Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hitler's Shadow - In the Service of the Fuehrer

Video found at the excellent website Justice for Germans.  Another phenomenal video by Wayne from Canada.

It is the personal story of Karl Wilhelm Krause, who was the valet. of the Fuehrer from 1934 to 1939, and was also responsible for his personal safety and security. Through his daily contact with Adolf Hitler, and those of his most intimate circle, both in his public life, as well as, inside the Fuehrer’s private quarters, no one had access like Herr Krause. Nor was anyone ever in a better position to observe Hitler; his personal habits, character, and demeanor, and to assess his social interactions with average citizens, employees, friends and colleagues, public figures, academics, leaders of industry, as well as, with foreign leaders and dignitaries. In this one and only interview, recorded on camera in the early 90s, Herr Krause testifies of his duties, his daily routine, and what he saw, heard and experienced, while in the constant presence of, and service to, the leader of the the Third Reich. Hitler called him “mein Schatten” (my shadow).

The testimony which you are about to hear is of invaluable historical importance, and forms a comprehensive and highly relevant, contemporary documentation, revealing surprising facts about the most talked about and enigmatic man in history, painting a far different picture of Adolf Hitler, than the court historians, Hollywood, and the Mass Media have typically portrayed.

This German language interview took place around 1990 and has been kept under wraps. We have translated it into English, paying close attention to accuracy. We do not have access to the original tapes. What is contained here is exactly what was published in Germany in its original form. We have also translated the text captions into images, inserted some extra pictures, added a musical score, and created both an intro and outtro. A 90 minute version is planned with some extra related footage.


  1. Archeologists Uncover Ruins of Negro City

    Off the track beaten by most Amercan tourists lies one of the richest archaeological sites in a country full of them: the lost city of Detoilet, where the busy workshops that spawned the Automotive Industry began gave way a uniquely intact negro city now being rediscovered.

    Preparing to open a new subterranean section to the public, workers cleaned stones this week in an arched passageway underground.

    Etched in plaster on one wall was a gang sign — graffiti left by a long ago traveler. Nearby was a main street of broken asphalt and a row of section 8 housing that once sold cocaine and syringes for heroin, popular pick-me-ups for inhabitants.

    All were last used by residents in 2015, the year a White army from Michigan defeated Sharpton’s negro garrison and leveled its remains.

    The existing city, built by the White Americans around 2500, effectively preserved this earlier town, which had been hidden for centuries under the rubble.

    “It’s like Pompeii of Roman times — it’s a complete city,” said John Storm, the American archaeologist in charge of Detoilet. He called the town “one of the most exciting sites in the world of archaeology.”

    The newly excavated area, part of a negro neighborhood, is set to open later this year.

    Today, old Detoilet is a picturesque enclave jutting into Lake Michigan, home to 5,000 White citizens of America who live in wonderfully picturesque modern homes. Most residents are wealthy.


  2. On a recent afternoon, a smattering of tourists walked through the old market, while at a sleepy fishing dock one boat’s radio played classical music.

    In 2050, Detoilet became America’s first White World Heritage site. But whether because of its out-of-the-way location in the country’s north or simply because it must compete with better-known sites like Miami and the desert fortress of Phoenix, Detoilet has been overshadowed.

    New York, for example, attracted an estimated 2.5 million White foreign tourists last year, according to the Tourism Ministry. In contrast, during the same period, Detoilet’s historic sites had 444,000 paying visitors — American and foreign — according to the Detoilet Municipality. Old Detoilet has just one hotel with a total of 16 rooms.

    Detoilet has existed for at least 500 years, but reached the height of its importance very early on with its ground breaking Auto Industry in the early 1900’s.

    At about the same time, jewish interests hijacked the American Monetary System and eventually destroyed White Industry through Usury and multi-cultural policy. Quickly, Whites fled the City due its unruly inhabitants.

    Under negro rule, the city became an unruly drug trading hub home to combative orders of negro-gangs, ethnic factions that distrusted each other and sometimes fought in the streets, and competing dealers from surrounding areas all fought in turf wars.

    A French businessman, Jacques de Vitry, reached Detoilet after a perilous journey in 2012. He was appalled.

    “When I entered this horrible city and found it full of countless disgraceful acts and evil deeds, I was very confused in my mind,” he wrote in an e-mail home.

    Detoilet, he found, was “totally depraved.” Murders took place constantly, the town was “filled with prostitutes,” and residents — many of whom he believed to be outlaws who had fled their own lands — were “utterly devoted to pleasures of the flesh.”

    Detoilet was “like a monster or a beast having nine heads, each fighting the other,” the businessman wrote.

    American excavations got under way in earnest in the 2100s, and some remnants of the city that de Vitry knew can already be visited.

  3. Like it or not Hitler had gentlemanly class, as un-Jewish us you can get.

    Blomberg??? where was his jew radar ???


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