Sunday, April 21, 2013

Regarding Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth

As many of you know, Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth was the first person to interview me back in late 2011.  Mark has featured many of my blog articles on The Ugly Truth, and has generally been supportive of my work in the past.  I once considered him to a righteous ally in our common struggle to expose and resist Jewish tyranny, but after his recent actions and statements, I no longer view him as a professional, honorable truth-teller he presents himself as.

I've sat back and watched the drama and back-and-forth attacks between Mark Glenn on the one hand, and Mike Delaney and Andre from Total Fascism on the other.  Personally, I think if anyone in this "movement" - especially those of us with websites or radio programs - has a problem or dispute with anyone else, they should address it on air, face-to-face, man-to-man, or through private channels.  That is not what has been going on between the individuals I mentioned above, which is regrettable and unfortunate.

Over at The Ugly Truth, Mark has been writing some extremely unhinged, emotional assaults against Mike and Andre over the course of the past week or so, posting ad hominem-style attacks in three separate articles (without addressing any of the legitimate and serious issues Mike and Andre have been raising), before posting a truly ridiculous photoshopped image of Mike, Andre, Scott Roberts, and Bill Finck with some rather malicious captions, shown below:

Very mature Mark.  You call yourself a professional?

The first ad hominem diatribe Mark unleashed was entitled Zaney Delaney, the second was entitled Insane Delaney Update, and the third was entitled Yes Virginia, there REALLY ARE people this stupid in the White Nationalist movement.  Are these titles and irrational screeds the work of a professional journalist and political activist?

Mike and Andre have raised some important questions and issues regarding Mark's website and his stance on a number of important topics, and rather than address them in a responsible, professional way, Mark wrote the three rather immature and spiteful diatribes linked above. Now, just to be clear, I am not necessarily endorsing the manner in which Mike and Andre raised the issues they did with Mark, I'm simply pointing out that Mark did not address any of the points they made about him and his website.  I also don't think it's very responsible to refer to Mark as an "Arab terrorist" or similar characterizations, even if done in a facetious or sarcastic manner.

I thought this was getting a bit out of hand, so I went over to The Ugly Truth and posted this comment, requesting an open debate to settle these issues, which Mark responded to just below:
Mark basically calls me a "nutcase" and implied I was "insane" for even knowing and talking to Mike and Andre.  I then replied with this comment, and again Mark replied just below:

Mark may not be aware, but Mike Delaney is not my "leader" (I consider Mike, and Andre for that matter, to be good friends), and none of my "White Supremacist trailer park trash buddies" have ever even brought up my daughter, certainly not in a negative way.  It's interesting that Mark was the one to bring up my daughter, a subject I probably need to address publicly, especially now.

It's true: I do have a daughter who is of mixed racial background (Asian), and I love her with all my heart and always will. I will not tolerate anyone involving her in my efforts here. But, it was Mark who brought this up, which quite frankly I find totally unprofessional and unacceptable.  It was not my "White Supremacist trailer park trash friends," as he likes to characterize guys like Mike and Andre, that brought up my daughter - never once. What does that say about Mark's character?  He's quick to trash the character of Mike and Andre, and yet he behaves this way? Mark has been going on reckless, irrational diatribes against virtually anyone taking a nationalist or racialist stance, insisting we are all total idiots and "nutcases", use racial epithets, and may even be compromised by the FBI, ADL, or Souther Poverty Law Center.

What does that say about the man? Listen to Scott Roberts breakdown of a recent radio program Mark Glenn did, along with some of the comments left at The Ugly Truth website. Who is making the better case here?  Mark Glenn or Scott Roberts?  Why won't Mark Glenn debate these issues in an open, honest manner?

I know Mark is a proud father, as I am, and would do anything to protect and defend his children. I would never even dream of dragging anyone's children into this or any other debate, but Mark has no problem doing just that - again, not my "White Supremacist trailer park trash friends". My daughter and private family life is my business, no one else's. I view Mark intentionally dragging my daughter into this mess as a means to discredit me. He certainly has major problems with anyone taking a pro-White stance, however rational and level-headed it may be (as I know my, Andre's, and Mike's perspectives to be), and he seems to be hell bent on discrediting or trashing anyone operating from a nationalist perspective. Rather than have an open discussion about our differences, Mark goes on totally irrational, venomous screeds in both article form and in the comments sections on his website, not to mention in his radio programs.

Maybe Mark failed to notice that there is an on-going systematic campaign to destroy White Western civilization, which has largely been successful. In fact, that's really what the twentieth century was all about: the Talmudic triumph over Western civilization.

Mark is quick to point out the denigration of Muslims in America and the West generally, including the ridiculous anti-Muslim propaganda and genocidal wars led by the Jewish criminal syndicate largely controlling the United States government and media, which is totally justified. Mark exposes and highlights the current assault on the Islamic world - both militarily and culturally - and yet seems to take issue with those of us exposing and highlighting the assault on White Western civilization. There are very real problems facing the White European race not only in America today, but in Europe and other parts of the world as well. The reality of racial violence in America and Europe is largely ignored in the mainstream Jewish-controlled media, and Western countries are being flooded with non-White immigrants (largely as a result of organized Jewish interests), many of whom come from the Muslim world - subjects Mark refuses to cover.  Indeed, the savage and barbaric Black on White crime in America is totally out of control, and the media and Hollywood are openly engaged in a campaign to denigrate and destroy the White European man.

These are very serious problems that need to be discussed and addressed in a professional, responsible way. And that's what we're doing on the American Nationalist Network. There is nothing "supremacist" or somehow illegitimate about that.

But he seems to be totally at odds with those of us highlighting the systematic assault and denigration of our European ancestors and civilization, as if we are totally irrational for caring about these things. Mark continues to say that Mike and Andre, and other individuals I am personally acquainted with, including Bill Finck and Scott Roberts, are "hillbilly trash" who spew "racial hatred" and constantly use racial epithets, which is just not true. Mark Glenn has proven himself to be malicious, slanderous, and spineless, to put it bluntly.

That said, I do want to apologize to Mark for calling him a coward in the comment section of his website. That was not necessary and, to be quite frank, a juvenile move on my part. Mark has an open invitation to discuss this on air, man-to-man, if he chooses.  If not, I have nothing further to say on the matter.

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