Monday, January 28, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend

On this edition of the Realist Report, Pastor Eli James of Anglo-Saxon Israel and Charlie Giuliani of Truth Hertz Radio will join us for a debate about Christianity. I have interviewed Pastor James and Giuliani in the past, and think they both make valid points about Christianity that are worth discussing.

Is Christianity a Jewish creation meant to psychologically enslave the gullible goyim? Or, has mainstream organized Christianity been hijacked and subverted by organized Jewry? Is Christianity an asset or liability in our struggle against organized Jewish interests and their agenda to corrupt and dominate the globe? These and other issues relating to Christianity, it's history, basic tenets, and spiritual texts will be addressed.  You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to Truth Militia via iTunes here.  


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    1. Thanks, those were two excellent comments.

    2. Hi... John great show tonight despite all the fighting... I believe Jesus did not come to preach "old testament" but instead came to teach us a new eastern inspired belief of love & peace… He left Israhell "jew infested" and spent his early years from as far east as Kashmir "Nicolas Notovitch wrote about his travels here"
      Jesus was supernatural saint "kinda like the Buddha Boy Ram Bahadur Bomjon is but no so vegan… I also believe the 4 gospels is only fraction of what jesus taught... Once Jesus's teachings became a threat against to the jew controlled Roman empire "I believe Jews brought down the Roman Empire just like they are bringing down the USA today" they needed to squash this new faith of love & peace… so they do what they do best infiltrate christians only to try and destroy them from the inside out... They new that Christianity was the fastest growing religion and would soon be the dominant Europe so they needed to control Aka Roman Catholic Church… once under their control they can censor the teaching's of jesus Aka New Testament by selecting only 4 gospels out of hundreds and editing it in their favor… How much more powerful where the teachings of christ in the first 3 hundred years before the censorshi that people would die rather deny the Gospel… I also believe the newly Created Catholic Church was never fully under their control "kinda like our Government is" even having Popes & Saints who were well aware of the Jewish Problem… They understood the dangers of the old testament teachings which is why the church stayed away from it…
      My grandparents who were devote catholics forbid my mother to read the old testament, this coming from a family that had priests & nuns… The Catholic Church puts the Church above the Bible remember the Pope has the power to change the teachings & even add to or edit the Bible if he wishes… This power is threatening to the Jews who have infiltrated the church since its creation… More so in the last 100 years with the creation of Vatican 2… Why does the newly created Mass resemble so much like a mason Ritural… Because the Masons have infiltrated the Church even becoming Pope… And masonry is a jew controlled secret society that worships lucifer the opposite of jesus… only in the last couple hundred or so years has the old testament been taught as word of God.. changing a once gospel based christianity into a more militant old testament zionist jew inspired belief… The jews understood that they needed to break up the Church in order to accomplish their goals... The newer christian church would have a revised version of the bible "pro zionist version" I agree that the New Testament is connected to the old testament but Jesus himself tried to do away with all the old beliefs… He did not preach the Old testament… Maybe small portion but the majority of his teachings resembled more Buddha…
      Jews feared the Gospel teachings so much that they needed to counter it with the old testament… Remember how many Gospels were burnt because they had nothing to do with the old testament… only the Gospels that had any connections with the old testament were allowed in the Jew created bible… I believe the New testament selected by the "Jews" to control the christian movement which at the time was growing by leaps & bounds… We can still embrace the teaching's of Jesus by ignoring the old testament and focusing only on the new testament… Better yet focusing only on the Gospels… you can take it even further by reading only the words of Jesus this includes other gospels like the Gospel of Thomas… Jesus was killed because he wanted to do away with the old jewish control and bring in a new age of enlightenment… A new Faith based on Love, Compassion & Peace...

    3. As for the Catholic Church today in my opinion is the least zionist of all christian churches "besides maybe the Orthodox"… Most Bible believers that I know are very pro israhell… The Catholic Church & pope is unfortunately under the jewish spell it's been that way since its inception as portrayed in the Lord of the Rings…
      Yes many catholics do worship idols but that's completely harmless compared to worshiping the old testament... and the church has never fully embraced its teachings instead focusing more on the Saints… The real threat here is if the Christian community woke up to the fact that Jesus came to earth not to preach the Old Testament God but to do away with it and embrace a new philosiphy of love & peace… if you read the Bible you have 2 different Gods one who is loving & one who is evil… the Beatitudes that Jesus taught are polar opposites from the Old testament God...
      So yes until we have a Saint who will stand up against the Jews… or a real American President who will do the same we don't have much of a chance against them… I say that because unless we get a leader in a high position nothing will change… Today Iran is the only large entity on planet that has the guts to stand up to them… We need to take back the throne Aka President/Pope and say enough is enough… a third option is for many small groups to unite against them… but because of so much infighting going like last nights show I don't see that happening anytime soon… Jews love it when goyim don't get along... If Giuliani went after the Talmud as he does the bible maybe some good will come from it... Or if he just focused on the Old testament only not so much the New testament more christians would listen… But attacking Jesus is not helping anyone… Jesus is not the problem at all… The Old Testament is… but even worse is the Talmud… So instead of going after Jesus who stood up against the Jews Giuliani needs to put his past hatred of the christians behind him and just focus on the Jewish Problem… In this great time we need to stop infighting with each other and stand up against the one problem facing 98% percent of humanity… We need more Saints, and Leaders who are not afraid of the jews… The truth movement is being destroyed from the inside out just like the christian church has been doing over the past few hundred years... while the jews have gotten stronger and stronger... Attacking the Government or the Pope very little having a president or pope who knows about the Jewish Problem and want's to do something about it now that speaks volumes... take JFK & Pope John Paul both killed in office because they were a real threat to the jews... How many leaders have been killed by them that we will never know about... Look at how much history of or World War 2 is a lie… And you can still talk to people who were alive during world war 2… Now compare that to Jesus and 2000 years of history… Yet the teachings of Jesus "what's left of them" still speak volumes today… That is why the jews are trying so hard to rewrite history so much so that christians today don't know that the jews murdered christ… Again we need more hero's who are not afraid of the Jew's… Hitler stood up against them Militarily and lost, Jesus stood up to them Spiritually and lost… Now the Internet as a collective is fighting them… I believe its a combination of the 3 that will free the earth from this jewish problem... John Friend you are a modern day Saint...
      PS: I revised my old writings because I wrote them half asleep... :) Please keep up the Good Work... If you can invite to your show... I think it should be looked into more... I don't think he is disinfo agent and he is not insane like who is 1% correct 99% wrong... What is your opinion on Jim Stone?

    4. Jesus never even existed. He was created from the philosophy of the Essenes which was a rejected jewish cult which went extinct because their belief in celebacy, loving their enmies, pray for those who persecute you, resist not evil, turn the cheeck philosophy. Tell that to the 40.000, 000 Ukranians who were slaughtered by the communists. Saul put christ cultists to death in Israel but brought this suicidal recipe to Rome. It caused the fall of the Roman Empire. The ficticious book you refer was also written by a jew.

    5. Do you mean that Nicolas Notovitch was jewish... where is the evidence? and if you go by his last name well lots of non jewish russians have jewish sounding last names... & his book was written during the Czar's rule not the Communist rule... the elite under the Czar where very well aware of the Jewish Problem... To say that he went to Nicolas Notovich went to Tibet to make up a fiction tale well... I don't base my beliefs that jesus went to tibet on one person's account... Many others have written on this subject... "Living Buddha, Living Christ" is a great book comparing the teaching of both... The Gospel of the Essenes and its growing movement of believers for the most part are Vegetarians and loving people... as for Jesus being one of the original Essenes might be part true... But I still believe Jesus traveled & learned from many religions as far east as Tibet for at least half his life... I do believe he was SuperNatural not the God of all creation like the bible teaches... I hope this answers your questions... The religion of Peace is a balancing act... I believe "peace to me is a helping hand one side & a gun for protection on the other" Love too...
      PS:I need to proof read before posting... At least here you can delete them... JewTube won't let you edit or delete anything...

    6. About Saul... he was a jew but he was not what brought down the Roman Empire... Most of what the jews doo is never published... Too think that the jews where not trying to secretly take down the Romans especially after the Romans destroyed holiest temple... 200 years later Roman emperor decided to make friends in the 3rd century with the christians to save the empire but from who? the Roman Empire had it's jewish spies everywhere and to think that the council of nicea in 325 had no jews is like saying when the constitution for the USA was written the jews where on vacation... I hate to say it but sometimes frankenstien "jewish created entites will fight back" I believe the Washington and the Constitiution had its jews behind it "minus the bill of rights" Just like the Patriot Act was passed by Americans who got duped into supporting it... Where power exists you will find a jew hiding in the shadows... Now will the USA say enough is enough and stop supporting Israhell leaving it sell destruct like the romans did 2000 years ago... Possible but the USA must be prepared for the Jews Revenge... SandyHoax & 911 are just small examples of how ruthless the Jews are... I believe the whole world must stand together and say enough is enough... Then the Jews will have met their match... and the world will be free at last :)

  2. I don't know if Stephanie, the first caller, will read this, but anyways... I believe in 100% free speech primarily. I don't use the word nigger. Other radio hosts do, and that's fine with me, I don't think it's necessary, but it's not a major thing for me. Blacks call each other niggers all the time anyways, why can't we say it?

  3. Dia, the second caller, made a great point in pointing out there is clearly a Jewish conspiracy against the white race. I believe the Jew is at war with the white European race - spiritually, economically, politically, culturally. It's in his DNA. The Jews subverted and destroyed white Western Christian society in the 20th century. They did 9/11 to justify the subversion and destruction of the Islamic world in the 21st century. The Jew is biologically opposite of the white Western man, and all decent, honorable men the world over.

  4. Why have a belief system that is fundamentally illogical? Supposing an all-powerful, all-loving being called whatever exists. Why does that being allow for evil to persist in this world? If that being simply wants to test the resolve of humans to overcome evil, then that being must surely have a rather sadistic experimentalist twisted frame of mind to allow for all the unspeakably cruel horrors inflicted on mankind and all other sentient life-forms. What have animals like cows done to deserve such painful jewish kosher ritual torture prior to their slaughter?

    Goodness is wholly possible without evil, that is what they call Heaven, right? Or is all that just a myth? Is LIFE a created cruel joke of that being? Would it not be far saner to NOT postulate such a being? Otherwise there is no way to refute the fact that being is guilty for all evil that has gone by in history. Why create EVIL?

    Perhaps there are just gods/spirits out there who are nowhere near almighty?

  5. Awesome show tonight. Would have loved to have my two cents on this. Buyt being in the UK I'm not at all sure how to get in touch. Do you do Skype access at all? If so please let me know and how. Just for future reference.

    First off, Charles guilliani came across with a very disappointing attitude. Fair enough he doesn't agree at all with what Mr. James has to say. But the way he came across with such a hateful foaming at the mouth approach. I mean c'mon, that's the tactics of the commie and the Jew. Not an attitude I care to hear in any rational debate. It did not make for pleasant listening. And only served to damage his own opinion.

    Secondly: I won't go repeating myself, so I'm just going to cut and paste my comment from the main Truth Militia page that I left earlier.
    Although I would like to add, that historical review has revealed that the first Christian churches came to the shores of Briton in around 20 A.D. This was well within the life of Christ, and 30 years before it reached Rome. But anyway. measure that against my previous comment earlier. And make of it what you will.

    Myrddin_XIV said:

    January 28, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    I gotta say, I like Eli James. Whether his thesis is correct or not. I can’t say. I would just like to point out that there are various none church affiliated researchers out there. Both in the fields of History and science. That do back up (at least in part), some of what Eli is saying. There is absolutely no question, that our history has been rewritten. It all depends on how far you are willing to look back through time. And how far back you are willing to consider, that this rewriting has occured.

    However, the one thing of which I am utterly sure. Is what is in reference to Revelations 18:4. Where it does say that we should come out of Babylon. THIS is something which I would most heartily agree with. As this system, no matter where you are in the white world (I’m in the UK),Is a most debilitating cancer upon our kin. And is doing nothing but crush us. So why do we continue to hold onto it? Our respective countries have alienated us, so much to the point that our own nations are now strangers to us. Also ask yourself. What is it that truely makes a nation. Is it law? Is it land? is it a constitution? Personally, I’d say that the most important factor, is its people! And more importantly, that peoples children.

    We have been put in an intolerable situation now, where our folk, can no longer thrive. Because the founding principles of what makes us what we are as race and nation, have been so vehemently overwritten. If we are to survive then we are going to have to learn to live again, without clinging to the coat tails of ZION.

    Eli James tells us this. The Bible tells us this. Common sense, should be telling you this. The State is beyond repair and cannot be saved. We as whitemen should now simply disregard the rules that have been set by ZION. And tell them to stuff their empire where the sun don’t shine.

    To come together, in brotherhood. To be a people again…..

    To be a NATION once more!


  6. For anyone who maybe intereted in this.

    Cut & paste the following link..


  7. knowing the truth is not a belief...

    goooliani has hurt the truth with false assumtions and repeating lies....which is good to open the eyes for all as he displays the TALKING POINTS of jew worshipping idiots...

    there are no true jews...only talmudic jews...gooliani is STOOOOPID
    maybe not on purpose...

  8. Hi John, I recently came across your blog through a link at a discussion forum and this is the first time i've listened to your show. I consider my self a White Nationalist and have been so for the past 12 years, I'm 28 years old right now and from New York. I have to say the subject was indeed interesting and i'd like to add you did a good job as a talk show host IMO. Does this show air every week?

    I do have some comments I'd like to add if i may. Btw, I'm neither an extremely devout Christian nor am I Christian Identity (i'm Catholic). First off, I've never heard of Charles guiliani before, so I really don't understand his vitriolic hatred for Christianity. I understand the hatred for the Judaic Old Testament, but not his fierce loathing of the New Testament. You guys made a comment that the old and new are inseparable but i disagree on that point, the New testament is a complete 180 from the old one and really has nothing to do with Christianity other than a few references of names and places from the Old Testament. The OT really deals with the physical world here on Earth, while the NT is all about the metaphysical (spiritual) world after we've left this one. That's just my opinion from reading through it while growing up.

    If Mr. Guiliani dislikes Christianity that's totally fine, but the way he goes about attacking it with his mannerisms and attitude is something that annoys me and would many other folks as well. I'm not just talking about the modern Judiased Chrisitians who attend Church today, but a lot of pro-white conservative Christians as well. I've realized he has some radio show of his own but after listening to his diatribe on your show today, I don't think i'll tune in to listen to him anytime soon.

    One other thing, I found it really appalling how he accused you somewhat of screening the calls against him and putting him on mute too many times.. i mean what a jerk thing to do lol. Maybe if he didn't yell over the CI pastor Eli so much and talk when it's his turn, the listeners can actually HEAR the show. I mean come on, also when you and Eli were saying how integration has ruined American Society and asked his opinion on the matter, he kind of deflected and said something like "well there are a lot of reasons why this country is ruined." I found that to be really disingenuous IMO.

    Anyway yeah other than that i liked what you had to say and enjoyed most of the people who called in, the first caller I think his name was Mike really made good points. Again, very good show i'll be listening weekly. Thanks and if you ever get a chance shoot me an e-mail sometime, Thanks and keep up the good work!

  9. That was a lively show this evening - to say the least. Here is the bottom line as I see it:

    As a White person, it seems that Christian Identity has my best interests in mind. If one were to ask the question “Is it good for Whites?” I would have to answer “Yes”.

    Charlie Giuliani summed up his position with this statement:

    “I want to unite all of the races against their common enemy - the jews”.

    Charlie Giuliani’s position is both unworkable and damaging to White people. Charlie Giuliani isn't stupid, so I have to conclude that he is aware of the science and everyday facts that support what we all know about blacks, etc.

    There are big differences between races that prevent their peaceful coexistence. Presently, non-Whites prey on White people routinely. Charlie Giuliani doesn't talk about that. Does he hold a world view that dictates that the only reason blacks completely destroy their environments and attack White people is because they are/were "oppressed"? What is the difference between that kind of thinking and what the jews have been doing to us? The jews are liars and deceivers. What about Charlie Giuliani?

    The problem with that position is that while that is true - presently, non-Whites benefit handsomely through their interaction with the jews. Charlie Giuliani never talks about this or discusses the huge EVIL of Affirmative Action. Hey Charlie, as a White person here I am disadvantaged by the jewish government, but I compensate for that through my superior ability.

    How many illegal Mexicans are going to join you in deporting all of the illegals? Even the village idiot knows how dumb and unworkable that is. Jews bribe non-Whites and use them to destroy White people and White culture. This is not in dispute.

    How does Charlie Giuliani propose to explain to non-Whites that they aren’t benefiting from the jews? Non-Whites ARE benefiting. They benefit from our destruction.

    I am not sure to what extent you realize how bad things are getting here in this country for White people. As the population of non-White increases, the frequency of violent crimes such as robbery, rape and murder committed by non-Whites against Whites for racial reasons will only increase further.

    And now, the jewish government is attempting to disarm White America. Personally, I don’t require any further wake up calls on this matter.

    In conclusion, I am no longer a fan of Charles Giuliani.

    Charlie, move into a black neighborhood and put your a** where your mouth is.

  10. These are the responses I gave to the new video called
    Obama and the Coming War of GREAT DECEPTION
    Which I still believe is a must see video. It is revelant to this conversation

    The Christ blood drinking cannibal cult is at again. Covering up for the jews and even call the protocols of zion the protocols of Lucifer. The after stealing the identities and of all of our Nordic and Europeans Gods and jduaized them ito the devils that they are and stealing all of our sacred symbols and giving them judaized meanings they plan the destruction of our sacred Earth. And celebrate a jew king who promises to kill all the gentiles. scrawney3brawneyis part of the planning


    John sholtes

    John sholtes 1 second ago

    Yes you are part of the Hall Linsey crowd. It was the plan set out in the Book of revelations started by jews and Nostardamus a jew ndr the jewisn Proyocols of zion which as Hollywood also owned and controled by jews have been planning the Destruction of the Earth AND MURDER OF ALL GENTILES. ES YOU WANT TO EXERCISE YOUR SAMSON OPTION.

    Pretty clever bringing the sign of the Valkrie another ancient Nordic symbol even used by you jews when making an attempt on Adolf Hitler's life.
    · in reply to John sholtes (Show the comment)
    John sholtes

    John sholtes 1 second ago

    You also are promoting the jewish lie about the Reishtag fire which was proven to have been started by another communist like yourself and blamed on the NSDAP by jews, Very tricky and like the jewmedia who got us into WWII causing the deaths of over 100 million Gentiles you still are planning your ultimate conquest of the whole Earth. You are truely evil.

    You tell the goyem that they will not want to stay alive and should all just die with the promise of your ficticious jewish king/ .
    · in reply to John sholtes (Show the comment)
    John sholtes

    John sholtes 1 second ago

    Jesus promises to kill all the Gentiles;

    Your ficitcious jew king said to resist not evil. We will resist you and We will stop you. We do not want your Armagaden. Your lies about the Holocaust and your lies about Adolf Hitler the only man to stand up against you. You try to You compare Adolf Hitle a Nationalist anti communist to Bush and Obama both communists and further desparage his name. You are not getting away with this. Stop you jewish planners surrender the Earth to your evil plans

  11. Great show, John! You did an admirable job trying to keep things intelligible.

    The notion that Christianity and the "buybull" are Jewish creations is ludicrous and needs to be repeated. Charlie can pick all the nits he wants and I have no opinion on CI, but there are 2,000 years of Jewish hatred of Christ and Christianity.

    Christianity, like all religions, requires self-discipline which it seems obvious is what modern society has had ripped out.

    I suspect the Jewish lie that they are the original Israelites is one of the reasons that Schopenhauer and Voltaire both identified then as masters of the great lie, long before the Holohoax and 9/11.

  12. This religion issue is far simpler than people make it out to be.

    You either have your head up your rear end or you don't. ALL religion is BULLSHIT. Esp. CI.

    And Delany, not impressed. I respected you until now. Thought you were smarter than this CI garbage.


    1. I would support CI because it's good for Whites.

      I bet "Lonnie" isn't White.

      Hey Lonnie, how about working to repeal Affirmative Action and stop taking all that "free stuff" on my dime.


    2. Oh I'm very white.

      If you can push this religion bullshit I can push it back in your face. Countless are sick of this bullshit divisive robot mind controlling religion stuff. It has gotten humanity NOWHERE.

    3. I'm as white as it gets.

      I should support CI because it's good for whites? Now I know your not thinking straight.
      The only thing CI is good for is carrying on the lie.

    4. I have to agree with the caller from New York...It was more like a tag team effort
      against Charley, than a fair fight. John friend is obviously biased in favor of that
      idiot james and delaney. The gal said it right, It`s a book all you "christians"
      are worshiping. It`s a fucking "man made book" written by, guess who ? To control
      and manipulate. If I was Charley, I would never subject myself to these moronic
      "bible believers" again

    5. John Adams, forefather and signer of the Constitution makes some poignant statements about the form of our Constitution. He says, “we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.” He goes on to say, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” It seems that Mr Adams believed that our form of government was only meant for a self governed people; a people who know how to live morally right. This also fits with the feelings of Richard Henry Lee who said, “the experience of all times shows religion to be the guardian of morals.”

    6. These are just a few quotes from one of the Forefathers of our County. There are quotes by many more of our Forefathers with link at the bottom.

      John Adams, President of the United States of America, First Vice President, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Signer of the Bill of Rights, and Signer of First Amendment

      “We recognize no sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus.”

      - John Adams and John Hancock

      “The Declaration of Independence laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity.” – John Adams

      “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.”

      - John Adams

      “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected, in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.”

      - John Adams

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

      - John Adams

      “I have examined all religions, and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world.”

      - John Adams

      “The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity and humanity.”

      - John Adams

      “[The Fourth of July] ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.”

      - John Adams

      “As the safety and prosperity of nations ultimately and essentially depend on the protection and the blessing of Almighty God, and the national acknowledgment of this truth is not only an indispensable duty which the people owe to Him.”

      - John Adams

      “It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue.”

      - John Adams

  13. why did you keep on muting charlie but not eli when they talking over each other...

    1. Agreed! I was wondering the same thing. I`m disappointed in friend

    2. Pipe down you anon trolls, I was fair to both sides. I explained I muted Charlie because he was interrupting Eli. I muted Eli a few times too, and had them both on mute for a while at one point. Why don't you fucks start your own damn radio show or blog and do things your way, eh?

  14. Read this book.

  15. Savitri Devi Lightening in the Sun

  16. Maybe Iceland is the true spiritual homeland of the white race. Seems to me the Icelanders are the only ones in the West standing up to The Bankers.
    Go Olafur Ragnar Grimsson!!
    Go Vikings!!
    The world's banking matrix was set-up way back in babylon. The old-time "know-nothing" Christian ministers got that right.
    Eustache Mullins', "Curse of Canaan", is an excellent work about the banking system and how the ancient Hebrew religion was usurped for the benefit of the banking ruling class. Mullins traces the matrix back through history to it's inception. The book is online in pdf,and can be found with a simple engine search.
    Mullins also wrote an excellent study of how the Federal Reserve System came about, how it works,and who benefits,etc. -- "The History of the Federal Reserve". All of Mullins books are online.Google:
    "Eustache Mullins"
    A very honest and patriotic American historian.
    Still, looks like Iceland is "the promised land" right now.
    Go Iceland!!
    Vikings Kick Butt!!!

  17. Giuliani is an ex-Bible thumper, after having been fired by his Church. To me, that explains a lot of his virulent anger against Christianity.

    Unlike Carolyn Yeager, I do have problems with the Bible, and am proud to be an American atheist, striving to be ethical and noble in thought, word, and deed. Instead of thinking that I was born to know, love, and serve God, I think I was born to know, love, and serve Goodness.

    1. That was well said.

      To know, love and serve "Good".

      What a difference one letter makes...

      I'd say it clarifies.

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    1. I just can't understand why fools like you are being so divisive about it. As ultimately we all want the same thing don't we? I just don't get it.

      I say that from a whites perspective... For all I know you could be a Jew.... Or worse!


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  20. Thanks John you did an amazing job in difficult circumstances! I also listen in from the UK.
    We got what I expected from Guliani and Eli got his message across for those "who have ears" .
    It was courageous of Mike Delany calling in, knowing the unpopularity of issues involving the bible.
    Mike has gone up more in my humble esteem.
    We face a heavy uphill struggle against a determined enemy and our demise is sure unless we identify the enemy and unite under a solid ideology.
    Many of our people are lost in 'Babylon' with all the amusement/porn and distractions/lies of the main stream media.
    I believe that Eli James has dug down into the best information we need as a race to unite us, as we did traditionally under Christ our King when the white race was invincible and ruled the world .
    This information needs work to digest and understand and more and more of our people like yourself are putting that work in and seeing results in their personal lives.
    "The truth shall set you free" I pray for that freedom from our oppressor!

  21. When whites RULED the world?

    I'm white and that sounds creepy. You religious types are a little scary.

    1. Clearly, organized religion has been twisted by various preachers towards their own personal gain. This is easily proven.

      As for Whites "ruling" the world - I don't think that Whites ever wanted to do that.

      However, please take note of who invented every single modern convenience that you use every day. The electricity you use, your computer, the transistor, your car, the airplane and on and on... Those were creations of White men.

      Black men didn't do any of that. White men did that.

      BTW, the institution of slavery is still alive and well in Africa. White men stopped the practice. White men ended the practice that had existed for as long as humans have existed. White men didn't invent that one - but they did end it.

      If you perceive White self determination as "creepy" you might want to consider relocating into a "darker" area such as Haiti. See how they govern themselves there. See what they've invented. See how they "rule" themselves there or any of the other shit holes of the world.

      White rule is preferable to the typical 3rd and 4th world scenario. Is that "creepy" to you?

      If so, how about relocating?

    2. "The electricity you use, your computer, the transistor, your car, the airplane and on and on..."

      And nuclear power, nuclear weapons, radiation and chemo, machine guns, etc. etc. All the things that are destroying the planet and the entire human species as well as animalkind.

      You're boasting about these creations why? I missed your arrogant point.

  22. How can anyone trust a Pastor that doesn't use his real name?

    Given the role he's taken seems like he should be providing his listeners with who he really is.

    1. This coming from a fucking anonymous troll posting on a blog on the internet? Grow the fuck up dude.

    2. Eli James is going ut of his way to push this stuff on people. I'm just making a comment on what he's doing. Big difference.

      Given your response John seems like your the one who needs to do a little growing up.

      Are we not allowed to say we don't trust James?

    3. "Eli James is going ut of his way to push this stuff on people."

      No he is not. Please explain when and how Eli has pushed "this stuff on people"? Simply talking about it is pushing it on people? Grow up.

      You can say you don't trust James all day long, but you're not going to bash him here, especially posting as some anonymous shit talker causing trouble. If you have a legitimate point or criticism, please leave a comment. If you want to just come in here, making accusations without any proof or evidence, then buzz off. Go over to Mami's Shit where you trolls dominate the comments sections.

  23. Hitler and the "Nazis" argued that St Paul subverted Christianity. Hitler defends Christ and his idea in Table Talk and elsewhere. He only condemns the politicized church and the Jewish influence on the faith. There was even a Nazi bible issued, free of Jewish content.




  25. This is what we get when people read a SPIRITUAL Book Literally even when the Book itself tells you not too !! A SPIRITUAL Book is not recording damn history !! Its telling you about things UNSEEN and to do that it uses a blend of myth, symbol, allegory etc even though certain characters and events are historical, they are used simply to represent something as part of the SPIRITUAL drama.

    Jesus ( the sun ) tells you that the kingdom of God is within you.
    Paul tells you that Christ in you is your hope and glory.
    Paul tells you that the human body is the Temple.

    There are many more examples. Which part of 'within' and 'in you' don't we understand ?

    There is a saying that the NT reveals what the OT conceals - its telling you, in part, the keys to understanding - for example in the OT any mention of Temple, tabernacle etc is the human body in symbol !!

    For example, the 'animal sacrifice' in the 'temple' is not and never was intended to be literal - it is the 'sacrifice' of OUR animal, carnal MIND within OUR temple.

    Likewise, circumcision, is not and never was intended to be taken literally - its SYMBOLIC of 'cutting away or cutting out' our LOWER DESIRES/PASSIONS - the thigh or genital region being used symbolically as its the area of desires and passions of a lower nature.

    God did not and never has demanded the death and slaughter of anyone - when it speaks of 'killing or slaughtering men and women and children' etc it is talking symbolically - males,men etc are symbols of the Mind and thoughts, females, women, girls etc are symbols of the emotions/desires etc - and children are symbols of the new thoughts and emotions/desires etc - so God is telling us to kill out the thoughts, desires, emotions, passions etc of OUR LOWER being. It is all to do with the wars that rage within us.

    1. Interesting. And perhaps somewhat true on a metaphysical level. But where does it say, "this book, the Bible, is not to be taken literally?" Of course the Bible contains metaphor, symbolism and poetry but to say that that is all it is, is suspect. The Bible is also in large measure the actual, quantifiable history of a real flesh and blood people, Israel, and their opponent race of the Kenites and Esau/Edom.

    2. There are several layers to the Bible, the literal being the lowest - there are aspects of true history in the Bible as there are in all religious writings, but that is missing the higher message.

      The whole Bible is written in the stars, it is mythology and symbolism etc.

      An example is Pauls statement that the story of Abraham, sarah etc is an ALLEGORY .. he also states that a 'jew' is one INWARDLY .. this is mysticism etc

      If a Spiritual Book doesn't teach you anything about you then its pretty useless - if you want to learn history then read history books and archaelogy for a more accurate rendering of history - reading the Bible is obviously mythology, snakes do not talk, donkeys do not talk, dead bones do not get out of the grave and walk into the city, fish do not swallow a man and spit them out 3 days later, 'God' does not demand smashing babies heads against rocks and on and on ... it just takes a little growing up to realise this is myth not history.

      Here are some examples

    3. Was the crucifixion in Jerusalem or Egypt ? another interesting talk -

    4. Obviously you have created your own religion. You are wrong. Your body is indeed a temple, it is to be KEPT sacred by maintaing your racial purity by not interbreeding OUTSIDE the family of YHWH God, that is the one thing the Zionist Jews get right, although they themselves are the basest of all mongrels and always have been. Your opinion, like mine not so long ago, is informed by modern day sooth sayers and mystics who tend to be from the bastardized extremes of White civilization, like India. The Bible is indeed a history, and a genealogy, hich includes and amalgamtion of ancient beliefs common to our White heritage and a pretty inciteful notion regarding the future in Revelation given our STUPIDITY as a race of thinking people who can be swayed to act to their own detriment by liars like the Jews.

    5. Thats really strange then David, that 'our' history is written in the Stars and was written and taught about by all ancient cultures in their myths, an easy provable fact for those that study. The whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation is Astronomy and Astrology, that is a provable observational, scientific and mathematically proven fact, again for those that actually study. If you spent time looking through the links i provided and researched it you will see for yourself that is the Truth.

      Once you get a basic knowledge of the Solar System, the names of the constellations and their meanings, the planetary movements etc you will see that all the characters in the Bible myths mirror exactly the heavenly bodies, precisely playing out the drama of the Suns motion through the Zodiac etc ... SCIENTIFIC and OBSERVATIONAL fact - which is why ALL Holy days/holidays, i.e the birth, death, crucifixtion, resurrection etc etc are Astrological dates NOT based on any historical event - its that simple. There is nothing original in the Bible that wasn't known in ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures .. ALL religious scriptures are Astronomy and Astrology - and the Truth will certainly set us free.

    6. The Bible is all about the mind



  27. As one who was initially attracted to and therefore studied Christian Identity this was a painful program to get through. Evidently Mr. Giuliani is not accustomed to real debate and is more comfortable when alone behind a microphone where he can pontificate without interference. It surely seemed that he dominated the debate, consistently cutting off Pastor Eli when he tried to rebut a point. Giuliani became hysterical and on one occasion said, "the Bible is a lie and you know it Eli". Really? I have been following the work of Pastor Eli for about three years and that is a ridiculous claim. Pastor Eli has devoted many years, perhaps close to 40 years, to intense scholarship, without monetary remuneration, to dissection, analysis and dissemination of the Holy Scripture. For what purpose, merely to deceive? One can see that searching for and speaking the full and honest truth does not make one particularly well-liked by the masses.

    So the Bible is BS according to Giuliani. Interesting. And his alternative to studying the Bible and his suggestion to acheiveing peace? Uniting all the races to defeat the common enemy, Jewry. Hmmm. I don't think so.

    Simply put, there are those that are called and those that are not. John chapter 10 verse 27 says " My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me".

  28. Hi John,

    This is the only show that I haven't listened to yet. I just can't hack listening to Gooooli Annie anymore. He had Eli on his show (he invited him). He called it a debate. There was no debate. He only debased Eli and didn't let the poor guy complete one sentence without screaming at him. He'd ask him a question, and as soon as Eli would start answering Gooooli would blast him. I have no clue how Eli remained patient and polite throughout an hour of high volume denigrating verbal put-downs.

    Goooli spends 99% of his programs attacking Christians, the Bible, and Jesus and very little time exposing jews any more. He's developed an unhealthy obsession of rabid hatred and vengeance against Jesus and his followers instead of the jews who infiltrated the church, destroyed what they once were, destroyed our country, rule our nation along with every white nation on earth and are intent on doing to all of us what they did to the 100 to 200 million white Christians Russians in the early 1900's. The Jews must love him. He's working very hard for them:

    (1) Destroying Christianity and loyally promoting rabid hatred for God's people (as the jews do), yet defends the races that are murdering us (as the jews do).

    (2) Divide and conquering us (as the jews do)

    You were equally fair with Goooli and Eli and handled it really well. One more thing. Although I'm sure it's quite galling to have to read and discard shill's comments, it's simply not within your high moral character to lose your temper, peppering your comments with the F Bomb. The one thing I've always respected and admired you for is your character is a hallmark. Hope you don't mind a little criticism. I hope you don't let anyone bring you down to their level.

    P.S. Research "Black on White crime" and "Non-white crime against whites. For many years now, the authorities (cops, FBI, Courts, etc) have been recording non-white criminals as white people.

    1. You're right, I'm sorry. I'm just so sick and tired of tough guys posting anonymously just to talk shit and cause problems between the various factions of this movement. I will not allow that going forward here on this blog.

      Thanks for the feedback on the show, I appreciate it.

  29. Seems to me white Americans would be better served if the WN'ers went around to all the churches in the US and told the pastors to STOP accepting Uncle Sam's 501c tax break.
    The churches have to toe the government line to get the tax break -- even if the government line is communist to-the-core -- which it is. Yet, the pastors/ministers/reverends/priests, trip over themselves to get their 501c tax break. They preach Uncle Sam's agenda, more than anything else. The pastors preach Uncle Sam's agenda with full volition and free will. They're not dupes, not really.
    We're all given free will and volition. There's no excuse.
    The WN'ers put pressure on the Jews to change their talmudic agenda, but never put any pressure on their own kind -- in this case, church leadership -- to change their ways, the churches' support for the talmudic agenda.
    Constantly talking about the fault of the Jews isn't going to do much if we sit around and never speak up to our own kind who sell-out [and sell-out in droves].
    The churches have alot of influence over millions of white Americans. Why don't the WN'ers ever talk about the importance of telling the church leaders to STOP supporting Uncle Sam's communist agenda -- stop accepting 501c tax breaks ?
    It would go a long way to concentrate on our own faults -- and making amendment -- than constantly talking about jew faults.
    I know alot of WN'ers aren't church going Christians, but millions of white Americans are, and many WN'ers were raised in Christian homes.They're familiar with the culture/thinking/behavior of their fellow whites. They wouldn't be in any type of exotic, or unknown territory. They would talking to their own kind.
    You all can talk about how great the Aryans are, how great the Nazis are, how great was Hitler, how perfidious are the jews, until you're all blue-in-the-faces. Nothing good is going to accrue to white America until we get our own house in order.
    A collective return to Christian morality [don't have to be a church-goer to practice morality, God knows], and a collective refusal for Uncle Sam's 501c tax break for the churches would help alot.
    Also -- I never hear WN'ers encouraging white Americans to throw their teevees in the dumpster. One would think WN'ers would be trying to get a massive boycott of hollwood/teevee/mainstream news started, but the WN'ers never bring the subject up. Not even in passing.
    It's always jews,jews,jews, and how great the nazis are -- 24/7. That's all they ever talk about. It's not going to get us white Americans anywhere to talk constantly about jew perfidy without examining our own collective innate faults [and we have plenty of 'em]. There needs to be a balance. Joe

  30. I agree with you not allowing the spammers and shills to cause problems between factions of the movement. Seems like there enough of those people within the movement itself. Sometimes I just simply lose it on You Tube (I have a Channel there) when I reply to these same type of jerks. Dealing with these people is like chewing on sand.

    Sometimes in this fight for our lives we need to just take an occasional breather from it. Sounds like you had a great time with the Wise Old Man. He's quite the guy! Talk about courage and putting his actions where his mouth is!

    Keep your chin up and don't forget the R & R when you need it.

  31. I thought Charlie got steamrolled and all he did was read contradictions that HE and his friends believed to be contradictory. Several times Eli had to educate him on various facts such as Edom not being a Canaanite. The Bible has all kinds of contradictions if you were taught Judeo Christianity and Charlie thinks CI is Judeo Christianity. How many times does he have to be slapped down? There is some other reason why Charlie slanders the Bible and I believe it is because he is not racially white or he has family who are not racially white.
    The fact that he starts off the show using biblical characters to prove they are just like the Jews of today is total hypocrisy and doesnt matter if he once believed the Bible, he uses the people in Egypt to compare to the Jews of today as if the Bible was true and then says a dozen times the Bible is BS. This is schizophrenic behavior that one can only suspect is concocted to destroy Christianity any way one can. For that reason alone anyone with a sound mind can see it is a hypocrisy (leaven of the Pharisees).

  32. CI is just the latest in a long line of "we are the only real christians".

    When is this going to stop?


  33. Varg Vikernes about Christianity

  34. Wow, that was horrendous. I would have loved to hear a show where Charlie gave the so-called contradiction and then Eli responded. But even better, it would be better to have a non-CI Christian answer him, like a Kinist, who agrees to the Jew problem but doesn't promote CI. Charlie had good points against CI, but his problem with the Bible is because HE does believe the actions taken by God were just.

    But by whose standard is something just or unjust? Because some people think certain acts are just and some think the same acts are unjust. If there is no absolute standard then we can equally vilify anything Charlie believes as just or unjust based on anyone's standard.

    There are blacks who think it would be just to kill every white person, or to kill individual whites who they think are racist. And many would agree that they are just in doing so. But many would believe it is not just. Who is right or wrong? If you have no absolute standard then you cannot say. What authority does Charlie think any actions are just or unjust?

    God's word and the LORD himself is the standard of justice or injustice and that is an absolute standard.

  35. Let me give something positive about Charlie here. I admire that he takes the stance he does, because he sees Christianity and the Bible as incompatible with his religion, which is humanism. I admire his passion because Christianity and Humanism are opposites and he has the foresight to see that. Humanism says the end of all being is the happiness of man. Christianity says that the end of all being is the glory of God. A Christian's life is to deny himself and put his own life to death (die to his self will). Humanism's teachings is to live and do what the flesh finds pleasing. This is why no man can follow Christ who does not take up his cross and die to his own will, no matter how much they protest they are a Christian.

  36. And this is why God, in his wisdom, gave us 2Corinthians 6:14-18. And this is why Christians who love their own people, and the generic white nationalist who refuses to make Christ his Lord, can NEVER work together.


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