Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Realist Report - Dr. Kaasem Khaleel

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dr. Kaasem Khaleel, better known as Dr. K. Dr. K has done extensive research on media fakery and PSYOPS perpetuated against the American public, including the Sandy Hook "shooting" hoax, the recent Boston "bombing", and even 9/11. Be sure to visit his website NODISINFO.COM where you can find many of his research relating to media fakery and PSYOPS. Dr. K is also a prolific author, and published Wrongly Blamed: The Real Facts Behind 9/11 and the London Bombings back in 2006, in which he makes the case that international Jewry has been behind virtually all of the acts of terrorism wrongly blamed on Muslims in recent years. Tune in for what will surely be an interesting discussion!

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  1. Waterloo Sunset! My favorite, thanks.

    Great to hear Dr. K, I used to listen to him on Rick Adams all the time. All the best to Doc K and Rick.

    Fantastic show guys. If what you are saying is wrong, any of it, has anyone tried to even refute one percent of the assertions? Not to my knowledge.

    I still am trying to figure out how the faked the bombing if it was both fake and real at the same time. That does not make sense. But for example how do you fake a girl on the lacrosse team in a small Maine town losing her leg and no one in such a locale noticing she either doesn't exist or didn't lose her leg? Just asking....

    Regarding the media fakery aspect, I left JewSA over twenty years ago and remember one reason was because the eerie sick twisted aspect to mainstream media was no longer bearable. Occasionally over that time when I visit I notice the TV news gets even creepier, with the likes of Diane Sawyer being just about the weirdest person imaginable, and a far cry from Huntly, Brinkly and Cronkite (not that I ever trusted them even as a small kid).

    So the level of media abudity has a long backdrop, the psy op is well established for these media events. Only in such a surreal media psy op setting could they get away with all this fakery.

    One more note, Ed Ward who has done great work on proving 911 was done with mini nukes claims a mini nuke was used at Boston. But that it was a very small one and needed to be tested. I find it hard to see why it needed to be tested, or how that fits in with all the obvious fakery surrounding fake amputees and cowboys and hollywood blood splatters.

    1. Yeah, I love that song, too! One of my favs.

      I guess I am still open to the idea that the Boston bombing may have been both real and fake, which sounds weird but may actually be true. I'm sure most of the photos and videos we've seen are depicting a drill, NOT an actual bombing. But I have had some very credible and trustworthy people tell me that there were real people that got hurt from the bombing, so maybe the 2nd bomb was real? I don't know, I tend to doubt it, but I still have an open mind. I'd like to hear from some real victims, if there actually were any. All of the "victims" I've seen presented in the media are clearly FAKE ACTORS playing a designated role in this PSYOP.

      I think Dr. Ward's contention a mini nuke was used in Boston is absurd.

  2. This is from Dr. K's website today:

    Second Boston Bombing Injuries Are Fake

    It would seem that the prop artists did a reasonable job of gore fakery at the second bombing site in front of the Forum Restaurant. Other than a relatively in-depth write-up published on James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog, analysis of this second false flag site are relatively few. One possible reason for this is the lack of overhead camera shots or cell phone videos, which capture the activities at that site. Such photography was essential in the proving of the fraud at the first smoke bomb site.

    At first glance the injuries appear realistic enough. It is hope that the human sensibilities will cause the people to stand down: to not analyze and investigate what appear to be horrendous injuries and agonizing trauma. “How dare anyone do this? Let the people be at peace. What kind of person are you to probe into their injuries and even publish their photos on the Internet. You are cruel, evil.” This is what the perpetrators hope. It’s not happening and, now, not even at the second bombing site, which is ripe for investigation.

    Sensibilities aside, all that is claimed is open for investigation. A woman purportedly named Heather Abbott, supposedly lost a foot and more there. Can she be seen anywhere on the scene? Or, is she only available in the photoshopped version?


  3. The brothers screams of "we didn't do; we give up" which were ignored by
    whoever they were and the gov guys intentional hit and run incident with a
    witness and the intentional throat slice to Dzhokhar leads me to believe
    the brothers were patsies i.e. cannon fodder for the bigger picture.
    I can't help but think the uncles is somehow involved. No burial ground
    for Tamerlen yet LBJ, the traitor, was allowed to be buried on US soil
    completely baffles me.

  4. while i find the arguments for this incident to have been staged, your fellow network broadcaster, david baillie, saiod on his last show (and i am paraphrasing) that he knew someone who lost a leg or soemething like that (maybe knew someone who knew someone), but bottom line was that it was real

    you may want to check it out, john

    btw - jim fetzer had a lady on recently talking about sandy hook, recommended listening (an hour long)

  5. Did the Tsarnaev family changed to that name from Sarnoff?

    I like the way the MSM it trying to portray what happened in Benghazi as some kind of WH conspiracy, but will accuse you of being crazy if you say that about the original 9/11.

    Here's an idea: All the talking heads on the MSM spewing the 'news' and their bosses should be shipped to Gitmo to replace those poor humans who have given up on living.

  6. Maybe the sudden increase in hoopla over Benghazi is part of the media and government effort to get the big FUBAR of the Boston false flag op off the front pages and out of the minds of the largely clueless and gullible couch taters?


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