Sunday, May 26, 2013

Questioning the London "beheading"

The following commentary, video, and photos were sent to me via email by a good friend and very knowledgeable individual who blogs at Minor edits have been made by me, John Friend.

Turn off audio. In the beginning: watch carefully. The woman sitting by the soldier on the street is stroking/caressing his back. Like a mother would do to a hurt/sad child. (To "woo" somebody?) But to do this with a corpse??? (And a corpse that's maybe or maybe not missing a head.)

Also: If he was not dead - these women would have screamed and yelled for help, wouldn't they? For an ambulance, a doctor, first aid, something. Or made a bandage from some clothes, or something like that. But they're doing nothing to help. Except the one woman who's stroking/caressing the soldier's back. (Eh... is this what someone who's just been cut with big knives needs? Stroking and caressing? How about stopping the bleeding? As surely one bleeds when one has been cut with big knives a few minutes earlier.)

Did the soldier guy die at all? At what point did he die? If he died before these women came, then why sit and caress his back? If he died after, who discovered his death and when?

Another funny pic:

Several things are peculiar here:

  1. Where the hell did all those people suddenly come from? I mean, there's just been gunfire. Cops shot two guys. People didn't run away? And the people are allowed to hang around?
  2. They're almost stepping on the soldier guy. No-one wants to put a blanket over him or something? It's like he's just decoration, or something of no relevance. [Ed note: it's like he's a prop in a PSYOP]

And, was the guy dead or wasn't he? Nobody wants to check?

Very busy talking about something. Nobody minds the poor probably-dead guy. The guy to the left is checking his text messages. The others are talking to each other.

The women aren't that concerned about the dead/almost dead guy though. First they make some conversation with one of the "terrorists."  Really?  People believe this?

Later one of the women decide it's time to sit down with the dead/almost dead guy and stroke his back.  The two other women obviously feel that one woman is enough for back-stroking, and focus on conversation instead.

Terrorist guy has forgotten everything about killing the soldier guy. I mean, he's probably still alive since the lady is stroking his back, right?

Or was it the other way around, maybe?

Not sure. Anyway, here nobody's very interested in the well-being of the soldier:

Watch the clip again. .... It's all very weird. Very, very weird.

Very, very weird indeed.  The people accepting and promoting the official story are essentially saying this depiction of what happened is true (click to enlarge):

Do you really believe this?  Really?  

I have publicly challenged Mike Delaney, Scott Roberts, and Andre Anglin to a debate regarding this event and my views on media fakery and PSYOPS in general.  Stay tuned for that discussion folks, you won't want to miss it!  


  1. I believe the death knell to this entire fiasco is the fact that the ‘terrorist’s’ justification for this event has been spread across the media.

    Has anyone stopped to consider the protocol that would be followed if this was, indeed, a true terrorist attack?

    Would the powers that be allow a person to justify their crimes and promote there agenda at large.

    No, they would not…

  2. John,

    Check it out; at the two second mark it looks like the victim moves his decapitated head!

    And do you really buy that these two "madmen" just happen to find a soldier to drive their car into and into a sign post no less? Looking at the car, I wonder how those two didn't injure themselves attacking a pedestrian. Why not just stop the car and get out? This makes no sense.

    Then, these two "killers" dragged the guy against a wall to kill him? I thought the object of their rage was to expose the corrupt British government to the world. Oh right, forgot, so after they kill him and spill his blood behind the crashed car, they drag the victim out onto the street for all to see.

    Yeah, right.

  3. When I first heard the news on the radio about this event I thought I was going to see something on the TV news that would corroborate for the benefit of me and the MSM what I first heard on the radio.

    For the benefit of your viewers you should try to download the vid at "I Am The Witness" It shows the bad guy with red hands "pixelated hands" and in the same vid it shows the same bad guy with blood free hands.

    1. That's because the original video was edited (with contrast) to make it appear that his hands were more dark orange than red. Compare his hands to the "orange" lines on the road. Those lines are actually red, which proves that his hands are actually red, confirming that the edited videos are bullshit.

  4. Thank you for not choosing to use this event as truth-prop for your cause!

  5. Excellent points John, you nailed it. I too have difficulty convincing the people on Andre's blog that this was indeed a PSY-OP.

    I would like to add a comment on the sixth photo below that video of Morris. Look at those three women, how relaxed they are standing there, as if they are listening to an "interesting story " these two men have to tell. Is that really the way women behave who have just witnessed a gruesome beheading? Wouldn't they run away loudly screaming?

    I think this whole thing was presented to the two Nigerians as a "terror drill" in which they would play the killing of that soldier and then recite their "declaration" to a filming bystander. After the police came, they expected the drill would end and they could go home. But they were betrayed (the usual fate of the "patsy"), shot down and transported to the hospital. I wouldn't be surprised if it would appear that henceforth they will be unable to speak again due to their shot wounds, like that Chechen guy in Boston.

    Purpose of this PSY-OP? Continuation of the "Clash of Civilizations" idea (for the sake of Israel) and more control of the Internet (especially "hate sites").

    1. that's what they did to those poor Asian kids on 7/7 ... they thought they were helping doing drill to prevent extremism.

      - Steve

  6. Content analysis of the London Beheading Movie:

    Content analysis involves the evaluation of the London Beheading Movie to determine the motives and objectives of the jewish enemy.

    We will begin by identifying the Target Audience of this fake event. The Target Audience is you. You, the recipient of the jewish media product.

    Q: What it the intended reaction on you, the Target Audience?
    A: The intended reaction of the Target Audience is a negative viewpoint towards "muslim extremists" residing in Western countries.

    Q: What psychological technique did the jewish enemy use?
    A: The jewish enemy used their media control and coordination with elements within the British government to stage a heinous murder of a White soldier by black "muslim extremists". This technique capitalizes on previously existing inter-group animosity and dislike.

    Q: What factual information was used by the jewish enemy?
    A: The jewish media/government operation created its own fact pattern in the production of "The London Beheading Movie".

    Q: What cultural significance did the images and words selected by the jewish enemy have?
    A: The lines recited by one of the black "actors" invoked hatred for Western civilization and sought to paint White people as "aggressors" of brown people. The murder victim being a White man in a historically White country being murdered by black immigrants stokes anti-immigrant, anti-black sentiment among the White population.


    This is what psychological manipulation looks like in a media setting.

    "Conveniently" you will note that both murder suspects "died" - rendering them unavailable for questioning, fact finding and trial.

    If you choose to believe the story presented to you by what you already know is a hostile, enemy controlled media - that is up to you.

  7. To "AnonymousMay 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM": Well said. I totally agree with your comment. The only issue I have, as a 'brown' Muslim, is your pro-white stance which can be gleaned from the capitalisation of the letter 'W'.

    1. Hey "Brownie" you're a Liberal with a Queens English spell checker too boot.You wrote all that over a W v. w? Let me guess, you're a Mooslim living in Anglo-land? Doubt you are living in a Muslim country because they would not take offense with such triviality. Educated in England? The Jews are responsible for the mass influx of Muslims in Europe for the day they could set off the powder keg and infighting. Perhaps, as a Muslim, you better take issue with the Saudi (yep, the Royal family are Jews) scum who are in bed with Israel and are wanting something done about Iran. Is it Muslim or muslim?

  8. Hmmmm... It's interesting stuff John! There's no harm asking questions about ANYTHING! I love the conspiracies.. some are probably true....

  9. How cute! Your whole theory seems to rest on two assumptions: that women and crowds are rational and always behave in precisely the way you expect them to. Haha!! Wait till you meet a real-life woman!!!

    1. Real-life men and women don't behave like happened in this event. If you just have seen two men BEHEADING someone and they come toward you with bloody hands, brandishing a meatcleaver, you don't : keep standing where you are in a relaxed manner or keep walking on in a relaxed manner or even talk with and film these murderers in a relaxed manner. Most people would run away in panic, the women screaming loudly. Therefore the whole thing was fake. All people, including the two Nigerians, were told that it was an exercise, hence the relaxed behaviour of all. After it was over the two Nigerians waited for the police to bring them home. They however shot them down and transported them to hospitals. There they will take care that they will never be able to speak again. Both Nigerians were normal, decent people but had already a working relationship with the British secret services (see Aangirfan for more information). They were ready to do this "exercise" for them but were betrayed, as happens so often with "patsies" (see for example Lee Oswald). The fact that the "murderers" had blood on their hands but not on their clothes and that the "victim" had no blood on his clothes or around him on the ground is another give away. Conclusion : FALSE FLAG ( but one of the clumsiest sort I must say).

    2. To Franklin Ryckaert: Agreed. You're very intelligent. The problem is that many pro-white nationalists will welcome official narrative because it fits their anti-black and anti-Muslim views. They distrust the government when the fall guy is 'white' but will totally agree with it when the fall guys are non-Western.

  10. John, old buddy.. You know my stance when it comes to the three guys you want to debate...

    I have warned you to be careful of association with these guys and I have yet to be proven wrong..

    Contact me any time.....


    1. Your buddy NTS is right!

      I read the links to their scribes and they are no doubt shills and they want to keep the "Divide & Conquer" mandate of their handlers intact in the alternative community. The "Black Muslims" is a two-fer for the choreographers. Yes, Blacks commit the overwhelming violence and Yes Muslims should have never been allowed into Europa (thank the sellout Politicians controlled by the Jews); but they were for a reason....future riots. And all the while during these riots they'll covertly attack Syria & Iran and do other mayhem against the good People of this World.

      This Andre is a gem..... "Blood does not “squirt everywhere” when you open up someone’s throat, gushes out." A pig is the example he uses.

      Oh really, (2:28) (0:28)

      Do you think anybody who was nearby had blood on their clothes?

      So this "soldiers" body went bone dry on blood and there is no blood between the body and the end of the trail on the sidewalk? There is no mobile phone vid of the attack as none of these people had problems sticking around the scene? And no Blacks looted the body?

      It seems these guys are trying to divide even further. So these shills are in the same camp as Alex "Shabbos Goyim" Jones? I have a very hard time believing the supposedly "critical thinkers" can't see this....which means they are without a doubt paid shills with handlers.

      The London hoax would not take 200 people. So do these guys not see the preponderance of "Jews" in the 9/11, Gifford, Sandy Hook, Boston theatrical productions when they always seem to slam the Jews??

      "Why fake it, why pay 101 actors, and why leave soooo many loose ends when you can just pay/brainwash the patsies to commit the actual act?"

      Because there WAS NEVER A CRIME COMMITTED!!!!!! Using the Boston hoax as the example, name a statute that was violated? NONE! I'll bet the house they got a permit for the smoke and percussion bombs used. So even if they were busted, there was no criminal act. This is for big picture deception. They do send death squads around to do whacks below the radar.

      The goal of Andre & Scott is to persuade that it was real because if Americans came to the conclusion that these were hoaxes; you would come to the conclusion that your life as been a big lie and you WOULD GET ACTIVE AGAINST THE SCUM as opposed to being on the fence watching the ball game and Dancing With the Stars.

      The one thing that scares them is if WE ALL align against them! Hence the White v. Black and Left v. Right divide.

      I must point out one hoax that nearly everyone has fallen for: Fukashima.
      They want to plant a seed of thought in your mind so when they do similar in the US, they tell the masses to get down to the local school for their radiation pill.

      I'd listen to NTS and cut the rope on these guys. It is events like the last 2 where the fraudsters are exposed. You are a critical thinker who writes and interviews people well. But you need to purge the Midwest naivety. John, as you go forward and learn how really deep the rabbit hole very careful of the so called friends that are looking down the rabbit hole next to you. And go read, "Kill the Best Gentiles."

      Good Luck my Friend!

    2. @ AnonymousMay 27, 2013 at 5:32 PM:

      Both "andre" and "scott roberts" are supporting the official lie concerning the London Beheading Massacre. This reminds me of "mark glen" and "alex linder" who both supported the official Sandy Hook Movie lie - and are probably supporting the this latest lie as well.

      I am now of the opinion that all 4 of those people (as well as a few others) are most probably on someone's payroll.

      ....speaking of "rabbit holes"......
      My understanding is that NTS is a "universalist" who is at odds with the "Christian Identity" message and believes that we should be holding hands with negroes and
      "celebrating" the massive influx of 3rd and 4th world destructi-gration of our communities. So, I would not blindly accept a broad brush indictment of people associated with CI by the likes of NTS.

      The basis for the indictment against the above mentioned people is their demonstrated support for a weaponized political media "story" coupled with the poorly constructed logic they used to bolster their position.

      There is simply no way that an intelligent person who has even a cursory awareness of propaganda methods in a digital environment could in good faith make statements in defense of this politically charged "media event".

      They are not saying that they aren't sure or that they don't have enough information to make an accurate judgement. They are saying that the "media event" reflected a real life event.

      The fact remains that they did make statements in support of the "Official Story".

      At the very least, those people should be written off as credible.

    3. Amazing... I am suddenly a "Universalist" (what ever the heck that is...) and I want to hold hands with 3rd world scum and sewer rats?

      You definitely are trying to stir up trouble here, and putting out falsehoods about myself...

      Please quote me where I have ever said that I want to "hold hands with 3rd world negroes, etc.." ... I would be dying to see your response!

      But you will not, because you cannot! My fight is with the heathens behind bringing in the third world scum.. The jews.... Clean up that mess first, and then we can clear up true racial problems afterwards!

      I really have to laugh at the sudden slander... and it truly is to laugh!

  11. The "theory" that this event was transmitted to you by and through enemy media channels is hardly debatable. The "theory" that enemy media channels are in the business of "Influence and Persuasion" rather than providing unbiased information is hardly debatable.

    The job of the jewish media is to mix some factual information (such as the current outside air temperature and weather) with highly biased "stories" designed specifically to "Influence and Persuade".

    The technique of mixing factual information with bullshit is intended to trick the Target Audience (you) into neglecting to think critically about the content of the "reporting".

    This same technique is used in the jewish-run "education" system. Mathematics, Science and Language are taught using techniques like rote memorization...while other subjects such as History and Politics are taught using the same type of methods. The student is conditioned to "accept" what they are "taught" as factual without questioning the underpinnings of the subject matter. This is how "brainwashing" in the "educational system" works.

    Sadly, far too many of you fall for it.

    Others merely go along with the lies because they are paid shills.

    John is simply pointing out the obvious here.

  12. In 2011, France 24 served as information ministry for the Libyan CNT, according to a signed contract. During the battle of Tripoli, NATO produced fake studio films, then transmitted them via Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, showing phantom images of Libyan rebels on the central square of the capital city, while in reality they were still far away. As a consequence, the inhabitants of Tripoli were persuaded that the war was lost and gave up all resistance.
    That was a "news production" created entirely inside a computer. It was designed to affect the behavior of a specific "Target Audience". The fake video caused the inhabitants of Tripoli to stop resisting...when, in fact, they were doing great.


    You people out there who believe this London Beheading Movie to be "true" need to provide us with PROOF.

    You need to verify the truthfulness of that broadcast.

    Go ahead. We're waiting.

    All we've seen so far is circular reasoning coming from you dupes. You refer back to the content of the very news broadcast as to bolster your claims that the news broadcast is an accurate depiction of a real event.

    Sorry, that simply does not cut it.

    Apparently all that is needed to convince certain segments of the population that something to show them a digital video of an alleged event. Some people seem to be simple minded enough to accept any video imagery as real.

    Here's the real newsflash: You are being intentionally manipulated. You are being exposed to fake news. FAKE NEWS. Got that?

    Go ahead and try to verify the veracity of that story. You will find that you cannot. You'll run into brick walls...just as researchers of the Sandy Hook Movie did.

    Please learn how to think for yourself.

  13. Noticed Prothink et al are dismissing this idea that it was acted out, by using a weak argument. I.e: how many people would have to be involved. So how many people were involved in the Apollohoax and the Holohoax?

  14. Those who believe the official version of events are stupid! When someone knows the truth, but still believes the lies, this is the epitome of stupidity.
    Perhaps the shills, naive and gullible will still deny what is self evident to anyone with an active brain cell on duty, on the following blog:

  15. I don't believe it, but I'm still waiting for the 'funeral'. No announcement of that it seems.


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