Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by historian and author Thomas Goodrich. Tom and I will be discussing a variety of subjects relating to American and European history, in particular the destruction of Nationalist Socialist Germany during WWII and after, the War of Northern Aggression commonly known as the American Civil War, and Indian-American warfare in American history. Tom is the author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, The Day Dixie Died: The Occupied South, 1865-1866, The Darkest Dawn: Lincoln, Booth, and the Great American Tragedy, Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879, and a number of other books. Please visit his Amazon page for a full list of Tom's books.

You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to the American Nationalist Network via iTunes here. Thanks for listening everyone!


  1. A note from Tom Goodrich, please support this work! J.F.

    How folks can order Hellstorm--The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947:

    1) from amazon.com, $45. they will overnight it.

    2) from the publisher, aberdeen books. $39. (303-795-1890).

    3) from me. i just received a limited number of paperbacks at $25 (postage included). i also have signed copies of the hardback at $35 (postage included).

    How folks can order Scalp Dance--Indian Warfare on the High plains, 1865-1879

    1) from amazon.com they also have a cheaper kindle edition

    2) from me. paperback. $25 (postage included)

    People can pay via my paypal account (mtgoodrich@aol.com) or send a check or m.o. to me at:

    Tom Goodrich
    4095 N. Beach Rd.
    Englewood, FL

  2. Part 20 of The Greatest Story Never Told came out today. Please add it to your online collection.

  3. hi tom, thank you for enlightening me on what happened to the Germans , my ancestors the most civilized people of the earth. it fits right in with the jew study I have been looking into, please let me know where I can get the most economic book, " the --- of national socialist Germany, thank you. send to beecostarican@live.com


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