Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Nationalist Hour with Rodney Martin

In this inaugural broadcast of The Nationalist Hour with Rodney Martin, legal basis for racial preservation will be explored. ANA Co-Founder Rodney Martin will showcase Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart, a devout Christian German legal scholar who was also a NSDAP Party Member from 1930 through 1945 and served in the Interior Ministry and co-authored significant laws relating to racial preservation.

The following will be discussed:
  • Hitler’s thoughts on U.S. Racial Policy in 1928, which he described as "racially successful"
  • Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor
  • The Reich Citizenship Law
  • U.S. Immigration Act of 1924
  • U.S. Eugenics Policies
You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to the American Nationalist Network via iTunes here. Thanks for listening everyone!


  1. Two quick comments, first, as they say all are entitled to their opinions but I keep hearing this constant cliche about the "Jew book" (The Bible) and the "Jew religion" (Catholicism, Christianity) and just from a logical, factual and historical stand point the notion of saying that Christianity is something similar to Judaism if comparing the religions or Jews sentiments are somewhat equal to Christians sentiments is a total fallacy. The fact that Jesus opposed the mainstream religious and cultural behavior of the Jews of his time and the past but is conveniently never mention this as one simple element of analysis but there are thousands more.

    Then when Christianity defines itself or is defined as an open religion for all the races some people tries to relate this as a Jewish trait when in actuality Jewish culture is close as it gets.

    The same applies to Islam, is a fallacy again to say that Islam is Jew just like with Christianity simply because they both relate to the same God when is a fact that God critics the Jewish people up and down in the Bible (new Testament at least through the word of Jesus) and in the Koran. What about this orthodox Jews that do not recognize Israel because they are truthful with their teachings that tell that God punished the Jewish people and make them wonder the world. The Zionist and Talmudic Jews (if we can say that they really are two separate groups) are those that do not recognize their own God and his rules thus they came-up with another set of rules.

    For example, low common denominator Christian groups like those Zionist Christian groups they do not represent Christianity.

    Then the other comment is about eugenics which is a double sword weapon. I understand that eugenics was many years ago something accepted thus those who use this to criticize Hitler for his eugenics ideas and policies always forgot (or simply are ignorant) to mention that eugenics was in place in England and USA among other countries. I think now we know better just to keep using the same ideas of the past about eugenics. To me eugenics does not mean "not mixing a race" but implies a cleansing within a race for whatever reason that could be thought of. No doubt that eugenics was a part of human history that goes back thousands of years but now we must have another commitment with life that of course if it is in no contradiction with the preservation of the rest. I don't put eugenics in the same group than the higher ideals as are attributed to the Aryans because as history shows at the end it would be the same story book with a different title. Thus, yes, the Aryan people probably lived in an utopia world.

  2. I exiled myself from the Jew-knighted States a long time ago to a place I love with all my heart. I speak the local language well enough to fool people over the phone that can't see my white face, and am prominent in my professional field. And while I would love to have found a woman of my own race to love, care for, and raise children with, not only would that be nearly impossible here because I'm a tiny minority but also because there are few choices left. Try and find a nice white girl that dresses modestly, has family values, understands the sanctity of womanhood and motherhood, and isn't a filthy whore that copulates for recreation these days - that strictly mates with men is tough enough to find as lesbianism and bisexuality are so ingrained as "lifestyle" choices, like picking products off a supermarket shelf. One that isn't filled with Jew notions of "social justice" and feminism, that doesn't hate men and doesn't want to be a man. Good luck.

    So forgive me if I will be choosing from the local population of women for a mate and a mother to my child or children. I know Israhell did 9/11 and tell people all about it all the time, I know the Holohoax is a racket and talk about it, I explain the cancer of Jewish thought and conduct to anyone I feel might listen, I don't support psychopharmacology and other kosher rackets, and I will not mutilate my son's penis. I only have this one life and decided to exile myself from libtard education, talmudvision, radical "social justice" programs, hostile minority neighbors and unqualified work colleagues, and 50 freaking percent taxes to an occupation government that is bent on sowing death and misery globally through wars for Jewry, destroying the backbone of society and filling it with hostile minorities with entitlement complexes, and poisons its own air and water. I don't have children, but if I do I'll be a race mixer. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


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