Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inside the Eye - Live! w/ John Friend

Earlier today I guest hosted Inside the Eye - Live! on Oracle Broadcasting.  Dennis Fetcho, AKA "The Fetch", was away on business and asked me to fill in for him.  I interviewed Andre from Total Fascism and we discussed the concepts of National Socialism and Fascism as reactions to Jewish international communism and international capitalism, Christianity and spirituality, feminism, cultural Marxism and the organized Jewish assault on traditional European culture and society, and related matters.  

You can download the entire show here.  


  1. No comments? There was yesterday. Censorship works just ask the ADL.

  2. I read one time that those who are shunned by a group become said group's worst enemies...and eventually destroy said group if angered enough by the shunning.

    Be careful what you say Mr Sholtes. You never know who may be eavesdropping and how they intend to use that information in future for things of which you have no idea.

    Bite your tongue. Mind your own.


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