Monday, May 13, 2013

The Realist Report - John Hardon

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by John Hardon of Hardon's Blog and Cairo, both White Nationalists based in the United Kingdom. We'll be discussing a variety of subjects, including the current state of affairs in the United Kingdom, Muslim immigration, the Jewish Problem, Adolf Hitler and European history, and related topics. Calls will be taken throughout the conversation. Tune in for a lively discussion!

You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to the American Nationalist Network via iTunes here. Thanks for listening everyone!


  1. Thanks John,I really enjoy listening to your radio programme.Good to hear from John and Chi-ro.

    Currently In the uk we have prime minster cameron,a jew,deputy prime minster clegg,a jew,leader of the opposition milliband,a jew and speaker of the house bercow,a jew.

    All the changes to the immigration acts were instigated by jews,as well as all the race relations and equality acts.

    During 'operation cast lead' where hundreds of palestinians were murdered by israel,our foreign secretary was another milliband,david,son of a noted marxist,who is also a recognised,offical hasbara author.Jack Straw was home secratary at the time,another jew.

    All those jews as well as others,will be eventually be promoted to 'the other house' becoming 'lords'.

    I think that sums up our political system in the UK.

    This documentary deals with the damage caused by social scientists and their crazy liberal theories divorced from reality,on a particular hermaphrodite.

    You might enjoy the rest of the series,basically it confronts the social engineers with scientific proof about race,gender etc,all the things they claim are just 'social constructs'.

    The damage caused by these crazy jew theories on people and society is massive.

  2. You are correct John,our altruism,sense of justice and honest,open natures,(that are encouraged in our bible)are what made us the success that we are.But as soon as that gets extended to other races above our own,it then becomes a weakness for other races to exploit.

    It says 'love your neighbour' not 'love the alien'.

    It also says to give strangers the gleanings left after the harvest,not the harvest itself and they get none if your own people have none.

    The race that is most altruistic to its own will always be the most successful race,as they are willing to die for one another.That is where our success in battle came from,our unity of purpose and willingness to die fighting for our people.

    People who run the bible down have nearly always never actually read it,the same as people who run hitler down have never read anything by Hitler.

    John H lets himself down by being so rude about the traditions of his white ancestors,that enabled us to unify and conquer the world.It was once we thought we knew better than them and God,that it all started to go wrong,as it has every time throughout history.

    There were no Jews known in England until 1066,and we had been Christians for a thousand years already by that time.

    I think CI is one of the best ways we have to wake people up to their racial identity and the importance of it.The bible is all about racial segregation and once you know that you can find it in just about every book,Christians cant ignore it or deny it once they know.

  3. Great Interview John, John, Cairo!
    Theres 2 options with the whole Christianity thing:
    1.) It is entirely a Jewish religion from the start. Has always been used by Jewry to subvert its followers. Much like what the Renegade crew seem to think...
    2.) the CI guys are correct and it is originally a white religion coming from white Israelites BUT has been subverted by the jew into its modern form....
    I'm open to hearing info from both sides of the argument because its interesting. I don't honestly know the real origins of Christianity.... Theres clearly been some good things come out of it but also alot of shit.... are the shit things merely results of jew subversion? thats the question i have?
    please do tell if you know!

    1. This is exactly why I would like to start having civilized discussions about this! I will be having Eli James, a Christian Identity pastor, and Dana from Renegade Broadcasting on to discuss their views on Christianity at the end of this month. Stay tuned for that one!


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