Monday, May 6, 2013

The Realist Report - Colin Flaherty

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Colin Flaherty, author of "White Girl Bleed A Lot": The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It. Colin Flaherty is an award winning author who has written extensively about the reality of racial violence in America, and the epidemic of brutal and truly barbaric Black on White violent crime. Tune in for what will surely be a controversial, yet powerful, conversation!

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  1. This guy writes for WND, another controlled opposition faux news website run by George Noory's buddy Joseph Farah.
    It was a really good interview until it turned in to cat and mouse about the self chosen ones.
    Maybe you and your readers didn't know.
    You are excruciatingly polite, Mr. Friend, and made the best of it.

    1. Oh no, I was well aware. LOL, it was fun. I think it was a good interview. We all learned a lot.

  2. This is a highly disturbing topic and Colin deserves huge credit for the work he has done. He knows who his paymasters are and could not speak out too forcefully on that issue otherwise end up losing his job. That is not to make excuses, but that is just the reality. Hopefully his book will have made an important step in the direction to better understanding of the issue, but as Polska says the WND exists for the purpose of running interference for the Jew Weirld Odor. But Colin does deserve credit and as he said, he just reported the facts so he was trying to be objective, not an easy job and also keep a job.

    As usual, John is a first rate interviewer and comes up with some amazing guests and insights.

  3. You did a great job John , I respect your style, I have been listening to you for over a year( since Charlie G interviewed you) you have matured a shit ton!!!

    I respect that you stay on topic, and let them hang themselves on there preconditioned Jewish lies. also you have a great positive attitude knowing that we know that these fuckin Jews control a lot of our society , and have a great responsibility for the demise of our white culture.

    Keep up the great work John ,, we will win the minds and hearts!

    1. Thanks! I honestly think that I learn more and more every time I do a show. I get more and more comfortable doing it for sure.

  4. Very interesting, John.

    Dude was walking on egg shells. Of course, he also blathered a bunch of BS (race is a disease, he is sitting observing, etc). If he was really observing, he would know more truth about who is the catalyst and who perpetuates the divide (and why).

    What a maroon. He knows who is buttering his bread, which makes me question his motivation.

    As I explained my view to you before, the Jews love to set factions warring against each other, but will never admit what the true end game is. This man fell right in to the game, like a champ.

    At least his book illuminates one part of the problem.

    At the end, he sounded like he was ready to go and maybe even regretted the interview.

    1. Thanks B'Man! I think Colin is a typical liberal, who thinks he is a conservative. Go figure, eh?

  5. What a hilarious interview.

    Colin says " race is a social construct"......grouping and dividing by race is evil"....

    John says " all the stories here feature Black violent mobs, correct"?

    LOL! I was laughing throughout this interview as I could just see poor Colin doing his mental gymnastics in trying to confidently tell everyone about his commitment to the "truth", all while denying the reality of race. The portion where you ask him if the IQ differences between Blacks and Whites figures into his thinking was a riot....I could feel his discomfort from here ;)

    My tolerance of people who dip their toe into this arena and then run scared from the stuff that is staring us all in the face has waned considerably. I wouldn't give him any easy outs on this stuff at all anymore.
    If he is really going to be a truth-teller, then he ought to tell the whole truth.

    But you did a great job John. I too am a new listener and will be checking out this blog more often, as well as Scott Roberts, Mike Delaney and Andre's Total Fascism. I really am excited about the work you bunch of young Whites are doing, best I've seen in a while.

    1. Well said Mary, thanks! Your comment is very much appreciated!

  6. Never hesitate to point the finger at the destroyers when the point is true. It's the Jews stupid.

    John, glad to see you now have annonymous posting. I don't belong to any of those mass data collection web sites (such as facebook) and wasn't willing to join one to post anywhere. I wanted to comment on past talk shows you've posted. Thanks.


  7. Good work John. I also think guys like Colin are extremely important to the movement. We need people who the sheep can relate to to expose truths crucial to the Triumph over the beast. God Bless.



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