Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Newtown Parents Head Back To Washington DC New Gun Control Push ROUND 2

Video found at the excellent YouTube channel MOXNEWSd0tC0M:

"...we are committed, completely committed, to seeing this through - for all the changes that help eliminate the causes of gun violence."
- Nicole Hockley, family member of a Sandy Hook "shooting" victim

"And we're not going away, we're not going away. This mother's heartbreak that I carry, this life sentence that I have... no one should ever bear this burden."
- another family member of a Sandy Hook "shooting" victim in the video above

This is a perfect example of scripted actors being presented in the media as "grieving family members" turned anti-gun lobbyists to perpetuate the Sandy Hook "shooting" PSYOP designed to entice Americans to willingly give up their guns.

Do you see why it is important to expose media fakery and PSYOPS? I will be discussing the Sandy Hook "shooting" PSYOP with Sofia Smallstorm this coming Monday, June 17th at 6pm PST. Stay tuned for details.


  1. We need to develop counterpropaganda to deal with this. We need our own psychological operations activities that identify jewish propaganda, contribute to situational awareness, and serve to expose jewish attempts to influence our people and lawmakers.

    We have to figure out how to match or overmatch the effects of this Sandy Hook Movie Lie. What specific effects has that lie had on the target audience?

    Ideally, we would pre-test our counter-message to capture the social dimensions of our message on our selected target audience.

    Chances are slim that any single set of countermeasures will deliver a silver bullet to the jew.

    The more we can educate our people on jewish tactics - the better.

    Going forward, it would be best NOT to become bogged down with arguments about whether or not any of these shooting hoaxes are hoaxes. They ARE hoaxes. They ARE part of the jewish storyline.

    We need to refer to these hoaxes as what they are - and frame our arguments towards how we are going to protect our rights.


    "A principle familiar to propagandists is that the doctrines to be instilled in the target audience should not be articulated: that would only expose them to reflection, inquiry, and, very likely, ridicule. The proper procedure is to drill them home by constantly presupposing them, so that they become the very condition for discourse."

    "Third World, First Threat," in Letters from Lexington, by Noam Chomsky, 1993

  2. I didn't even know your blog existed. I'm trying to find the woman's name who made that second quote. Onward!

    The News UNIT

  3. "6 months"

    Its that 6 number that keeps popping up again and again.

  4. Sad. I feel for these people. However, overreacting, Brady style, is sure not the answer.

    1. Sad. I feel for you. You fell for it, huh? That's really sad. Those people are liars. They are lying. Do some independent research and you'll see all of the various evidence of their deception. The alleged event was faked. It was a made-for-media Movie in support of an taking your guns. What's sad is that some people fell for it.

    2. Yeah, if it was true I'd probably feel bad for those people. But it isn't true. The whole thing was an elaborate show put on to shape opinions and convince people to allow the government to pass crazy laws. They did the exact same thing at Dunblane in Scotland and Port Arthur in Australia. Both events were highly questionable and served an agenda. Looks like they're trying the same tactics on Americans. Sadly, not very many Americans display much in the way of intelligence and critical thinking skills. They "get their news" from one source. That source is monolithic and has its own agenda in support of jewish interests. Gun ownership by you - does not serve "their" interests. Simple as that.


    “The press is the watchdog over institutions of power, be they military, economic, political or social. Its job is to inform the people of the doings of their institutions”

    –Bernard E. Trainor, “The Military and The Media – A Troubled Embrace,” Parameters: Journal of the US Army War College, December 1990, p. 4.

    But what happens if the jews hijack the media? What then?

    Does that mean that the fox is guarding the hen-bouse?

    Media and the Social Agenda

    If the media shape the public agenda, what shapes the media’s agenda?

    If the jews own the media and the jewish media shapes the public agenda – what role does Israel play in shaping the jewish agenda? Or is it all one and the same?

    Only about one-third of the stories in the mass media “thrust” themselves onto the agenda because of their objective importance to the public. The weather and Natural disasters fall into this category.

    The rest are there because they fit an agenda.

    Is this the reason for the under-reporting of racially motivated crime against White people? Of course it is.

    Truthful reporting to issues that damage White people are not on the jewish agenda.

    So lets see……what’s on the jewish agenda? “Legislatively Enforced Civilian Helplessness” by way of “Gun Control” is on the jewish agenda.

    Why do the jews think that’s so important?



    I dunno…….

    1. The jews DID hijack the media. It's infested with jews. They use it to manipulate others. The news isn't about informing you - it's about tricking you. They are lying and they are doing it in a coordinated way. Lots of people seem uneducated on how to spot deception. The need to start getting educated.

    2. Please read " the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion", they are not forgeries


    As gatekeepers of information for the jewish agenda, the credibility of jewish media is vital to remain trustworthy in the eyes of the hopelessly misled American people. If the credibility of the jews is lost, the stupid American people may no longer look to the jews for accurate and timely information - and they may actually find some. In order to prevent this, the jews must maintain fake credibility. The jews must maintain two seemingly (to normal people) conflicting policies (deception and credibility). In short, deception and deceit are core “kosher” jewish values and.

    jewish CORE VALUES
    The jewish people, really don’t have any “core values”. Their core vales are a “lack of values” - or, more accurately - an embrace of what enriches the jews and is at the same time detrimental to everyone else. This is the essence of being jewish.

    The jews are the Purveyors of Deception and Everything Evil.

    If you look under a rock - you will probably find a jew lurking there.

  7. These 'parents/actors' are marching back to DC because the sheep have been awakened and time is of the essence. Stalin would be proud.
    Eustace Mullins had much to say about this whole charade.

  8. Poor Dawn Hochsprung principal at Sandy Hook tired of being dead, gave an interview at Boston on the Boston FF, and where is Mrs Phelps/Sexton/Greenburg and her Husband Nick Phelps etc rather shy now to much exposure taking a rest from crisis actors.

  9. If you want to understand the jew, you have to understand deceit.

    Deception is a traditional component of jewish conflict. Indeed, many argue that it is intrinsic to all jewish interaction. It is sometimes mistakenly confused with unintentional confusion or misinformation. Disinformation, intentional deception, should not be confused with misinformation.

    Deception depends on two criteria: first, it is intentional by the jew; and, second, it is designed to gain an advantage for the jew over a non-jew.

    Deception in the forms of concealment and activity designed to mislead is common in nature. Protective coloration serves to protect some flora and fauna?either by making them difficult to see or by causing them to resemble something of little interest to predators.

    Some animals will feign injury to lure predators away from nests or offspring. Jewey students of deception note these examples as evidence of the utility and effectiveness of disinformation even beyond the human experience.

    In the economic and political arenas, jewish deception may appear in a wide variety of forms. Indeed, cynical observers might argue that a synonym for economic disinformation is “advertising.” In any case, examining the use of deception in marketing helps illustrate the difference between “fabrication and manipulation.” If false information is created by a jew and presented as true, this is jewish fabrication. It is fabricated by the jew for the purpose of disinformation and is simply not true. Manipulation, on the other hand, is the use of information which is technically true, but is being presented out of context by the jew in order to create a false implication. This jewish deception may be achieved by leaving out information or by associating valid information in such a way as to create false correlations. In the advertising world, companies usually avoid making false claims based on “fabricated” information. The laws against false advertising make such behavior problematical. Presenting “true” information “manipulated” to create a false impression, however, is difficult to prosecute – so the jews do it all the time. The distinction between fabrication and manipulation is relevant to jewish deception operations. Both forms have proven useful in the history of jewish behavior. When outright fabrication is not feasible, the jew will often rely on partial truths?manipulation?which may prove more advantageous.

    After studying the jew for any appreciable length of time, most people become somewhat ill from having to contemplate such systematic and deliberate deception.

    Most non-jews view that kind of behavior as “despicable”. However, to the jew – it is an intrinsic part of “being a true jew”.

  10. When you finally realize that every one of the people you see on TV is an "actor" and that they are "playing a role" - their fake power over you disappears.

    The newscasters you see are "actors" chosen by jewish management specifically to trick you and lie to you.

    Take a look a slAnderson (pooper) sCooper as a prime example. They love to employ sick deviants in those positions because a normal person will balk at being a part of such evil.


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