Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Rocky Suhayda, Chairman of the American Nazi Party, and Axl Hess, Director of Outreach of the American Nazi Party. We'll be discussing the American Nazi Party, it's history and objectives, George Lincoln Rockwell, challenges facing White America, and related issues. Calls will be taken throughout the conversation. Tune in for what will surely be an interesting discussion!

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  1. Hi John. Interesting show.

    As you are so aware, the unvarnished veracity of history is central to birthing a real nationalistic awakening. Rocky and Axl should revisit Orwell’s quote “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past”. And we all know who has been controlling the ‘present’ for way too long now, don’t we?

    One would think that trying to develop a sense of nationalism without first understanding the present day Judeo construct of lies and deception that frames most peoples historical beliefs, would be doomed to failure, right? Perhaps Rocky’s many decades of activism with relatively minor successes may be due to his approach of trying to mobilize the ‘troops’ without first giving them a solid understanding of the false paradigms of kosher history that has led them to their present day predicament in the first place. Having a firm grasp on the real truth about false realities such as the holocaust hoax, is essential to building an effective movement. It’s hard to put your heart into something without having a solid understanding of the “why” component.

    It seems like Rocky’s attitude of basically downplaying the historical fallacies that have shaped the present and hoping that it will lead to a better future, is like feeding meat to a lion hoping it becomes a vegetarian. We have the internet now, which allows us, like never before, to vet out the truth with little effort, for anyone who has a love for the truth.

    There needs to be a stirring of the innate intelligence that slumbers within the white race that will lead to the understanding of how the Jews have corrupted nearly everything that is quintessential to our race. There needs to be an understanding of how we got here. Then, we will have the clarity of what it will take to move forward and build a future based on the lessons of history. History cannot be denied. A hundred and nine expulsions over the millennia cannot be denied. When people who seek the truth hear it, it resonates within them. They will hunger for more. And when they see the true, undeniable historical record, they will clearly understand their present day suffering, and will clearly be able to identify the cause, and be able to reach the critical mass necessary to make it one hundred and ten. The last thing we need is another Jew-led Bolshevik revolution and the real holocaust that followed it.

    1. Rocky Suhayda is not "downplaying the historic fallacies", but instead is using organizing techniques which will lead more people to understand honest history, and to be motivated so as to act positively with this 'new' knowledge.

      There are two primary problems which hamper White survival:

      1. Parasitical Jew manipulation, and

      2. The psychological immune deficency within the races, particularly in the White race, which allow this manipulation to succeed.

      Of the two, only the second can be resolved by our people. That is where the bulk of our resources must be directed. This is not to downplay the Jew problem, but is simply to do that which is possible instead of that which is not.

      "We march separately, but will strike together!" ~ Pastor Robert Miles

  2. This was a "must listen to interview". If anyone wants to know why the WN movement is not a factor, listen closely.

    The assertion that "we must tell the whole truth"; discuss the Holocaust fraud; or 9/11; or "cover all aspects" forgets that this is not a university lecture hall and that white middle class is looking for PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to threatening economic and political situations. One can go in depth about these things either with an inquiring mind or as a secondary, supplemental background or justification for such practical solutions.

    My only criticism of the speaker is his illusions in the electoral process: it is mostly totally corrupt, especially with the computerized voting machines and, more importantly, his failure to speak about organizing local militia for defense. (As the powers that be try to confiscate guns, significant resistance is growing--with WNs on the sidelines, unfortunately. I suggest people listen to libertytreeradio for more info at 5,6, 8pm. Here's a taste of what's brewing,

  3. Up in Michigan where Rocky is there are still a lot of working class Whites who they actually have a chance of waking up before, excuse my language please, the shit hits the fan. Up in Kalamazoo I heard about a factory hiring new people starting at $22 an hour! Now yes for most of us that is nothing, for me at one time that was nothing, but I lost my job, was cut due to the economy, I was told offline it was mainly because I am white and a man otherwise the tokens would have gotten cut, but now $22 an hour is a lot to me. The point is: Go anywhere in the Southern US or any major city, that is over 1,000,000 people. People are working in production facilities of all kinds for as little as $9 an hour and I have done this and I can tell you Whites who used to make good money and have good families and homes are having to do this, really good people who have lost everything other than their work ethic and honor. This is clearly who Rocky and Axle are looking for however I can't for the life of me understand why when you are the "American NAZI party" you would think you could actually recruit these people "under the radar". People are suspicious and will look into who gave them pamphlets and even if they are agreeable to National Socialism still once they find out you are a "Nazi" they run. They got nothing and are afraid to risk or jeopardize what little they got. I love our people and care about them and do understand what Rocky and Axle are saying because I have had these conversations with real working class White people but ultimately, and I have to go on my own experience and waking up others, opening up people to National Socialism works much better targeting critical thinking, intelligent, and open-minded Whites as part of a "Truth Strategy" of slowly waking them up to the massive Deception that we live in. Ultimately the subordination of the Economy to the State and Culture and the Race and the expulsion of the non-Whites to their own places to create a homogenous nation, this will come about through the activity of a vanguard. Don't forget what the SS originally was doing in the 20's. They were across Germany and preaching the good word of National Socialism and recruiting those few who would open their minds and hearts. Also the SS had a special category of Founding Members who gave large amounts of the money. I still think that is the right way to do it. But the White working class is really so under water in most places that I really see little hope in targeting them primarily to create a movement. Truthing, so called, is the best way because when the mental chains are broken and removed the person is truly free and speaks with confidence and forcefulness for the cause.
    Also I was really, really upset that Rocky called America Fascist. He really does not understand Fascism and he is incorrect calling Fascist Italy basically capitalist and imperialist in a way similar to the modern US. Mosley and Mario Palmieri do a very good job explaining the Corporatist ideal and I recommend their works. There are a number of relatively good though very biased and riddled with Jew lies books about what Fascist Italy was aspiring to be and it was, sadly, only toward the end developing toward a worldview and cultural movement like National Socialism in broad way but Italy has a lot of problems racially and regionally due to its last two thousand years which explain the faults of Fascist Italy. Also Mussolini had some serious personality issues related to having a very exaggerated ego.
    Thanks for your time!


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