Friday, June 28, 2013

News from the Jews

Organized Jewry as the destroyers of America

Alright folks, it's Friday and I have some news items from the Jewish press to highlight and comment on once again.  I think you'll find what I have to highlight both enlightening and infuriating at the same time.

I'm sure most reading here are familiar with the recent Supreme Court decision "to pave the way to gay marriage" as The Jewish Daily Forward put it. Just in case you weren't already aware that the entire "gay marriage" and "homosexual rights" movement is a Jewish operation to destroy traditional Western social and cultural norms, we have confirmation from a number of Jewish sources this week. First, the aforementioned Daily Forward article:

News of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to pave the way to gay marriage found gay Jewish leaders at the end of a meeting with two dozen Democratic senators on Capitol Hill. A staffer passed a note to Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) reading: “DOMA is struck down” and the senator shared the news with the Jewish leaders, gathered for their annual meeting with the Democratic steering committee and cheers were heard from all corners of the room. [...]

Most Jewish communal leaders celebrated the landmark Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. The Jewish community, with 81% of support for gay marriage according to public opinion polls, is the constituency most supportive of marriage equality, second only to the LGBT community in its backing of the rights of gays and lesbians to marry.

“We believe that this is one of the necessary steps to ensure that the human rights of people of all sexual orientations are respected everywhere in the world,” said Ruth Messinger, president of the American Jewish World Service in a statement. AJWS one of the world’s largest funders of LGBTI rights across the world.

All Jewish Supreme Court justices: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, voted with the majority against DOMA. The key attorney representing Edith Windsor in her challenge of the Defense of Marriage Act, was Roberta Kaplan a New York Jewish lawyer.
As many of you are well aware at this point, Jews have organized and directed the "homosexual rights" movement from its inception.  The radical perverted Jew Faygele ben Miriam led the way over 40 years ago with his effort to legalize homosexual marriage.  Virtually every single "homosexual rights" organization has been led and directed by a Jew.  Normalizing and elevating unnatural, destructive behaviors and cultural norms - such as homosexuality - seems to be a distinctly Jewish characteristic.

The outpouring of Jewish support for the recent Supreme Court decision was overwhelming. Edgar Bronfman, the infamous international Jewish gangster, published an Op-Ed in the Jewish Telegraph Agency entitled, "Jewish values dictate protecting gay marriage."

Yes, you read that correctly: Jewish values, not Christian or Islamic or Chinese values, but Jewish values dictate protecting gay marriage.  The very idea or conception of "gay marriage" and "homosexual rights" is Jewish to it's very core: straight from the mind of Satan himself.

Tablet Magazine ran two articles Wednesday praising the Supreme Court decision, one entitled, "Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA: A Jewish view of the landmark decision" and the second written by a homosexual Jew named Wayne Hoffman celebrating this disgusting development.  Of course, the public relations agency of international Jewry - the Anti-Defamation League - "welcomed" the Court's decision.

Again, this entire agenda is Jewish from start to finish - it's an attempt, which has proven to be rather successful at this point, to totally pervert and destroy the traditional familial and sexual norms of Western civilization.

If you're not outraged about the Jewish promotion and elevation of homosexuality, and the recent Supreme Court ruling, then this will surely get your blood boiling.  The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

[Rabbi Mark] Diamond, the American Jewish Committee’s Los Angeles director, who arranged the clerics’ 25-member fact-finding mission, is hoping to bridge a comparable distance — between a life of promise and a life of uncertainty — for millions of noncitizens in the United States.

Diamond’s key role in organizing this gathering was no isolated communal act. After months of delay, the U.S. Senate is set to vote on the most comprehensive immigration reform legislation in 27 years. And Jewish groups across the country are acting together in a way characteristic of the community on few issues besides Israel.

“It’s about the right thing to do,” said Robert Gittelson, co-founder of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and a Republican. In op-ed pieces and interviews, Gittelson, a retired Jewish businessman from California’s San Fernando Valley, has called certain GOP strategies on immigration reform “un-biblical” and “cruel.”

Those leading an active push for the bill, which will offer a path to citizenship for some of the nation’s 11 million undocumented aliens, include the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Bend the Arc and the National Council of Jewish Women.

The Senate vote — and the even harder struggle that will follow in the Republican-controlled House — represents the fulfillment of a sustained campaign by the Jewish community for immigration reform, which has built momentum over the past decade.

Whether or not the necessary votes are mustered from both houses to land a historic immigration law reform bill on President Obama’s desk, Jewish outreach, particularly in the Southwest — home to the largest share of America’s emerging and increasingly powerful ethnic and interfaith populations — promises to be politically and socially influential beyond the issue it addresses.

California, with 2.6 million undocumented residents, is a front line in the battle for this reform. And a Jewish establishment ever mindful of its need to operate through alliances and coalitions to advance its own interests is not blind to the implications of the issue in a country whose demography is shifting rapidly. In addition to working with Latino groups, the ADL’s Southwest regional office has forged alliances with Asian groups representing undocumented Koreans, Chinese, Filipino and other Asian Pacific immigrants in the Southland.

“It’s the ethical thing to do,” said HIAS president and CEO Mark Hetfield, of the community’s immigration reform activism. But he quickly added, “It’s in our strategic interest.”
I simply don't know what to say.  This one issue - granting American citizenship to millions of non-White alien invaders from the Third World and facilitating more of it - is described as uniting American Jewry "in a way characteristic of the community on few issues besides Israel."

Translation: organized Jewry care about their criminal outpost known as "Israel" and flooding America with non-White, unassimilatable, unintelligent, destructive immigrants more than anything else. In fact, these two issues unite most Jews. The Jews are champions of these causes - always have been, always will be.  Please read the entire article to gain a deeper insight into these subjects.

Let's be very clear about something here: every single radical, subversive, and degenerate political, social, or cultural movement in the past 300 years at least - international Communism, cultural Marxism, feminism, the Civil Rights movement, the homosexual rights movement, the sexualization of our culture and society, massive non-White immigration to Western nations, "diversity" and "multiculturalism", globalism, you name it - has been championed and led by Jewish "intellectuals," activists, and propagandists who are financed by the clique of international Jewish gangsters controlling the world's private central banks and global financial institutions.

Organized Jewry has proven itself to be totally hostile towards and contrary to traditional White Western Christian civilization.  In fact, organized Jewry is the destroyer of Western civilization, and we are witnessing them put the final touches on the destruction of this once great nation, the United States of America.

There are a few other news items I read this week from the Jewish press I'd like to highlight briefly here.  Last week, I linked and provided an excerpt of an article published in the Daily Mail, a major mainstream British newspaper, documenting the countless liars and con artists reinforcing and perpetuating the Jewish myths of WWII and the fake Jewish "Holocaust."  Even mainstream anti-German newspapers in the United Kingdom are being forced to report on all the fraudulent stories and myths surrounding WWII, so it was really no surprise when I saw this headline in the Jewish Telegraph Agency recently:

An Israeli film maker who is admittedly “obsessed” with the Holocaust is finally putting to rest the urban myth that the Nazis used the remains of Jewish bodies to create bars of soap.

“Soaps,” a new film by director Eyal Ballas, 43, finds that the soap myth originated in World War I, when Germans were rumored to be turning bodies into the cleaning product. During World War II, SS guards would harass concentration camp members by threatening to kill them and turn them into soap.

Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt told The Jewish Week that “there is no proof that the Nazis made Jews into soap in a mass fashion … There were attempts, but it was never practical.”
Another Holohoax myth exposed - this time by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, a popular and mainstream Jewish news outlet.  Share that one with your friends and family members who still believe all the Jewish lies about WWII and their fake "Holocaust" at the hands of Adolf Hitler and "those evil Nazis."  Virtually every single aspect of the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" - and I do mean every single one - is totally fraudulent, concocted and manufactured by malicious, deceitful Jewish propagandists during and after WWII.

The following news item may surprise and shock some of reading here, but what's being reported is commonly known to those of us paying attention to the wickedly evil intrigues of international Jewry.  Check out this headline from The Jewish Press.  Are you starting to understand how truly evil and Satanic these Jews really are?

An international organ trafficking ring that allegedly sold kidneys to patients in Israel and Eastern Europe was broken up by Costa Rica police and Interpol.

The ring is accused of having worked with Israeli doctors who have not yet been named, according to Haaretz, but Israel’s Health Ministry denied any knowledge of the organ trafficking ring.
Finally, as if we needed any more proof that organized, institutionalized Christianity - the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, mainstream Protestant and evangelical churches, etc. - is a total perversion of Christ's message, dominated and headed by traitors, con men, and even Jews themselves, please read this headline and excerpt from The Times of Israel:

Israel is the center of the world “in so many ways,” the archbishop of Canterbury said Thursday in Jerusalem. He stressed Israel’s legitimacy and right to security, and also spoke, in the context of persecution of Christians by Islamists in the Middle East, about the Christian imperative to “love our enemies.”

It was his maiden visit to the region since being appointed to one of the highest positions in the Protestant Church.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby, who has a Jewish father, is the leader of the Church of England and of 80 million Anglicans worldwide. He was enthroned in Canterbury on March 21. [...]

On Thursday morning, Welby, 57, visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. Asked about his experience, he hesitated, seemingly not knowing how to respond. But after a few seconds, he said, “I don’t particularly want to talk about it in detail. It was an extraordinarily personal and emotional moment, really.”

Welby, who only found out about his Jewish heritage recently, had relatives who perished in the Holocaust.
Well, that wraps it up for this week.  I'd encourage everyone to check out The Realist Report on TalkShoe and tune in to this past week's programs if you haven't already.  Monday I interviewed Skip Baker of, Tuesday I interviewed Paul Topete of the rock band Poker Face, and Wednesday I interviewed the one and only Les Visible.  Also, if you haven't already subscribed to American Free Press, I'd highly recommend taking advantage of the current special - $49 for a one year print and online subscription, plus a free copy of the legendary Jim Tucker's book Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary.  See here for details.  You can read my recent piece in American Free Press here.  


  1. Good collection! Happy Friday. Keep up the good work.
    We're getting new 'movies' from the joo media. WWZ and Whitehouse down are coming courtesy of the kosher nostra. All for the sheep to nod and bleet at. Sure glad I don't have a tv.

  2. Nice post, man. I have a picture called Jewish Feminists I wish I could post here, it shows like 50 top feminist leaders and they are all jewish.

    Jews created feminism too, to destroy relations between white men and white women, and it appears that the Jews succeeded- the divorce rate is like 60 percent, and 71 percent of younger men 18 to 34 said they are not interested in marriage.

    Jews are the real enemy here. But it appears that whites have been brainwashed and there is hope to save them. I guess social Darwinism is at work.

  3. Thanks John, I was just thinking about contacting this Rabbi to ask him how he would feel about immigration reform in Israel! I most likely already know the answer would be he is opposed.

  4. John Thank you for being a real person for the truth unlike Mark Glenn who has been discovered to be a CIA asset. I gave up visiting his site because of his White bashing where every chance he got he was attacking the White male and after a while I became suspicious that he could be a Jewish CIA asset helping the ADL and the SPLC. This morning I got a email from a friend who confirmed that. I emailed the info to several people including Deanna Spingola. If you want to know details please talk to Dr K. If you like you can erase this after reading God bless!

  5. Organized Jewry are the destroyers of America and.....the WORLD!

  6. RE the anon 6/30 7:52 PM post- John, accepting/posting unsourced slanders towards others (MG targeted there), is bad form. "...been discovered to be a CIA asset", no link/source, yet you post it and let it sit there like a steaming turd?

    Don't get me wrong- GlennCo have deeply alienated me this year, with the SOURCE of that being TUT's ANTI-S.Hook & Boston skepticism campaigns. Totally untenable position to take, and their campaign has had all the disinfo ploys (straw man fallacies, appeal to emotion, ridicule, etc) we're accustomed to coming from anti-911-Truth shills! Even Bishop Richard Williamson has called out S.Hook & Boston as false flags! See:

    Yet the TUT crew stubbornly maintain their campaign AGAINST "our movement" calling out these liberty-robbing bolshevik false flag hoaxes. As recently as MCPiper's most recent show,
    he was banging the drum against skepticism towards these hoaxes again- and he laughably called upon their skeptics to challenge the Boston "victims" funds being dispersed, in court for fraud! So suddenly Piper infers that the judeo-masonic court system has integrity, and will save us from these recent bolshevik psyops! Then his guest "Hungarian George" comes on, and Piper is forced to dance & equivocate as George calls out S.Hook & Boston as the false flags they obviously are! LOL...

    So AFAIC, something IS very wrong at GlennCo's TUT, see my post "Abandoning support for The Ugly Truth podcasts",
    ...where my concerns are articulated & SOURCED, not just blindly asserted as in the anon @ 7:52 comment you've allowed above.

    1. LOL, thanks for the comment! And thanks for explaining your position on TUT, I haven't visited the site or listened to a program for months now.

      I listened to Piper's recent show, and I just don't know what to say about his absurd stance on Sandy Hook. There is simply no reason to believe any shooting took place, let along 26 people, including 20 children, were murdered - and yet he blindly accepts this story at face value, and appears to be attacking those of us in the alternative media investigating the Sandy Hook "shooting" hoax/PSYOP. I don't get it...

  7. John: have you considered inviting Rev. Ted Pike on your show?

    He's been in this fight for decades, and he's an articulate spokesman in opposition to judeo machinations, esp against their "hate/speech laws".

    A caveat though- Pike & DDuke sort of crossed wires last Fall stemming, from what I can tell, from Pike's stubbornness in rejecting the notion of a genetic/biological/evolutionary element explaining the pattern of bad behavior displayed by humanity's long antagonists. From Pike's own writings,

    ...I gather Duke was interested in doing a show together, but Pike was adamant against the idea, based on Pike's not wanting to (appear to) 'condone' the genetically-based perspective re the bad behavior of jewry. This was disappointing to read- mainly directed towards Pike's hard-line position prohibiting even a polite & reasoned discourse.

    But you seem to have the diplomatic skill John to have Pike on as guest and have a productive dialog, regardless of the existence of areas of disagreement which inevitably exist. I reckon Duke does too, thus my disappointment in those Pike articles above.

    Maybe you could reach out to Pike, and let us know what happens?


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