Friday, March 29, 2013

The American Nationalist Association - On the Necessity of Nationalism and Revisionism

The American Nationalist Association views positive racial nationalism and objective historical revisionism as central tenets in its overall purpose. In the past, nationalist-minded individuals and organizations largely refrained from engaging in or championing historical revisionism, to the detriment of the European-derived peoples of America and around the world. We would like to succinctly clarify our position on these two fundamental principals of our Association.

First of all, nationalism is healthy, righteous, and absolutely necessary for our peoples' revival, and ultimate survival. Honoring our ancestors, fostering and championing our culture, history, and heritage, and otherwise being proud of who we are and where we come from are natural, healthy, and essential instincts all races and ethnic groups must have in order to preserve, protect, and advance the interests of their nation. Internationalism, multiculturalism, Marxism, and other perverted and destructive Judeo-Masonic ideologies not only deny nationalism and race, they seek to destroy these concepts and demonize anyone promoting them. 

Recognizing who we are, where we come from, and what our interests are can only be accomplished through a form of healthy, positive nationalism, one which respects other races, ethnicities, and cultures, while championing, defending, and honoring our own. Placing one's national or racial interests at the forefront of their consciousness and activities is a natural, instinctual activity. Our people have been conditioned to think otherwise.

Secondly, objective historical revisionism is an essential aspect of our peoples' revival. For far too long, our collective history and historical narrative have been distorted, even fabricated in many instances, in a manner which demonizes our people while elevating other racial or ethnic groups - especially international Jewry. Nationalist-minded organizations and individuals in the past have been reluctant to challenge the prevailing historical narrative of the 20th century and other major events in more modern history, including 9/11. We view this as cowardly at best; traitorous at worse. We simply cannot allow our perception of history and reality, in addition to the legacy of our ancestors, be distorted in such a systematic and deceitful manner.

Our collective history is largely shaped by a total distortion of past events. The lies concerning National Socialist Germany, the alleged Jewish "Holocaust", and WWII generally form the basic historical paradigm our people understand the 20th century by, while the falsehoods and fabrications concerning the events of 9/11 form the basic modern paradigm our people understand the present century. Other distortions of history, in addition to the basic false paradigms previously described, have led our people to subscribe to a totally manufactured, fabricated, and ultimately inaccurate version of history that denigrates and slanders our ancestors and peoples.  American Nationalists can no longer cede our collective history and understanding of the world to the deceitful manipulators of public opinion and the global power elite, who have systematically used fraudulence and deception to advance their global agenda.  

That said, the American Nationalist Association views the combination of positive racial nationalism and objective historical revisionism as essential components of our peoples' revival and ultimate survival, and will work tirelessly to champion these ideals.  

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