Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda

Another great video put together by Kyle Hunt and Renegade Broadcasting.  Must watch guys.


  1. Maybe suitable to watch this short video with racist (race conscious) Muhammad Ali:

    It should also be noted that white racists and black racists like Louis Farrakhan are in (close to) perfect agreement on the race issue.

    I think we can work it out. The big fight is with the Jew.

    The problem I can observe here in Norway - is how the "anti racist" organizations, and the government, always stand in the way between the various racial groups - chiefly *real* Norwegians and "newly" Norwegians - that need and want to speak to each other and get a dialogue going. But this dialogue won't happen before we can get around those "anti racists."

    There are of course Jews involved in these "anti racist" organizations. They always are.

    People everywhere need to identify the Jew as the enemy. The blacks are just getting comfy and getting along, and that's only natural. They were not the ones *who planned* this (extermination of the white race).

    1. Thanks Gasse-Geir! Muhammad Ali spoke the truth, didn't he?

      You should try calling in to my show one of these days to give us some updates on Norway and the problems facing your nation. And I totally agree, we all need to be proud champions of our own unique races and nations. Nationalism is the solution to the international Jew!


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