Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day & Updates

Three things I'd like to mention quickly.

First, Happy Father's Day Dad, I miss you already.  Thanks for being the honest, hard-working, dedicated father you always have been and always will be.  You truly are one of a kind.  I feel blessed knowing I have such a wonderful, responsible father I can always and forever count on.

Below is a photo of my Dad and I fishing where the Platte River meets the Missouri River when I was visiting Nebraska recently.  Makes me want to move back to Nebraska!

Second, I set up a TalkShoe account where I will be broadcasting The Realist Report from now on.  I have never used TalkShoe before, but I don't think I'll have any major problems transitioning to this new platform.  BlogTalkRadio is unreliable, plus it costs $40 per month.  My computer would constantly freeze up, or Skype would drop me, or I'd have issues accepting calls - it was always something with BlogTalk, every time I did a show practically.  So I'll try TalkShoe out.

I have uploaded every past episode of The Realist Report to my TalkShoe page for those interested.  I have also uploaded a few of my past interviews on other radio programs.  My goal is to upload every single radio program I have ever been on or hosted.  So far, I have uploaded every program I have hosted.  It's a bit time consuming, so bear with me.

You can listen to live shows here, the home page of The Realist Report on TalkShoe.  You can also subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.  I will continue to post announcements for my programs on Facebook and I will always post the audio file along with the description here on my website following the program.

Embedded on the right hand side of this site is the TalkShoe player feature, where you can listen to recent episodes of The Realist Report.  Again, check out the home page for The Realist Report on TalkShoe to familiarize yourself with the new broadcasting platform.

Tomorrow, I will be interviewing a friend of mine, Sofia Smallstorm.  Sofia has done extensive research into 9/11, the Sandy Hook "shooting" PSYOP, health and environmental issues, and a number of other subjects.  We will be discussing her recent presentation at the Conspiracy Con 2013 conference which just took place in Milpitas, California on June 1st and 2nd.  Sofia's presentation revolved around the Sandy Hook "shooting" PSYOP, so we will spend most of our time discussing her research into this topic.  The program tomorrow evening begins at 6pm PST.

Tuesday, I will be interviewing Bill Finck of  Bill and I will be discussing the Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution, Christianity, and early American history.  The program Tuesday evening begins at 5pm PST.

Since I am now broadcasting on my own, I will try to do three programs per week at least, so check The Realist Report on TalkShoe regularly or add me as a friend on Facebook.

Finally, I am happy to announce that American Free Press, America's last real weekly newspaper covering a variety of important subjects from an American nationalist perspective, has published two articles I recently wrote.  I have submitted a third which I believe will be published in the next edition of the newspaper, and am currently working on a fourth article which I will submit to the editor tomorrow.  I am hoping this becomes a regular thing for me, as it has always been a dream of mine to become a real journalist.

I highly encourage everyone who is not already a subscriber to American Free Press to subscribe immediately.  It really is a great newspaper that deserves your support.  Right now you can get a one year print membership, a one year online membership, and a copy of the legendary Jim Tucker's book Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary for just $49.  See here for details. 


  1. Happy Father's Day John. That's a real great picture of you and your Dad. My Dad is also a terrific man who raised me right with values, manners, and respect. I couldn't imagine having better parents than the ones I have. We are all blessed with great influences whether it is family, friends, or even strangers. Hope you had a swell weekend brother!

  2. You said earlier you needed suggestions to name your show. I say: the Friend Factor.

    1. Great suggestion. It rings true.

  3. Yes, that is a great pic of you and your dad. Happy Father's day to both of you.

  4. Looks like a good fishin spot there man! Hope ya had a good Holiday; looking forward to hearing you on talkshoe!

  5. Happy Father's Day! I wish you & Dad a Friend-ly Father's Day. :)

    American Free Press: I believe it's very good and as far as I know it's connected/related to The Barnes Review which I subscribe to and think is excellent. You Americans have cheaper postage than me, so you should all subscribe to TBR + AFP. Important to not only read onscreen stuff + important to support such publications.

    Congrats with getting articles published, JF!

  6. I've always really admired Sophia Smallstorm, but her word "rules" drive me up a wall. Constantly correcting you on your choice of words had the same effect.

    Your Dad looks like a great man. Even the expression on his face tells the story of his dedication and honesty. How fortunate that your parents have stayed married. That alone qualifies them for a GOLD medal!

  7. Congratulations on your connection to AFP. Keep up the good work!

  8. Another white man loses his Job over his personal beliefs!


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