Saturday, May 11, 2013

Matthew Heimbach at Route 40 Republican Club

Below is a video of Matthew Heimbach, founder of the White Student Union at Towson University, speaking at a Republican gathering. This guy is really good.


  1. He's a great Republican.

  2. This kid is an idiot. He still falls for the laughable 9/11 Lie and even thinks Mitt Romney is a good guy. ROFLMAO! With idiots like him, the Jew can only win.

  3. Heinbach is 22 years old, five years younger than me. He probably is about to graduate with a BA or will in the next year or so. Trust me, this guy is not some agent and he is not an idiot. He is a young, ambitious, and quite intelligent and composed spokesman and activist. He made a very important point about the differences between the older generations of Republicans/Whites and his generation (me included): the younger generation, maybe people in their early to mid 30s and younger, has grown up in a totally "diversified" educational, cultural, and political atmosphere. Jewish multiculturalism was and is shoved down our throats from day one. We have grown up with the results of the 1965 immigration act, the total Jewish triumph over Hollywood, academia, mass media, politics, etc. (although Heimbach doesn't express these facts this way, which is a problem, LOL). The older generations actually did grow up in an America that was 90-95% White - we didn't. That's an important point, because many of these ignorant Republican/Patriot types don't even consider these things. They truly do not recognize the threat facing our country and race. I think the younger generations does, or I'd like to think that anyways.

    Also, he talked about how the Republican Party has become, what he says, "Conservative, Inc.", a party concerned with advancing plutocratic economic interests and promoting endless war, masquerading as a patriotic, pro-America party. That is a huge statement to make in front of a crowd like that. It really was a good speech, you all should watch it if you haven't already.

    My main point is that Heimbach gave a brilliant speech in front of a Republican Party crowd, and that is a good thing. I would certainly like to hear his views on Jews, revisionism, 9/11, etc. Hopefully he won't let us down when we ask him. That's probably wishful thinking on my part, but we shall see.

    1. that is the point john. check it out. you will never hear him talk about about yids. trust me. it won't happen. not now. not ever. so therein lies the problem. i doubt he will ever figure it out either and if he ever does he will be banished to the white pale of the settlement

  4. this guy doesn't have a clue. maybe he means well, but just sayin....


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