Thursday, May 9, 2013

Are "conspiracy theories" gaining traction?

"... let us never tolerate outrageous 'conspiracy theories' concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves..."
- Former President George W. Bush, speaking at the United Nations

The rise of the internet and blogosphere, social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and a government and media increasingly blatant in their collusion to deceive and propagandize the American public has led to a gradual public acceptance (or at least an entertainment) of "conspiracy theories" - which the mainstream Jewish-controlled media generally presents as any alternative explanation or interpretation of reality opposing, criticizing, or contradicting the "official narrative" of past and current events.

In fact, a "conspiracy" is simply two or more individuals acting covertly to carry out an illicit, nefarious, or illegal end, often using deception and treachery, while a "theory" is merely an informed, yet hypothetical proposition explaining a phenomenon or "a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation," according to We see conspiracies taking place on a daily basis (robbery or theft, embezzlement, bribery, fraud, etc.), and many serious, professional people (police officers, detectives, lawyers, judges, etc.) theorize about them in order to solve and prevent crimes.

And yet, being labeled a "conspiracy theorist" has traditionally been on par with being labeled a "racist" or an "anti-Semite" - labels most individuals and organizations seek to avoid like the plague.  The very idea that an individual could have an alternative or critical thought about the "official narrative" of any given event, past or present, has been equated with "hate" and "insanity."  Indeed, thinking critically - examining all available information and hypotheses, using logic, and thinking independently - is demonized not only in the mainstream mass media, but also in our formal educational establishment.  People that think for themselves are often portrayed and thought of as "dangerous subversives," "crazed conspiracy theorists," and "irrational hate mongers" - dismissed or ignored by the vast majority of Americans.  But it appears the times are changing, finally.

The mainstream Jewish-controlled mass media in the United States, and much of the Western world, has distorted the actual meaning of "conspiracy theory" and transformed it into a derogatory propagandistic term, which is used to demonize, ostracize, and ultimately discredit any critical thinker actually trying to figure out what is what.  However, overusing the term "conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist" has ultimately discredited the very propagandistic term the media and public officials have developed and utilized so well in the past - same regarding the propagandistic term "racist" and "anti-Semite."  When you use and apply terms like these to so many people for so many baseless, ridiculous reasons, the propagandistic effect starts to lose its value.

It appears that ever since Dr. Kevin Barrett pointed out that the phrase "false-flag" - a term often associated with the propagandistic label "conspiracy theory" - has essentially become mainstream, especially after the recent Boston "bombing", many mass media news outlets (including many Jewish news outlets) have had to address the broader public acceptance of the fact that "conspiracy theories" are in fact legitimate explanations of past and current events, painting a much more accurate (if not totally accurate) picture of reality and offering a much more plausible, coherent explanation of various happenings.  Before addressing the mainstream mass media reaction to the wider public acceptable of various "conspiracy theories," I'd first like to discuss the alternative media and "conspiracy industry" - the wide array of voices and personalities offering explanations and interpretations of events most would describe as "conspiracy theories."

A problem confronting many people seeking alternative explanations or views on past and current events is the wide variety of individuals and websites in the alternative media presenting or discussing what are commonly known as "conspiracy theories." It becomes extremely difficult to objectively assess all the information out there and make sense of it all. Many individuals in the alternative media appear to be more interested in rankings, popularity, and/or making a profit than getting to the truth and presenting an accurate picture of reality.

The Jews are behind virtually every "conspiracy theory"
you read about on the internet, despite
what Alex Jones and others say.
Numerous individuals and websites promote quite fanciful, and oftentimes ridiculous, "conspiracy theories" about myriad subjects, and either ignore, downplay, or cover up the fact that organized international Jewry sits atop the global power structure, directing and advancing the tyrannical policies we see all around the world. Popular alternative media personalities, such as Alex Jones, constantly refer to "The New World Order" and elitist plans to implement a tyrannical global government, eliminating national sovereignty, free speech, and other Natural Rights endowed by the Creator. However, many of these disingenuous propagandists fail to mention - whether purposefully or not - the fact that organized international Jewry is the driving force behind the entire "New World Order" conspiracy and most other false flag, PSYOP-style events we've seen over the past 10+ years, including 9/11. Most alternative media personalities and those involved in the "conspiracy industry" are simply too afraid or too compromised to address the fact that virtually every "conspiracy" is organized and directed by one particular group of people and their political entity - international Jewry and Zionist Israel.

The prime beneficiary of the various "conspiracies" you can learn about in the alternative media is the criminal, terrorist state of "Israel" and the international network of Jewish criminals largely controlling the Western world - politically, economically, and culturally.  Yet these facts are not openly or widely discussed and explained, even in the alternative media.  And when they are, there are repercussions, often quite negative.

In any case, Ynetnews recently reported that the Israeli embassy is crying and complaining to U.S. officials that television shows like "Veep" and "House of Cards" are "critical of Israel." The Israeli daily quoted a "source" from the Israeli embassy as saying, presumably with a straight face:
"These series present Israel as a country which one should be very careful not to offend, and that anyone daring to criticize it is reprimanded by the Jewish lobby," a senior state official says. "This justifies all conspiracy theories about the Israeli and Jewish control of American politics."
Isn't this type of pathetic drivel insulting?  It is quite obvious that "anyone daring to criticize" Israel in American politics or high society is in fact "reprimanded by the Jewish lobby," oftentimes getting run out of politics, financially and socially ruined, or even murdered.  Also notice, the Israeli embassy official quoted in this story simply invokes "conspiracy theories about the Israeli and Jewish control of American politics," as if that's also not demonstrably provable in numerous cases, in an attempt to discredit or demonize any sort of criticism or "conspiracy theorizing" (i.e., thinking critically) relating to Israeli and Jewish power.

The Jews openly control American politics - it's no secret anymore folks: the Israel/Jewish lobby is the most powerful force in Washington D.C. and Israel gets unwavering financial, political, and diplomatic support from the United States.  Almost all key positions of power in the United States federal government - in the White House, in Congress, in the Supreme Court, etc. - are controlled by Jews, many of whom have or are suspected of having dual citizenship with the terrorist state of Israel.  There is no "conspiracy theory" here - it is a fact the Jews control America.

The extremely subversive and degenerate website routinely "investigates" and "exposes" individuals that think, write, and speak critically about issues commonly understood as "conspiracy theories."  Many mainstream websites from a wide variety of viewpoints regularly cover "conspiracy theories" in an attempt to demonize any sort of questioning of the official line.  The Atlantic recently ran this ridiculous headline:

Really?  The Atlantic is attempting to discredit all "conspiracy theories" by associating them with the ridiculous shape shifting lizards theory.  Do they think we're all that stupid?

Perhaps the most revealing recent article relating to "conspiracy theories" came from none other than The Times of Israel, a mainstream Israeli online daily.  Here's the headline:

I'd like to highlight some key excerpts of this article and offer my commentary. As I said, this article is quite revealing for a number of reasons.  The article begins:
Whether it’s the Boston Marathon bombings, the cold-blooded murder of 20 schoolchildren in Connecticut, or the definitive American tragedy of this generation, 9/11, one thing is certain — a cottage industry will arise claiming the event was perpetrated or staged by Jews or Israelis for some nefarious purpose.

A new study out this week — more than four months after a gunman massacred 20 children and six educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut — finds that one-quarter (25 percent) of Americans believe facts about the shooting are being hidden by the government or media and an additional 11% are unsure.

“That’s a terrifying number,” says Farleigh Dickinson University professor Dan Cassino, who commissioned the poll.

“There is a huge swell of theories claiming [Sandy Hook] was faked,” he says. “It’s easy to deride these sorts of conspiracy theories, but they seem to have found an audience.” [...]
Gasp!  Professor Cassino is "terrified" more and more Americans are using their brain and thinking critically and independently about important subjects and events.  The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no reason for any rational individual to actually believe there even was a shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, let alone that 20 children and 6 adults were murdered.  The other events mentioned - the recent Boston "bombings" and 9/11 - and the "official narrative" explaining them are so absurd and ridiculous, any person blindly supporting or believing the government and media version of these events is simply ignorant or compromised.  And yet, "experts" like Professor Cassino would have us believe people even questioning these events are the bad guys.  

The article continues:
But why are Jews so often the subject of conspiracy theories?

Cassino says Jews are blamed for misfortunes today for much the same reason they’ve been blamed for centuries.

“There is a perception of Jews as the Other — a part of society, but still somehow foreign. Couple that with resentment over Jewish success in certain areas of society, and they’ll be blamed for things that are otherwise just ineffable.”

Michael Barkun, a Syracuse University professor emeritus and author of “A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America,” says conspiracy theorists are guided by three main beliefs: nothing happens by accident; everything is connected; and nothing is as it seems.

“If that’s your view of the world, then appearances can’t be trusted. There has to be some hidden reality and linkings that have to be exposed,” he says.

According to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, “Conspiracy theories are the way weak minds deal with complex situations.” He calls America “probably the most conspiracy-oriented country in the world” and says the problem has gotten worse in recent years.

Why? The Internet.

“The Internet is the perfect place to incubate conspiracy theories,” says Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. “Old ones like ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and new ones like the Zionists and the CIA engineered 9/11.”

He says many conspiracy theories of the past died out as those who promulgated them tended to be isolated and unable to reach larger audiences. [...]
You'll notice that the various "experts" and "scholars" paraded in front of the cameras and quoted in the mainstream mass media to "debunk the conspiracy theorists" never actually address the legitimate facts independent investigators bring to light that contradict the "official narrative" of past and current events. They will never engage in an open debate or dialogue. Their tactics are intellectually dishonest and cowardly.  And it's becoming obvious, even to the most deluded. Do they really think they can continue to get away with this sort of nonsense?    
As more and more people around the world start to recognize the reality of the situation we find ourselves in, the global power elite - dominated largely by international Jewry - will continue their efforts to discredit and marginalize independent researchers and activists engaging in critical thinking (i.e., "conspiracy theorizing"), albeit to no avail.  Drastic measures to silence critics of Jewry and those engaging in historical revisionism have been outlined, even by the federal government of the United States.  Just the other day, the World Jewish Congress approved a resolution calling for a ban on public "Holocaust" denial - which basically means a ban on anyone who has actually objectively investigated the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, and concluded the obvious: it is a gigantic hoax.  

Can you tell how desperate these people are getting?  

What seems clear to me is the cat is out of the bag at this point: millions of people are understanding that "conspiracy theories" often do in fact paint a much more accurate and realistic assessment of past and current events as opposed to the "official narrative" vigorously propounded by the controlled mainstream mass media and political establishment.  The primary weapon in the arsenal of the tyrants controlling the world, those criminal forces pushing for a "New World Order" on every front, is their control of information.  Many people are seeing through the artificial reality promulgated by the Jewish controlled mainstream media and "entertainment" industry, and many more are starting to ask questions. Let's hope they find truthful voices in the alternative media to guide them in their pursuit of the truth.


  1. The Atlantic is an old JEW controlled rag. No surprise they are employing the usual tricks such as red herrings, question begging, lying, smearing, slandering etc etc. to take off the heat. Good for Carl Bernstein to come out and say "the Jews" started the Iraq war. Where were the good Jews like him before it started though? Sounds more like damage control that integrity but better late than never Carl.

    Another knock-out punch home run outta the park article by John, which makes me wonder how he writes so many great articles. The man is blessed by the Creator himself, no doubt about it!

    1. Agreed, except the part about there being good Jews. Better late than never is worthless when the destruction and murder has already been accomplished. God is the only judge as to what is good and what is bad and the Jews are bad seed no matter how much Aryan blood is within some. If I sound fanatical and rhetorical, so be it. At least, no one can claim me to be lukewarm fit only to be spat out of God's mouth (Revelation 3:16).

    2. No, actually I agree with you but wanted to be Mr. Nice-guy and give poor Jew man a break (always our downfall). The astonishing hypocrisy is sickening, as if Bernstein did not know the Jews were behind the war in the first place, where was he then. You have to wonder what the strategy here for someone with Bernstein's status to come out and say it. On the other hand, Noam Chomsky would never admit the Jews were behind the Iraq war. In fact, I think he maintains that Israel is a victim of US imperialism and that 911 doesn't matter!

  2. On the day 911 happened, perhaps more than 99% of people were with the official story. Every day from then, the number of people who believe the 'official story' has fallen. The establishment already did use every possible energy available to make people believe, but people stopped believing anyway. The internet comes up - before the internet - ALL news was lies all the time. Nothing anywhere existed out of their control. Yes, they 'wish' they hadn't made the internet. They 'wish' to go back to the good old days. As things are, so long as humans can get real news, real information, and real debate among themselves without overlord censorship and control, the truth will move forward. In many ways it is simple math. There are billions of humans. For every person they have with a x10 over minimum genius IQ, the free world has thousands of them. The billions of us will always out think the dozens of them - so long as we can speak at all. They will have to remove the free net or they lose. Expect to lose the free net. I'm certain their FALSE FLAG 'cyber terrorism' is already planned and on the way. They will have to shut down a free net to 'keep us safe'. Just like nature everywhere else, the evolved live the obsolete go extinct. What should happen will happen. Question really is: do the docile, submissive, cowardly, easily controlled and conquered 'truth' humans DESERVE to exist? At the moment, sheep humans are vastly more effective. They are exterminating you quite efficiently.

    1. Actually, you're wrong about everything was controlled before the internet. I was around be for the net and found in the late 70's, of all places, Penthouse, an article by Eustace Mullins on the Secrets of the Federal Reserve. That set me on the trail of deceit. There have always been plenty of alternative books and articles around, telling the truth of what was going on. How do you think people communicated before electricity and TV???

      As for the last of your comment, just because YOU see the truth, what gives you the right to assume to judge who should and shouldn't exist????? Do you think being a "Truther" puts you in a special, unique place reserved only for those who's vision raises them far beyond common people??? Our job is NOT to just to perceive the truth, but to get down to the very bottom of the dregs of humanity and get them to open their eyes.

      We cannot fight this alone; we need everyone. We are many, "They" are few.

  3. What a great article! I think you have nailed it. The unseen hand in human affairs is international Jewry. Once you see that, everything makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, seeing that is not easy because of the tremendous social pressure against understanding that. In order to understand who your true rulers are, you must ask yourself who you cannot criticize.

  4. Matthew 27:25 says "At that all the people said in answer: “His blood come upon us and upon our children.”"
    The Jewish crowd cried this out in front of Pontius Pilate to have Jesus impaled.
    Matthew 27:20-26 But the chief priests and the older men persuaded the crowds to ask for Bar‧ab′bas, but to have Jesus destroyed. 21 Now in responding the governor said to them: “Which of the two do YOU want me to release to YOU?” They said: “Bar‧ab′bas.” 22 Pilate said to them:
    Just some food for thought from Matthew chap 27;

    “What, then, shall I do with Jesus the so-called Christ?” They all said: “Let him be impaled!” 23 He said: “Why, what bad thing did he do?” Still they kept crying out all the more: “Let him be impaled!”
    24 Seeing that it did no good but, rather, an uproar was arising, Pilate took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying: “I am innocent of the blood of this [man]. YOU yourselves must see to it.” 25 At that all the people said in answer: “His blood come upon us and upon our children.” 26 Then he released Bar‧ab′bas to them, but he had Jesus whipped and handed him over to be impaled.

    This was a national curse but many individual Jews have come to accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah. As you could expect, these Messianic Jews are a very small minority and just enough numerically to restrain the paint brush of absolutes, but the majority fall into the generally accepted idea of Israel.

    This commentator (myself, not the blog author) can not use the Jews as a lever to support/promote the absolute evil icon of WWII who is also the New Age Poster Boy. Many things Hitler did, are being repeated today. The same actions that spark the current "conspiracy theories".

    There is a much bigger story involved in all this, but it is dismissed the same as many other alternative facts. I refer to Luke 17:26 "And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man."

    I would like to put this Youtube Link here called "Just Like In The Days Of Noah"

    This article is right on the mark regarding "conspiracy", "theories" and the Ministry of Propaganda. There is substantial validation about who has a heavy influence in this country, though I hope the author of this blog and anyone else who desires to know the facts, continues his/her research along these lines. The continuation of research on this topic will lead one into esoteric beliefs that span human history. This story does not end here by any means.

    I have trouble believing the American public is capable of alternative concepts.

  5. no doubt about it ;)

  6. The media,psyop people uses 25 rules of disinformation to deny the truth,to hide facts. Being a conspiracy theorist is like being five_rules_of_disinformation or YT

  7. Great article! I used to have to get on my soapbox crying out truths while people blindly and deafly walked on past. Now they are coming to me asking about the false-flags etc. Yes, I agree, we are getting traction and we know their tricks on hi-jacking any movement that gets traction. We definitely have a chance.
    In recent years, 911 changed from inside to outside. It is the failure of their mouthpiece Alex Jones that sparked the switch. His inability to defend himself against the naysayers, who depicting him as a gatekeeper, that clinched it for many.


  9. People searching for truth have nowhere to turn because the government and media are no longer trusted. Why is that I wonder?

    But to pretend there are no political and economic conspiracies is just as silly as to believe there is communist under every bed and a Jew peering from behind every lamp post.

  10. These are a people who rule through deception, lies, murder, blackmail, fraud, and conspiracy. Of course they can't have people thinking critically. It's just not good for business.

  11. Thanks so much, John. We are a subverted nation, and to produce a pearl from the clam we have become, will require us they go goys to fight the jews and their shabbas goys. And no, they are not an ethnicity as Spingola tries to spin, but a garbage religion deteermined to subjucate mankind.

  12. Al Capone was a Boy Scout compared to the blood-thirsty loonies in charge of the USSA, the Fed and Wall Street, all protecting their SLC investment.

  13. Revelation 17 5 And on her forehead a name was written:


    18 And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”

    That last verse 18 is the Bible claiming that in the last days, there will be a city that controls the governments of the world.
    Who is that city?

    Revelation 18 24 And in her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and of all who were slain on the earth.”

    Now if we can find out who Jesus assigned the above blood guilt too, we will find out who Babylon the Great is whom controls World Governments yes?

    Matthew 23 is Jesus condemnation of the Jewish leaders, the Scribes and Pharisees, see what it says in verse 35 "that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth"

    Sounds to me like the same condemnation Jesus leveled at Babylon the Great in Revelation, how about verse 37 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her!

    There you go, the Great City is Jerusalem who countless times in the Old Testament was described as a Harlot.
    Read all Revelation 18 to see that it is this Babylon the Great that controls the worlds economy, think Jewish Bankers along the lines of Rothschild.

  14. Ppl are waking up. Yahoo News commentary forums are about as clueless as you can get but things are changing even there. Just days after the Sandy Hook Hoax it was amazing seeing how many ppl were questioning that staged event. In fact, the truth is winning out so much that Yahoo News began running stories about how the Sandy Hook Hoax 'victims families were being harassed' by conspiracy theorists. Then they began trotting out uber-creepy Robbie Parker at sporting events, Air Force One, and then--get this--the last segment of the Boston Bombing Hoax was dedicated to the 'Sandy Hook' victims. And to top it all off, now they have sent Marxist stooge Obummer to denounce 'conspiracy theories' at college graduations. We've getting through ppl. Dont stop. Its only our freedom thats at stake.

  15. So... according to the Atlantic, 12% of people think Jews are lizard people ?

    1. well, they are kind of scaley.

    2. how funny and all this was concocted by a guy called David Icke, also know as Dawid Icek/Isaac.

  16. Geat article, to say the least but, how many americans are aware of the fact that jewry greatest weapon is MASONRY, gentiles working for them under the oath of secrecy and obedience? Unexplained and repeated mistakes and misguided policies made by Israel supporting Heads-of-State, representatives and politicians in general must be rooted the to their masonic adherence which preconditions their political carriers, candidacy and office admittance; who, with full knowledge of their wrongdoings and consequences are not allowed to explain why they do it.-
    To read the "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in paralell with the name of the people behind the events since its 1897 appearance just confirms their authenticity.- A plan
    and its execution that the very same Jewish controlled media
    prove to be a fact and not a theory.- Real History that any average sized library newspaper collection provides for and supports the quest of Revisionists toward the political correctness of Truth.-

  17. Besides Barrett's article which I only just found through this JF essay; most are probably aware of this re 'Google Trends': "Awareness of “False Flag” Terrorism at All-Time High"

    We need to "right the script" re CTs (read: TRUTH), in light of the way the perps' main propaganda MO is to "flip the script & project".

    Humorous images like these are helpful; please propagate (post at messageboards, blogs etc):

    just love this one, for those of us who watched "Scooby Doo" growing up,

  18. First of we need to stop referring to ourselves as gentiles or goys ... don't let them frame the conversation / debate & do not allow them to name you or your group .

    I actually use the name " goo " instead of jew just to get under their skin as well as get them worked up ... that's when they seem to revel stuff accidentally .

    1. We should let them know that accepting Israel as a Jewish and democratic state is equivalent to the US becoming United States of the Goyim. It implies that US Jews become Israeli Palestinians ripe for a purge. Jewish purges had taken place many times in the last 100 years in Europe and had always been the result of unwarranted and destructive Jewish power. It is time to change leadership and mandate of the Federal Reserve.

    2. Very good, I love your comment. Perceptive and direct.

  19. Your article was going so well, until you used this statement..

    "by associating them with the ridiculous shape shifting lizards theory."

    By using the word 'ridiculous' you shot yourself in the foot.

    1. Perhaps, but we have to draw the line somewhere in pursuit of the truth. However, so saying, why don't you start a blog about this very thing?

  20. Outstanding article. I have some resources you may find useful. Regarding 9/11, here is my most recent post on the subject:


    Pertaining to Holocaust Revisionism, here are a set of links I always find useful when introducing others to the topic:


    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you for these. I have a list, as well.

  21. Hello John,

    Excellent site. I've linked you to my own: Notes From The American Southwest

  22. Reptilian's are real as more and more people are realising and they control civilisation. See YouTube channel 'frequency fence' and 'pocholo986', more information about their plans can be found by searching online for 'wemustknow wordpress reed ettish'

  23. You know, a wise man once said to me: Think about it, the Jews have been hated and vilified for 5,000 years. What are they doing wrong?"

  24. Here is an interesting site I found: Uncovering the Kabala. This is how the Jews really think.

    Their deep faith in their own mysticism has given them a power few of us can understand. The Six Million myth comes from the fact that they believe their own Messiah will not come until 6 million of them have died. If you do some research, you'll see that the European WW2 archives have revised the actual number of dead Jews far downward from that figure. Including the Red Cross.

    The magic wand of the Holocaust has been used to frighten, discredit and silence those who actually investigate what really happened back then. The fact that many Revisionists have been jailed in Europe for questioning the Holocaust, shows the unquenchable power these damn devils have.

    Is it not true that each new American president must go to Israel and kiss the Wall? A stony and gritty substitute for Israel's ass.

  25. Jean said, "...Uncovering the Kabala. This is how the Jews really think."

    Give this thread a look: "old joowess explains 'goyim' and what's needed to turn things around".

    ^ it features a 78 min video, but you can read the intro & following discussion before deciding on giving the video a go. I found it very insightful- the fact that it describes the belief/delusion set which drives humanity's long antagonizers.

    Jean said, "Is it not true that each new American president must go to Israel and kiss the Wall? A stony and gritty substitute for Israel's ass."

    If Brother "Krusty" Nathanael is to be believed, the reality of what (jooz believe) is going on with that wall ritual, is a bit obscene! "Satan At The Wailing Wall":

    It jibes somewhat with the "old joowess.." spiel- she goes into how both genders are considered "God's wives"... you just gotta see it, mind-bending stuff.

  26. the jews worship the god of this world. he is not our GOD! they have demonic power through him. all the shit going on and i mean everything is by them. to destroy america and bring in their new world demonic order. thats why they want your guns. the masions or cops are in on it, but not all of them. they know who you are ,and if your a real christian they will try to destroy you. the bank scam was to take your money and home,and nafta to take your job. christian car dealers forced out of business ,you need to be in their club to keep your money.soon they will hit the banks for your savings or 401k.

    1. That's ok, I'd much rather live penniless under a bridge and be with God and Jesus than have all the money in the world and be a part of these assholes plan! In fact that may come true soon but I have faith that God will accept me into heaven so I shall win in the end! Don't ever give in and don't be afraid!

  27. Beautifully stated:


  28. I do believe there still is a place for considering conspiracy theories. We find out all the time the government doesn't share everything relevant or irrelevant with us.

  29. The 'chain of command' of the forces of socialist evil on planet Earth looks like this:

    "The Secret Chiefs" Small Grey Aliens.
    "Lal" / "Lam" Aleister Crowleys' small grey alien 'spirit guide'.
    Aleister Crowley Psychotic bisexual drug addicted Satanist 'inspired' by "Lal" or "Lam" small grey alien.
    Jack Parsons Satanist / NASA rocket engineer. Disciple of Crowley. Mentor of L.Ron Hubbard.
    L.Ron Hubbard Satanist / founder of The Church of Scientology. Drug user. Drug smuggler. Fraud. Liar. Thief. Fantasist. Egomaniac, Demagogue. Child abuser. Criminal. Tax dodger. Felon. (Scientology : L Ron Hubbard, Drugs, and The Occult [Full Documentary]
    David Miscavige Head of the Church of Scientology. Known for his violent temper, assaults of other Scientologists. His own neice claims he is a 'dictator'.
    Duncan Michael Roads Scientologist. Nexus magazine editor. Profits financially from the worldwide 'NWO/UFO conspiracy' industry. Supporter of Muammar Gaddafi.
    Dr Richard A. Miller Nexus Conference 2011 guest speaker. Mentioned one of his colleagues working at the Plum Island Research facility, New York, close to where the 'Montauk Monster' washed ashore.

    14 Jan 2010 4:15 pm. Police discover the body of a man on a beach near New York opposite Plum Island research centre. The body had elongated fingers for which the Coroner could find no logical explanation.

    In his address, Miller quoted and advocated Aleister Crowleys' "Magical Memory" and "Do what you will shall be all of the law" memes.

    He also said: "There is no such thing as free will" and his great great grandfather was in Swiss Masonic Lodge with Rudolf Steiner.

    "I could make pipe bombs when I was 12." said Miller.

    Both Crowley and Miller experimented with hallucinogenic drugs.
    Miller also showed an image of Aleister Crowley with Millers' face superimposed on Crowleys' body. Miller laughed at this image, thinking it was a great joke.
    Of Miller, one critic, "whitenightf3" wrote:

    Wonderful mind no he is a traitor to humanity and he will have to suffer his Karmic fate.
    He knew what he was doing and that it was detrimental to humanity and the planet.
    I don't have any time for people like him they are and have helped evil enslave us all.
    They have caused so much harm to innocent people its almost unforgivable.

    (Source: Dr Richard A Miller: ESP, Mind Control And The New Alchemical Paradigm; Nexus Conference 2011.

    His great great grandfather was in a Swiss Masonic Lodge with Rudolf Steiner, making him a candidate for membership of the 'evil' Illuminati.

    His teacher in the 1960s was LSD advocate Timothy Leary.

    His classmate works at the infamous Plum Island disease research station near New York where weird or 'unearthly' things happen.

    He advocates the work and philosophy of satanist Aleister Crowley. He wants to 'be' Aleister Crowley.

    He worked on mind control technologies for the American government and military from the 1960s onwards.

    He advocates the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, among other things.

    He associates with Scientologist NWO traitor Duncan Roads.

    He extolls the values of 'pure' air, water and food, yet he self-pollutes his mind with drugs, satanic and Scientologist ideology. Just like Crowley, Hubbard and Roads.

    This is why I think Dr Richard A. Miller, Duncan Roads, David Icke, John Lear, Robert Dietrich, Robert Pash, Muammar Gaddafi and others are operatives of the SSS NWO, NOT the resistance to the NWO.

  30. Nexus magazine is published by New Era Publications, a Church of Scientology-owned company.
    New Era Publications publishes Dianetics and other Scientologist propaganda.
    Duncan Roads is a Scientologist who is married to a Scientologist.
    Duncan Roads is a propaganda puppet for Scientology.
    Duncan Roads is a fraud, a liar and a traitor.

  31. Well most interesting and do keep it up. if you would like some interesting reading here it is.
    Judah's Septre and Joseph's Birthright by Allen 1902. A most interesting book explaining who Israel really is. Based on the prophecies of the Bible.

    The Thirteenth Tribe by Koestler is a most interesting book. It explains who they are. Askenazie Jews of the Khazarian Empire. It is written by an Askenazie and both he and his wife were killed and ruled a double suicide. You will find them in Genesis 10:4.

    Curse of Canaan by Eutace Mullins is a must read on the Demonology of History and who actually did it. He was greatly persecuted and a disciple of Ezra Pound, who is quoted here.

    Secrets of Time by Stephen E. Jones, Is really good. I read it seven times The nation that is in the land of Israel is actually Judah and not Israel. And Jesus said, "Cursed be the Fig Tree". And "it will never bear fruit again". Never is a long time.

    These books will pull back the curtain on the great OZ.

    The book Call Adonoi by Schutz is a must read if you want to understand the Kabbalah. It is written by a wistle blower. Took him 25 years to dig this info up. Now our of print because of me and can be had on EBAY. If you want to DECODE the Kabbalah, then this is the book. Warning it is very evil and not an easy read.

    "We are to pray and not faint" Luke 18:1.

  32. I lived in Portland Or. And did go to the school Reed College and preached the gospel there. It is 50% Jewish and they study Religion and Philiosophy. And people who want to start a new religion go there. Ron L. Hurbert went there. He said, "If you want to make lots and lots of money start a new religion". That school is known to be the bottomless pit of Portland. it was an amazing place.

  33. Quote "... one who fights for God and his people, even if alone, will never be defeated." Unquote. I would prefer this: One Straight Person In The Company of the Almighty One Is Invincible. Regard, tjoaginsing (Googleable)

  34. It is interesting to me that one of the curses that God put on Cain was that he would have no country. Cain and his offspring were to be vagabonds all their days. It is easy to identify the enemies of Christ. The imposters as their satan father is an imposter.


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