Friday, June 7, 2013

News from the Jews

I've been enjoying my vacation, but decided I would take some time this evening and post my weekly News from the Jews blog post.  I just have a few news items to highlight, so this'll be quick.

The first item comes from the Jewish-owned and operated New York Times, the leading establishment-serving media outlet that does little more than uncritically pass along official statements and pronouncements from crooked government officials and high level corporate criminals, which passes for "investigative journalism" in the United States these days.  The article is highlighting the plutocratic Jewish major of New York City Michael Bloomberg's tyrannical, un-American efforts to push "gun control" and disarm the American people - the same exact agenda his Bolshevik cousins carried out in Russia prior to and during the destruction of that once great White Christian nation.  The article reports:

John W. Griffin is a fast-talking, whiskey-loving, fifth-generation Nevadan who spends his days as a lobbyist courting lawmakers in Stetsons. He advocates for luxury casinos, once brokered a dispute between a brothel and a nightclub, and has helped feuding families resolve tussles over cattle crossings.

Now he is representing the ultimate city slicker, Michael R. Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, who, undaunted by defeat in Congress, is taking his campaign for stricter gun laws to the nation’s state capitals, including here, where a bill to expand the use of criminal background checks is before the State Legislature.

“I thought, ‘Heck, that’s going to be a tough battle,’ ” Mr. Griffin said. “But for a man with unmatchable resources, there’s good reason to be hopeful.”

Fortified by several million dollars in contributions that have come in since the Newtown school massacre in December, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the national coalition Mr. Bloomberg co-founded and finances, says it has deployed more than 50 people across the country, building grass-roots organizations and dispatching foot soldiers to pressure local politicians. [...]
There are a couple points I'd like to make here.  First, notice how Jews always get dupes or sell outs to help them promote and advance their agenda, making it palatable to the general masses and whipping up popular support through propaganda, public advocacy, and organized lobbying? John W. Griffin, the "fast-talking, whiskey-loving, fifth generation Nevadan," who is clearly a major sell out and traitor to his nation and people, should be ashamed of himself.

Second, it's clear to me that Michael Bloomberg is one of the biggest tyrants in America today, if not the biggest.  The man simply thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants ("undaunted by defeat in Congress"), enact whatever agenda he wants - no matter how un-American or illegal it may be.

Third, notice how the fake Sandy Hook school "shooting" has been instrumental in Michael Bloomberg's gun grabbing campaign specifically, and the general push to restrict access to firearms in America generally?  The Sandy Hook "shooting" was a gigantic hoax, a PSYOP on the American public designed to entice them to willingly give up their guns.

There was no shooting at Sandy Hook; no children or teachers were murdered; the "grieving parents" and other family members you see on the television are scripted actors perpetuating the Sandy Hook "shooting" PSYOP in order to advance Michael Bloomberg and organized Jewry's un-American gun grabbing agenda.  The Jews want your guns America!  Are you going to give them up because some Jew on the television says it'll "make us safer"?!

The second article comes from The Times of Israel, which is reporting that the infamous Jewish supremacist criminal organization known as the Anti Defamation League is taking it's invocation of "anti-Semitism" to truly absurd and ridiculous levels.  An excerpt:

New moves in the EU toward requiring products originating in West Bank settlements to be labeled as such for the European market constitute anti-Semitism, the head of the Anti-Defamation League said Sunday, since they represent “efforts at singling out Israel” when there is no outcry over so many human rights abuses elsewhere.

Speaking amid reports that the German government recently passed legislation in support of the EU labeling scheme, ADL national director Abraham Foxman said Sunday: “If the only country you want to single out is Israel, that’s anti-Semitism.” [...]
Guys, this "anti-Semitism" label is really just preposterous.  Criminals like Abe Foxman and other Jewish supremacists and Jewish sycophants routinely invoke this slander in an effort to shield even the mildest criticism of Israel and organized Jewry.  Think about it: Abe Foxman is literally saying that it's "anti-Semitic" for the European Union to require "products originating in West Bank settlements to be labeled as such."  Does this even make sense anymore folks?

Israel's crimes are regularly covered up, down played, or, even worse, justified by the Jewish owned mass media and the Jewish occupied and controlled United States government.  Israel is never "singled out" for it's human rights abuses - mainstream NGOs reporting on human rights abuses do in fact highlight Israeli crimes, but Israel is by no means "singled out."  The entire situation is ridiculous, and this "anti-Semitism" meme is growing more and more senseless and Orwellian by the minute.

The third article comes from the Israeli website, and reports on the "prevalence" of "Holocaust denial," and how "dangerous" it is that people actually think critically and independently about the stories Jews tell about our collective history.

Holocaust denial is another form of anti-Semitism which is prevalent today and must be fought, Dr. Mario Silva told Arutz Sheva.

Dr. Silva, chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, took part in the 4th conference of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism which was held in Jerusalem this week.

“It’s sad to say it, but [Holocaust denial] is still a problem,” he said. “There are still some regimes – certainly we know the more prominent case of the President of Iran and his Holocaust denial – but there are other political groups in the world that are popping up and are denying the Holocaust.

“We have to be vigilant and condemn these groups, and also make sure that domestic and national governments are speaking out against this type of behavior and denial of the Holocaust,” he added. [...]

Holocaust denial, he added, comes in many forms such as minimization, trivialization and comparing it to other genocides while claiming that the Holocaust “wasn’t as bad.”

“This is becoming fashionable in some circles and we have to combat that as well.”
Two points: first, organized Jewry is constantly pressuring governments to enact legislation against "anti-Semitism" and "Holocaust denial" through lobbying efforts and media pressure. Rational individuals must ask themselves - why is this one supposed event an aspect of our history we cannot question or even critically examine?  Why are laws passed to criminalize research into this alleged event?  Why are people demonized, slandered, marginalized, socially ostracized, and even arrested and persecuted for openly discussing this event and exposing the deceitful and manipulative propagandists behind this narrative?

Second, it should be clear to everyone at this point that the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative - and the mainstream version of WWII history generally - is the central pillar, the lynchpin, of the entire "New World Order" agenda.  The entire Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation largely rests on this fake Jewish "Holocaust" story, and we must continue to expose it for the fraud that it is.

Finally, to wrap this up, I'd like to highlight yet another news item from the Jewish press dealing with their beloved "Holocaust" story and their constant invocation of it to garner sympathy from the gullible public.  The Jewish Daily Forward recently reported on the U.S. tax-payer financed Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the challenges facing it in the 21st century.

When the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s 20th Anniversary National Tour comes to Chicago in June, Suzy Snyder, the museum’s associate curator, hopes that survivors and their children in the Windy City will consider donating their Holocaust artifacts and documents.

“We want people to understand that we don’t have enough. There’s no such thing as enough. The museum constantly collects, because every story illustrates somebody’s history,” Snyder said. “We want to be the most comprehensive collection that we can be.”

In the past year, the national tour has visited Boca Raton, Fla.; Los Angeles; New York and Washington, D.C. — where the museum is based — and at each venue, the museum has received dozens of collections. In New York, for example, a woman donated what Snyder described as “very unusual” uniforms that belonged to her relatives, who were Schindlerjuden. “We do not get uniforms that often,” Snyder said.

In California, a man donated negative film from his father, an American soldier who saw the liberation of a trainload of people. Another person donated a doll whose head had been removed so that the body could be stuffed with valuables to smuggle out of Nazi occupation.

The context surrounding those artifacts is changing, however, and unfortunately it will soon be the case that there will be Holocaust-era artifacts without any living survivors.

“The biggest challenge that we will see in the next 20 years is that we will have collections and we will not have survivors to interpret them or understand them,” Snyder said. “It’s not that we won’t be able to interpret them, but it’s always better when you are dealing with the generation that used the artifacts.” 
The museum’s director, Sara Bloomfield, echoes Snyder’s estimation of its greatest obstacle looming on the horizon.

“Obviously, most institutions would really have a big celebration or commemoration for their 25th rather than their 20th, but this happens to come at a turning point for our institution, and we know that the survivors and other eye witnesses are diminishing,” Bloomfield said. “In many ways, we are losing our most powerful teachers and that authentic link to the past, and before we lose that, we wanted to not only honor them in these cities around the country, but also honor them in the kind of moment of intergenerational… transfer, celebration and commitment to the future.

We’re going to carry the story forward and continue to teach the lessons of the Holocaust in perpetuity — that’s our goal. One of our missions is the permanence of Holocaust memory, understanding and relevance. Our 20th anniversary comes at a very unique moment for us to assert that in a very strong way.”

The museum’s first two decades were about establishing itself on the National Mall in Washington and reaching all 50 states through traveling exhibits, teacher training and other kinds of outreach, according to Bloomfield. The next 20 years, she says, will be about positioning the museum, whose website has now been translated into 14 languages, as a global institution.

“With rising Holocaust denial and the anti-Semitism and just lack of awareness in so many parts of the world, I think we are uniquely positioned to do that and to address a very serious problem that I think will only get worse once we lose the eyewitness-generation,” Bloomfield said.
What a truly revealing article here folks.  Again, do you recognize that this alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative and the lies about WWII generally really do form the lynchpin of the international Jewish agenda to dominate and control the world - economically, politically, socially, culturally, even psychologically?

In a nutshell, the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story was manufactured over the years as a result of the "confessions" and "revelations" by German military and political officials who were subjected to brutal and barbaric torture and interrogation; lying propagandists in the Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and United States (many of whom were Jews, of course); and the wide array of deceitful and dishonest Jewish "survivors" and "eye-witnesses" who wrote books, screen plays, memoirs, and other literature to advance their fake narrative of WWII and the "suffering" their people endured at the hands of "those evil Nazis."

I'll say this - organized Jewry has done a masterful job instilling their fake version of history into our collective consciousness, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has been instrumental in this achievement.  How many Americans, when asked about the alleged Jewish "Holocaust," blindly accept it and sympathize with the Jews because they heard some lying "survivor" speak at their local high school or they saw some film footage of dead or starving people in Europe at the end of the war?  The entire Jewish "Holocaust" is a gigantic PSYOP on the world public, and Jews have even admitted this.

All one has to do is honestly and seriously investigate the claims made about WWII to discover that everything - and I do mean everything - we've been told about this crucial aspect of our history is one Big Lie.

That's all I've got for this week folks, stay tuned for next week's edition of News from the Jews. We really can gain a much deeper insight into the agenda being advanced by these people, and how hypocritical and ridiculous their propaganda really is.

One last thing - I want to thank everyone for all the support I've received since announcing my split with Rodney Martin and the American National Association.  I have not had much access to my email or computer since I've been on vacation, but I have replied to pretty much everyone that sent me a message recently.  The support is greatly appreciated!  I will likely be moving over to TalkShoe when I come back and start broadcasting again.  BlogTalkRadio simply is not reliable so I think TalkShoe will be a better fit.  I think it's pretty similar anyways, so once I get it set up I will post an announcement about it here.  Take care folks, talk to you soon!


  1. Your enemy wants you disarmed, both mentally and physically.

    You are seeing evidence of what is called “Soft Power” that is being inflicted on our people by a hostile enemy. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about PSYOP. Another term for that is “Influence Operations”. Influence Operations seek to influence the behavior and attitudes of certain audiences.

    We are facing an enemy who is using science to control us to do their bidding. They Department of Defense describes this as “perception management”. What do you think the IDF and the Mossad call it?

    John is doing a great job of exposing the methods of the enemy. We should all be thanking Rodney Martin for exposing his own lack of intellect. It does us no good whatsoever to continue to let the enemy control the narrative.

  2. the entire "Jewish" narrative is a monumental lie...

    all lies and liars need to be put into the ovens of TRUTH...for good.

    along with their psychophantic followers, dupes and stupid idiot cult members

    Abraham did not have a Talmud, and neither did Moses..

    Talmudia..."JEWTOPIA".... is HELL.


  3. "First, notice how Jews always get dupes or sell outs to help them promote and advance their agenda, making it palatable to the general masses and whipping up popular support through propaganda, public advocacy, and organized lobbying? John W. Griffin, the "fast-talking, whiskey-loving, fifth generation Nevadan," who is clearly a major sell out and traitor to his nation and people, should be ashamed of himself."

    Who are the dupes and sell-outs? Unfortunately, it's much worse than we imagine. Not only are our national and local White political leaders totally corrupt and sold out to their jew benefactors, but almost all, if not all, rank and file Whites who are financially successful, even the most modestly successful among us, are sellouts, politically and more importantly, racially. They only care about their money, their position, and their belief they are better than those Whites who have not gained position and wealth.Think about it -- these affluent / wealthy Whites could help this movement a great deal, most importantly, financially, but they never have. There are no rich benefactors to support the pro-White "movement". Why? Rather than risk their positions in life, they selfishly ignore the plight the jews have placed our race in, and have all sold out to their jew friends. You can be sure, they have many jew friends because the parasite jews always hover wherever the money is.

    These Whites, who foolishly believe they are financially secure, ignore their less fortunate brothers and sisters. In fact, they spurn and ridicule us, or even work with the jews to destroy us. They admire jews and the criminal state of Schitz-real considerably more than their own country or their fellow Whites. In their arrogance, White working stiffs are viewed as stupid peasants, while they see themselves capable, intelligent, "tycoons". Of course these sellouts would never admit to any part of what we "commoners" have learned or believe because they refuse to awaken to what the jews are doing. However, if these dupes and sell-outs ever got a clue of what's really happening and feared their accumulated “stuff” and bragging rights were in jeopardy, I’m sure they’d go to the nearest synogogue and convert to judaism in a heartbeat and do any vile thing the jews commanded. Virtually all of them have swallowed the jew load. So again, the sad fact of the matter is that not only are the authorities and elected trolls totally subservient and loyal to these despicable money changers, but so is every White who has some meager measurement of success.

  4. Likely every American adult has heard the term, “Bolshevik Revolution” (I don’t know what mush they are teaching the kids in 2013), but probably next to none know as much as Fact One about that chapter in history. They should. Because it appears we are heading for a modern-day high-tech version of that dark episode in history.

    Abe Foxman is labeling the proposed product labeling as “Anti-Semitic” simply because he doesn’t want the abject racism and criminality the Jews impose upon the indigenous Palestinians publicized by the act of labeling. People might look into the widespread criminality of Israel.

    And I’d like to know how much effort into exposing the starvation and murder of tens on millions of Ukrainians and White Russians (termed the Holodomor) by the Jewish Bolsheviks Dr. Mario Silva has put forth.

    Sara Bloomfield makes no mention of the University of Southern California’s creation of a living hologram of every elderly “Holocaust survivor” they can get their hands on. That might detract on her effort to show her urgency in getting all she can as quickly as she can. Do you think she knows about this program at the University of Souther California?

    I wonder if the word “whine” is of Yiddish origin?

    Thank you John Friend!


  5. Psychological operations and deception have long been synonymous, considering both have a related goal, that of changing the behavior of a specific audience.

    Much is written about psychological operations (PSYOP) and little is written about the conduct of deception.

    Deception focuses on planning and execution of deception and little is paid to understating the deception target and the target’s cognitive process.

    By better understanding us, their target audience, the jews make deception more effective.

    Consider that the sport-fishing industry spends hundreds of thousands of dollars researching the behavior and habits of specific game fish, and then spends more developing lures and baits of all colors, sizes, shapes, and scents, all in an elaborate deception to get a fish to believe that a dangerous lure is, in fact, a delicious meal.

    While some people are more complex than fish are – understanding the fish is an important step towards getting the fish to do what you want…bite the hook. Of course, if presented with this information – the fish might tend to deny that such a large operation is going on and dismiss it as a “Conspiracy Theory”.

    PSYOP Versus Deception

    PSYOP is the “planned operations by the jew to convey selected information and indicators to us to influence our emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately our behavior.”

    Deception is defined as “jewish measures designed to mislead us by manipulation, distortion, or falsification of evidence to induce us to react in a manner prejudicial to jewish interests.

    It is easy to see how jewish PSYOP and jewish deception complement each other, considering both have a mission to change our behavior.

    Because deception is usually considered ‘lying,’ current jewish doctrine tries to distance jews from PSYOP and deception by saying that they don’t do it – which is in itself a lie – and fully consistent with jewish methods and objectives.

    The jew has invested your money – you, know – the money they stole from you…into analyzing you so they can target you with PSYOP and Deception.

    The jew has analyzed your biases and cognition in order to achieve their deception objective. What objective? Disarmament, for starters. After that, you won’t like what they have in store for you.

    We really need to get educated on enemy methods.

    Look around……..they’re winning this thing and most of our people don’t even seem to know they’re in a war.

  6. LIARS

    As gatekeepers of information for the jews, the credibility of jewmedia is vital to remain trustworthy in the eyes of the the American people. If credibility is lost, the people may no longer look to the jewmedia for accurate and timely information.

    Instead, they will search elsewhere, seeking to “climb the fence” instead of passing through the jewmedia gate. Maintaining this credibility is difficult because it is necessary to participate in deception to further jewish goals. To maintain these two seemingly conflicting policies (deception and credibility) warrants investigation, explanation, and discussion.

    The jew continues a policy of deception through such things as psychological operations, targeting enemies, and withholding information to aid in secrecy of jewish crime.

    As gatekeepers of information, the jewmedia must temper the conflict between providing a steady and reliable flow of information (such as the correct outside air temperature in a weather broadcast) to the victim population while preserving jewish deception (as an active participant in that deception) and maintaining credibility.

    The study of deception has been studied extensively. Knapp and Comadena (1979), argue that “the conscious alteration of information a person believes to be true in order to significantly change another’s perceptions from what the deceiver thought they would be without alteration,” (O’Hair & Cody, 1994).

  7. jewish Deception Theory

    You, as a member of the victim population can better understand the reasons for jew deception, and the lack of ethical considerations by observing the jewish Model of Deception.

    The jewish deception model describes the motives of jewish deception as exploitation, egoism, benevolence, malevolence, utility, and regress.

    Evil jews know that their use of deception risks detection potential; harm to target and third party; loss of trust and respect; relational costs; and positive consequences for jews at the expense of the victim population.

    The lack of ethical and moral considerations, or groundings, this method discusses are:

    (1) deception is ethical,
    (2) it is a means of jewish criminal enrichment and survival, and
    (3) it is used as the situation determines.

    Actions used by jews to deceive include lying, evasion, overstatement, concealment, and collusion.


    The use of atrocity stories as a propaganda tool to gain sympathy and to vilify the enemy is probably one of the oldest psychological warfare stratagems known; the Holy Hoax Lie being one of the most notable.

    The story about Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait removing babies from incubators and leaving them on the floor to die surfaced was first spewed by jews in British newspapers in September 1990 and spread by other jews to the United States almost immediately.

    Shortly thereafter, the story resurfaced at the Human Rights Caucus where a 15-year-old girl known only as Nayirah (her last named allegedly concealed for fear of reprisals to her family) gave teary testimony to this horrific account.

    It was only after the war ended that the unidentified girl was found to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and the massive deception began to unravel.

    The girl had been extensively coached by the public relations firm of Hill & Knowlton, which was paid $10 million for its professional services by a group known as the Citizens for a Free Kuwait.

    It was no coincidence that Hill & Knowlton’s Washington president, Craig Fuller, had been George Bush’s chief of staff. Apart from organizing rallies on college campuses and providing informational press kits to the news media, one of the major functions of Hill & Knowlton was to bring about a massive shift in public opinion in favor of liberating Kuwait.

    It was part of an elaborate web of deception, disinformation, and lies to sell the war to the public.

    Various jew-puppets such as the U.S. president, vice president and top military leaders were revealed to be propagandists who did not hesitate to repeat lies over and over in order to win support for the war effort.

    This is what a jewish infestation problem gets you.

    So when can we expect some evil jew lawmakers to try to pass "Baby Out Of the Incubator" Denial Laws?

    Soon, maybe...

  9. ewish DECEPTION

    The society within the United States is supposedly predicated on holding the government accountable. As we have seen with the recent jew-led shut down of FOIA inquiries into the Sandy Hook Movie Deception – the government is holding itself un-accountable.

    The intentional jewish manipulation, distortion and falsification of information with the intent to deceive the victim public constitutes an unjustifiable and dangerous assault on our core values.

    If we don’t have an accountable government – we are nothing but slaves.

  10. JEWISH COMMUNISM is responsible for the direct and indirect MURDER and DEATH of over 60,000,000 Russian and other Eastern European people. Where's the RED HOLOCAUST MUSEUM? Huh? Where's the reparation$ for these peoples, huh? Plus tens of millions more that were butchered in communist China and other Asian countries where this Jewish-created cancer was spread? Where's their museum and reparations?

    The Jewish holocaust is a BOGUS holocaust and I'm sick and tired of hearing about this gargantuan LIE and object having it taught to our children in schools as a historical fact. There were no "gas chambers" only delousing chambers to KILL LICE. The only people holocausted during WWII according to the actual definition of the word, were German civilians and Eastern European refugees fleeing the murderous, mass-raping Red Army (incited to do so by Soviet propagandist, Jew Ilya Ehrenberg), in Hamburg, Dresden and other undefended German cities. Also, the firebombing of Tokyo where 80,000-plus Japanese men, women and children were roasted alive in one night by the 'good' guys along with the mother of all holocausts, the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Unless there were Jews in any of those aforementioned places, NONE were holocausted during WWII. ZERO. ZIP. NONE. And to anti-gentile snakes, modern-day Bolsheviks like Abe Foxman, whiner, deceiver, liar, hyper-paranoid, delusional control freak who sees (imagines) anti-semitism everywhere, along with the rest of his hideous, evil, Jewish supremacist, cultural marxist, nation-wrecking tribe who don't like what I just wrote, I say to them F*CK YOU 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times.


    P.S. Pardon my Yiddish.

  11. Eustace Mullins said, " I'm not a holocaust denier, because I've never admitted there was a holocaust." Brilliant.
    Anti-semite used to mean someone who doesn't like jews, now it means someone the jews don't like.


  12. Jews control the internet and suppress the truth. A Jew named Bart Torvik is a vicious and vengeful individual whose only goal is to attack non-Jews. His venom and hate come through in his daily rants. Despite his attention-getting pitiful posts, he is not a popular blogger. Only other Jews delight in his ruthless and evil attacks on others. Bart Torvik's posts explain why Jews are hated around the world for their extreme cruelty and distortion of the truth.

  13. I personally know of this Bart Torvik and he is among the most hateful Jews on the internet. Bart Torvik is a paid blogger whose spiteful Jewish rage is posted alongside the rants of other Jews such as Mike Masnick, Eric Goldman, and a host of other Hebes. The internet is a Jew-run conspiracy. The immigrant Kike Sergey Brin should never have been allowed in the U.S. to pollute it with his East European Jewish mud-slinging. And his cohort Larry Page is a half-Jew who has two diseased vocal cords. He self-reports that he has two disabled vocal cords. So much for Jew free speech.

  14. Bart Torvik has no friends and is stooped over his computer all day, afraid he didn't destroy enough people with his evil rants. Bart Torvik runs the "Linkerati," a paid network of Jew bloggers who target and destroy innocent people online. This is what the Jew revels in -- the destruction of the innocent. Bart Torvik has the Jew slanted forehead, the evil close-set eyes, the huge, hooked nose and the jug ears so characteristic of his evil race. Bart Torvik is descended from an inbred race of Russian Jews who lived in slime. American Jews are all filthy cockroaches.

  15. Bart Torvik is a tribalistic Jew who brags about his Jewish network online. In reality, this network is a vicious, hate-spreading plague called the "Linkerati." The Linkerati links Jews worldwide. Bart Torvik coordinates and runs the Linkerati. When the Jew bloggers in the Linkerati identify a targeted person or group they want to destroy, Bart Torvik alerts all the other Jew bloggers who then write vicious, demeaning rants about the targeted victim or victims. Jews are the true Nazis, as shown by their sadistic attacks on non-Jews. President Harry Truman wrote in his diary in 1947, "Jews are extremely selfish and when they gain power are more cruel and sadistic than Hitler or Stalin." President Truman's diary was recently discovered in 2003. The Jews never fooled President Truman, as shown by his diary entry. How much worse the Jews are today now that they completely own the U.S.A. The U.S.A. has become a colony of Israel. AIPAC runs the U.S. government.

  16. Jews like Bart Torvik and his Jew cronies distort the media, especially the internet, for Jewish enrichment and power. Non-Jews are portrayed by Bart Torvik in the most sinister light while Jews are portrayed as loving "victims" who deserve unending sympathy. What a Jew crock victim card Bart Torvik is playing! Jews are no more victims than the Jew Yogoda was a victim. Yogoda killed 10 million Ukrainians just for the hell of it! The Jew Yogoda beats out any mass murderer in history. Bart Torvik is a relentlessly vindictive and cruel Jew. Bart Torvik is on the run in both Minnesota and Illinois from the local authorities. Bart Torvik is just a common thug.

  17. It is amazing that people allow the Jewish monster Bart Torvik and millions of his Jew cohorts to destroy their lives and yet do nothing about it. This is the main reason why Bart Torvik and his Jewish co-conspirators are confident they will win. There is no organized opposition by the vast majority to stop Bart Torvik and other Jews from spreading lies and filth online. Bart Torvik brags online that the Jews control the media, the government, Wall Street, and the financial markets. Bart Torvik also brags that Jews control the banks, the big corporations, the government, the internet, print publications, and Hollywood. Bart Torvik is not educated, and is descended from Russian, criminally minded Jews. When will people stop being "sheeple" and defend themselves against vindictive Jews like Bart Torvik? Jews are just 2 percent of the population yet they control a nation of 320 million non-Jews in the U.S.


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