Monday, April 15, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend

On this edition of The Realist Report, John will be discussing his recent essay The 20th Century: Talmudic triumph over Western civilization and the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" during WWII. "Holocaust Remembrance Day" began the evening of Sunday, April 7th and ended on the evening of Monday, April 8th. Why is it important to think critically about the alleged Jewish "Holocaust"? Why should we question this event that is constantly talked about and promoted in the mainstream media and entertainment industry? Calls will be taken throughout the conversation.

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  1. 'Denial' is a pejorative which presumes to state - but actually deliberately mis-states - thoughts to propose a false confrontation. So Israeli 'study' of WW II German military slave camps as more than work/detention centres is other historians need apply. Disinformation of such severity must have overwhelming purpose ; and it does.

  2. When will you take the field? The Jewish threat today is on the gun issue, which will allow them to round us up--while you debate academic issues.

    "you should not con yourself into believing that the answer lies online. It doesn't. The answer lies in the streets in which you operate."--NS Action, #1, Autumn 2012.

    Here are men with a spine to defend what the White man created in America--will you back them? NY, Colo. on the front lines. Militias in NY to meet this week. Be relevant.

    1. I absolutely back them, and I am trying to get in touch with local Patriot/pro-gun groups here in Southern California - and I've been somewhat successful. The problem is that many of the biggest American patriots - guys we absolutely NEED ON OUR SIDE - continue to believe the fake Jewish history we've been brainwashed into accepting, like the gentleman in your video who kept going on and on about Hitler and the "Nazis" taking peoples' guns, like they are trying to do in America today.

  3. Keep it in perspective: yes, the guy misunderstands NS (isn't that a given?) but his emphasis is on preserving our inheritance--the critical 2d amendment, which the Jews need to destroy to launch their Red Terror. You'll notice it was all White men in the crowd. Not a surprise. May I suggest you listen to the evening rebroadcasts, especially 5pm (archive section)at They are the best source for no-nonsense preparation and great analysis. Mark is former military intel. In any case, I applaud your efforts!



  5. Dear John,
    Really am heartened now years later to find so many people are awake to the Jewish Problem, not really any Question about that.
    It was a great essay and I do hope it gets passed around much more and I hope it gets into the line of sight of people who need to be woken up. This is not really a criticism of your essay but a point that needs to be made, we need to also be Revisionists of Soviet Union history. Why? Because Stalin, though certainly Evil and I believe likely a crypto-Jew, analyze the roots of his real last name, gets saddled with the guilt of the Red Monster whom they fed tens of millions of our White kindred in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Eastern Europe in general, the Baltic states and others. The Red Monster was a large number of Communist party members, overwhelmingly Jews but also White traitors. Kaganovich, in my opinion, was the primary man behind the mass murder along with a number of other Jews and, again, White or not-so-white traitors and this does include Stalin though when I look at the relationship he had with Kaganovich and his maneuvering I see a man behaving subserviently. What do I mean not-so-white traitors? well there were a lot of minorities in the Russian Empire and when the Soviet Union was created many of these ethnic and often Mongoloid/Caucasian mixed ethnic groups jockeyed to the Communist party, Secret Police and Red Army to advance and join in the persecution of the former Slavic White majority. More than this look at photos of the first head of the Cheka, the secret police, Felix Dzherzhinsky, who was supposed to be a Pole though his facial features seem to testify against this claimed ethnic identity.
    I also think investigation of the Soviet Union after Stalin's murder, I am convinced this is what happened and the Barnes Review published a great essay on this, would be worth doing and lead to a great deal of discovery. I am no Yockeyite but I can't help noticing that as the Soviet Union advanced towards its demise those in powerful positions were less and less often Jews. Anyway I think my point is stated.
    You mentioned Judaism's Strange Gods which is actually a greatly condensed version of the over 1000 page Judaism Discovered both by the same Traditionalist Catholic Conspiracy/History writer Michael Anthony Hoffman II. He unfortunately is also one of those who thinks Hitler was a Rothschild and NWO stooge which I unfortunately find still plays well among quite a few people.
    BUT Mr.Hoffman has written other excellent books and though he ids no White Nationalist he has written a lot that advances our cause such as the book, They were White and They were Slaves, which details how common white slavery was in the British colonies and shows that IT WAS WORSE than black slavery, he also was a friend and journalist who supported Ernst Zundel and chronicled the events of the trials. There is more he wrote which is good but is not so pertinent here. His mentor wrote about the JFK assassination and the killing of the king ritual which I can't help be skeptical of however it certainly would make sense and tie together many strands of the Jews, Kabbalah and Freemasonry's upper echelons of 'initiates' into the secrets of their order and ideology/religion (really it does meet that definition). I wish Mr.Hoffman could see that Hitler opposed Evil and he did also mention and opposed Freemasonry by name stating so in speeches.


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