Friday, March 8, 2013

The Daily Paul censors true American patriots

Shortly after I published a blog post explaining that I was recently fired from my job due to the machinations of a deranged Jewish supremacist claiming to be with the Jewish Defense League, a poster over at the website the Daily Paul, a forum for Ron and Rand Paul supporters presumably, linked my post with a brief description of what happened to me under the title "Fired for raising the Jewish question".  Unfortunately, I did not copy the post at the Daily Paul linking to my website, or take a screen shot.  I wish I had, because I noticed I was receiving traffic from the Daily Paul shortly after someone posted a link to my site:

When I click on the link under "Entry" from the Daily Paul in the screen shot above, this is what comes up:

Of course, this doesn't surprise me.  Ron and Rand Paul are total sell-outs, either too cowardly or too compromised to discuss the real issues facing our nation - both historically and in more recent times - and provide real solutions.  Andre from Total Fascism has thoroughly exposed Ron Paul-style libertarianism for what it really is: yet another Jewish ideology that denies nationalism and race, glorifies the worst aspects of exploitative capitalism and social liberalism cultural Marxism, and is ultimately concerned with keeping those seeking alternative political perspectives - Ron Paul supporters and other traditional, conservative, independent-minded Americans - from breaking out of the Jewish ideological bubble most of the people living in this world are trapped in.  

The great and heroic Romanian nationalist Corneliu Codereanu once said:
We unanimously agreed that the first and greatest culprits were the treacherous Romanians who for Judah's silver pieces betrayed their people. The Jews are our enemies and as such they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanian leaders who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.
Well said that man.  Ron Paul, and all the other fake, spineless, cowardly politicians, media personalities, and other "conspiracy researchers", that continue to betray our people, our nation, and the truth may want to keep Codereanu's words in mind.


  1. I've been a member at DP for years and occasionally post and comment there, although admittedly to stir the pot at times.

    The censorship there has always been inconstant. They have a number of moderators and who knows what will happen at any given time.

    I wrote about the censorship 3 years ago.

    Since the election things had gotten more wide open but all's not perfect in Paulland and not all the 'jewish question' posts have been censored. This one and a number of others stayed up.

    There was this one on "We Need to Stop the Anti-Jew Posts" but not everyone agreed with the OP if you check the comments.

    Heck, there have been many Sandy Hook hoax posts at DP with much support as well as a ton of 9/11 ones covering virtually every aspect you can think of. Few ever got censored but it did happen although inconstantly with one getting pulled but another nearly identical staying up. There always has been problems at DP with trolls, disrupters and hasbara and sometimes the moderators can't figure it out as well as sometimes injecting their own biases.

    There are a lot of good folks there but they've also lost a lot of them due to censoring. I don't think one has to bow to all things Paul to at least appreciate the anti-war, anti-Fed/Wall St., anti-police state, pro 2nd amendment, pro cannabis, pro food freedom and the ever increasing conspiracy minded sentiment that is prevalent there. This is in spite of the failings, compromises and refusal to address many relevant issues by Ron and Rand. Rand certainly gets a lot of well deserved criticism at DP and Ron has been questioned many times much to the chagrin of his worshipers.

    Things are sometimes strange at DP but believe it or not we have many allies there. Politics does make for strange bedfellows.

    Just some of my observations of the DP, not a promotion of the site but also not a dismissal of the many 'patriots' there.

    1. Good points kenny, I rarely ever visit the Daily Paul, even when I was still duped by Ron Paul in late 2011 and early 2012. Jeez, what was I thinking?!

      But I think you're right, there are a lot of potential allies in the Ron Paul camp, they are just confused on some things... lots of things actually.

  2. Rand Paul made his opening bid for the 2016 POTUS spot by his dog and pony show about drones.

  3. Hey John, I was wondering why you never mention Christopher Bjerkness? I can't think of anyone who's exposed Ron Paul more than Bjerkness, yet in this newest crop of anti-ZOG bloggers and broadcasters. The guy gets no credit and has probbly predicted and uncovered more dirty yid biz than anyone else around who's legit. I am always so perplexed at how everyone ignores this guy since about 2008 when he outed DBS.

    1. I used to read his website and have listened to his interview with Jim Condit, Jr. He buys the ridiculous theory Hitler was a Jew working for the Zionists... haven't really followed his work the past couple years. He outed DBS? What's wrong with DBS?

  4. DP Post here:


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