Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Evil Jew-puppet Sir Arthur Harris: 'I would have destroyed Dresden again'

"The aim of Bomber Command should be... publicly stated: the destruction of German cities and the killing of German workers."
- Sir Arthur Harris, head of Bomber Command of the Royal Air Force, October 1943

In Willis Carto's must read article A Straight Look at the Second World War published in the January/February 2012 edition of The Barnes Review, he clearly explains that WWII was not the "Good War" we've been lead to believe.  WWII was not about checking "Nazi" aggression and designs on world conquest, or "liberating" Europe from fascism and tyranny, or even a war of self defense against a war-mongering, imperial German and Japanese alliance - it was a fratricidal, Jewish instigated genocidal campaign whose only beneficiaries were the Jewish plutocrats and Communists largely controlling the United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Union. It was, as Carto correctly points out, the suicide of the West:
[WWI and WWII] must be seen as a civil war in the West; 8.5 million American, British and continental European troops were killed in WWI and 43 million in WWII. The civilian count in WWI is about 13 million and 38 million in WWII [...]

Regardless of persons like Tom Brokaw (who refers to WWII as “the good war,”) it was unnecessary, and all belligerents — Great Britain, America and Russia included — lost. American Francis Yockey pointed out that to win a war, a power must gain resources, strength and prosperity. Since 1939, all three major powers who started and fought it have declined into a pit of escalating inflation, unpayable debt, national bankruptcy, loss of national character, the immigration of millions of aliens and a highly questionable future.
With this in mind, let's turn to the mainstream British news outlet the Daily Mail, which recently published a rather revealing article relating to Sir Arthur Harris, head of Bomber Command of the Royal Air Force, and his central role in the cowardly and barbaric British-led fire bombing campaign of German industrial centers and cities during WWII.  Take a look at the headline and this brief excerpt:

The RAF commander who ordered the controversial fire-bombing of Dresden which killed an estimated 25,000 civilians during World War II said he would do it again in a long lost interview filmed 30 years after the end of the conflict.

Former marshal of the Royal Air Force, Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris, gave the green light for the 1945 bombing which reduced the city in Saxony, Germany, to rubble.

The attack was widely criticised because of 'blanket bombing' which hit civilian areas as well as military targets - killing thousands of innocents.

But the newly-discovered interview with Sir Arthur, which was filmed in 1977 and will be aired for the first time on the BBC tonight, shows the RAF chief defending his decision. [...]

During the interview, Mason discusses how many felt the Dresden attack was 'a city too far'. 

However Harris stood his ground saying: 'The bombers kept over a million fit Germans out of the German army… Manning the anti-aircraft defences; making the ammunition, and doing urgent repairs, especially tradesmen.'
Let's be clear about what happened to Germany during WWII: the entire Western world - the UK, France, and USA primarily - teamed up with Stalin's Soviet Union to destroy Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Germany, the one nation exposing and standing up to the international Jewish plot to destroy Western civilization.  Rather than defeating the German army on the battlefield, the Western Allies, namely the UK and USA, embarked upon a deliberate policy to murder and destroy German civilians and industrial centers through a fire bombing campaign, a policy the sadistic and despicable Sir Arthur Harris would be happy to carry out all over again.  Millions of German people suffered unspeakable horrors, death, and destruction.

As the war was ending, and the Red Army advanced into Eastern Europe and Germany, millions of German and other European peoples were tortured, brutalized, raped, and murdered by the Communist butchers.  Following the surrender of the German Army, millions of German soldiers were rounded up by the Allies and placed in what amounted to an open air prison, resulting in the death of countless German soldiers and other POWs from exhaustion, dehydration, and even deliberate murder.

Today marks the 68th anniversary of the fire bombing and incineration of the German city of Dresden, the beautiful cultural and artistic capital of Saxony on the Elbe river.  As we commemorate this horrific and evil attack on our German brethren, let us all recognize what WWII was really about: the destruction of Western European civilization at the behest of the international Jew.

On Monday, February 18th, I'll be joined by Sword Brethren of The Mein Kampf Project on The Realist Report to discuss the nature and characteristics of Fascism and National Socialism, and how these ideologies are fundamentally opposed to Jewish international capitalism and Communism.   Be sure to tune in!  


  1. "I'll would have destroyed Dresden again."

    What an unrepentant, murderous bastard. With shabbos goyim like this, no wonder the Jews rule.

    If I had the opportunity--and could get away with it--I'd dig up this swine's remains and bury him where he really belongs to be buried: in the sewer!

    What excruciating, incomprehensible pain, misery and suffering our German brothers and sisters went through. My God...all because of the international Jewish criminal syndicate in its various forms that pushed and pushed and pushed and agitated non-stop for this "unnecessary war", as Jew-tool Churchill, that equally reprehensible and murderous bastard, called it.


  2. Bomber Harris, and the white "christian" soldiers of WW2, reminds me once again that the love of internecine war runs deep in the blood of us Caucasians. As we examine the innate faults of the jews [ I have absolutely no problem with that] it would be wise for us to simultaneously examine our own innate faults.

    The mercenary spirit and love of internecine war runs deep in our Caucasian blood : That's the ultimate crux of the problem, and why so many whites are so easily "duped" by the jew. Sometimes, the blaming of jews is just way too convenient.

    As the jews tell lie about themselves, we white Caucasians tell lies about ourselves also. What passes for "naivete", "goodness", being "duped", is really a cover-up -- covering up our own refusal, collectively, to examine our own innate faults as a Race.

    I don't mean to brow-beat : It's just that if we can see our innate faults honestly and clearly, less chance of falling into the same mistakes over and over again.

    @ John Friend : When I mention that blaming the jew is way too convenient, I mean that in a general sense. It's not in any way directed at you. Of all the WN websites, your website is the most balanced. I learn alot here. I respect that. Joe

    1. Well, if Rep. Hamilton Fish is to be believed, there was NO support for WWII except for the lying Jew press in the East.

      Then FDR and his Jews cooked up Pearl Harbor, and the Christians felt that they had a reason to fight.

      Had the major papers not fallen into Jew hands in the first decade of the 20th century, the native isolationist tendencies of the Americans most likely would have overwhelmingly prevailed.

      Jew Banks = Jew Media Control = Jew Gov't = Slavery

    2. I'm not one to down play the jew role in world affairs. I agree with you 100% about the jew role in fomenting the war, and bringing the US into the conflict. No argument here.

      I shot off my above comment yesterday - Ash Wednesday - I thought it was a good time for some self-reflection.

      We do need to keep in mind our white race produces a good number of Bomber Harris types ; We do need to come to terms with the phenonmenon,in the hope & with the goal our race will STOP producing so many Bomber Harris types.

      Self-reflection with the goal of betterment and amendment never did anyone any harm [as long as one isn't a namby-pamby politically-correct leftist, that's a horse of another color]. One doesn't have to be a Christian and observe Ash Wednesday to do some serious thinking about why our white race produces so many Bomber Harris types.

      I stand behind what I said in my above comment. Joe

  3. Even the mass-murderer Churchill admitted that if the USA had stayed out of WWI, there would not have been WWII.

  4. I seriously question the revised figure of 25,000 dead in the bombing of Dresden. Now, after more and more people are waking up the the truth of World War 2, realizing the "holocaust" was greatly distorted and exaggerated,etc., the death toll of Dresden gets reduced. I don't buy it.

    Dresden was a city of war refugees from all over Europe at the time of the bombing [600,000 refugees]. It was referred to as a city of hospitals as so many refugees were wounded and recieving medical care. The whole city went up in a fire ball. It went up in flames so fast, the people in Dresden didn't have any time to escape the fire.

    Holocaust means to die in fire. Dresden was the Real holocaust. Now that many see the jew "holocaust" is a lie, the court historians are lowering the figure of dead in Dresden so we don't see the Truth of Dresden. The Truth of Dresden is that the fire bombing of Dresden was the real holocaust.

    Now that so many see the lies concerning WW2, the court historians "revise" Dresden. We're suspectible to the Dresden "revision" because of all the other lies coming to light about the war.

    Alot more than 25,000 died there.

    Also, Bomber Harris lies. Dresden wasn't a city with factories pumping out war material. It was a city of artisans -- and during the war, a city of hospitals for Europe's war refugees, many of whom needed medical care.

    I thought there was an agreement between Germany and the Allies that Dresden was off limits? Is that being "revised" too?

    Alot more people than 25,000 died there. Joe

    1. Right on the mark, but one little correction.
      It was the general anglo-saxon bombing of our cities, which was the real Holocaust. Dresden was just the most destructive criminal terrorist act.
      Dresden and W├╝rzburg had been destroyed to 95%.

      What many white people specifically are not aware of, the British-American-Jewish alliance wage to this day war on Germany and Europe in general. The war continued, apart from 100000 US occupation troops, this time with financial terrorism devastating and looting Europe.

  5. Rense has an excellent article today about what happened in Dresden. It debunks alot of what "Sir" Bomber Harris has to say -- and also debunks what the "court" historians have to say about the fire-bombing of Dresden.

    Scroll down list of articles to :

    "The WWII Dresden,Holocaust - " A Single Column of Flame"

    from : Joe

  6. Re: BOTH the "25,000 Death Toll Lie and the War Criminal Harris' statements, please see my post Re: Dresden at WWW.WVFOUNDATIONS.ORG, as well as comments I have posted by Readers, including one individual who actually lived in the Third Reich. You are correct the 25,000 is a LIE and Harris statements Re: Dresden was a Lie. The murdered of Dresden were victimized twice.

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  9. If you’re White and you’re an American – you are a “Real American”. “Real Americans” are not “hyphenated-Americans”.

    The first step to winning trust and friends for Real Americans and White Europeans is showing that you care about peace for BOTH Whites and non-Whites and, in particular, a better future for every child. Indeed, the sequence of your conversation is critical and you must start with empathy for BOTH sides first. Open your conversation with strong proven messages such as:
    “White people are committed to a better future for everyone – Whites and non-Whites alike. White people want the pain and suffering to end, and are committed to working with non-Whites toward a peaceful, diplomatic solution where both sides can have a better future. Let this be a time of hope and opportunity for both White and non-White people.”

    “As a matter of principle, we believe that it is a basic right of children to be raised without hate. We ask the non-White leadership to end the culture of hate in schools and homes. Non-White leaders should take textbooks out of classrooms that tell already debunked versions of history and that glorify violence against White people of any kind.” This includes the pornographic accounts of the jewish-led American genocide of the Germans in WW2.

    As a matter of principle, children should not be raised to want to kill others or themselves. Yet, day after day, non-White leadership pushes a culture of hate that encourages even small children to become murderers. Jewish-backed public television and jewish-backed Hollywood uses programming to glorify the killing of White people.

    As a matter of principle, no child should be abused in such a way. Non-White children deserve better.”

    Do it for the children… :)

  10. We know that the non-Whites deserve leaders who will care about the well being of their people, and who do not simply take hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance from jewish sources, put them in Swiss bank accounts, and use them to support terror instead of peace. Non-Whites need productive employment, not welfare and EBT. They want to be workers, not murderers.”
    “The obstacles on the road to a peaceful and prosperous America are many. White people recognize that peace is made with one’s adversaries, not with one’s friends. But peace can only be made with adversaries who want to make peace with you. Terrorist organizations like jewish-backed ADL, SLPC, and AIPAC are, by definition, opposed to peaceful co-existence, and determined to prevent reconciliation. I ask you, how do you negotiate with those who want you dead?”

    “Are Whites perfect? No. Do we make mistakes? Yes. But we want a better future, and we are working towards it.

    And we want non-Whites to have a better future as well. They deserve a government that will eliminate the terror not only because it will make my children safer—but also because it will make their children more prosperous. When the terror ends, Whites will no longer need to have weapons and a 2nd Amendment. When the terror ends, we can all live in peace.”

  11. The Jews' biological imperative is to destroy whites at all costs, even if it means the Jews are destroyed in the process. People in White Nationalism often talk about how the Jews always overplay their hand and get run out of white countries or killed as a result. But the truth is Jews never overplay their hand, they're simply obeying their genetic programming. Why do you think Jews flood white countries with Muslims, knowing full well that Muslims loathe them and will ultimately kill them along with the white host populations? Jews live to kill the white race. "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy" (John 10:10).

  12. Dear Readers,

    You may know me through my awesome writings and ultra superior persona as portrayed by myself through my now defunct website.
    As you may know, I have claimed to be White. I offered no actual proof of that, of course.

    I am not really White. I am “middle eastern”. Infer what you will.

    I got involved in the “troof” movement in order to try to steer the debate. You see, one of us long ago taught that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. In that spirit, I began a series on exposing the holocaust for what it is. In doing so, I was able to garner a lot of support.

    My handlers and racial brethren were ok with me doing this because I have not uncovered anything new that is not available freely on the internet through other sources. Basically, all I did was perform a re-write. My people fully understand that the days of the grand holy hoax are indeed numbered. So, we had to come up with a strategy that would further our goals amid the new landscape while the influence of the holy hoax is diminishing.
    This is why I appeared on-scene in the first place.

    I posed as someone of European descent who was strongly pro-European. I think I talked a pretty good game. Bottom line, I sought to elevate non-Whites to universal victim status in the minds of White people so that they would not take Affirmative Action in removing them from their body politic. I used a lot of imagery of dead Palestinian kids - but, you’ll notice that I never wrote anything about White victims. Nope. Never a piece bemoaning the constant attacks on White women and White children by noble people of color. Never a mention of the increasing frequency of violent flash mobs of noble people of color violently attacking White people. That kind of thing is off limits because it doesn’t fit my narrative.

    Being non-White myself, I took personal offense to any statements mocking or ridiculing non-Whites. Even though non-Whites have a very long track record of low performance - I sought to cast them in a light of “equality”. You see, the notion of “equality” among races is the bedrock upon which communism is based. And as you know, communism is a system where all labor and the fruits derived from all labor belong to the jewish ruling class.

    In truth, equality among people simply does not exist. No two people are carbon copies of each other. Some are smarter and more industrious than others. Some of dumber and more prone to criminal behavior than others.

    Some of you have seen through my bullshit. So, I have pretended that my lock-out from my jew propaganda website was my idea. When, in fact - I was only locked out when the host realized what I was up to.

    In short, I have decided attempt to re-cast the truth of my lock-out by telling people that I cannot maintain my credibility of criticizing Judaism and Zionism if I associate with people who adhere to a belief system that attempts to mimic Jewish separatism by implementing strict controls on who can be a member of the White community. See how that works?

    How many of you are falling for it? LOL

    (end of part 1)

  13. (part 2)

    Keep in mind that I was forced out of my website to begin with. But how many of you will realize this? Not many, I hope. In fact I hold you in such low esteem that I expect some of you will never “get it”. Makes me laugh to think about it.

    I want to make it seem like you people who ask the question “Is it good for White People and the future of White Children” are placing us in the furthest of fringes and completely discredit us with over-the-top extremist rhetoric.

    Never mind that I am not one of you, so my assertions about “us” have no basis in reality. Part of my job is to associate your self-defense instincts with “extremist rhetoric”.

    I say you need to be more “mainstream” and hold hands with non-Whites. If you’re a White woman - be sure to have a non-White baby. We need to be more like the rest of the world.

    This is my schitck: “Anyone who supports White self determination and the preservation of their White Western culture only intends to discredit us as lunatics and maniacs who want to exterminate everybody on earth who isn’t White. They also fiercely propagate the cartoonish line that “every single Jew on earth is genetically evil and must be eliminated,” an outrageous outlook that cannot be demonstrated to be true, and certainly doesn’t stand up to any serious analysis of evil on this planet.”

    Pretty good, don’t you think? I just hope you guys don’t’ track me down.

    In closing, I hope that you will visit my new website and donate money to me. But even more importantly - you really need to reject the idea that White people need to protect themselves. That is dangerous rhetoric to people like me and those I represent.

    ---You know who I am.

    1. Yes ZCF we know all about you, contray to your twisted mind, ALL WHITE MEN ARE NOT THAT DUMB.

    2. Yeah, I know who you are -- you're the one deflecting from the topic of Dresden being The Real Holocaust of WW2.

      Let's get back to the topic of the fire-bombing of Dresden, gentlemen ; The Real death toll at Dresden being 250,000, at least-- if not more. Joe

      No more bullshit please. Joe


  15. For more information and facts about the fire-bombing of Dresden,


    "Dresden Bombing +"

    For images of the fire-bombing of Dresden, go to Google "Images" and type in "Dresden Bombing".

    For those straying off topic : You're being very disrespectful to the subject matter ; Disrespectful to those who died in Dresden, and disrespectful to those readers who want to learn more about what happened there.

    The subject is too important for distractions and deflections.The Mike Delaney controversy greatly pales with what happened at Dresden : The Real Holocaust of WW2, where more people died in 14 hours than the total number of jews who died throughout the whole war in Europe, the jews safe from the bombing raids over Germany, including the Dresden Holocaust. Joe

  16. Hey John, off-topic but I couldn't find any other way to contact you.
    Isn't ZCF's switch shocking (above), that he's a jew and yet has no problem speaking of the heavy crimes of his people.

    I don't understand the psychology of such a creature. Is there anyway you would ever consider doing an analysis of such a phenomenon, or on zogbots in general?

    It would expose zcf before he has a chance to re-establish himself, perhaps under a new name.

    1. The person commenting above was not really ZCF... I took it as a joke, although it was quite witty.

      I stand by what I have said about ZCF and don't really have much else to say - he is a very talented, intelligent young man, but he is very arrogant, rude, and condescending. I wish him the best.

    2. Wow, this is getting insane, Thanks John

      I use to have a saying, 'All is Truth', which means that Truth can only be found in the totality ...although our daily lives are troubled by relative/incomplete dualistic truths. Conversely, 'nothing is Truth' is also the Truth.

      I came-up with this saying to stop me falling into the many ideological pitfalls that surround me, as my mind always leads me to do ...but right now I feel like I am in a washing machine. I have to overcome a profound surrounding darkness, yet try not to get too attached while doing so.

      I am so lost. Sometimes I doubt I'll ever reach the Light.

  17. For those who insist on straying off the Dresden Holocaust topic, you may consider the Google search term : " 'The Secret Holocaust' By Eustache Mullins".

    For those who are concerned what about the jews [ and sell-outs like bomber harris] in England and the US did to Dresden, and the rest of Germany, the above search term is about what the jew communists [redundancy] did in the soviet union.

    It's important info as the jews here in the States want to turn the US into their next slave gulag state -- hence Uncle Sam's Gun Grab attempt. Joe

  18. Who is the person who made the remark about ZCF? Why are you doing this and calling him a Jew? It appears to me someone is operating directly from the jesuits handbook and sowing the seeds of discord among us. We have ZCF who is committed to the very important cause of spreading truth about Germany and the war against Humanity, and we have you fellows who also purport to want the same things. How can you say you want to see the white race succeed, whilst engaging in the same subversive tactics used by these turkic/mongoloids??
    Someone here is a Zionist agent, and it is not ZCF by my estimations. He is not the one keeping the snide and sneery remarks going is he? We must identify the infiltrator or we shall fall prey to the tactics of these sub-human creatures, just because we could not let go of our overinflated egos. Stop acting like schoolyard bullies and identify the enemy in our midst, the one who would seek to sow the seeds from which dissent grows among us! Out you viper!!

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  21. Many more than 25,000 died in Dresde, a revised figure only changed to this present figure a few years ago, in fact.

    The population of the sleepy city was about 600,000 under regular conditions - and with no big munitions factories or steel mills, it was considered a "safe" city for Germany at the time. Which is why there were approximately 900,000 refugees and transients there at the time of the bombing (this has been gleaned through my research). And the city was levelled, complete with a firestorm created out of lack of air because of the amount and intensity of fires raging throughout. A true holocaust indeed.

    I estimate above the high end ever postulated, going by eye-witness accounts and gathering all facts on refugee camps, etc . . . 6-700,000 is my educated guess.

    There were no military targets other than the general populace, and an enormous amount of refugees.

    1. Here is the official figure which was officially acknowledge in Soviet occupied GDR, middle Germany.

      It reads:

      "Office for protocol and foreign relations

      According to assured disclosures of the police of Dresden, until 03/20/1945 202,040 dead bodies, mostly women and children had been recovered. Of these, only about 30% had been identified. Including the missing, a number from 250000 to 300000 victims should be realistic. Corresponding new research is not yet complete ... "

      So, a good guess would range from 400.000 - 600.000, in 14 hours.
      My grandma saw walking burning alive people who left only a shadow on the sidewalk, and people trying to escape the firestorm by jumping in fountains and little pools and were cooked alive.
      Very naughty,

  22. "Anonymous trolls that have nothing to add to the conversation will have their comments deleted."

    Apparently unless youre a troll pretending to be ZCF in which case its ok.

    John, please no double standards.


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