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Introducing the American Nationalist Association


Introduced by


Statement of Purpose:

Peoples of European ancestry must begin to organize and protect their own interests. We can no longer rely on the established political parties or organizations, including both the Republican and Democratic Parties. We must develop a genuine alternative to the controlled mainstream outlets for political, cultural, and social expression which do not represent or advance the interests of OUR PEOPLE. Every minority group in the United States has organized along racial, sexual, or religious lines to support, defend, and represent themselves and to re-make America in their image. WE must also organize along our own racial lines for the exact same purpose and do so effectively.

To that end, Rodney Martin, Director & Editor of World View Foundations, and John Friend have drafted the following Statement of Objectives for an American Nationalist Association (ANA) which aims to develop and advance the interests of traditional White America. The ANA is not just another "political movement or party". The ANA is intended to build a unified National Community of European Americans that is broad based and appeals to the millions of European Americans and the White Middle Class that have otherwise not been involved or refused to have become involved in what has previously been described as "White Nationalism".

The ANA is intended to bring our people together, identify and develop our priorities, gather and harness our intellectual assets and resources, and to champion public policies which serve the betterment and advancement of our people.

The ANA is intended to provide or channel resources for OUR People, much like what other groups do for their people. The ANA is intended to advocate for OUR interests and concerns. In short, the ANA is intended to do real work and show real results for OUR people and thus build credibility and a real Nationalist constituency.


Purpose and Aims

“For Our People and our Children’s Future”

An Association of Patriotic Americans of European-American or otherwise European Heritage.

To unite all honorable, dedicated, courageous and selfless men and women of European-American descent or otherwise European Heritage who are loyal citizens or residents of the United States of America, proud of their European blood, treasure, culture, traditions, language, and ideals of national and individual identity, liberty, justice, truth, duty and honor into one proud and respectable American National Community to advance the interests of our people and protect the dignity and honor of our ancestors.

The fundamental objective of this Association is the preservation and protection of our Race, Culture, and Heritage; to ensure a bright and prosperous future for our Children; and to form a unified National Community among our people to champion, provide for, serve, and advance the interests of our people.

The Association shall meet as determined by its Governing Body, but must meet in person at least (2) times per year, once in Summer and once in Winter.

So bound together by our blood, ideals, and heritage, by our free will, firm conviction, and determination to further the interests of both the United States of America, the country of our birth, free choice or adoption, and the European Nations of our ancestors, we are obliged and resolved to:

1) Above all uphold and defend the constitution and the laws of the United States of America;

2) Respect the institutions of the United States of America, and to cultivate their lofty ideals so they benefit our people;

3) Promote good-will, lasting friendship, and productive relations between European Americans of the United States of America and our brethren in Europe and elsewhere;

4) Expose and reject all forms of Communism, Cultural Marxism, International Zionism, Globalism, Multi-Culturalism, and all Un-American rackets, frauds and organizations, including Usury and International Finance Capitalism;

5) Expose and reject all slanders and falsifications relating to our people, our history and our heritage;

6) Unite our peoples of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and boldly champion our Culture, History and Ideas; work for the betterment of our people and our children’s future; and expose and reject all aspects or forms of selfish, materialistic, corrupt, degenerate, and superficial behavior that has become prevalent in our society;

7) Abstain from useless, harmful, and counter-productive propaganda and incriminations of any kind; to always and forever put the interest of our People, Culture, and Legacy at the forefront of our consciousness and activities; and to conduct ourselves in a truthful, honorable, and righteous manner at all times;

8) Work incessantly and courageously for the fundamental right of national self-determination for our people free from undo interference, threats, boycotts, intimidations tactics, loss of livelihood, violence, and internal or external foreign influences;

9) To co-operate freely and willingly with all people of good-will; promote mutual understanding among our people and peaceful relationships among all nations; and develop and work for the interest of our people;

10) Provide resources, support and assistance to our people in time of need;

11) Advocate for the general health, safety and welfare of our people;

12) Oppose and reject all forms of moral, spiritual, and intellectual decadence that corrupts and weakens our people; defend and provide for our women and children; and recognize that the foundation of our society is our traditional family structure and moral family values;

13) Build and maintain a National Community clean and healthy in heart and mind; reject all selfish, materialistic inclinations and social activities; and to stand unwaveringly for our motto: “For Our People and our Children’s Future";

14) Recognize and cherish our cultural traditions and heritage, and proudly foster our language, history, customs, traditions, music, arts, literature, technologies, and ideas;

15) Always remember that only in UNITY is there STRENGTH, and that, if firmly united and dedicated, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.


  1. I should also mention that Rodney Martin will be my special guest on The Realist Report this coming Monday, March, 25th to discuss the American Nationalist Association. The program will likely be in the morning PST, I will post details on my blog soon.

    1. John? I just finished listening to the show you did with Kaminski on 3/11/13 and wanted to tell you that it was one of the absolutely best podcasts I've ever listened to.

      I especially liked the segment where you and John went over the American protectionist directive and outlined the list of solutions that would permanently solve our jewish problem. Far too many pro-White, jew-wise websites and podcasts spend 100 percent of their time whining and complaining about jews and the evil that they are doing to our people and never offer any real ideas on how we can solve this problem.

      Repetition is the key, John. Please do more shows with other guests and keep hammering the American protectionist directive!

  2. John, sorry to post here, i know its out of context.But i do have a honest question that i was hoping you could answer, or suggest an logical explanation.Ok, so here it is: All facts show that the "red revo" was promoted and prolly funded by the jews.All leading figures were jews in the marxist movement in germany and in other countries aswell. The thing is , if those jews are the same with the jews and Rothechild's pawns in America and those behind Holywood etc, how can we explain the hole period of cold war?And the fact that even today, Russians appear to be the "bad guys" in holywood movies.I mean, aint that kinda controversiaL?Do i miss something?

  3. This need to be global. Remember Hitler fell because all the misinformed around the world rallied against Germany.

  4. I didnt exactly understand the meaning of "global" in your sentence.
    I mean,ok Hitler fell because of the missinfo arround the world, but how does that explain the contradiction between those 2 facts:"Jewish promoting Communism and in the same time those same jews that control Holywood-fighting communism".:/

  5. Are you Aware of the American Freedom Party? They are doing the same thing as far as I can tell.


  6. The American Freedom Party is formally the A3P, they are NOT doing the same thing. They are political ONLY. They changed their name to attempt to be more "Tea Party-LIke" and in fact their Presidential candidate in 2012, Merlin Miller stated during the campaign that he "wished their Party was not so racial". The AFP are essentially Libertarian-Konservatives.

    1. You might also consider an alliance with these folks, the Citizens America Party, I can assure you they are NOT Tea Partiers!

    2. AFP is NOT Libertarian, since they advocate a protective tariff. I really don't see what new your adding to "the pot" by creating a party that for all practical purposes sounds like AFP. Show me where I'm wrong. In any case, I applaud your recognition of the the need to actually intervene in the current political struggles, unlike the folks at Total Fascism, which is a talk shop.

    3. A main difference between the ANA and AFP is that we are combining racial nationalism with historical revisionism, something that is absolutely essential but something many White Nationalist types have avoided.

      I have no idea what you are talking about regarding Total Fascism. Andre has been saying we need to organize politically from day one.

  7. Kevin MacDonald is a major spokesman for AFP and I've heard him say numerous times that the White ruling class had been supplanted by the Jews and the party, also, promotes college white student group organizations. As for TF (and others), I don't see any real attempt to intervene in the key flash points: organizing to counter a massive gov't arms build-up domestically, which will prevent "open ground" to get our ideas across, if not imprisoning us all; the destruction of the white middle class through via enemy strategy to tax us into oblivion and dependence on an alien gov't. These can all be pointed to as Jewish machinations (as Bro Nathaniel points out at realjewnews and David Duke). We are in a worse situation than Hitler faced, since we no longer have the electoral process. This means defense organizations where possible and alternative means of communication through such things as micro broadcasting. I look at you folks and it seems you're "fiddling while Rome burns". AFP has electoral illusions, but at least they're doing things like organizing on campuses.

    1. Well give us a chance man, we just released this. I'd like to get Dr. MacDonald on my program, but I haven't been able to reach him via email. I think Dr. MacDonald is great. My point was that the ANA is putting historical revisionism as a centerpiece of our agenda, which hasn't really been done yet.

  8. Please keep in mind that it was Churchil who called Germans NAZIS. "The Germans were only the "nazi half" of Askennazi, he is supposed to have said while speaking of German economic recovery. So! Nazi is a miss nomer or diversion from the real essence of Hitlerism, a labor centered political/economic belief system. Just a thought Rduanewilling


    These folks pass-out bumper stickers with just their organization name and web site address, which I'm sure would get my windows broken and/or tires slashed where I often park, if not in my own driveway. And, then, in their Manifesto, in those pages, they talk about secrecy being important at this juncture.

    My biggest objection is that they muddy the water by advocating the legalization of marijuana. My apologies but that turns some people off.

  10. The way I see is this type of movement needs to consolidate in one or two geographic locations probably in the upper midwest in Iowa, Nebraska, Northern Missouri in a somewhat remote friendly county with good land and water. I believe that the rhetoric does have to be softened a bit. I think the Amish or Mormon communities could serve as a organizational model with shunning as a method of controlling undesirable elements that could show up. The highest priority is to have outstanding legal representation to ward off the likely attacks from SPLC and the ADL etc. The bottom line is that leading by example will foster the kind of return to wholesome values, health and prosperity which is our birthright and will show others what is ultimately possible.

  11. White flight has shown the reality that people of color are not wanted. Europeans do not hate dark races but do not want to mingle with them. It is cruel and unusual punishment for a white to be forced to live near a black ghetto.


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