Friday, February 1, 2013

A proposal

I took a drive up to Los Angeles the other day to visit a good friend, Zan Overall, and had some time to think and reflect on all the developments in the "truth movement" lately. Zan and I discussed the future of this "movement", the issues that seem to be dividing those of us in it, and what we can do to effectively and pragmatically make some sort of progress in our struggle against the forces of the Jew World Order.

First of all, just in the past two months or so, we've seen countless disputes and outright hostility between the different factions making up this "movement". And I'm sick and tired of it. It's immature. It's childish. It's ridiculous. I don't know about anyone else, but I would really like to do something about the situation we find ourselves in, and the criminals responsible for it. And to do that we need to get serious.  We need to stop whining, moaning, gossiping, bashing and complaining about internet trolls, other radio hosts or alternative media types (unless it's justified and specific issues are discussed), Christians and other religiously inclined individuals, and instead concentrate on our common enemy and focus on key points we agree on. 

I would like to propose the following key points of agreement for our "movement". This is not set in stone; it is merely a blueprint. But these are key points that we should all be in agreement on, more or less.  Of course, our political platform will be much more comprehensive, but I think these key points can and should form the basis for it.  If you agree, generally, with these points, you should not be bashing others that do, too - regardless of your differences on other issues.  
  1. Race is real, it is not a mere social construct.  The only solution to the Jewish Problem is a racial solution - an understanding that the natural ordering of the universe is "racist", which has been subverted and turned up-side-down by the Jew for his benefit.
  2. The Jews are a hostile, subversive race of people who have always and will always undermine and eventually destroy their host nations. They are at war, if not militarily, then certainly politically, economically, culturally, demographically and spiritually with the non-Jewish world. The Jews must be viewed as the usurpers and destroyers of Western Christian civilization and white society specifically, and all decent, honorable civilizations generally. The Jew seeks to destroy the natural ordering of the world for his tribe's advantage, preying on confusion, loss of identity, and disunity.  
  3. Usury and private central banking are totally illegitimate, criminal forms of economic organization, which must be eliminated permanently from society.  
  4. The lies concerning Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany, the fake Jewish "Holocaust" and WWII generally are the Big Lies of the 20th century, just as the lies concerning 9/11 and the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" are the Big Lies of the 21st century.  These monstrous lies form the basis of our peoples' understanding of the world - their entire political and historical paradigm are shaped by these events more so than anything else. We must reject and effectively combat these Jewish lies and distortions of our history.
  5. The use of the mass media, "entertainment" industry, and educational establishment to perpetuate false history and psychological violence (PSYOPS) against our people must be recognized,  destroyed, and eventually reversed.  
I'd also like to mention that, in my view, National Socialism or Fascism are the only political ideologies that protect and advance the interests of the nation - politically, culturally, economically, and spiritually. We must reject Jewish international capitalism and Jewish international Marxism - they are merely two sides of the same Talmudic coin. These evil ideologies produce the same results, no matter where they are practiced - the Jew has all the money, power, and influence, while the host nation lays in ruins, totally devoid of it's identity, purpose, and soul.

Three broad demands I believe we should make:
  1. Immediate end to all foreign wars, occupations, and military outposts or bases, with American military policy being redirected towards controlling and policing the borders and coastlines, along with identifying and arresting all traitors, collaborators, and agents of the international Jewish criminal syndicate.  
  2. International declaration that Israel and a global network of Jewish criminals carried out 9/11 and blamed it on the Muslims to kick start the fraudulent "Global War on Terror". The state of Israel will be declared an illegitimate, rogue terrorist nation.  
  3. Immediate arrest of all top Wall Street CEOs, along with all top level officials in the U.S. Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, and IRS.  The practice of usury and private central banking will be abolished permanently.
There seems to be one issue that is particularly divisive, and that is Christianity and organized religion generally. We have Christian Identity, traditional Catholics, pagans or naturalists, anti-Christians, secularists, atheists, and people in between in this "movement". I say we all agree to disagree on this one issue. In my view, religion and spirituality are a private matter any ways, meaning I would never push my personal beliefs or views on you, and I wouldn't accept you pushing your views on me.

If you think Christian Identity is nonsense, good for you. If you're an atheist, great. If you are a traditional Catholic or cultural Christian, wonderful. I believe that the white Aryan or white European peoples are innately good-hearted, honest, hard-working, and creative people - exactly the message that Jesus Christ delivered, whether he was real or not. So even if you think Christianity is nonsense, let's at least be civil and respectful, make our points, engage in a dialogue, keep an open mind, and pursue the truth. There is simply no need to bash anyone of any particular religious or spiritual background that is on board with the key points above, or who may be open to them.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think all the guys at Truth Militia, the Prothink network, and Renegade Broadcasting would be on board with these points. Also, websites such as Total Fascism, The End of Zion, and a variety of other sites and blogs may be as well.

I'd also venture to say that guys like Bill Finck, Charlie Giuliani, Dennis Fetcho, John Kaminski, and Jonathan Azaziah, and ladies such as Deanna Spingola and Dr. Carley, would be in agreement or at least sympathetic to these points and demands. At some point, hopefully in the near future, we will need to produce some sort of political manifesto that we can present on our radio shows and websites that explains what we all agree on and what we need to do to go forward - sorta like those guys in Germany did back in 1920 before coming to power - and stop all the infighting.

I'll be discussing the history and the origins of the European peoples and Western civilization generally with Bill Finck this coming Monday at 6pm PST.  I'd like to have a round table discussion following my interview with Bill Finck, and encourage Rich and Keith, Siegfried, Mike Delaney, Andre from Total Fascism and anyone else associated with Truth Militia to call in during the second hour so we can talk about how we are going to go forward and end all this childish bickering and infighting.  


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  2. John,

    I couldn't help but notice that you left out Mark Glen from your list of potential alliances.


    Well, I think you're going to find that there are other "Mark Glen's" out there who is working for the enemy.

    The race issue is the cornerstone upon which everything else is based. The jews seeks to inject counter-cultural ethnic contamination where ever possible. They even send forth their agents who talk a game against jews while at the same time promote hand holding with other ethnic groups. This is enemy strategy.

    The manipulation of ethnic conflict is probably the oldest form or warfare.

    Please watch the following video. It discusses strategies that enable successful maneuvering in a multi-ethnic conflict environment.

    This video explains in clear terms what really happens in ethnic conflict situations and how best to maneuver in that environment.

  3. I don't think that what you're seeing is "infighting".

    "Infighting" as I understand it in this context is conflict among members of the same group.

    I don't think that is what is going on.

    I think you're seeing conflict between rival groups. This is "Fighting".


    Why do you think some people refer to Oracle Broadcasting as "Torah-cle" Broadcasting? And, why do you think some people refer to Charlie Giuliani as Charlie "Jew-Liani" who loves to go out of his way to BASH the underpinnings of White Western Culture?

    Is that he is doing "infighting"? Or is he performing a different function entirely?

    You certainly don't need to post this comment as you may consider it to be "too controversial".

    But, you may want to consider some of these issues for yourself.

    The recent Sandy Hook fiasco has outed certain people in no uncertain terms.

    A closer look at who preaches against racial solidarity might be a good idea before the shooting starts.

    1. I have to agree with you. Although there IS a fair share of infighting, there's also the "Fighters," aka The Gate-Keepers. I've been thinking C. Giuliani may have been or has become a Gate-Keeper. He started out as a "Christian" who focused on criminal jews then gradually switched over to the story of giving up Christianity and exposing it at times to finally swapping the "jew" problem completely with the Christian and "white race" problem.

      It's a crying shame, cuz before Charlie G. slammed dunked Christianity IMO he was a fantastic guy and terrific host. He was much happier, far more mellow and had a hilarious dry wit which he mixed with his exposure of the criminal jews. He'd have anyone rolling with laughter. The bitter jew pill was far easier to swallow with some hilarious dry wit to wash it down. It was great to tune in to his shows. It was Charlie who educated a lot of us to the jew problem, backed up with cold, hard, indisputable facts. I really, really miss the ole Charlie I used to know. I have to agree though, the Scofield deceived 501.C3 Church has become a big problem in a big political way. They now worship israel and the jew as much, if not more, than Jesus. Without that bit switch, IMO, the bogus wars against the Middle East couldn't exist. It's what Jesus warned would happen: The great falling away. Prior to that, Christians all over the world wouldn't put up with jews B.S. and 80 countries kicked them out 120 (rounded #) times. That's one of the reasons the Jew's first target is Christianity.

      I wish you "Anonymous" ones would post a name. All you have to do is choose any first name. You don't have to use any other info if you're not registered. Under profile select "Name/URL" then just fill in any alias first name you want and enter the same name every time you post. That way we can all at least become friends on this forum and know whose posting what. It would also help eliminate some of the trolling.

    2. Hey Shar, I think Charlie still exposes the Jews full time, and he has never bashed Whites or taken an anti-White stance. He sounds like he's generally pro-White, although he doesn't really focus on it. He did have Dr. MacDonald on a while back, which was good. I'd like to hear him interview Dr. MacDonald again, or a guy like Greg Johnson or Tom Metzger.

      I think Charlie has just had a crazy experience with Christianity, and he is so fed up with it that it gets to him. I love the guy, I think he's great. I don't see eye to eye with him on Christianity, but I think he's on our team for sure.

      And yes, it would be nice for people to use a screen name instead of posting anonymously. Anyone posting anonymously that is here to simply talk crap and cause trouble will not have their comment published from here on out.

    3. John,

      Sadly I cannot agree with you on Charlie Giuliani. He has stated many times how much he loves Multi-Culturalism.

      If you like, I can go dig up his statements on this issue and provide the audio.

      He has stated how much he "LOVES" going into certain non-White communities. He said "I LOVE IT".

      He has also maligned "White Supremacists". Yes, John - he has used that term. I find that extremely offensive.

      I also think it is clear that that he works for Torah-cle Broadcasting. Just look at the programming there John.

      I don't think he's really on our side.

      If he is - he is one very confused man.

  4. I so look forward to this round table discussion, especially with WWIII looming, with women to be drafted.

    It is so awful to know about the horrifying numbers of Christians who profess that Jesus is the son of God and that He proclaimed that all salvation comes through the Jews. This is what the country singer, Charlie Daniels, told the world recently while criticizing Obama.

  5. John,

    I back what your trying to do with this.

    However, I do understand the jewish focus on white destruction yet at the same time we have to stop thinking we're special because of it. The jews are ultimately destroying EVERYTHING.

    As I always say, the jew is the common enemy of EVERYONE and that's the only real key needed when it comes right down to it.

    Just ask the non-white Muslims in the middle east right now how they feel about jewish destruction. Pretty sure going at it from a whites are the focus angle would be less productive than the jew is the common enemy angle.

    As for your agree to disagree on Christianity and religion in general than I would suggest keeping it off of your programming.

    As you stated its a personal thing anyway so would it not be better for the movement for you personally to explore religion behind the scenes?

    Please give serious consideration to my suggestions and thank you for trying to keep everyone on track.


    1. Hey Lonnie, no one is saying that Whites are special because the Jews want to destroy us, our civilization, and our race. As I said in this proposal, the Jews are the destroyers of all decent, honorable civilizations and peoples. But I'm White, and I care about my race and people, first and foremost. I understand that we have many potential Muslim allies that understand the Jew and his true nature, and we should focus on our common enemy, you're right.

      I will continue to discuss religion, spirituality, philosophy, history, and anything else I want with any guest I want on my radio program. I will not push my personal views or beliefs on others, and I do not expect my guests to either, that is not the purpose of what I'm doing with my show. Just because my guest has a particular perspective, like Christian Identity or Catholicism or whatever, does not mean they are trying to convert anyone or that I endorse everything they say when they discuss their views on my show.

    2. Fair enough John, it IS your show.

      Religion is just so darn divisive.

      Thanks for taking time to respond.


    3. No problem man, and I wasn't trying to be rude or anything towards you. You're right, religion is very divisive. But why does it have to be? As long as someone isn't pushing their beliefs on you, why can't we at least hear them out and consider their info? That's what I'm all about. I'd like to get someone knowledgeable about Paganism and the ancient Aryan texts from India, Iran, etc to discuss this angle on my show. Do you, or anyone else reading here, know a good source?

  6. John, fine piece. I would suggest you add a couple of examples of open-mindedness. I am pretty sure that people would benefit from seeing examples of an open-minded response to something that they might disagree with.

    1. Not dismissing someone like Eli James or Bill Finck because he is a proponent of Christian Identity is a perfect example.

  7. Listen to what kike Bloomberg has to say about gun control in this video. This shows you what you're up against.




  8. The Jew Bruce Fein, a principal 'advisor' to Ron Paul for President campaign, along with Ralph Nader, a couple of years ago informed the Harvard Law School that Muslims did 9/11. Sitting directly in the front row, with his Jewish beanie on, was the vicious Zionist Dershowitz.

  9. And the Chicano Infowars host again Monday called for Israhell to be an official territory of the USA saying that then 'we' can protect it from attacks by its enemies.


    Yes folks, the jews love it. They thrive on it. They go to great lengths to encourage it.

    How? They use your military to go into other lands, destroy any resistance and then import the ethnic inhabitants back here. They grant the ethnic invaders free stuff like Affirmative Action, Special Government Loans,all kinds of "free stuff" and "special privileges" not available to you.

    Why do you think that gas station and convenience story is owned by Pakistani's? LOL

    That is all part of the larger jewish plan. It's called "SEEDING". Seeding ethnic pollution into your community to promote division when needed.

    The jews have been doing this for a very, very long time.

    Anyone who preaches against your racial solidarity is either a jew, a jew tool or just plain stupid.


    This video explains in clear terms what really happens in ethnic conflict situations and how best to maneuver in that environment.

    Make no mistake – the various groups out there ARE NOT your friends. They are working towards THEIR OWN INTERESTS……not yours.


    That alone says volumes.

    Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. Some of these so-called "Muslims" are really Israelis.

    "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves" said Lenin. Well, he wasn't kidding.

  11. just tuned out Alex "Zionist Stooge" Jones on account of he repeated the "Jewish" lie that Christianity comes from Jewdiasm...for the umpteenth why is that...?

    religion is a belief system..Knowing the Truth is not a belief system.

    Israel {The People - 12 tribes - Gen.49 & Deut.32 & Rev. 7} are the White People nations...Christain Nations - First World nations no matter how many "Jew Worshippers" hate truth, mock the Truth or repeat "Jewish" lies....

    90% of so-called "jews" are gog & Magog Japhetic Ashkenazim "Proselytes" to Talmudic Anti-Israelite Hate The Truth "Religion"....

    how many actual Israelites live in the "jewish" State called "Israel"

    how many Dallas Cowboys were at the Alamo ?

    you may want to put the facts in order starting at the start and working through the FOG BANKS from the start instead of going is easier.

    Mullins Book - THE CURSE OF CANAAN is a good primer...

  12. Nicely said lad. Very well put indeed. Our people could do with a bit of unity. Keep the good sense flowing!


  13. You are right John, we cannot continue to be divided along religious lines or we will continue to go nowhere. Our enemy is certainly not divided in this way. Secular Jew, orthodox Jew, doesn't matter to them because first and foremost they are Jews. And that is how we have to think. For example, I am a conservative Catholic, which makes me a universalist I guess, yet I still have a great deal of respect for Bill Finck's work even though he is no universalist. Ultimately we are both Christians and if we can put these differences aside the whole will become much greater than the sum of the parts. We are living in interesting times, and for the first time in decades I feel a certain sense of optimism that things are about to change. Our enemy has overstretched himself and the cleverly constructed facade is beginning to show cracks: the "hollow cost" is being increasingly questioned and E-lie Weasel exposed as a fraud. But we must be united to exploit it or another opportunity will be missed and if that happens we can only look forward to another 500 years of debt slavery.

  14. Do you not see this division is EXACTLY what religion was created for?


  15. religion being a belief system divorced fro any TRUTH...

    John, I be goin' to go out on a limb here...

    I have this friend in his 70's that has an incredible library on all the above topics and then some... and being towards the autumn years and in failing health, monitors the Talmudvision to find one new and improved lie...

    sometimes he watches the kill Hitler channel and it would appear that the "Jews" hate Hitler at least as much as they do Jesus...hmmm

    anyway, there is another White Man named John that if you don't know him he surely must be in the running for a guest slot on your well done radio show...

    it would be interesting to listen, and my only request would be to not be in a big hurry, and just take the time to really get to the nitty gritty and flesh out the details and encourage callers with insights and information and questions to contribute to making the picture clear...on radio that is a big deal...

    Thanks for all your GOOD FAITH efforts to shed light in the darkness


    1. Great suggestions Davy, I just emailed john. He is someone I highly respect.

  16. If your views are true, JF, then the Germans are the most inferior of all. They lost two world wars and are completely and totally subservient to the Jewish people today. How can NS-fascism be your foundation when it lost on every front in the last world war?

    Just asking.

    1. What do you suggest then Diocletian? More Jewish cultural Marxism, capitalism, multiculturalism, liberalism, etc?

      The Germans were destroyed by their own racial brethren, not because of NS-Fascism. They lost on every front because the Jew was allowed to infiltrated and corrupt Western society, namely the US, UK, France, and the USSR.

    2. You say that "The Germans were destroyed by their own racial brethren." But this isn't going to happen to the current white nationalist movement? Isn't it already starting and that's why you wrote this proposal in the first place (which is quite good if I might say so myself)?

      How can that rabble over on Mami's Feces, that's always carrying on in the chatroom about anal sex, pot, tweek, booze and broads, succeed where Adolf Hitler and NS failed?

      I don't have an answer for you. What I can tell you is that this WN "movement" started back in the Metzger days and it has not achieved a thing. Not one. There has to be an alternative strategy. I have not found that yet but I have an inkling what it needs to be.

      You do realize that Hitler conked the Slavs over the head way too hard during the war, right? He adamantly refused to give them independence. He even kept the old Soviet admin in place and simply had his Reich Commissars (Reichskommissare) assume control over these "Soviets" in Ukraine and the Baltic states. That's a huge reason why Germany lost. They were too arrogant in the beginning...thought they could romp and stomp the inferior Slavs in Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc. IMO white nationalism is making the EXACT SAME MISTAKE.

      But I'll hand you this: you're the only one left who has not descended into the hellhole with these witless worms.

  17. I like what you are trying to do here, John. One of our problems is also one of our strengths and that is the fact that we are all 'free-thinkers', so to speak. We aren't easily lead - if we were we wouldn't have arrived at this point in the first place. How we harness this collective energy is the key. At the moment it seems like a lot of it is spent arguing with each other.

  18. John, the biggest problem with this is that most people are STILL so brain-washed about TRUE WWII history, and especially the truth about Germany, that it will be very difficult to even get the ignorant masses to even LISTEN to the evidence/proof/facts as they are, much less unite in a fascist union to throw-off the yoke of jewish control of our planet. The ONLY solution that "I" have for this is to FIRST wake-up the people we are able to what the international-jews have done to our planet, their crimes throughout history, their MILLENNIA-OLD conspiracy toward "The jewish Utopia," their murders of hundreds-of-millions of human-beings in the various wars fought on their behalf and after their take-over of Czarist-Russia and the other Communist nations and the aftermath of Germany, and their TREASON AGAINST THEIR HOST NATIONS WHEN THEY COMMIT FALSE-FLAG OPERATIONS TO CAUSE THE POPULATION TO BE MUCH MORE SYMPATHETIC TO THEIR CAUSE(S), ESPECIALLY 911, 7/7, OKC, AND JFK'S MURDER, AMONG SO MANY OTHERS.

    One thing that I feel is critically important is waking-up Blacks as to the fact of who not only brought the slaves to America, but who was in control of slavery, as well as the "British" East India Company, responsible for so much misery across the planet so many hundreds of years ago. In fact, I have some VERY big plans to reach-out to the Black community with a flyer and other methods of out-reach to explain to them that "WHITES" were not/are not responsible as we are all led to believe, but here is WHO TRULY WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ATROCITY THAT WAS SLAVERY:

    We are all doing our part, and God bless Zan Overall for his courage and tenacity, and it is no secret that he is my hero. Thank you for this essay, John.


  19. John,

    Please watch the following video.





  21. John,

    Here's your chance buddy.

    “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736)
    H.R. 5736 "eliminates the existing ban on domestic dissemination of public diplomacy material, which prohibits such material from being viewed in the United States."

    "Additionally, the measure stipulates that provisions related to dissemination of public diplomacy information material apply only to the State Department and BBG". (Broadcasting Board of Governeors).

    Arguably, the Sandy Hook Movie falls under the State Department due to the UN Small Arms Treaty issue.

    John, now is the time to act.

    Now you know what you have to do.


    This is a fucking MUST DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this issue is easy to sell to the average person.

    We need to quickly develop an awareness campaign on putting a spotlight on that law.

    All of you out there that understand the jew problem....get on board here.

    This is our chance to break the ugly news to the average person.

    We need to get that damn law changed.


  22. John,

    No need to publish this.

    Listen, this issue is probably the most important thing that we have seen in recent times.

    Most of the rest of this bullshit pales in comparison to this authorization to use coercive propaganda against US Citizens.

    It’s all here in black and white.

    There is absolutely no point in trying to fight the jew if this law remains in effect.

    They will win hands down.

    Strategically, we all need to be fighting this law.

    You people that read here……we all need to coordinate on how we are going to get the word out.

    This is a tangible thing that we can all attack.

    I suggest we move on this.

  23. Maybe I'm ignorant of what Fascism is but doesn't that involve dictatorship? Why not have a "capitalist" society that has the general level of awareness that this corner of the truth movement has? What about doing away with government entirely and having Anarchism? At least that way there should be no way for one small group to gain control over a society, no one who can instruct taxpayer-funded organisations to cause you difficulty if you challenge the status quo.

  24. Mr. Friend

    Why must you continue to play this game with CI personalities. I have more respect for regular christians, who disregard the Torah, than CI.
    I'm sure you are aware what 'Positive Christianity' was in the Third Reich. Isn't that a far more reasonable approach to religion, than trying to hang on to Judaic tripe in the Torah?

    In fact, I find this native European religion far more palatable than some semetic nonsense. Nevermind, what christiany has done to totaly destroy it.

    This is our native REAL history, our Aryan morals, our ancient ancestors, etc... not that pimp 'abraham' how insulting!

    What you must know already, Hitler saw the Old Testament filth pretty much as a semitic, anti-work, anti-culture thesis; among other things.

    The fact that there were Aryan and White mediterraneans in ancient times in the Middle-east, means as much as Aryan presence in India even before that time. It doesn't mean what CI wants it to mean. Won't go off on a tangent, so that all I wanted to say. Hope you consider.

  25. First off, I think your comment is great, thank you very much. I will check your links and would love to interview someone about this stuff.

    "Why must you continue to play this game with CI personalities."

    I'm not playing any games Mike. Bill Finck is BRILLIANT, regardless if he's CI or anything else for that matter. If you can't be a grown up and hear what the man has to say, then don't bother listening to the program.

  26. Perhaps that is the correct attitude to take. The need to continue to grow up intellectually. I'll therefore disregard the reproach of being thought unacquainted with the Mr. Fink and his works. In fact, I came across his works 3 years ago and listened and read about his "archaeological evidences" among his other works, and have been studying the matter ever since.

    It might do me good to listen to him after all, to see if he 'updates' his thesis once in a while.

    John, I hope you didn't take it the wrong way. But having read almost all the Vedas and Nordic Sagas, I thought that people in the 'movement' already 'out grew' CI a long time ago. That is why after reading such an excellent article, I was a bit irked when you mentioned him that I didn't choose my words carefully.

    I will be listening and will be taking some notes too. Hopefully, there will be much to talk about afterwards.

    1. No prob Mike, check out and read some of his articles or listen to the podcast. I will check those links and bring it up with Mr. Finck.

  27. Hi John, your "Proposal" seems broad, but who is it aimed at? For instance, are you seeking to unite the "Truth Movement", or "Revisionists" or "White Nationalists". What are you attempting to do and who re you addressing? Your blog for instance is all over the place and often you have people on, such as CG who is questionable and Condit, that interviw wa so full of factual errors, both from him, you and callers, it was pathetic and served no purpose. You need to decide what your emphasis is going to be and pursue it. Also, you and many others have do more than just scream about the problem, many people know what the problem is, what is the solution? What do we replace the current sewer with, how do we do it and how do we convince people that we are able to do it, i.e. establish credibility. By the way, the Sandyhook stuff will never get us anywhere and makes us look like a bunch of lunitics. At some point you have to learne when to keep your mouth shut, i.e. what battles to fight and when to fight it and what will ignight the broader populace. By the way, I cannot find your racial worldview anywhere on your blog, what is and what is your guiding principal for establishing who is and who is not pure?

    1. lol, wow that's a hell of a series of questions... I was hoping to use this post to kick start the conversations needed to answer all of the questions you just asked.

      For starters, let's try to get everyone I listed above, or at least most of them, on board with this idea of a general alliance and set of key points/demands. Then we can go from there. But generally speaking, I think our target audience should be "traditional White America" - conservatives, traditionalists, gun owners, hunters, farmers, vets, etc. We really need to continue to recruit from my generation and younger, in my opinion. How we do that is another question... I always talk to people everywhere I go, just trying to see what they're about, political leanings, etc. We all should always be recruiting and assessing individuals for potential, right?

      My blog is all over the place? How so? Do you even read my blog?

      The Condit interview wasn't that bad, was it? lol, I admitted in the show that I wasn't terribly familiar with all the military aspects of WWII. What exactly was factually wrong that I said, if you don't mind me asking? The military aspect of Dunkirk was cleared up thanks to Severus, so please let me know what I said was wrong so I can correct it.

      I'm hoping we can start talking about a solution now instead of criticizing each other, letting trolls and losers on the internet misdirect our focus, and bashing each other over our religious or spiritual views.

      Sandy Hook and all the other PSYOPS MUST BE EXPOSED because it's the truth, ain't it?! It sucks telling people about the Holohoax, but it's the truth, ain't it?! The truth is the only thing that will set us free, and we need to stop being so damn afraid to proudly proclaim it! Sandy Hook was the most obvious PSYOP ever, and it woke tons of people up. I just talked to someone who reads my blog the other day, and they are totally up to speed about the Jews now in just a matter of weeks. I will continue to point out that Sandy Hook was a gigantic hoax, the videos we were shown on teLIEvision on 9/11 were FAKE, and discuss all these other PSYOPS and fake media events, no matter how unpopular it is. We cannot allow these Jews controlling the media to assault our intelligence like this!

      I am pro-White generally, and pro-American White specifically. I like the idea of working towards a White state in North America. We have a lot to talk about and work out before we can get to that point though. So now is the time to start that conversation with an alliance of key individuals already in this "truth movement".

    2. I think Condit's theories, and his knowledge, are riddled with holes, more hole than theory really. But, he is a likeable guy, and does make an interesting guest.

      I thought it was a very good interview, and I admire your energy John, in doing what you do, and the way you openly do it. But I don't agree with you on several issues.

      Here's "Hitler's body" Jim C. was going on about. Of course it isn't Hitler, it was one of his doubles.

      Hitler's shot himself April 30, 1945, and as he'd ordered, his body was almost totally destroyed, which led to all sort of confusion and is a very long winded story. Hitler's jawbone is still in Moscow, and the piece of his skull which in 2009ish was found to be that of a woman, was not found with his jawbone, but a year later, after Stalin ordered the NKVD back to the Reich-chancellery garden to do more digging. The rest of Hitler's remains (which were found with the jawbone) were eventually cremated in 1970ish. Hitler's dentist and dental nurse positively identified his teeth from the jawbone in 1945.

      Hitler's paternal-grandfather will never be known for sure, but the chances of it being a Jew are extremely remote. Rumours were widespread in the Jewish press from the mid-1920s that Hitler was a Jew (ALL Jews were not then, nor are they now, in cahoots), but that means nothing, look how often Truther A labels Truther B a 'Jew'! If you haven't already, you will be called a Jew, Jew-shill, disinfo-hasbara agent at some point.

      Zionists did want Jews to leave Europe for Palestine, and Zionism was loathed by the overwhelming majority of both the assimilated (secular) and religious Jews in Europe. And the Zionist had long known they were going to have to give the Jews a little shove to leave Europe:

      "I have already told you that we want to let respectable anti-
      Semites participate in our project, respecting their independence which is valuable to us—as a sort of people's control authority."
      - Theodor Herzl, diary, June 11, 1895

      "You, Sir, and the Hungarian Jews will eventually come to us, for anti-Semitism will drive you into out arms."
      - Theodor Herzl, interviewed in 1904

      Herzl was first and foremost, an ideas man, that's for sure.

      Jews didn't control Hitler, not in the slightest, but they had immense influence in the Soviet Union, the United States and Britain, and expected to be able to crush Germany again as they'd done in WW1.

      Did Zionists make donations to the NSDAP in it's early days, as they'd long believed that anti-Jewish governments in Europe, could help them achieve their goal of making Jews leave for Palestine?

      'Preposterous' say the neo-Nazis, and the Zionists, in chorus.

    3. @ AnonymousFebruary 2, 2013 at 12:37 AM,

      Among other things you ask about how to establish credibility. You also say that we all need to remain silent on the Sandy Hook Movie PSYOP "because it makes us look like idiots".

      In 2012, Congressmen Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Adam Smith (D-WA)introduced “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736).

      H.R. 5736 explicitly allows coercive propaganda to be used against US citizens within the borders of the United States. This law was passed 7 months before the Sandy Hook Movie hit the streets.

      Do you think that exposing the fact that H.R. 5736 was passed and that H.R. 5736 is an Authorization to Use Coercive Propaganda Against the American People "makes us look like idiots"?

      Perhaps you are simply unaware of the existence of the formalized practice of Psychological Operations in the context of manipulating populations.

      I will tell you that not only does this practice exist, it is highly developed.

      Remaining silent on the Sandy Hook Movie PSYOP is a huge mistake and really only something that would be advocated by a government agent or shill.

    4. "But I don't agree with you on several issues."

      What don't you agree with me on? There's no question in my mind that Hitler shot himself in Berlin, and had his body burned. All the rumors of Hitler escaping to South America, he was homosexual, he was an evil psychopath, etc. are Allied propaganda, particularly coming from the British and Soviets.

      There is no proof or reliable information demonstrating Hitler had any Jewish blood, or was funded by Jews or guided by Jews. I generally agree with your comment on Zionism, too. So what don't we agree on? lol


    This Sandy Hook Movie was likely authorized by “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736) that apparently allows coercive propaganda to be used against US citizens within the borders of the United States.

    “We (the jews) continue to face a multitude of threats (mainly from White people to our power structure) and we need to be able to counter them in a multitude of ways (such as you saw in the creation of the Sandy Hook Movie). Communication (and Movie Making Make-Believe) is among the most important,” said Rep. Thornberry. “This outdated law (that protected the American public from overt kikery PSYOPS transmitted over the mass jew media) ties the hands of America’s diplomatic officials, military, and others by inhibiting our ability to effectively communicate in a credible and transparent way. Congress has a responsibility to fix the situation (for the jews – at the expense of White people and their "freedom"),” Thornberry said.

    If you’re not happy about the obvious concerted effort to completely destroy your Bill of Rights here – you may want to take notice.

    We now know that this Act was passed.

    We need to know how it is being used.

    ABOVE ALL – we need to stop it.

    This Act and this damaging practices that it authorizes far outweigh any damage that any of the 3rd and 4th worlders could ever do. If you want to make a difference, please focus your energy on this Act and how to counteract it.

    I don’t think the average person is aware that this Act exists or what it authorizes.


    What is that? That is one of the organizations that were specifically "enabled" in the Act.

    Go to this page:

    You will see a picture of Shillary Clit-on

    As you know, Shillary and the State Department wanted to disarm you in accordance with the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY.

    The The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 allowed DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS to be transmitted directly to the American people in support of “Policy Changes”.

    Then, they gave you the Sandy Hook Movie PSYOP.

    What a coincidence.


    Start calling the NRA.


    Call every single firearms and sporting goods related manufacturer and retailer you can think of.


    Explain that in 2012, Congressmen Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Adam Smith (D-WA)introduced “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736.

    H.R. 5736 explicitly allows coercive propaganda to be used against US citizens within the borders of the United States.

    In the aftermath of the highly questionable Sandy Hook Event, we are urging you to place a notice in a prominent spot on your website exposing this Authorization to Use Coercive Propaganda Against the American People.

    This must be stopped.

    In addition, we demand an investigation into the Sandy Hook Event and its possible connection to this passage of this Anti-American Propaganda Authorization Act.


    Start calling the NRA.


    Call every single firearms and sporting goods related manufacturer and retailer you can think of.


    Explain that in 2012, Congressmen Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Adam Smith (D-WA)introduced “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736.

    H.R. 5736 explicitly allows coercive propaganda to be used against US citizens within the borders of the United States.

    In the aftermath of the highly questionable Sandy Hook Event, we are urging you to place a notice in a prominent spot on your website exposing this Authorization to Use Coercive Propaganda Against the American People.

    This must be stopped.

    In addition, we demand an investigation into the Sandy Hook Event and its possible connection to this passage of this Anti-American Propaganda Authorization Act.

    1. I am writing a letter to the NRA today and will mail it soon.


    Congressmen Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Adam Smith (D-WA) introduced The Anti-2nd Amendment Propaganda Transmission to Americans Act …..otherwise known as “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736).

    The Anti-2nd Amendment Propaganda Transmission to Americans Act (H.R. 5736) coincidentally was passed just 7 months before the Sandy Hook Move hit the streets.

    Coincidentally, The Anti-2nd Amendment Propaganda Transmission to Americans Act (H.R. 5736) authorizes the State Department and “Other Agencies” to create and disseminate propaganda directly to Americans in furtherance of actions in support of the UN Small Arms Treaty…that kind of thing.

    Time to inform everyone you know.

    This is the smoking gun.

  31. John Friend, your proposal simply makes sense and that's a compliment.

  32. We are obviously having a lot of trouble getting out of the gate due to long term damage of Jewish mind control.

    Just like jews we have to think very long term and big as well as small and detailed.

    So let's say we get ourselves out of the childish infighting and manage to get organizing. We start a basic plan and get off the internet and start taking it to the streets in whatever form we THINK is going to be effective.

    Let's say we start to get each of our races more cohesive in the needed ways and eventually the individual races all start to realize we really do have power in numbers and can now start serious pressure against jews around the world.

    Keep in mind when under real pressure jews tend to scurry away to lay low so they can start another day........ What is our plan for that?

    And what about the real problem of Israel Samson option threat? Do you really think they are not totally serious and capable of doing this?

    What's the plan for such an extreme reality such as this?

    We can't take this one step at a time. We have to be longer thinking and bigger thinking all at once.


  33. John, you say racial divides will destroy a nation but you will soon understand the Religious divide is far more powerful... and if you think it's something that can be ignored, you are up the wrong tree. You might as well say we can all speak different languages and still be united.

    As for being a Christian and conceding ground/entertaining opposing views, well that's the first disastrous mistake we made. Watch them as they will continue to harass you on this point (just as Jews and Marxists used the same tactics) until your forced to give up your core ethos and spend your time writing 100 disclaimers so as not to offend anyone.

  34. *You don't need to publish this*
    It's more of a direct comment, to further elaborate on my previous points. Now if you want a golden rule of critical thinking, well
    "A man cannot serve two masters"

    This democratic/liberal/free-thought mindset is something that only works in prosperity or when major battles have been won... particularly when your first objective is to gain followers.

    Recently, Linder planted a flag on spiritual matters and while I'm in complete disagreement with his views, that decision is key to learn from. Anyone that wants to be a leader in this field HAS to plant their Flag. Surely you've seen the time wasted on these matters and conflicts, many which emanate from these divides.

    There needs to be One faith only and that's it. Followers worship strength more than anything.

    You say your enemies are out there, and that's what we must focus on, but this goes against everything that's ever happened in human history. Ghengis Khan first united the tribes of Mongolia through conquest... He didn't say, 'You know if we work together, we could probably conquer the world'.

    So in this phase of action, there really is only one method. As a leader, you define your faith allegiance and no dissension is tolerated. Then the next step is too see what the opposing 'leaders' are made of. Those that vehemently oppose, MUST be crushed and their followers absorbed. There is NO other way in the Fascist sense. In every historical story, in every film about power (eg. the Godfather), there is no difference.

    If they Native Americans had been under one ruler, they probably would have fought off the settlers quite easily.

    Anyway, my main point is that your most direct enemies, are the ones within this sphere, whether anyone knows it or not. Until, someone undertakes this task of 'uniting the tribes by force', every person sub-consciously senses that there is nothing much going on and they'll continuously push whatever comic-book mythology makes them happy.... because it's allowed!!!

  35. Why don't we call ourselves what we are?


    We are NOT hyphenated Americans. All of that bull was a jewish invention.

    Same thing with the jew-term "Native" American. The various Indian tribes had nothing to do with being an "AMERICAN".

    We should be calling ourselves "Real Americans". That is what I am.

    "America" is a White Racial Republic.

    That is how it began. That is what it is.

    This jewish bullshit is not "America" at all.

    1. I like "The American Realists" or something along those lines.

    2. John I like your choice of words "proposals" and "demands." Demands has positive and forceful effect.

      How about this for a slogan:


  36. mr friend,

    the only assholes i have a problem with are, the CI pricks, the pagan jerks and the whining (its all about me) catholics.


    HPD otherwise known as high plains drifter , also known as the only protestant in the truth movement (except maybe texe marrs and ted pike)

    sarc off/

    1. Yeah, we all just need to agree to disagree. Too many people let their egos and emotions get in the way and cause divisions.

    2. I agree John, I just got done reading an article that said did William Cooper was a shill because he said it wasn't just the jews alone. Whether William Cooper was correct on that point or not, he was no shill! The article was not signed, not completely uncommon in this movement however I don't know who this person is and it makes me think they are a possible shill just for saying such a thing, either that or they just don't know what the hell they're talking about. So maybe the person wrote the article think he's a shill and is saying that out of what he truly believes. In other words, there are people clearly speaking the truth about what they believe in and have things to back that up however just because 2 people don't agree on 1 particular subject does not make them liars or shills. Also people who have been aware of this Jew/Illuminati/Freemason/satanic problem have learned of it a different number of years ago and peoples opinions change over the years as you learn more things about this conspiracy and put connections together at different times.

  37. Part II- Broad Propoisal, John, Severus was incorrect in the Condit interview, completly incorrect. Yes, I read your blog and for the reason I asked who your target is and what your objective is. one minute you are wanting to free the Palestine then you talk about "Sandy hook hoax, which I again tell you serves no purpose in your objective to reach a the boarder masses. Remember, one step at a time. FIRST establish credibility, them spoon feed. Anyhow is it your position that there can be no debate and exposure of false prophets? if a self proclaimed White Nationalist calls for homosexual inclussiveness, we cannot call that out as wrong? If there is a Jew in the wood pile? If there is a race-mixer in our midst? The problems is the likes of Jared Taylor,Greg Johnson David Duke and gang like fools cost us in terms of credibility and they must be expunged and shunned.

    1. @ AnonymousFebruary 2, 2013 at 9:49 AM

      I strongly disagree with your advocation of silence on the Sandy Hook PSY OP.

      If anything, a massive education campaign on US government PSY OP should be tabled.

      1-5. The mission of PSYOP is to influence the behavior of foreign target audiences (TAs) to support U.S. national objectives. PSYOP accomplish this by conveying selected information and/or advising on actions that influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign audiences. Behavioral change is at the root of the PSYOP mission. Although concerned with the mental processes of the TA, it is the observable modification of TA behavior that determines the mission success of PSYOP. It is this link between influence and behavior that distinguishes PSYOP from other capabilities and activities of information operations (IO) and sets it apart as a unique core capability.

      There is a tremendous body of evidence that points to the fact that the PSYOP mission has been turned inward on the citizens of the United States.

      The Anti-2nd Amendment Propaganda Transmission to Americans Act (H.R. 5736) coincidentally was passed just 7 months before the Sandy Hook Move hit the streets.

      As you no doubt are aware - H.R. 5736 also authorizes and funds online operatives seeking to cover up PSY OPs such as the Sandy Hook Movie. Kind of like you're doing here.

      Fortunately, John Friend is not a shill and he will not be taking your "advice".

    2. I believe Severus' main point was that it just wasn't logistically possible for the German army to roll into Dunkirk and capture or destroy the BEF. You're saying this is incorrect?

      I have been exposing media fakery and media PSYOPS for a while now. That's why I came out so strong on this Sandy Hook hoax. This sort of psychological and intellectual violence against us MUST be exposed and analyzed.

      I think there can and should be debate and exposure of false prophets, as long as it's done professionally and specific points are addressed. No more gossip and childish, immature bashing of people, it serves no purpose other than to further divide us. If you have a specific problem with Duke, or Greg Johnson, or anyone else I would suggest you invite them on your show or call into their show and publicly challenge them on it rather than bashing them behind their back. Maybe email them or write an open letter and publish it somewhere?

      That's why a basic 25 point plan that people can either agree with or not would be beneficial to this movement. If you're on board, you're on board. If not, we wish you the best of luck. Know what I mean?

    3. is there a reason why the website , stormfront, has been operated out of west palm beach in palm beach county since 1995? and has never been shut down or bothered? in a county that boast more jews per square inch than any other place in the united states except maybe new york? is there a reason why this website stays up, while being in the midst of all of these jews? a website that is described by many to be the most racist website on the web? is there a reason why don black and his son have their own radio show on a local am radio station and nobody moves to kick them off? is there a reason why all of these things are the way they are? i think there is a reason.

    4. This race mixer in our midst idea is going to cause serious problems. A small amount of race mixing will ALWAYS happen. In the small numbers it happens (normally, not with jews pushing it) its because people actually love each other. That should never be shunned.

      Even Hitler realized this. Veronica Clark cover this very clearly. He realized trying to fight the small normal amount of mixing would turn into a huge problem and pull things apart from the inside. And so it should because it should be left alone.

      You guys need to understand and separate the difference between jewish led multiculturalism and a small number of people who simply have love for each other and want to start a family.

      If you can't gain and support this extremely simple understanding your never going to get anywhere.


    5. Well put Lonnie, I agree. We definitely have to be practical. There is certainly a difference between Jewish instigated multiculturalism, and natural multiculturalism.

  38. John,

    Look, you have not defined the enemy yet and you are getting a religious war going on. Not until you quell those voices will you be able to get any acceptable level of consensus.

    You may not have had time to study the subject of Hitler's efforts in defining a racial Jew. Positive identification was of utmost significance. Once a Jew was identified by an authoritative body he/she had to wear a yellow armband to save time and money in repeating the procedure. There were 400,000 Jews in Germany out of population of 80 million. In Poland in 1929 there were 3.5 million Jews out of population of 40 Million. Germans faces a formidable task.

    Apart from a racial identification of the enemy, Germans developed several ethnic tests/shortcuts. Whenever the issue of Jewishness was raised, Gestapo operative asked a suspected Jew to recite "Our Father" or "Hail Mary" or even sing a Christmas carol. Starting in 1942 Jews quickly figured it out and became experts in Catholic liturgy.

    The ultimate test was examination of male genitals. Any signs of mutilation was positive proof of Jewishness. It could have also identified a Muslim, but Muslim presence in Europe during WWII was extremely rare. Germans, just as the rest of civilized world considered circumcision to be a savage method of ethnic marking.

    I respectfully disagree with you that Jewishness is race based. Yes, initially it was Chamito-semites, than Hazars(Ashkenazis)/Turkic tribes joined the gang, so did Crimean Karaites and others. The genetic mix is broad and one can not positively identify a Jew. I see the so called Jew as an exclusive club. Only the anointed are in it. A lot of them are "wannabe Jews" that serve in making noise and shield the Judenrat.

  39. That trip to LA and time spent with ZO was useful, eh, John, and you have come up with a great plan. I totally agree with your three demands -- applause, applause -- BUT am in the minority re considering the Jews to be a race (this week, by comment, Brother Nathanael declared that Jews are a race, citing a lineage to Abraham, Jacob and those OT men, and that Jews look alike), because I have concluded that Jews are NOT a separate race, but a destructive garbage religionist tribe, even if some just worship their fellow Jews and themselves, with global domination their ultimate goal.

    1. You are absolutely right, Anonymous. Those that identify themselves as Jews come from different races and religions if any at all (Karl Marx). Let Rep. Gabby Gifford serve as an example. She was accepted as a Jewess in spite of her mother being a Christian Scientist. The only possible claim to Jewishness had her grandfather who immigrated to the US from Vilnius, Lithuania, proclaimed himself to be a Jew descended from the Great Gaon of Vilna and as proof of his Jewishness changed his name twice to Giffords. There is nothing racial in this hutzpah, just self serving lies or as Gabby would tell you it's a personal truth.

      Once a Jew is positively identified he/she should be required by law to wear a yellow armband to signify their Asiatic roots.

  40. I wonder if ever a Moses, Abraham, Jacob, et al existed, and as for David, I have read that there is some small territory that can prove a descension from the tribe of David, BUT that such a personage never commanded a large, or even small, empire. Hitler was right about the OT.

    1. There is some evidence that the historical characters that Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon are based on were in fact Pharoahs of Egypt, there was a time when Egypt ruled that part of the world and had an administration centre in Gaza. Also there were times in Egypts history where the land was ruled by two Pharoah's, Lower and Upper Egypt. One of those were the Hyksos or 'Shepherd Kings'. Ever wonder why there are obelisks and Egyptian symbolism everywhere ? The Vatican if full of Egytian symbolism, strange for Christian civilization. And the words Amen and Israel are Egyptian.

    2. Thanks so much for offering this answer. And how about the evidence that the genes of Sephardic Jews and native Palestinians are a match? Furthermore, all Jews sure as hell do not look alike, and can get away pretending not to be, as US Military Intelligence pointed out can (and do) cause great security problems in the Middle-East.

    3. I'm not sure i understand your comment to be honest. I'm no expert on this subject, i'm just offering some info which i have read. We are told that Abram came from Ur of Chaldea .. being a Pharoah of Egypt doesn't mean they originated from Egypt. There is nothing in the way of historical evidence or archaeology that supports any empire as mentioned in the OT ever existing in Israel/Judea .. there is absolutely nothing from that part of the world that can come even close to the genius of Egypt

  41. Part 1 of 2

    Hello John Friend:

    This is my first time writing you, but I have been visiting your blog for several months, if not for more than a year, and I first heard you being interviewed I believe on one of the TUT podcasts, and then on one of Deanna Spingola’s podcasts, around the same time.

    I want to say a very big thank-you so very much for everything that you have done. You sir are a gem, and I know that people out here in the “Truth Movement” (whether 911 Truth or other Truths, such as the holocaust narrative, the reality of ZOG, etc.) including myself are truly indebted to you in many ways, and appreciate everything you have done, will do in the future, and know that you are one out of only a handful of Truth Tellers that tell the freaking Whole Truth and NOTHING but the Truth, as you see it (and I believe that this is 99% totally verifiable, and proven with facts, etc.), period, and that you “keep it real,” do not pussy-foot around anything, are not afraid to be so-called un “PC,” but at the same time, Mr. Friend, you are absolutely totally polite, respectful, cordial, and non-bigoted.

    About myself. I am an American Muslim (Sunni). We don’t hate anyone because of their race or ethnicity, unlike say the so-called Nation of “Islam” (sic), as these people are not considered Muslim, but kuffar (disbelievers, and posing themselves as “Muslims”) who have evil, disgusting and despicable notions about the white race, and many other very strange, and un-Islamic theories about other things which I won’t go into.

    And because of the fact that I myself am a Muslim (who is of European descent, not that it matters), I have to especially be very thankful and indebted that you have and continue to tell the unvarnished truth about the 9-11 False Flag Attack, and the fact that it was committed by supremacist zionist Jews, and NOT by Muslims. You see things that even OTHER Muslims unfortunately do not see! (And they are supposed to be “J wise”) You see the fact that zionist Talmudic Jews (or at least their “elites”) are trying in essence to “destroy” Islam (in many of the same ways that they have largely destroyed and subverted Christianity), Muslim countries, their culture, way of life, etc., by getting Western Christians and peoples (who are largely white of course, but nevertheless have become almost TOTALLY Judaized, and zionized in every single known way) to fight NEVER ending wars, occupations and genocides against the Muslim Ummah (Nations, peoples, etc.).

    You see that these same racist, supremacist Jews (along with their traitorous, Shabbos Goyim non-Jew dupes) with their total and absolute control of the Media have sought to TOTALLY, in all ways, falsely demonize and vilify Islam, and all Muslims, in evil and just straight up Satanic ways, in order to incite Western Christians and peoples, to see all Muslims as totally subhuman, evil vermin, whom ALL deserve to be slaughtered, subjugated, and erased from this Earth, so Americans (and other Westerners) will continue to send generation after generation after generation of their people to fight in their Jew wars, for Jewish Supremacy and the cause of Zion.
    Of course the irony is that these same Jews and their Jewish religion (as is stated in their corrupted Torah, and their hateful Talmud) teaches that all non-Jews are basically seen in this same, exact way, as subhuman, filthy “animals,” including all of these same Jew worshipers and puppets, whether they are fanatical, zionist “Christians,” alleged “American” nationalists, so-called “conservatives,” or proud Western “Patriots,” etc.

  42. Part 2 of 2 (cont.)

    And it gets me depressed, because IMO, the overwhelming, vast majority of Americans of all stripes have been TOTALLY brainwashed, fooled and hoodwinked, HOOK, LINE, and SINKER by these zionist Jewish supremacists. I mean these zionist supremacists have turned around EVERYTHING. Up is down, black is white, white is black, down is up, 2+2 equals five, War is Peace, Jews are ALWAYS innocent, Germans were “Evil,” the NSDAP was “Evil,” not blindly and fanatically supporting the terrorist, criminal, Jewish zionist entity is “anti-American” (the vast majority of so-called “conservative” zionist Jew infiltrated Tea Partier, “pro-American” Super “Patriots,” were all saying this to some degree, in our last “US” 2012 presidential “election” for zionist Puppet) etc., etc. And the vast, overwhelming majority of American, of all backgrounds, all philosophies, with the exception of like maybe 3% of the populations largely buys most of this! (Correct me if I am wrong; maybe and hopefully I’m being too pessimistic)

    Here are just some of the examples… For instance, IMO, the vast majority (or at least a very large percentage) of so-called “Patriotic” (sic) Americans, actually do think that Muslims control the zionist Occupied “US” govt. including Homeland Security, that the JEW CONTOLLED media is actually controlled by Muslims (!!!!), that Jew Puppet Obama is actually a Muslim (not a “Jew” puppet who has claimed many times that he is a “Christian,” whom in fact for decades as even the JMSM has admitted to was groomed by Chicago zionist Jewish Supremacists; no offense to true Christians!), that Jew puppet Obama is NOT pro-Jew and pro-zionist enough, that Jew puppet Obama “hates” Jews (!!!!), that Jew puppet Obama is NOT killing enough “evil” Muslims and is actually an anti-war PACIFIST, and “pro-Muslim” (yeah Jew puppet Obama is a certified War Criminal that would even make George W blush with envy, guilty of the killing and displacement of several thousand Muslim non-combatant women, children, and old men, whom is rightly seen by many Muslims and even non-Muslims as the current leader of the zio-Judeo Crusaders trying to eradicate any Muslims who refuse to be slaves to World zionism, or their interests), that the number one threat to all Americans (it’s not the flu epidemic, it’s not the phenomenon of criminal thug black flash mobs, etc., etc.) is that Islamic Shari’ah any day now is about to be forced onto Americans, OMG! (and these despicable, lying zionist supremacists and their puppet Shabbos Goyim NEVER talk about the fact that we are already under the jack boot of tyrannical "Halacha"(supremacist Jewish Talmudic Law), as it is ALLREADY in part, forcefully imposed on the general American population without our choice, or the fact that at least 3 of the current Supreme Court Justices are TALMUDIC JEWS (why don’t we EVER hear about this?????), and all of the them regardless if they are Jews or not, are fanatically philo-Semitic and pro-zionist), etc.

    Anyway, Mr. Friend, these are just my rambling and scattered thoughts. Sorry if my rambling doesn’t make sense, but hopefully it will. Sometimes it just feels good to get them off my chest! LOL

    Again thanks for everything, keep up the great work, and God Bless :)

    1. atizog,

      I take my hat off to you. Mainly for the fact that your personal religious convictions do not blind your overall assessments. Jews will and do use religion to further their exclusive goals. Of course, majority of the active Judenrat members are atheists.

      It was through falsification of Old Testament that Jews managed to divert American Protestants to serve their cause especially after the 1967 war.

  43. John, I'm very much in favor of your proposals and 3 demands and look forward to your next show with Bill Finck and the discussion afterwards. We have been divided and conquered and need to LEARN to work together. You and Zan are my heroes. You are examples of the the kind of courage necessary to stand alone on street corners and face down jeering crowds!!!

    I totally agree about Sandy Hook, 911 and other psyops. Every lie that's exposed brings us a step closer to freeing ourselves from the massive tangled web of media and official lies.

  44. John,

    I understand where you are coming from with this. But this has been tried over and over through the years and a solid alliance has never solidified. I don't think it ever could. There are vastly differing view points between the right wing christians, christian identists, creators, atheists, pagans, etc.

    I commend your point of view, but I just don't see it as feasible. And I totally agree with you that belief is a personal thing and to leave it at home.

    The main problem as I see it is that all of these beliefs, especially the christian ones are of the opinion "it's my way, or the highway!". I think this comes in part from Christianity being a proselytizing belief system. I have to agree with Linder on that point. And even if there was a solidified ceasefire between these groups it would only take the subversive action of one anonymous person to sew dissension and the whole thing would fall apart.

  45. Others have made the point for me. There will never be a ceasefire or coalition of the willing until these matters are resolved with an iron hand. People are afraid they will no longer be able to profess their personal beliefs because one group will win out... well that's life. Victory and Providence define truth, and a good soldier should be fulfilled in carrying out the orders of their superiors.

    Too many Bradley Mannings around - "Well I don't like your gay policy so I'll sell you out"

    Need to stop using Alex Jones as the model and bring ORDER, before you even think of ZOG or Jews.

  46. John,

    You are a nice friendly guy new to the movement, you are doing a great upstanding job, many of these issues and frustrations you are experiencing are not new, us writers have been dealing with them for some time. Year and decades of hammering out this problem, get our minds wrapped around these issues.

    Here's the outcome of years of debate:

    1. Christianity is married to Judaism and can never be separated.

    2. Christians (mostly unknowingly) helped the Jews take over the world because of their Bible beliefs.

    3. Christianity is Judaism lite, it is racist and supremacist just like the Jews. Americans for the most part hold a supremacist viewpoint that America is special and America has a role in military dominance on the planet. See this excellent video exposing how elites misuse the American mythos:

    Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

    4. Many Christian cults are trying to usurp the Jew in being the chosen group, they are not against supremacy, but primarily against Jewish supremacy or against their Christian rivals, almost all Christian denominations say they are the one true faith.

    5. All Christian denominations are fraudulent because the entire memeplex is based on unproven memes of an angry sky god that judges man and sends all to hell unless saved by the Jewish sun god. The basis of Judeo-Christianity is false, there is no judgment or hell or any need to be saved except to be saved from the machinations of the scheming Jew. The entire memeplex is fear based and since all fear is false, the memeplex is false.

    6. There is no proof of this Jew god, so to give any creedence to Jehovah or Yahwey as real is proof of possession, those who believe are actually possessed by the memes or the spirit of the Jew book. Those that accept the "holy ghost" into their being are in reality being possessed by that spirit and thus are enforcers of the Jew matrix. The Jew god is not real, he didn't create the Universe or people, asserting the creator as Jewish empowers the Jew. Thus fighting the Jew but believing in the Jew book it futile.

    7. America is multicultural, deal with it. No one is going to vote for your movement or new National Socialist party if you organize around "whites only" race. If you want to rule you have to be of higher frequency than the Jew, if you decide to go racist then you are fighting higher consciousness and thus will lose. If you go with higher values then you can't lose, the real fight is with yourself and higher consciousness.

    8. Hitler was the greatest man in history but lost because he violated point 7. The Jews are violating natural law, humans are organizing and trying to defeat the Jew, so why didn't Hitler win but George Washington did win? Lesson learned, be inclusive and stay in higher consciousness and thus you become unbeatable. This includes the idea of killing all Jews for the crimes of some Jews. You will lose if your promote injustice, you become unstoppable if your system is more just.

    9. Anyone using derogatory words like kike or nigger are of lower consciousness and thus are sabotaging the movement. Mark Glenn (ugly truth) is your peer and is a great leader because he is not racist and not white. You didn't include him, why? All the Jews have to do to completely derail your movement is get it to go racist.

    1. FACT #1

      Mark Glen promotes jewish multi-culturalism which is really counter-culturalism or anti-culturalism.

      FACT #2

      Mark Glen promotes the official narrative of the Sandy Hook Movie. The Sandy Hook question has been settled with respect to the veracity of the official story.

      FACT #3

      The above post if fully of historical inaccuracy and jewish thinking. For example, the jewish writer above states that George Washington "won". Today, we know that George Washington did not "win" the Revolutionary War. No invasion of England was accomplished. George Washington appointed a Rothschild Agent as the first Secretary of the Treasury. A jewish Central Bank was implemented. Debt Slavery of America was secured.

      FACT #4

      Anyone aligning themselves with the jew by promoting jewish ideology is of lower consciousness and is the enemy. Any person who promotes the unnatural flooding of a society with ethnic pollution acts only to acquire at the expense of others that which their own ethnic group could not create for themselves.

      FACT #5

      Any person who employs jewish counter-cultural lexicon, such as "inclusiveness", "social justice", "higher consciousness", "supremacism" and the like - is an student of the Frankfurt School and is an agent of jewry.

      America is sick because of its forced multi-culturalism. Get over it. This is a fact. This sickness must be cured or the patient will surely die.

      Non-Whites are generally parasitic in nature. They want to come to White countries to feed from the trough of plenty created by the abilities of the White race.

      Intellectual and creative abilities are genetic and therefore racial in nature.

      Non-Whites are simply not bless with the same attributes that Whites are - hence the desire of non-Whites to flood into White countries.

      Please note that Whites do not clamor to live in non-White countries. Why is that? You know why. We know why.

      Mark Glen is simply on a lower intellectual plane than is John Friend. There are not peers.

    2. all of that and he ends with mark glenn is a good guy? LOL

    3. @Ares

      I couldn't agree with you more on your debate #7.

      "America is multicultural, deal with it ......If you want to rule you have to be of higher frequency than the Jew, if you decide to go racist than you are fighting higher consciousness and thus will lose. If you go with higher value than you can't lose, the real fight is with yourself and higher conciousness"

      White nationalists have the very rights to protect and defend their cultures, heritages and national sovereignties, but I don't believe white nationalists alone can defeat the most powerful, the most vicious, and the most treacherous International Jewry. Only the decent people of all races unite to fight against this cancer of the planet earth - Int'l Zionist Criminal Network, then we have a chance to success.

      I am all for The Ugly Truth's "International Nationalism" strategy.

    4. quote:

      "FACT #5

      Any person who employs jewish counter-cultural lexicon, such as "inclusiveness", "social justice", "higher consciousness", "supremacism" and the like - is an student of the Frankfurt School and is an agent of jewry."

      This is typical low brow reactionary consciousness, you think that any person who loves everyone, a person in a higher love vibrational consciousness, is somehow part of a vast Jewish plot. C'mon man!

      Jews tap the higher consciousness and play both sides. First they supply the slaves then later the cheap Mexican labor and it creates a problem, then to fix the problem they caused they use high sounding ideas that sell to the upper middle liberal class. Their should be social justice, like impartial trials for all instead of lynchings.

      According to low brow, angry, reactional thinking we should kill all the "niggers" off after we off all of the "kikes". Then you would probably kill all the wetbacks and chinks next, am I right? The question is whether you would ever stop killing (murdering) whoever you don't like, like whites who aren't pure white. There will be no limit to your murdering spree because exclusion is your driving philosophy.

      "Kill 'em all", that's your slogan and why you are not in power and never will be in power, and if you get in power then sane men of every race will unite to stop you and your demented ideas that only whites like to create and work and build.

      If you racist Christians were actually Christian you would have an inclusionistic philosophy like your teacher Jesus. But with you Jesus is all lip service, with you Jesus is all hat no cattle. Love all is his command, if you can't love all then you really are not a follower of Christ. For many of us who graduated from the ego school of Christianity we love all because we feel it and not because we are in fear of hell.

      There are many things I don't like about Mark Glenn primarily trying to create solidarity between Muslims and Christians, why? All the Abrahmaic religions are bullshit, why not trash them all, grow up, stop believing in superstitious fairy tales? But overall Mark Glenn is a leader and inclusive and exposing the Jews, but for you he simply isn't white enough.

      Racism has no part in the modern world, no rational person is going to sign on to your white only hate mentality. You probably think that if I say your a hater then I must be a secret Jew agent from a secret Jew Frankfurter school. Nope, I just see you for what you are, a hater.

      Unless you change this movement right now and go to inclusion then I predict your movement is going nowhere and if you took power you would experience and epic fail. Want power? Grow the f-ck up.

    5. Thanks all for your replies to Ares. You saved me the time and effort. Ares post is so full of c**p I didn't know where to begin but will only add that I have never heard John use the words "kike" and "nigger" on his blog or on his show though I have been a listener and reader since before he tried to speak at the OSD rally.

    6. Ares,

      You are right in most of what you write, with some exceptions.
      "Christians (mostly unknowingly) helped the Jews take over the world because of their Bible beliefs.

      Untrue. Catholic dogma had long ago de-emphasized the Old Testament because of jewish Asiatic morality tales. It were the American Protestants who swallowed the Israeli Old Tesament.

      In Europe the Anglicans, Hussites, Lutherans, German Protestants shy from inconsistencies of the Old Testament and can easily be called antisemitic (see Martin Luther)



    Here is the story as I understand it at this time.


    After doing some digging, I have uncovered additional evidence on enemy strategy to cover for the Psychological Operations. The previously mentioned bill, entitled: Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 apparently died in Committee. Please note below.


    Latest Title: Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012
    Sponsor: Rep Thornberry, Mac [TX-13] (introduced 5/10/2012) Cosponsors (2)
    Latest Major Action: 5/10/2012 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.


    The Pentagon itself had “leaked” statements of concern about the bill that “found their way” into the press, as below:

    MAY 10, 2012

    The proposed date of implementation of the bill slated for 180 days after May 10, 2012 - which is right around the exact date of the Sandy Hook Movie.

    Text of bill here:

    “(e) Effective Date- This Act shall take effect and apply on the date that is 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act.”

    MAY 22, 2012

    Audio of fake distress call in Texas on

    JUNE 11, 2012

    Fake distress call from “Sandy Hook” NJ.



    This means that the Sandy Hook Movie was not authorized by any lawful Act.

    This means that we are facing a rogue criminal element operating freely both inside and outside of government.

    There is also evidence that this rogue element is well versed in the implementation of the PSYOP mission.

    The mission of PSYOP is to influence the behavior of foreign target audiences (TAs) to support U.S. national objectives. PSYOP accomplish this by conveying selected information and/or advising on actions that influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign audiences. Behavioral change is at the root of the PSYOP mission. Although concerned with the mental processes of the TA, it is the observable modification of TA behavior that determines the mission success of PSYOP. It is this link between influence and behavior that distinguishes PSYOP from other capabilities and activities of information operations (IO) and sets it apart as a unique core capability.

    One key point of PSYOP is to interfere with objective reasoning - as stated above. This is often done by creating “red herrings” and fake leads.

    The above Sandy Hook maritime hoax calls to the US Coast Guard may have been placed to ensure that Google searches for the term “Sandy Hook Hoax” would direct away from discussions of the shooting hoax.
    Step1: Stage a long string of 'terror shootings'(across the USA and abroad), gradually instilling in the public's consciousness the notion that we live in dangerous times - and that such shootings can occur anywhere and at any time these days ("so get used to it, people!").

    Step2: Progressively inject intentional absurd inconsistencies/ fluctuating death tolls/ outlandish storylines/ crass acting by alleged family members and so on and so forth. This gets the attention of a certain percentage of independent thinkers who have not been completely numbed by the “shock and awe” of the staged event. (This strategy hinges on the avoidance of the emergence of a “critical mass” of gun owners among the population).

    Step3: These increasingly exposed events and inconsistencies result in a split between two belligerent factions - “Believers” vs. “Non-Believers”. Those factions will be so split that they will be arguing in their own homes. This strategy seeks to divide gun owners and destroy their united front.
    Step4: United we Stand - Divided We Fall. While the “Believer” and “Non-Believer” factions argue over inconsistencies of the event itself, the government moves to enact draconian disarmament legislation that adversely affects both “Believer” and “Non-Believer” alike.

    The hype surrounding the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was intentional. This was put to intentionally be “debunked” later on…with the intended effect of further confusing the public into NOT BELIEVING that their own government is acting against them.

    We are dealing with some very sick, very evil people that must be brought to justice.

  49. all of your demands look on top of it, i'd like to throw my hat in the ring and add a few more points to possibly win some leverage for this cause.
    -try to find a way to get grass roots movements going for real change, and don't let them get highjacked.
    -affirmative action was one of the dirtiest tricks pulled on us. but could we use that against them? is it unfair that these people dominate almost all of the industries, political world and control our military. is their a way we could start pushing for affirmative action for the white man, begin to point out the obvious and blatant race discrimination that is obviously being leveraged against us.
    -we need to make people aware of the class war fare that is occurring now. all the jobs have been sent overseas, and more disappear by the day. lets hold gentile collaborators to the fucking fire, scum bags like al gore, it think he's acually jewish, but any and bill clinton. that's what i'm saying, name these names and get it out there, i have been trying to get people to look into this shit for themselves by bombarding facebook with anti-zionist/anit-jewish articles and videos, but do not know how effective it really has been, but i think it is key to making people aware of the cohesive bond and over all goal to control the masses. but i've also had a lot of dumb fuckers call me a racist and a nazi.
    -we have to be subversive, like them, promote the national socialist/fascist ideology, i think that wording would scare alot of people, because they do not understand what these concepts really mean. white nationalism might not be the right wording to go with either, just for the fact that so many people are brainwashed by political correctness, but these other races of people would be a benefit, it would make it look legit. something like the citizens for american sovereignty, c.a.s. just an idea.
    -we have to make people aware of the crimes that are being commited in our names, and push for the punishment and nullification of laws that protect these bastards for their war crimes.
    -i think it would pull on peoples heart strings(subversive action) if we can show how we have been poisoned by corporations through our food, water and pollution of our environment. and i really don't think it would be amoral to point out that it is our children and their children who will pay. fuck these bastards that's what they do to push their agenda's with the ultimate goal to take away their natural rights of self defense and right to have a healthy life. point out strongly how these companies have aligned with the current government to poison us for economic gain and coercion.

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. Allovertheplace:

    A very, very good proposal.

  52. I can give a reasoned answer to this question posted above:

    quoting anonymous: "And, why do you think some people refer to Charlie Giuliani as Charlie "Jew-Liani" who loves to go out of his way to BASH the underpinnings of White Western Culture?"

    White racists don't like anyone pointing out the shortfalls of white Christian Western culture, they don't want anyone to point out that Christianity is married to Judaism and is also racist and easily steered into wars that benefit elites and Jews. What does Charles Giuliani say over and over, that Christianity is Judaism for gentiles. Is that true?

    Election after election proves the where the base of America exists, even total Mossad connected sleazeballs like Mitt Romney almost won, America is involved in more wars than any other nation, Americans are impoverished by these wars, war is the health of the state, yet Americans keep voting again and again for her destroyers. Even after it became obvious that 911 was an inside job Americans voted for GW Bush a second time.

    How can we understand this? How is it that Jews can blatantly occupy the white Christian governments and Christians say nothing, or if they are Evangelicals promote Israeli supremacy like CUFI does? The primary vocal opponent of Chuck Hagel outside of the Jewish Lobby is the biggest Evangelical political movement run by traitor John Hagee. No one forces anyone to be religious or be that kind of Christian, yet CUFI's influence is broad, its not some fringe group, all Seventh Day Adventists support Israel. All Baptists support Israel.

    If Israel is the evil state of the Jews then what does that say about white Christian Americans who support Israel? They willfully support evil. Seventh Day Adventists and Baptists are large white Christian mainstream organizations. Evil aligns with itself, how much more clear can it be that tens of millions of Christians are in full support of genocide and these wars, they fly yellow ribbons that say "support the troops" on their bloated blood for oil soaked SUV's.

    So it is clear why people react when this Jewish-Christian axis of evil is pointed out by Charlie when he illustrates clearly that the Bible is the source of this mentality, he quotes the Bible, he tells you the traits of Jehovah, he hammers home the idea why do you worship the Jew monster god?

  53. John, before you mail your letter to the NRA about the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, described in some comments here, please look into whether or not it has ALREADY died in committee.

    All, please listen to Bruce Campbell's speech which he gave to a meeting organized in Idaho, describing why to be against gun control grabbers, and do the same yourselves, with press present. He read it to Dr. Rebecca Carley during her show yesterday.

    1. Can you supply a link please?

    2. Bruce Campbell is the only person making complete sense with the jewish issue.


    3. Sure, I just finished listening to our hero at, "What's Ailing America with Dr. Rebecca Carley on T.M.E.", from The Micro Effect Alterrnative News, at, 888-747-1968. {Carley did point out that that last website does not save recordings of her shows.} Thank all the goodness for Mami's Shit!!!

    4. Thanks. I went to that link but could not find the interview!!? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    5. Try

      What's Ailing America with Dr. Rebecca Carley on T.M.E. 2013.02.02

    6. Success! Thank you!

      Everyone needs to listen to that.

  54. Didn't the naming word kike for Jews originate from illiterate immigrant Jews use of the letter/symbol "k" to sign their names at Riker's Island, because they did not want to use "x", to avoid this crossing of lines, which could be thought of as a crucification cross, due to their hatred of Jesus/Christianity? Then, how is calling them that an indication of lower consciousness? Enquiry.

    1. Oops, it was a circle that was used to represent a Jew's, and kike is derived from the hebrew word for circle.

    2. Engine search the word, "kike" and check out it at

    3. "Michael Jackson - They Don't Really Care About Us (Uncensored Lyrics}" uses "kike" several times. Listen!

  55. You know that guy from India who got that jew-loan to buy that convenience store?

    Here's where he came from.

    Given time, he'll re-create that little bit of heaven.....right here.

    Enjoy your multi-cult.

  56. There is something that I would like to bring up to all of the posters, including Mr. Friend, and I would like to see if you agree or disagree with it. I guess you could call it an opinion, or a hypothesis, although it’s nothing too deep, or complex in the least bit at all, nothing that would take days or hours to prove, only seconds, and it is nothing new of course. And because of this one thing, IMO, nothing can ever be done, point blank, end of story, to further advance the “Truth Movement.” What am I saying?

    First of all, let me state a hard core fact, one that I’m sure every poster here can pretty much agree with:

    The fact is that today, zionist Jewish Supremacists TOTALLY control, pretty much, EVERY SINGLE aspect of our lives as Americans (and have for decades now), including the Govt. (ALL branches and divisions), the Media, Culture, Politics (I know some of these overlap one another), etc., etc., etc.

    BUT here is where it’s really, really jacked up…

    It is my opinion that maybe like 98% of Americans (of any race, including whites, as I believe the majority of posters on this blog, although not all, would possibly identify themselves as “white nationalist” types; but this includes all races of our fellow goyim) DO NOT freaking know this! DO NOT freaking know this. DO NOT freaking know this. And of course this is a very, very huge and astronomical problem, obviously. So what do we do? And do people agree with this hypothesis?

    1. anti-zog,

      To answer your question, we will take a structured approach. It will go something like this:

      First, we're going to ask a Question. Do zionist Jewish Supremacists TOTALLY control, pretty much, EVERY SINGLE aspect of our lives as Americans?

      Second, we are gong to do Background Research.

      Third, we are going to construct a Hypothesis. In this case, our Hypothesis will be something like this: "I believe that the group that controls the world-wide debt and interest based currency scam controls the government, media, culture and politics through coercive purchasing." The hypothesis is your general statement of how you think the scientific phenomenon in question works.

      Fourth, we will test our Hypothesis by doing an Experiment. This is the part of the scientific method that tests your hypothesis. An experiment is a tool that you design to find out if your ideas about your topic are right or wrong. You can't prove a hypothesis with a single experiment. So - at this point you need to design one.

      Fifth, we will analyze our data and draw a conclusion.

      Sixth, we will communicate our results.

      I do not think that most people understand the nature and mechanics of the debt and interest based currency fraud. If they did, it would probably enable a higher percentage of them to recognize that the people who control and influence government, media, culture and politics are those who don't have to do anything for the money they "create".

    2. Anti zog,
      If you want to fix the problem rather than simple complain about it, you might try this approach:

      • Define the Problem
      The problem is private control over the creation, issuance and valuation of our debt and interest based currency.

      • Do Background Research
      Study currency history and types.

      • Specify Solution Requirements
      Currency creation, issuance and valuation must not be in private hands and it may not be based on debt and interest.

      • Create Alternative Solutions
      One viable solution is currency issuance by the government based on the value of products and services produced domestically - as was done successfully in Germany under the NSDAP.

      • Choose the Best Solution
      • Do Development Work
      • Build a Prototype
      • Test and Redesign

      The above process is an overview of how to design a solution to a problem.

  57. "False Flag Alert on Ankara Bombing" is an excellent report published by Wayne Madsen Friday. Yes, the Netanyahu regime is the culprit, again, and shame on all the Zionists of the world!!!

  58. Yes, it was way too easy for Jews to infiltrate the American Atheist Organization. Once the government in Austin Texas allowed an office manager with a criminal record (he had hidden in order to be hired at the American Atheist office in austin) to get away with probation after stealing $50,000 from us, in revenge and seeing easy pickings, he slaughtered its powerful united-as-a-family dedicated leadership that had during their lifetimes, kept out the Jews.

  59. I notice how no one is talking about The Day of Purim this year??? Funny how the effective communities like oracle and renegade have gone into meltdown before this period too.

    Last year it was constantly highlighted and then nothing...this year we are being kept off this subject with distractions like Sandy Hook.

    World mkts have been deliberately pumped up in order to withstand what will be a very volatile time.

    They pushed the 10yr UST to 2% and the Dow to 14'000.

    I believe during this period of chaos and distraction we will see traitous treaty changes made in Europe and invasion of Syria

  60. one of the problems white people now have , is that perhaps over 75 percent of the people who get on these blogs like this one and bitch and complain about what the jews are doing and what the government is doing , are also getting some kind of government check to live on. i find that hypocritical in the extreme. on the one hand they bitch about all of these things and with the other hand they reach out to receive their monthly shekels check. how can anyone be trusted in any kind of scrape(if it ever comes to that) , if that someone is tantamount on the payroll of the us government? shall the recipient of said monies , then turn around and bite the hand that feeds them? i say no, he or she will not. if you are real. then you need to deep 6 the social security disability scams and the unemployment scams and any other scam that you have going and stand up and grow a pair. get off of your lazy ass and go get a damn job. and that is my roger doger.....HPD said it and I am standing by readin da mail...

  61. What I Think we Need to do to Expose International Jewry

    After visiting the Truth Movement sites for a couple years it is evident that a lot of people are angry. They have every right to be angry because their humanity and dignity has been stripped away from them. Some may even say that my website sounds angry. But because of this anger I think that the International Jews are laughing at us in the West. People post about the violent tendencies of other races and just stir up animosity for White people in our multicultural societies. To me, this is misdirected anger because most non-White people come to the Western countries because of poor economic conditions, famine, and war created by International Jewry, and International Jewry allows these non-Whites into the White countries. All of our focus must be directed to the International Jew, because they are the nation-wreckers who have created all the problems that we have in our world. Narrowing down the Jewish Problem as a sole task for White Nationalists is doomed to fail from the start. It is called International Jewry for a reason! To think that Whites alone will solve Jewish hegemony in their societies and the multicultural disaster they allowed to happen on their watch is lunacy! I am not talking about discussing philosophical issues with perceived non-Whites, but the survival and preservation of each and every race on Earth. I also think that trying to wake up Christian Zionists is wasted energy. These Christian Zionists have a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with Jews, and nothing you say about them will change their mind. Not to mention that Christian Indentity is flawed because it flips the Jew's Supremacist view of themselves and claims that non-Jewish people are the chosen ones. What we must understand is what is happening in Gaza and the genocide of Palestinians is the blueprint for how the World will be when International Jewry has total control of every single aspect of our lives in every inch of the World. Stop fighting with each other, because every single person's life is at stake.

    1. Excellent! Well said.

    2. @a8879

      Your comment is a real gem.

      You sir told the truth, nothing but the truth.

      In your comment, you mentioned you have a website. I would really appreciate if you could provide me with the name of your website?

      Jenny W.

  62. -promote separatist nationalism based on unity of a people, to save their people and their heritage. their propaganda that is geared towards the destruction of all races and has dug deep into society. i think it would be a good idea to to promote infamous historical figures to set an example, people like dr. william perce, malcom x, people who where nationalistic and promoted racial cohesion in their messages.
    -promote an understanding of what cultural marxism really means, the dead end that it leads to and how long it has been being pushed in america to destroy all cultures, european culture in particular.


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