warfare exploits the fact that most people don't seem to be able to comprehend the difference.

    1. Dear Sir or Madam,
      You gave some meat to chew on and I am looking more into this. But still, the whole issue with Dov Zakheim and remote control, is this part of the dis-info? This is part of why I get hung up on being a planer but I am open-minded and am willing to admit that I might be wrong. Looking further into and Thanks for being a respectful commentator!

    2. Konrad,

      Being a former "Planer" myself - I understand where you're coming from.

      There are 3 basic ways video can be created:

      1. Direct Camera Capture
      2. Software Only, and
      3. A mixture of both

      That's the place to begin your investigation. Once you realize you can't rely on the digital information that was passed to you by the jewsmedia, you must reject it and revert to evidence that you can rely on.

      As far as the Zakheim thing is concerned...go ahead and take another look at the guy and his potential role. Wasn't he involved in the massive multi trillion dollar "accounting problem" at the Pentagon?

      After exhaustive research into this, I am satisfied that they used a range of digital video fakery to create the illusion that airplanes were used in an attack.

  5. John - where do all these "Planers" come from? When these people go to the movies - do they think what they're being shown is "real"? LOL

    Maybe they do. Kinda sad.

    OK, maybe we shouldn't call them "Planers" about "News Believers"? How "Video Dupes"?

    Yeah, I like that one better. So John, where do all these "Video Dupes" come from?

  6. A poster above says there's a serious threat from radical Islam. How many so-called radical Islamists do you suppose are Israelis posing as Muslims? None? Some? How many? Are people so stupid not to understand how the jews operate? The jews are intentionally seeding the Western countries with muslims as a sort of Trojan Horse. Their mere presence provides the jews with an incitable population to use as they please. We certainly don't need the muslims here. But the jews are behind this whole thing.

    1. Dear anonymous
      I said it has very little to do with radical Islam. What specifically was wrong with what I actually wrote?

    2. Nothing. What you wrote was correct. I agreed with it. I only meant to add that jews make a habit of posing as "muslims".

  7. The internet is full of “Broadcast Baffled - News Believers.” The jews are laughing at them.

  8. I think that Zan was somewhat offended, as was I, when John abruptly told him that he would need to quickly end the show after an hour, because he, Friend, had to run out the door. I very much appreciated Overall stating that he would be glad to keep speaking if John would just leave on the mike. Great response, and I wish it had happened.

    If only there were more activists like Zan Overall, doing street work and/or going door to door telling Americans what great peril we are in, and why!! BT



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