Thursday, May 23, 2013

Was The Attack In Woolwich A Hoax? - Morris


  1. This blog does a good job of picking apart this nonsense:

    Questions about the Woolwich Slasher Incident

    Heads up Alert! Memorial Day is almost here, so it would be wise to make sure your cell phone or digital camera's batteries are fully charged in case you need to document the latest FF.

  2. Norwegian blog, but just look at the video stills and click the two video links:

    Seems to me there were two "movie guys," and not just one. One made movie A (a little to the left and with no bloody hands), and the other movie B (a little to the right and with bloody hands).

  3. one video may have been toned down to take away the graphical impact of the blood being shown on TV pre 9pm watershed.

  4. I hope that everybody realizes that his guy is a kike. I am not saying that Woolwitch was real happening, but still, white people should never listen jews who claim they stand for your interest. There is only one onterest, it's jewish. Blood is always thicker than water.

  5. To Quex: Morris is not a 'kike' because he has he has renounced his Jewish heritage. An anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist Jew is always better than a pro-white racist or a 'white' Zionist. There are more 'white' nations who are supportive of Israel than non-white ones.


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