Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Realist Report - Dr. Jim Fetzer: 9/11, "Global War on Terror"

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dr. Jim Fetzer, the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and a writer for Veterans Today. Dr. Fetzer and I will be discussing his recent article Senate Betrays Constitution for Israel: Commitment to Attack Iran and other developments in the Middle East. We will also address the fraudulent and Orwellian nature of the "Global War on Terror" launched as a result of the false flag, PSYOP-style events on 9/11, and the recent "beheading" of a British soldier in London by alleged Islamic extremists. Was this "beheading" yet another fake, staged PSYOP-style event to perpetuate the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" meme? Tune in for what will be an interesting and hard-hitting discussion!

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  1. Outstanding podcast, John. One minor, but constructive criticism.

    Jim Fetzer is a guy who must have a breathing hole in his head like a whale or a dolphin, because I don't think I've EVER heard anyone who can spew out so many words and sentences, and do so with a speed that gives me a freaking headache every time I listen to him do a radio interview or a podcast of his own - this guy NEVER pauses or stops for a second to take a breath of air.

    He really does need to learn how to SLOW DOWN HIS MANNER of speaking, and converse at a much more normal speed, so as to let his listeners have time to 'hear' and 'absorb' the details of what he is saying, because he is chocked full of very important and pertinent facts.

    More than once, I found myself feeling the urge to scream at my mp3 player and say PLEASE SLOW THE HECK DOWN, Jim. Why the RUSH? Take your time, Jim. Pause now and then, take a breath, and let your words have time to slowly sink in.

    I've got a wee bit of experience in speaking before audiences, myself. No formal training, but I have learned that one needs to speak clearly, concisely, and to suppress the urge that often comes over people who are nervous to flap their gums too fast and to overwhelm their audience with a senseless and often times difficult to follow, rapid-fire delivery of material. Calm down, be measured and moderate your delivery style as if you are having a normal conversation with a friend who is sitting 3 feet from you.

    Other than that, it was a fantastic show. Keep up the excellent work, John Friend.

    1. 9-11 Missing Links has the problem you describe. It has it's very technical parts and it's obvious the sentences in the narration were edited to run together, but unfortunately, at much too fast a speed.

      I understand what you've conveyed, but I don't feel Jim is as bad as described. Slowing it down a bit might be a good idea.


  2. Another excellent interview! Dr. Fetzer was very interesting to listen to and you both worked well together covering various topics.

    Unfortunately, Rodney Martin is going around making statements in support of the jewish news media's official story surrounding the London Beheading Movie. To make matters even worse, Martin is hosting a show with one of mark glen's cohorts to discuss the "event" as though it really happened.

    It appears that Rodney Martin's critical thinking skills are lacking. Has dislodged plaque from his heart condition clogged up his brain somewhere - or does he have a propensity to believe every "story" presented to him by the jewish media?

    Does Rodney Martin believe the 911 lie? How about the Sandy Hook lie? How about the Boston lie? Or is it "just" the London lie that he believes?

    Help us out here...

  3. Great job guys! Dr. Fetzer covered many topics.

    Here is a major problem with Wikipedia. The Jews have infested it like they do nearly everything else to advance their agenda of societal destruction.


    And the fact that Senate suppport for Senate Resolution 65 was virtually unanimous (Frank Lautenberg, a Jew, was the only Senator that didn't vote. The fossil must have been too constipated to leave his Washington, DC penthouse that day to vote. Any doubt he would have voted yes?) shows just how deep in trouble we are as a nation. I would have hoped at least a handful would have had the integrity and guts to vote against this very, very dangerous resolution.

    Here are the results:


    And Jim is right on the mark about Jewish deception. Even on a one-to-one basis, the Jew will always accuse the other man of exactly what he is guilty of. It's easy to see.

    Thank you Dr. Fetzer and Mr. John Friend! I will send out e-mails linking to this podcast.


  4. HA! Jim Fetzer is the most intelligent human on the entire planet! I used to think he was a "disinfo" guy but that is clearly not the case. The reason he talks so fast (and I agree that is not necessarily the best way to convey information especially to a dumbed down public where everyones IQ keeps dropping because of all the high fructose corn syrup and GMO in our food supply) is because he is getting older and knows he has to get the info out. I think JF will be around for MANY more years but he senses how urgent things are. What a totally incredible man. Period. Check out Jim's interviews at The Real Deal.


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