Tuesday, March 12, 2013

John Friend on Rense Radio w/ Jeff Rense

I was a guest on the Jeff Rense Program on Rense Radio last night following my conversation with John Kaminski.  Jeff and I discussed my article Was Hitler a Zionist Stooge? and other aspects of WWII and American history.  You can download the program here.  


  1. It was good. No big surprises or revelations, but it was good advertisement for Hitler and NS and HC-denial.

    I do however hope that at some point in the future Jeff Rense will drop "the Zionists" for "THE JEWS." People have to understand ... that *zionism* is the most innocent aspect of the whole Jew-affair. Zionism is/was the political movement to acquire a national home for the Jews. Now they have this national home, Israel, and it's really a closed chapter.

    The problem: is the destructive Jewish *mentality." Something which seems to reside in the Jewish genes. In other words: it's a race problem, and not a political problem.

  2. Jeff Rense, like David Icke, loves to play the victim card on behalf of Jews. By their careful guidance we must stop believing that Jews were victims of a Holocaust that never happened and start believing that Jews are victims of Zionism.

    1. It's a problem. Icke is worse than Rense though. Icke can't even say "Jew," but consistently replaces the word with "Zionist" or "Rothschild Zionist."

      Yes, it's annoying when guys like Rense say: "Yes, it probably never happened, but we still of course feel very sorry for the suffering they went through." However, I find Rense a lot more honest and fearless than David Duke. Duke practically never says anything about the HoloCa$h.

      All in all I think it was great John Friend got on the show.


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