Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Realist Report - Joe Adams

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Joe Adams and John King of The White Voice. Joe and John are pro-White advocates that highlight and openly discuss important issues facing the White race in America and around the world. They have a weekly podcast and also make some of the best pro-White videos out there. We will be discussing a variety of topics, including the myriad problems facing the White race, effective propaganda, core issues and values necessary for a successful pro-White movement, and related matters. Calls will be taken throughout the conversation. Tune in for what will surely be an interesting discussion!

You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to the American Nationalist Network via iTunes here. Thanks for listening everyone!


  1. Thanks for all your good work John. This wasn't a particularly "sexy" interview but it was clearly an important one. We really do need some understanding of basic propaganda and its application.

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  3. Couple of things, I am 59 years old and I ask who do you think you guys are getting the all the information and the research exposing Zionism and the Bankers, Hollywood etc. from? The books and articles that are constantly referenced are not written by 27 year old authors. Jim Fetzer is 72 for example. Joe Adams frankly sounds like a self absorbed metrosexual boob suggesting we should steer the rabble to our way of thinking through sugar coating terms and trickery, barely stopping short of suggesting outright deception to his fellow whites whom he considers too stupid to discern the truth. One suggestion, I would stop using the word propaganda to describe your conveyance of doctrine, I think "Message" is a better term. You see Joe substitution of language is acceptable and useful, your condescending attitude is not.

    1. Yes, I understand virtually all the books where I get the majority of my information come from authors that are older than me. I don't see your point?

      Your comments regarding Joe Adams sounding like "a self absorbed metrosexual boob" are comments I've heard made about Joe often. I said I disagreed with him about exposing international Jewry and talking about controversial subjects like the Holohoax, Hitler, 9/11, etc. We absolutely should be discussing, explaining, and exposing the Big Lies of our history, and who is behind them.

      Yes, message is a better term than propaganda. I use the word "message" quite a bit.

      You write:

      "You see Joe substitution of language is acceptable and useful, your condescending attitude is not."

      Your last sentence is confusing to me, perhaps you could clarify?

  4. . Many of Joe's points concerned use of language and could be a point of debate. But at the same time he would write off whole groups of people like the old, or people too stupid to be able understand concepts etc. Sprinkle in how he is a lady killer and that strapping good looking guys like you and him should be the true poster boys of the movement just diminishes his credibility. About the authors, that was related to how you guys should move on from the guys who did nothing for 30 or 40 years. You see their really wasn't a huge problem with the culture until the mid 80s and big time after 911. We were watching them but their plan was very slow and incremental , two forward, one back for decades.

  5. Brooks Adams mentions the two types of man in his book The Law of Civilization and Decay; the economic man and the spiritual man. I first heard these defined by William Pierce. After hearing this podcast I realize Joe is an economic man and opportunist. He talks like a spokesman for a PR firm, schooled in Edward Bernays style manipulation. When your communication crosses into marketing the validity of the message is quickly lost. Out jewing the jews is futile and only serves as selfish ego boost. Like watching Jared Taylor basking in in the love of his own voice.

  6. Joe Adams is possibly an agent of the Jews. And he is certainly no friend to the cause of white people. On show 50 of the white voice, he and his guest promote trans-humanism. If you cannot even defend human identity in general, how can you defend your own race? Me and a friend are in the works of a Tribal Theocrat podcast that speaks about trans-humanism.

    According to Joe and his guest, it would be good for everyone on the planet to be artificially given the same exact IQ by whoever the overlords are. And they promoted that if only everyone were just smarter, then no problems would exist in the world. This is a direct contra-diction to God's word. The problem is NOT intelligence, the problem is SIN.

  7. Wow, I am listening now... the movement needs good looking, charismatic young men? No... this movement needs men of God who fear God and have the power of the Holy Spirit.

  8. Overall this was still a very good show and I got some good ideas from the conversation. I love the one about calling our accusers child molesters. But Joe did make one statement that made a bell go off in my head; he kept saying that whites "only care about a paycheck" or their job, or whatever. The root problem is that white people are primarily thinking only of their own selves, their own lives, material possessions, and being comfortable. Joe's idea (and most white advocates) is to appeal to these fleshly desires. This is not the solution and is not getting to the root problem.

    The root problem is sin. The solution is the lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives. They must repent and make Jesus the Lord. Then, when in obedience to God, God can work on our behalf to restore our people.

    Psalm 127:1
    "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain."

    A person converted to the truth (Jesus Christ is truth) will see beyond the base pleasures of the word and live for a true cause. An unconverted heathen only cares about the pleasures of this life and therefore we will never win over the people to the cause of truth without a submissive repentance toward the one person who is the truth, the Lord Jesus.


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