Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rockin' the Music World - Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison' - Anti-Semite, Racist, Inventor - (With Robert Lloyd)
A two-part extravaganza!

If there was ever a great story to be heard on behalf of the White culture, and what we can accomplish, the story of Thomas Edison is it... as told by your host, Robert Lloyd. This two part episode, with drama, comedy and music, leaves no stone unturned as we look into the struggle for survival in business for Edison, and what he had to overcome to bring his inventions to the world. Of course this man invented the light bulb, but did you know he also invented the motion picture camera (movies!) and the phonograph? (music!)

Robert has a guest co-host for this show that can be downright obnoxious, but also has insight into personal happenings at the times these inventions came about! With music written by Robert specifically for and about Edison's life (for an eventual theatrical production), this story is one of the best. Enjoy the show... or show(s).

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You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to the American Nationalist Network via iTunes here. Thanks for listening everyone!

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