Monday, January 21, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend

On this edition of The Realist Report, we are joined by Jim Condit Jr. for a discussion about Adolf Hitler and World War II. Jim Condit Jr. has produced an extremely thought provoking and highly controversial video documentary titled The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler, which you can view in it's entirety on YouTube below. Jim and I discussed our differing views of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, the true nature of WWII and it's aftermath, and related matters.  You can download the entire three hour discussion here, or subscribe to Truth Militia Radio on iTunes here.  

Be sure to check out Jim Condit Jr.'s websites, including Real News 24/7,, and Guardians For Liberty.

Below are some links to articles I cited in this discussion that back up my perspective of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, and WWII generally:


  1. Last week on the Jeff Rense Show, a WWII vet expert on UBoats declared that he has eeen OSS and other intelligence documents that show that Hitler escaped via UBoat. Rense let on that he too does not think that Hitler committed suicide, but instead lived on after the war ended.

  2. Hitler was still in the German army in 1919. He was deployed by his superiors to gain intelligence on the Marxist movement, ergo his infiltration of their operations.

    Of greater concern is the fact that Adolf Hitler acquiesced to becoming a spy.


    1. According to Gen. Leon Degrelle (Hitler Democrat), Hitler had ample reasons to work in any capacity to foil the Jewish Marxist scum:

      1) the Jewish orchestration of strikes in German munitions factories during the war (28 Jan 1918).

      2) Jewish Marxists attempting to undermine the morale of convalescing soldiers in hospitals. Hitler witnessed this first hand.

      3) Jewish defeatist propaganda in society while Germany was far from defeat.

      4) Jewish war-profiteering and low numbers of Jews serving in the military. Ludendorf, "It is imperative that we effect a much more vigorous recruiting of the young Jews, who up to now have been left altogether too undisturbed."

  3. Re Dunkirk

    I listened to spingola/yeager/clark - several times syaing that hitler did not let the brits go. the terrain around the town was unsuitable for tank movement (too soft)so the infantry would have been in a poor position to attack a heavily defended city environment without armour support.

    my own comment is a question:

    Why, if Hitler wanted to allow theem to get back to the uk, did he allow the luftwaffe to bomb, strafe the beaches and attempt to sink the rescue boats?

    If the tank story is correct, the line that he let them go doesnt hold water.

  4. And- what a difference between Adolf and Barack; Soetoro's pre-inaugeral minister spoke about the Israelis going forward, which is exactly what that prez is about, whereas the Fuhrer was about keeping the Israelis from crushing the Germans, or further hurting the Palestinians.

  5. A couple of things:

    1) the failed Italian invasion of Greece delayed the Germans attack on Stalin. They would have taken Stalingrad if not for the Italians' blundering.

    2) from Irving's The Trail of the Fox, p.52, General Wilhelm von Leeb notes in his diary, "It will be easy to find a basis of peace with Britain. But France must be smashed into the ground, and then she must pay the bill."

  6. Another fantastic show.

    Interesting patterns are developing with respect to disinformation mongers acting on behalf of the jewish crime ring.

    As you know, certain people have been recently branding questioners of the Sandy Hook Shooting Operation as "tin-foilers" and "conspiracy theorists".

    “CONSPIRACY THEORY”…where did that term come from?

    Today, if you don’t believe the 911 LIE - you’re a “Conspiracy Theorist”. Today, if you don’t believe the Sand Hook Shooting Hoax - you’re a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

    Who began calling people “Conspiracy Theorists”…and when?

    In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent a detailed directive to all of its bureaus. Titled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report” .

    CIA Document #1035-960, marked "PSYCH" for presumably Psychological Warfare Operations, in the division "CS", the Clandestine Services, sometimes known as the "dirty tricks" department. The dispatch played a definitive role in making the “conspiracy theory” term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question.

    Jim Condit Jr. attempts to sell a yarn about Hitler being jewish and acting on behalf of jewry. Why? This is a misdirection ploy probably coming directly from the CIA.


    The evil strategy seems to attempt to draw discussion AWAY from evidence that the event was planned to influence public opinion.

    This massive discussion on whether or not it was an outright hoax – seems to be what they want.

    This is a smoke screen.

    That event was DEFINITELY designed to influence public opinion.

    It does not matter if people were really killed or not. This event was done BY THE GOVERNMENT and was intended to INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION.

    They WANT you to get bogged down in the fucking details. Just like 9/11. Did they use nano-thermite? Did they use micro-nukes?


    BOTTOM LINE: The fucking jews did it.

    Was Hitler a jew? Was Hitler a Rothschild agent? What about all of these so-called "facts" about the war that come to us after passing through jewish censors? Do they prove that Hitler was "working for the enemy"? Keep it up Mr. Condit. Don't focus on what the jews are doing to us. Keep generating that smoke scree.

    And hope to GOD that you are not brought to justice for doing it.

  7. I think you should do a show on Government Strategies used to specifically counter public awareness of Government Crime.

    CIA Document #1035-960 outlines a portion of that type of strategy in the aftermath of the JFK Assassination.

    I don't think it is wise to give air-time to people like Jim Condit, Jr. In listening to your interview with Mr. Condit, it is apparent that he is "selling" a position based on "facts" in dispute. Yet, Mr. Condit never concedes that his "facts" are in dispute.

    I don't think Mr. Condit is stupid. I think he is intellectually dishonest. Those are two very different things.


    The jews have long sought to attempt to sully and tarnish Adolf Hitler’s reputation.


    For the exact same reason they destroyed the tomb of RUDOLF HESS.

    The jews went to great lengths to destroy that mans grave.

    Jim Condit Jr. is working to try to do what he can to destroy the memory of Adolf Hitler.

    I say FUCK CONDIT and the donkey he rode in on.

    We’ve had enough of this shit.

  9. I was on the fence (leaning toward shill) but was fully undecided until this interview.

    Condit is a shill. All his talking points points are what I would call stepping stones, points myself and others have worked through. For example the Hitler was part jew. Clark and Martin have done excellent work to end that debate.

    As for his big point that Hitler was working for the jewish agenda, the evidence just doesn't support that idea. If that were the case Mein Kampf would be a bigger psy op than the bible. The stuff on the agent side is misguided speculation at best. The stuff on the honorable man side is easily proven.

    Condit is a little too married to this stuff for a little too long. His entire premise is a younger guy like John needs to work through it (like Jim SAID he has) a little longer to see the real jew agent truth.

    Sorry Condit but I can no longer support the idea your an honest guy who is just dead wrong any longer.


  10. JIM CONDIT JR's "FINAL SOLUTION TO ADOLF HITLER" is to destroy Adolf Hitler's reputation.

    Who wants Adolf Hitler's reputation to be destroyed?

    HA HA HA

    On another note: Let's play a game. It's called "SPOT THE JEW"

    Watch this video and see if you can "SPOT THE JEW".

    The councilman’s name is Almberg and you can email him at: ralmberg(AT)oakharbor(DOT)org? I already sent my unflattering email.

    Bonus points if you guessed that ALMBERG IS A JEW.

  11. so what's the final solution to jim condit jr?

  12. Dear Mr. Condit,

    I understand how fearful many people are of jewish money power.

    I know what kind of influence that many has in this society and that, in fact, "money is power". I also know that the jewish crime syndicate has acquired a monopoly on money creation itself.

    With that background understanding, my suggestion to you is to stop aiding and abetting the jewish crime syndicate. If you are fearful, simply remain silent on issues that the jewish crime syndicate wants to disseminate.

    Your personal decision to act as a propaganda agent of the jewish crime syndicate is yours and yours alone. You sir, will be held accountable for you acts.

    You are making a tremendous amount of enemies through your disinformation efforts.

    You are solely responsible for what you do and what you say. You are voluntarily playing on the wrong team, Mr. Condit.

    This is plain to see. What is your contingency plan? Are you planning on fleeing to Israel when the wheels fall off?

    How about making a public retraction of your slanderous statements about Adolf Hitler? You should seriously consider doing that.

    Consider your options Mr. Condit.

  13. Condit is a clown doing the jew's work of dis-informtion!
    The jews are the people of the OT? Lol! Listen to Condit's interview with Bill Finck about a year ago.
    Bill tears him apart!
    You have the truth John, you are doing just GREAT! Keep up the good work!!!

  14. John,
    Never trust a critic of Adolf Hitler who has not read Mein Kampf!

    1. Exactly. This idea that Hitler was a Jew or some agent is totally ridiculous just by reading that book, or even portions of it. Hitler had the Jews, and most other things, figured out better than anyone I've ever read.

  15. Ridiculing and shaming Jim Condit, Jr. is a typical Jewish tactic.

    Organizations and individuals who promote the Nazi ideology and/or Hitler are typically planted, controlled, and financed by Jews.

    It is not, to my knowledge - not yet at least - a crime to be Jewish, so even if Jim Condit, Jr. were a Jew, he should still be commended for his courage.

    Internal power struggles do occur, just like some people want to break free from the (Jewish) shackles, and we also need to give Jews a chance to wake up to what kind of sociopathic group they are part of. Some do and people such as Benjamin Freedman and Robert James ("Bobby") Fischer are excellent examples of this phenomenon.

    If Adolf Hitler is not a Jew, then a wide range of questions need to be answered, including:

    1) Jews have been financing nearly every single war and conflict since the beginning of time almost, yet in the case of Adolf Hitler, the financing was provided by... Eskimos?

    2) Why did he deliberately destroy everything related to his birthplace?

    3) Why is there a 1:1 relationship between German Nazism, Chinese Communism, and Russian Bolshevism, all of them clearly originating from the Jewish Talmud?

    4) Where does the word "Nazi" originate from if not from AshkeNazi Jew?

    5) A Jewish banker paid child support to Adolf Hitler's father, Alois. Why? Jews are not known to pay for something they don't have to.

    6) Had Adolf Hitler had any sense, he would have invaded the Jewish controlled Switzerland, taken all their goods and shared it with the Germans, and perhaps his own fellow Austrians. He didn't. Why?

    Finally, I don't see any of the Mass Lying Media outlets calling out Adolf Hitler as being Jewish with Baron Rothschild as his paternal grandfather. Quite the contrary. They do everything in their power to dismiss such claims.

    Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.

    - The Observer

    P.S. Yes, Almberg is definitely a supremacist Jew.

    1. Your argument lacks basic logic.

      Your jewish brethren are not the barometer of truth.

      You are simply selfish deceivers.

      Adolf Hitler was a great man. So great, in fact, that you still talk about him.

      To this day.

    2. "Organizations and individuals who promote the Nazi ideology and/or Hitler are typically planted, controlled, and financed by Jews."

      Some are, some aren't. We have to use our critical thinking skills, instincts, and reasoning abilities to figure out who is and who isn't.

      1) yet in the case of Adolf Hitler, the financing was provided by... Eskimos?

      Did you not read Veronica Clarke's article linked above? This is explained in detail, and no Hitler's financing was not provided by Eskimos or Jews. Got it?

      2) Why did he deliberately destroy everything related to his birthplace?

      Prove it. Condit makes this claim as well, but I want to see a good source for this claim.

      3) Why is there a 1:1 relationship between German Nazism, Chinese Communism, and Russian Bolshevism, all of them clearly originating from the Jewish Talmud?

      You, like Condit, absolutely do not understand what National Socialism is, and how it is literally the exact opposite - the antithesis - of Jewish international Communism/Marxism/Bolshevism and Jewish international capitalism.

      The type of socialism National Socialism sprung from, generally speaking, can be summarized by this quote from Count von Bothmer, an associate of Dietrick Eckart, one of the founders of what would later become the NSDAP:

      "the identification of the individual with his community, in devotion and service to an organic whole, the nation."

      Here's a quote from Hitler himself:

      "We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."

      Do you see the distinction between genuine European/Christian socialism and international Jewish Communism/Marxism/Bolshevism/capitalism? Have you read Mein Kampf, or listen to the program I did with Bill Finck a month or two ago?

      4) Where does the word "Nazi" originate from if not from AshkeNazi Jew?

      This is such a ridiculous - yet popular - claim that has no basis in reality.

      Have you ever read Those Damned Nazis by Goebbels?

      5) A Jewish banker paid child support to Adolf Hitler's father, Alois. Why? Jews are not known to pay for something they don't have to.

      Again, prove it. This is an absurd claim with no basis in reality.

      6) Had Adolf Hitler had any sense, he would have invaded the Jewish controlled Switzerland, taken all their goods and shared it with the Germans, and perhaps his own fellow Austrians. He didn't. Why?

      Because Hitler was not some war-mongering, greedy, arrogant, evil bastard the Jews dupe people like you into believing he was!

      Please have something better to offer next time Observer. I have been over this so many damn times now with people like you.

    3. Fascism/National Socialism are European/Christian inspired ideologies, polar opposites of Jewish ideologies such as Communism/Marxism, capitalism, multiculturalism, globalism, internationalism, etc.

      "Fascism means first of all defending your nation against the dangers that threaten it. It means the destruction of these dangers and the opening of a free way to life and glory for your nation." --Corneliu Codreanu

  16. I'm convinced. Hitler was a Jew.

    1. I'm convinced. You're a jew.

    2. Oh? Then I am indeed a Jewzist.

      Heil Zion.

  17. Interesting, this idea that hitler got away after the war. Didn't they dna test his putative skull and find out it belonged to a female?

    Things are not as they seem. If not for Hitler, Palestine wouldn't be occupied (think 'transfer agreement'). I also like the above poster's point that it would be awfully weird if all wars in recent memory were financed by jews, but not WWII.

    More info - search "hitler in argentina". (Sorry I don't know how to post a link in hypertext.)

    Further down the rabbit hole - read some new books (both written in 2012) by Joseph P. Farrell.

    1. "If not for Hitler, Palestine wouldn't be occupied (think 'transfer agreement')."

      Sorry EV, this is just wrong. The Jews were already moving to Palestine, and Hitler did work with the Zionist organizations to facilitate Jewish resettlement ANYWHERE else other than staying in Germany. The NSDAP was 100% against an independent Jewish state, unlike the US, UK, and Soviet Union, who recognized the illegitimate terrorist state of "Israel" as soon as it illegally declared its "independence" - NOT Germany.

      WWII was financed by Jews - the Allies were totally controlled and dominated by Jews, and they ganged up and destroyed the one man and one nation actually standing up to their agenda and exposing it for the world to see. And that was Hitler and NS Germany.

      See Carolyn Yeager's program about the death of Hitler where she debunks all these theories that Hitler escaped and went to Argentina or whatever:

      The ten days between Hitler's 56th birthday on April 20, 1945 until his suicide on April 30 in the F├╝hrerbunker in Berlin are detailed. Carolyn also reads his Political Testimony which he dictated on April 29. In the 2nd hour, her special guest Severus brings his expertise and commentary to the subject. Discussion centers around:

      -The certainty that Hitler did not "escape" the bunker;
      -Hitler's reasons for suicide and the traditional view of it;
      -Hitler's mental and physical strength (or not) at the end;
      -The reasoning behind "fighting to the death;"
      -Blaming the war on International Jewry;
      -Expelling G├Âring and Himmler from the party;
      -Mentioning the laws of race at the end of his Testament;
      -and more.

  18. How convenient the Jews in Germany were rounded up and put in work camps out in the country right before the massive bombing of Germany's cities.
    Why would the Nazis, who were a fighting a war on two fronts,spend so much time,energy,money,and resources,in rounding up the Jews and putting them in work camps in the country, when the Nazis could have simply put bullets into their heads on the spot, and get the whole "jew" matter over with and concentrate on the war?
    If Hitler and the Nazis truly wanted to free Germany from the Jews, why did they spend so many resources in keeping the Jews in the work camps out in the country, far away from any bombing ? How is it that the Jews were spared bullets to their heads,and ONLY the Jews were spared the horrible bombing raids over Germany? Joe

    1. Joe,

      Potential enemy agents, enemies of the State and likely terrorists were rounded up.

      Way before that happened, it was made clear to the jews that their presence was not wanted and they were encouraged to leave along with their possessions. Those that refused that order and remained were rounded up once hostilities began.

      It was not only jews that were rounded up.

      There was no desire to execute the detainees. People were detained just exactly the same way people were detained in the US and other warring nations.

      One must be very careful when examining so-called "history" as much of that is untrue and/or has been manipulated by jewish censors.

      If you want the truth, you must become familiar with methods of finding fact.

    2. @Anonymous 8:38

      I search for the truth with a heavy heart.I was born in post-war Europe, in a bombed-out seaport city of Italy; Livorno, on older maps: Leghorn. That doesn't make me an expert.It just makes real careful "when examing so-called 'history'" as you rightfully suggest.
      My question in my above post is legitimate. The question makes sense. One can use the question I asked as a good starting point to explore the matter of what happened to Germany,before,during,and after,the war ; The true nature of Hitler and the leading Nazis,and the true nature of American,Soviet, and British leadership during the war ; The true nature of world jewry's leadership.

      Another good question to ask in studying WW2 :
      "Who owned IG Farben during World War 2" Google it.
      If one is interested in facts.

      Personally, I've come to the conclusion that Hitler [and Mussolini] were set-up by the Rothshilds and the leaders of world jewry to usurp and undermine the collective desire of the German [Italian] people to keep themselves free from Communism.Their role was to bring Germany and Italy back into the communist fold.
      Everything Hitler did -- every major decision he made --lead Germany into the hands of the Soviets. Those Germans who disagreed with Hitler's decisons -- the Germans who could see clearly his decisions were leading Germany to ruin -- Hitler had executed.
      Everything Mussolini did undermined the German war effort.
      This is not hindsight, not really.
      All those Germans-- including top leaders in the Nazi party -- who in good faith saw Hitler was making one mistake after another, were executed. Same with the Italians and Mussolini.
      The Italians were more fortunate than the Germans : Italian patriots managed to hang Mussolini.
      Hitler murdered all those Germans who in good faith questioned his decisions -- as the decisions were leading Germany to defeat and into the hands of the Soviets -- yet "there was no desire to execute the detainees"; There was,however,plenty of desire to execute patriotic Germans in the Nazi party who saw Hitler was making egregious errors in war strategy.
      One would think Hitler would have executed the detainees (as they were enemies to Germany) and listened to the patriotic Germans who, in good faith,questioned Hitler. Yet, Hitler executed the patriotic Germans/Nazis and in the meantime the Jews were in the work camps, spared bullets to their heads, and spared the horrific bombing raids over Germany,for "there was no desire to execute the detainees".
      How convenient these "jew-hating" Nazis didn't execute the Jews, didn't gas the Jews{more lies]; How convenient the Jews were rounded up and put in work camps away from the horrific bombing raids over Germany, how convenient the Jews weren't shot on the spot,how convenient the Jews, en masse, survived the war, how convenient Palestine was waiting for them.
      How could it be that Hitler -- who we are told was so "jew wise" -- how could it be that every decision Hitler made resulted in the complete destruction of Germany, and every decision he made lead the Jews to Palestine?
      Very convenient as that's exactly what the Rothschilds and the leaders of world jewry wanted : The Jews in Palestine.
      After the war, world jewry reigned supreme.20 years after the war, America's cities were destroyed by racial violence, all incited by the communists[jews] in America.

      Now,70 years after the war, world jewry -- COMMUNISM -- Reigns Supreme over the West, including & especially the USA.


      And it's not going to be the Jews getting holocausted -- it's going to be White Americans,especially those who are Christian. And the jew commies will be the ones doing the killing. Study the truth about the massive killing of white Caucasian Christians in the jew controlled Soviet Union: That's the truth.
      Google : "Who owned IG Farben during WW2"
      Get "familiar" with the truth. Joe

    3. Joe you make some good points, and I honestly don't know much about IG Farben, but I'll look into it. The military history of WWII I simply am not all that familiar with, at least not as much as I am with the political and cultural history of WWII.

      But think about it - NS Germany was literally ganged up on by the UK, USA, and USSR. The Commie Jews obviously controlled the USSR, and their agents infiltrated and basically had control of all key areas of the United States federal government (White House, Treasury, State, OSS, media, Hollywood, education, etc.) going all the way back to the early 30s. The international Communist conspiracy had it's tentacles all over the world, but especially in the USA, and was working to subvert all governments, including Germany's under Hitler. Maybe Hitler did make some strategic military mistakes? I wouldn't doubt it, no man is perfect. I just simply don't know and can't give you a definitive answer on this military aspect... but I think Italy's decision to invade Greece really bogged Germany down big time.

      And to my knowledge not all that many Jews even went to Palestine from Germany. Most went to the USA, and other Western countries, from what I know. This idea that Hitler founded Israel or was instrumental in it's founding just does not stack up considering all the maneuvers the Jews pulled on the UK, USA, and USSR to finally get their criminal and totally illegitimate Jewish state established. Adolf Hitler and NS Germany were the last opponents the international Talmudic conspiracy for world domination and subjugation had to conquer.

    4. Because Adolf Hitler had one flaw he had a heart and would not exterminate them like Eisenhower did to 2 million German's after the war was over. a real good thread on disposing lies about Hitler is here at this link
      Revisionist Superhero Veronica Clark

  19. Arthur Butz' landmark holohoax book "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" is available as free PDF/html doc, along with dozens of other free holohoax books & brochures, at

    save all ^ to a hard-drive directory, then burn to CD/DVD for safe storage off line.

    While you're at it, save local copies of all the free books in DBS' library,

    1. I second that! Daryl Bradford Smith has done the world a great service by putting all of those books in PDF files for anyone to download. He has put his life on the line too as He is the real deal along with William Cooper, Anthony Hmura, and many others like the author of this site to help spread this most important knowledge that the Powers That Be have tried very hard for anyone to get their hands on. DONT EVER GIVE UP!

  20. While we may never know for sure of Germany's past, that fearless Germanic triumphant spirit of daring to engage in lethal warfare marshaled by German military/political elites against parasitical international jewry now serve as an inspirational rallying battle cry of what we must as a people unite globally to crush and expunge jewish domination. Is there any other viable option than to organize as a folk militia force ready to totally destroy every manifestation of jewish supremacy?
    I recommend this forthright and unsurpassed website that is steadfastly and unwaveringly keeping the gun focus on jews like no other:
    The final battle, humanity against jews, will start with that single shot to the head of a jew parasite scum elite that would reverberate around the world and echo victoriously throughout all of history.

  21. "Organizations and individuals who promote the Nazi ideology and/or Hitler are typically planted, controlled, and financed by Jews."

    And so are most trolls who depend upon disinformation to cause confusion, just like your comment.

    3) Why is there a 1:1 relationship between German Nazism, Chinese Communism, and Russian Bolshevism, all of them clearly originating from the Jewish Talmud?

    Definitely Bullshit.

    4) Where does the word "Nazi" originate from if not from AshkeNazi Jew?

    Derived from "Nationalsozialist"

    "Finally, I don't see any of the Mass Lying Media outlets calling out Adolf Hitler as being Jewish with Baron Rothschild as his paternal grandfather. Quite the contrary. They do everything in their power to dismiss such claims."

    They don't discuss it because virtually any sane, thinking person can see what a stupid idea it is and no one would believe such drivel.

  22. Thanks for all the comments and feedback everyone, I appreciate it. Regarding Dunkirk, I think the first caller, and researchers like Deanna Spingola and Veronica Clark amongst others, are much more accurate in their analysis of this particular phase of WWII. Condit oversimplifies the situation when he claims that all Hitler had to do was either destroy or capture the BEF at Dunkirk, which would have essentially ended the war with Britain. Then, Hitler could have overthrown Churchill and installed a more sympathetic government in the UK. It just simply is not that simple. Militarily and logistically, I don't think it was even possible for the Germans to totally capture or destroy the BEF forces at Dunkirk. Also, even if the Germans did in fact accomplish this feat, it certainly did not guarantee an end of the war with Britain. And it's not as if Hitler could have just overthrown Churchill at the drop of a hat either! The situation was much more complex than Condit presents, same regarding the Eastern Front.

  23. As far as Hitler's rise to power and who financed him, I highly recommend everyone reading Veronica Clark's article on this subject linked above if they are still confused about it. The NSDAP was funded by a wide variety of sources, including wealthy White Russians living in Germany, industrialists, small German businesses, and many average German workers, soldiers, veterans, farmers, etc. There is no evidence to support the contention that Hitler received funding from the international Jewish bankers he was publicly calling out as the war-mongers and destroyers of civilization!

    The Otto Strausser and Douglas reed book seems to be to be a particularly suspect source of information on this subject. Strausser was a major opponent of Hitler, and was may even have been a Communist.

    Finally, I highly recommend reading "Why Hitler Came Into Power" by Theodore Abel, a book I cited in the discussion. He explains how dedicated the followers of Hitler and the NSDAP were, how they overcame tremendous obstacles, including physical violence and state repression. They worked their butts off for years before finally gaining political power and taking over the government. They were honest, professional, fearless, and uncompromising.

  24. Many thanks to Buelahman for making an excellent YouTube video of this discussion!

  25. Mike Piper just wrote a short, concise article about this myth that international bankers, the Bush family, etc. funded Hitler's rise to power. Please read it everyone.

    Some AMERICAN FREE PRESS readers were upset by the first two articles in this series reflecting on the proliferation of myths, phony documents and fraudulent “quotations” muddying serious research into big issues of the day and events of the past. However, AFP’s job is to report the facts.

    This week, we take a look at one particularly ubiquitous myth—a combination of myths—which has excited many: A variety of claims the Bush, Rockefeller and Rothschild families and a host of “Jewish bankers”—together or independently—helped finance Hitler’s rise to power.

    The most cited source for the story Jewish bankers paved the way for Hitler is Hitler’s Secret Backers, supposedly by a Jewish banker named Sidney Warburg.

    First of all, there was no Sidney Warburg. But those who actually read the spurious book (and most who cite it haven’t read it) will find the unknown author says—in contrast to what people think he said—that Jewish bankers didn’t finance Hitler. Instead, the book claims some naughty non-Jewish bankers did so.

    But even that isn’t true. An accurate assessment by James Pool in Who Financed Hitler absolutely refutes the legend big banking or industrial interests played a substantial role funding Hitler. Most of the Nazi Party’s money came from small contributions and sales of literature.

    No Rothschilds backed Hitler. That’s a myth. One banker, a practicing Christian of one-quarter Jewish descent, was said—by one source, passing on a rumor—to have donated money to Hitler. And that’s it. The one Jewish banker known to have given money to any Nazis gave it to elements in the Nazi party—the Strasser brothers—who were trying to stop Hitler.

    And Hitler wasn’t descended from any Rothschilds or Frankenbergers. If he had any Jewish blood, it has never been authoritatively traced. [...]

  26. so what about the testing of the skull? a hoax?

  27. Dear John,

    During your last show, you made very disturbing remarks about Poles with tone of voice that may get your into trouble.

    You are clearly out of touch with reality by popularizing so called Polish crimes against Germans, or perpetuating the old German myths about so called "German lands" in Poland. There are mountains of hard evidence including maps proving that all those lands were part of Polish Kingdom since day one until the first partitions of Poland at the end of 18th century when Germans stole those lands from Poland. The only "German claims" could be based on a bunch of buildings built by descendents of German crusaders promoting Christianity among Slavic tribes and descendants of German thugs hired by Polish kings to keep order there. Those German descendants were supposed to live there only under Polish rule. On several occasions, those Germans had to be reminded by Polish kings who was in charge. I would suggest you to look up many battles like Battle of Grunwald where Germans were reminded very hard whose land it was and who was in charge there.

    Danzig is part of the land originally owned by Slavic tribes called Kashubians. All the lands east of river Oder are lands of Slavic tribes who lived there from day one for thousands of years. Germans as a nation have no rights to any land east of river Oder, including the disputed Danzig or Posen, or West Prussia. Do not confuse a bunch of buildings built by Germans on Polish land as the right to steal the land from Poland. By using the same logic, a bunch of buildings built by Germans in USA is the right to steal the land from USA and give it to Germany. There are many cities in USA loaded with ethnic Germans but you do not scream about giving the cities to Germany like you scream about Germans living on Polish land before WW2.

    You simply do not understand what caused the decline of Polish Kingdom that ended up in partitions of Poland and the theft of Polish land by German thugs. Poland had a large population of Jews, both open and crypto Jews hiding in Polish Catholic Church. In 17th and 18th centuries, those Jews in Poland promoted their "democracy" and "multiculturalism" that eventually destroyed Polish Kingdom. The difference between Poland and Germany is that Jews got to Germany in numbers sufficient to destroy Germany much later. So in fact, you should thank the Jews for all the so called "German land" in Poland. At the same time, you bitch about the Jews who destroyed Germany a few centuries later. What goes around comes around! You should make up your mind whether you love or hate Jews.

    All so called "Polish crimes against Germans" did not come from nowhere. Germans were very arrogant living on Polish lands and committed many German crimes against Poles first. Clearly, these subjects are well above your head. You do not even have the mental capacity to go through the most primitive evidence of JFK assassination where Jackie killed JFK, right in your face, in front of your eyes, leaving mountains of evidence behind. Jews like Fetzer brainwashed you about all possible killers except the one standing in front of your dumb face. You even promote the idiot Fetzer on your website. Fetzer is a crypto Jew. Jews corrupted all universities and now this Jew masquerades as a professor of JFK assassination even though he has the mental capacity of a sewer rat.

    If you want to tackle any subject bigger than your head then start with JFK assassination which is small enough for your smalll head. There is a pdf document that takes somebody like you by hand, showing you step by step how it was done. Stay away from any subject like Poland which is much bigger than your head!

    The pdf document is available for free download at

    1. Dear anonymous shit-talking tough guy,

      First off, I do not claim to be a professional historian, and if I make mistakes, I gladly acknowledge them. My remarks about Poland may get me in trouble, huh? You sound like fucking Danny Levi of the Jewish Defense League. Grow up dude.

      The history of Poland and Germany, and central Europe in general, is filled with rivalries, competition, wars, intrigues, etc. I have no doubt the Germans and Poles were competing and battling for land, resources, and power for centuries. My point was that the Poles had no business murdering and massacring German civilians living under their occupation. This is the main reason why Hitler invaded Poland - something he DID NOT want to do, but was forced to after seeing his countrymen MURDERED by Poles.

      If I'm not mistaken, Hitler wanted to form an alliance with Poland AGAINST the Jewish Bolsheviks. But no, Poland was listening to France and England, who basically used Poland to kick start WWII.

      As for JFK, maybe Jackie did kill him. I'm open to that idea.

      If you want to come back and comment, try not to be such a fucking prick.

    2. BTW, since you apparently know everything, and I have a "small head", why don't you quit wasting your time with dumb asses like me and start your own radio show and blog, eh?

    3. A lot of propaganda. “Anonymous” probably attended Polish school or read Polish propaganda books.

      Just few remarks:

      “German crusaders promoting Christianity among Slavic tribes and descendants of German thugs hired by Polish kings to keep order there”

      It never happened. The deal Konrad I of Mazovia ( made with the Teutonic Knights in 1225 concerned Prussia. Prussians were not Slavic, in fact they were related to modern Lithuanians (

      Prussians were pagans at this time. Polish prince's deal with Teutonic Knights was illegal since pagan land was believed to belong to the Pope. The Pope later gave this land to the Teutonic Order.

      “Danzig is part of the land originally owned by Slavic tribes called Kashubians. All the lands east of river Oder are lands of Slavic tribes who lived there from day one for thousands of years.”

      Kashubians do not regard themselves as Poles. This is a separate Slavic tribe.

      Danzig is/was a city in originally Slavic land. Berlin, Dresden, Rostock as well. Children in Polish schools have to study this map: (

      Jews say they are entitled to murder Arabs because this lang belonged to them two thousand years ago. With an appropriate map one can prove virtually everything.
      For example: Warsaw belongs to Germany since it was established in German land: (
      Or Berlin belongs to Slavic countries for the same reason: (

      “All so called "Polish crimes against Germans" did not come from nowhere. Germans were very arrogant living on Polish lands and committed many German crimes against Poles first.”

      Since 1918 Poland, like Czechoslovakia, ran very aggressive policy against Germans. In 1938-39 Polish Army and Police put on fire at least 200 Orthodox Churches in the east of the country. Almost every neighbour of Poland was the enemy of this country (ex. short border with Romania). Joachim von
      Ribbentrop, Third Reich Foreign Affairs Minister once said that Poland was a seasonal state.

      Poland was and is a country controlled by Jews.

      Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Sikorski' wife is Anne Applebaum ( %C5%82aw_Sikorski). Powerful NY family. Sikorski/Apfelbaum is a neocon asset.

      Polish Finance Minister Rostowski ( had a grandfather named Jakub Rothfeld. In 2007 Rostowski became the Minister – at this time he had only British passport.

      Poland is a country controlled by Jews.

  28. What about the role of IG Farben? Not one IG Farben plant was bombed in Germany during WW2. Everything was bombed in Germany, everything was left in ruins, except IG Farben facilities.

    Google : "Who owned IG Farben during WW2"

    You'll get a better idea of what happened in Germany pre-war through post war Germany if you study the role of IG Farben.

    IG Farben payed a huge role in financing the Nazi party and Hitler's rise to power, yet not one IG Farben plant was bombed. The financiers of Hitler and the Nazi party were left unscathed durng all the horrific bombing raids over Germany that left Germany in complete ruin -- except IG Farben facilities. The very company that was so instrumental in the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party was left unharmed, untouched, unscathed.

    The allied Air Forces were under strict orders Not To Bomb the plants/facilities of The One company/organization that played the largest role in the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. The One organization that gave Hitler and the Nazi Party so much clout.

    There's alot there in the story of IG Farben in Germany that will uncover alot of information about WW2 the "court" historians never mention, and quite a few "alternative" historians never seem to get around to mentioning either. Joe

  29. John,
    I think we both can agree that a "Dis-info agent" gives 90% truth and 10% BS! I tend to think that this Condit person falls into this category! Hell he hasn't even read Mein Kampf (Ford Transcription) yet, DUH!

    I have a few points I would like to make about what was said here, and I welcome your thoughts, and if need be, your corrections. I must state that I can not quote any books, ect. for my facts/theories because I read so many things that I can't keep them straight anyway, but here goes,

    1. Condit keeps bringing up Strausser as a source for a lot of his BS, but what he does not mention is the fact that Strausser was the leader of "The Black Hand", and his brother was killed by the NSDAP. The reason I bring this up is because this to me IS, or is one of the biggest reasons why Strausser WOULD lie about Hitler, etc.! So personally I do not take ANYTHING Strausser says as anything other than revenge type BS!

    2. Hitler working with the Communists after WW1? Not! When the war ended he was tasked by the German Army (I believe it was) with infiltrating several political parties, one of which was the Communist Party, and the NSDAP, which he eventually took over as leader of! Hitler and the NSDAP fought many battles against the communists in the streets and beer halls of Germany, Hitler even being shot at (maybe even hit) on at least one occassion!

    3. Hitler forming "israel"? It was discussed a little bit on the show, but I personally believe "The Transfer Agreement" was a direct result of trying to stop the worldwide jewish boycott of German goods, which was effective no matter what Condit says! It was the zionists that called for this boycott to begin with! Oh, and the zionist SCUM went back on their word to call off the boycott anyway! As Gomer Pile would say "Surprize, surprize, surprize"!
    By the way wasn't it only about 50,000 jews that immigrated to Palestine from Germany anyway?

    4. Hitler's funding? I personally do not believe Hitler was funded by jews, and if he was, so what! That does not change what he was trying to do in Germany/Europe! Get the usurping, piece of shit jews OUT!
    From what I have learned much of his financing was achieved by sales of Mein Kampf and private donations, also with the help of some industrialists.

    5. As for Dunkirk. I have also read several papers stating the reason for the initial halt at Dunkirk was the result of logistics (material support). The orders for a halt were basically ignored by some ground commanders.
    Anyone that knows about war will tell you that often times there is what is called "The Fog of War". It can be used in different meanings, but in this case I am referring to where commanders on the ground (at the battle) know the situation better than the commanders say in Berlin. Communications then were not like they are today, and we still have "The Fog of War" today! I also know that MOST veterans will tell you that "Army Intelligence" is an oxymoran!
    I believe like you that Hitler had great respect for the British, not the French, and that is why he did not just annihilate the British Army right away. Unfortunately he let Goring take over. My opinion on Goring is that he was a decent fighter pilot in WW1, but WAS NOT a good leader for the German Airforce overall! I tend to think the same way about Paulus in Stalingrad, although I actually tend to think he was more of a coward overall! Unless my memory serves me wrong, he was of the Prussian Aristocrats.

    One last thing, this Gentile WILL NOT believe anything a jew tells him, unless this jew has publically renounced his jewishness, say like a Benjamin Freedman! I even have problems with the likes of Gilad Atzmon because to my knowledge he has never renounced his jewishness!
    jews ARE the liars, usurpers, thieves, mass murderers, destroyers, and overall SCUM of the Earth, PERIOD!

    Take care John. Call if you ever need me, my help!

    US Army Vet
    Marc C. Daniele

  30. I think anyone that's read Mein Kampf or is familiar with how Hitler completely revolutionized the German economy by taking over the creation of money from Jewish banks would find it hard to believe that he was some kind of agent

    As for some of the potentially suspicious decisions during the war, the truth is we'll just never know, war is chaos, just look at some of the many disastrous decisions Churchill took...

    However, one thing I've always wondered is why the Jews didn't assassinate Hitler when they had the chance. Zionism has never been shy about taking out opponents and it must have been very clear for a long time that if Hitler achieved power he would be a major threat. So perhaps though not an agent, the Jews allowed him to take power as it were.

    The holohoax wasn't just something invented at the last minute, it was obviously planned in detail as part of the project to create Israel and it wouldn't have been possible without a world war and some kind of 'evil' anti-semite to pin it on....

  31. Only a jew or an ignorant fool could have written the last couple comments John.

    1. I wrote the last comment so I presume you're refering to me. I don't really understand where you're coming from. All I'm saying is that there's no way I think Hitler was an agent (I think he was a genuine hero).

      However, I wonder why the Jews let him take power and didn't take him out beforehand seeing how obvious his intentions were. I'm suggesting that (maybe) one possible reason was that they let him take power as it was in-line with their plans of a world war, communist take over of half of europe and a holohoax....

      The main reason I'm suggesting this as I mentioned above is I can't understand why they didn't asassinate him seeing as history shows that they never hesitate to murder any politican or journalist who gets in their way....

    2. Anon Jan 24, 2013 at 9:08 am,
      Are you referring to me as one of "Only a jew or an ignorant fool could have written the last couple comments.."?
      I would hope not because I am neither a "jew" nor an ignorant fool!
      And if you are referring to me/my comment, please be so kind as to step out from your "cover" and have the balls to give your real name, and reasons for saying this about me! Thank you!
      If I am wrong I appologize right here and now!

      US Army Vet
      Marc C. Daniele

    3. No Marc, was referring to real shit talking guy a bit higher John responded to.

      Think post approval process might make them come out in different order than intended.

      No worries.

  32. Just managed to sit down and listen to this broadcast. And I gotta say. I didn't like the guy. He grasped at his "theories", nearly sounding desperate at times. And fumbling his words like he did. No. He didn't come across as all that convincing.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward very much to next weeks show.


  33. Very informative and lively debate- in the best sense of the word. John, you are an excellent host, obviously passionate about your beliefs but willing to listen and learn and that is extremely admirable.

    I had viewed Condit's documentary several years ago and though he makes some valid points, I would have to agree with you John that Hitler was not a Jewish or Rothschild agent. Hitler was certainly used by them but not willingly. As I see it, there is a vast difference between "cooperating" with someone and "collaborating" with them. Hitler had, to certain degree, to cooperate with the Jews whether he wanted to or not due to their power and influence, at least initially, but to extend this idea to literal collaboration is a dubious notion. To the extent that he worked with the Zionists it was to further his aims for the betterment of the German people, not to willingly further the Jewish agenda.

  34. No political system, or leader, is going to save us, especially a dictator [communist or fascist]. Until Family is restored and given a place of honor and respect in our culture, nothing very good is going to accrue to America.
    The Founding Fathers gave us enough of a foundation to have a viable, sustainable country/government/culture/society, no need to look to a dictator from the past for solutions, especially one who made so many egregious errors in tactics his country was left in rubble.
    We'd probably be better off discussing how to get rid of radical feminism, the biggest hindrance to Family Life right now, than debating whether Hitler was a Jew or not a Jew, an agent of the Rothschilds or not, etc. We also need to figure out how to get rid of the Federal Reserve.
    The foundation of a nation is Family. Until we build-up the foundation, nothing good is going to happen.The last thing we need right now is a dictator, especially one who appears out of nowhere, with no heritage or lineage we can trace, and everything about him is shrouded in mystery. Obama reminds me of Hitler in that we know so little about his true heritage. How well is Obama working out?
    Does anyone really want another mystery leader who appears from out of nowhere with no heritage and no lineage that can be traced ?
    Seems to me if Hitler was truly a German/Aryan so proud of his heritage, he would have shouted his heritage,lineage,family history out to the whole world, but he never did.
    Better off dicussing how to get rid of radical feminism, and getting rid of the Federal Reserve,than spending time on Hitler.
    The 12 years Hitler was in power and .50 cents won't buy you a cup of coffee, not here, not in Germany, not anywhere.
    Want to break the power of the Jews? Go to your local churches and tell the ministers/pastors/priests to reject their 501c tax break from Uncle Sam's Federal Reserve/IRS. And tell your fellow Americans to throw their teevees in the dumpster and stop going to the movies. Can't expect the big-shot Jews to sacrifice anything for our benefit if we ourselves are unwilling to sacrifice anything for our own betterment and the betterment of our nation. Joe

    1. The Founding Fathers were Freemasons. This nation has been an experiment of theirs since the beginning.

      As for Condit, I can counter every point he makes. Warburg, Bush, Sutton, blah, blah, blah.

    2. Dio, you should call in sometime.

    3. I intend to do more than that.

      How's a book from the Third Reich itself, pubbed in 1942, that completely destroys Condit's thesis that Hitler and not Britain founded Israel as we know it today?

  35. I definitely don't like John Condit if he doesn't like Barbarians.

  36. Seems to me if Hitler truly was a Jew/ or a part Jew/ or was a gentile working in cahoots with the leaders of world jewry in London, New York/Washington, Moscow, the Jewish big-shot leaders would never want that information to be known.
    The leaders of world jewry wouldn't want their fellow jews in the lower ranks to know jewish leadership played a role in the rise of Nazi Germmany. That would ruin the whole narrative.
    While the holocaust never happened ; What happened is the Jews in Germany were rounded up, and they were herded into work camps,then herded to Israel, kinda like cattle gets herded around. The "lesser brethren" type jews, the low level jews are to believe the Christians did this to them ; Jewish leadership wouldn't want the average jews to know jewish leadership played a big role in all of it.
    Considering that Hitler came out of nowhere- his heritage,lineage, and family history shrouded in mystery - and this mystery leader came to rule one of the most powerful of the European countries, there's a really good chance Hitler was not a true German/Aryan. Most likely a half German/half Jew. If Hitler was a true German/Aryan we would know his family's history -- there would have been absolutely no reason whatsoever to hide his heritage to the German people -- and the world -- if he was who he said he was. Yet, he was silent about his heritage, and he remains for us an enigma : Everything about his heritage/blood-line/family history shrouded in mystery.
    Considering IG Farben was financed out of London and New York, and considering IG Farben was the most powerful and influential corporation in Nazi Germany, I would say that's where one should start searching to learn more about Hitler's true nature.
    Hitler's accomplishments in his 12 years of rule fade into history, but the results of his blatantly egregious errors last unto eternity. That millions and millions died in this horrible war is a loss for Germany, and Europe, that will last for an eternity.
    Dead soldiers and dead civilians don't have children. We,those of us of the white race, lost Germany's progeny ; In addition to all the great lossess the white race suffered in WW2, losing all the children who were never to be born in Germany - and in the whole of Europe - because of this white,Caucasian internecine war, was the greatest loss for the white race. It's a Major reason the white race is now so greatly weakened and semmingly immobilized : It's because of the great eternal loss of blood the white race suffered in WW2.
    To those WN'ers who think Hitler is someone to emulate, please consider this "great" white leader - this "great" mystery leader -- executed anyone who questioned his decisions -- even patriotic Nazi Germans who questioned him in good faith -- were executed, and please consider that Nazi Germany's major corporation was financed out of London and New York. Please keep in mind the jews were herded to Israel -- relatively safely and with a minimum of jewish deaths-- considering the incredible death and destruction in Germany, and in Europe, during WW2. Please consider that world jewry was stronger and more powerful than ever after Hitler than they were before Hitler.Please consider world jewry got Exactly Everything they wanted because of WW2, the great white,Caucasian internecine war_: They got Israel,the destruction of Germany, and complete control of England and the USA.
    @ Dio : I know the Founding Fathers were freemasons.I just said the Founding Fathers gave us enough of a foundation to build a viable and sustainable government and country. Joe

    1. Hey Joe, I don't have time right now to respond to your comment at length, but I intend to later on today.

      You say:

      "The leaders of world jewry wouldn't want their fellow jews in the lower ranks to know jewish leadership played a role in the rise of Nazi Germmany. That would ruin the whole narrative."

      Jewish leadership absolutely did not play a role in the rise of Nazi Germany. Does everyone get this by now? The Jews did not finance Hitler, or have any leadership roles in the NSDAP. It just is not true man, despite the rumors and false accusations.

    2. Joe; who are you? You are the only one I've read on sights like John's that actually put your finger on one of the buttons! What other gems are you going to cast before us? Artificial rubies?

      John I enjoyed the discussion which I caught on demand at Mami's Shit.

      Two points I will make, among so many possibilities, one is the sleight of hand that is Dunkirk. The Germans still had a war to win and were happy to let the Brits rot on the beach whilst they took out the enemy main force. The real mystery is the sudden disappearance of the , expensively tax payer purchased, French Air Force.(French armaments were expensive and shit all throughout the 1930s then compounded by their AF going AWOL from the sky!!! Guess who reaped the profits?), then to add the cherry on top, the RAF actually doesn't screw up for once and the Luftwaffe does in Autumn 1940!!! Now that is magic.

      Secondly the loss of their premier fighting formation,6th Army. That is an inside job and we need to look at the very, very highest levels for that and my main suspect is the network outwith Germany, fronted by Horace Halmar Greeley Schacht within Germany, reaching out to RCE/NY and then into the Soviet murder scene. That operational maneouvre most likely predates Barbarrosa. Compare and contrast Leningrad and Stalingrad from Stalin's perspective, both were quite literally up his Strasse!!


  37. That Hitler cared about his people is self-evident - one does not even need to read that book to see that, just review his policies on tax, education, insurance, child benefit, infrastructure, entertainment, and so on. It is also interesting to note some of the country's inventions at the time: jet fighter, v2 rocket, helicopter, highway, electron microscope, microwave, computer, etc.

    Speaking of which, it is not well-known that the world's first computer was created by Konrad Zuse, preceding von Neumann, around 1941. His patent (lucrative?) was later gained by IBM...

    Nevertheless, it was an interesting show. Thank you as always.

  38. @ INCOMING!!!!!!!!

    I'm just a working-class American {retired}. What I cast before you all are my curmudgeonly remarks -- all backed by years of studying, reading, and thinking about, Hitler and WW2 in general.{No $ for rubies. I don't care for artificial jewelry}.
    Doesn't mean I'm an expert. Just means I remain a curmudgeon and shall continue, most likely, to remain a skeptical curmudgeon even after John Friend puts up his response to my above post. I'm looking forward to casting before you all even more curmudgeonly comments, amd more insights to this whole matter.
    Sounds like you know alot of details about the war. Perhaps you know the details about IG Farben's connections to Wall St., and the connections of IG Farben to Hitler and the top Nazis?
    Perhaps someone can explain to me how a poor,penniless man living in a single room in Vienna, no friends, no family, no job, no money, winds up marching down the main boulevard of a Major European country, and World Power too boot, with 5,000 very well-fed, well- uniformed, well-equipped, well-armed men, and Very Very Expensive cavalry horses -- all this at a time the average working-class German couldn't afford to buy a loaf of bread ?
    Why did Hitler spend a year in London ? {1914} Why is that not in our very,very abridged history books?
    As far as science and technology is concerned, the Germans were always the best at that,there was no reason for them to be nazis [financed by Wall Street via IG Farben] to become good scientists and inventors, the Germans always excelled in those endeavors. Joe

    1. OK, you are making too many unsubstantiated claims Joe. Got a link to IG Farben's alleged role in financing Hitler and the NSDAP? Because I have a some links above proving otherwise.

      "Perhaps someone can explain to me how a poor,penniless man living in a single room in Vienna, no friends, no family, no job, no money, winds up marching down the main boulevard of a Major European country, and World Power too boot, with 5,000 very well-fed, well- uniformed, well-equipped, well-armed men, and Very Very Expensive cavalry horses -- all this at a time the average working-class German couldn't afford to buy a loaf of bread ?"

      You continue to say things like this although everything has been explained above. Read Veronica Clark's article linked here. Read "Why Hitler Came Into Power" by Theodore Abel. These guys literally worked their asses off for years - that's how Hitler and his men marched "down the main boulevard of a Major European country, and World Power too boot, with 5,000 very well-fed, well- uniformed, well-equipped, well-armed men, and Very Very Expensive cavalry horses".

      "Why did Hitler spend a year in London ? {1914}"

      Here is yet another claim people like you make that is just totally baseless. What is your source?

    2. @ JohnFriend
      First off : Thank you for your work regarding Hitler. The more information for everyone, the better.
      There's alot of evidence that Wall St financed the Nazis. Google : " IG Farben financed Nazi Germany"
      " Wall Street + IG Farben + Hitler"
      " Hitler + IG Farben "
      " Who Financed the Rise of Hitler"
      I find it very telling that IG Farben facilties were left unharmed and unscathed throughout all the devasting bombing raids over Germany during the war. As IGF was the most powerful corporation in Germany, and was a major supplier of war material to Germany's military, it's very odd the Allies would have left IGF facilities untouched, as the company was supplying the Nazi military. A Major supplier to the Nazi war machine. One would think the Allies would have wanted to knock out one of the Main Sources of Nazi military strength. But the Allies left IGF alone.
      The Allies bombed Dresden, at the time a city of war refugees, a city without military facilities or factories pumping out war material, yet the Allies left IG Farben factories unharmed while destroying Dresden ; And, while leaving every city in Germany in complete rubble : While IG Farben facilties were left standing.
      My point is legitimate. Very few historians ever mention the role of IG Farben in Nazi Germany, and the fact IGF was left unharmed throughout the whole war.
      There's no solid evidence that Hitler was in England {"Hitler's lost year"}. The lost year was 1912, not 1914. Sorry I got the year wrong. I retract my claim. One can do an engine search if one's curious about it. More mystery info about Hitler.
      With all due respect, there's so much about Hitler that remains a mystery, not too much solid evidence about his past, about his family lineage, about his blood-line. Again, as I mentioned in one of my above posts, if Hitler was truly a pure German/Aryan, one would think he would have shouted out his heritage/family history/lineage/blood-line out to the German people,yet he never did. Very odd. It's a big red flag, to my mind.
      Everything is murky, hard to track, difficult to discern, about Hitler. Much like Obama, another mystery leader who appeared out of nowhere, everything about his past and family murky, contradictory, and hard to pin down.
      Usually such type of mystery leaders are on the payroll of world jewry -- just as Obama was groomed by the jew communist party in the US to the presidency. That's why Obama's heritage and past is shrouded in mystery and conflicting claims.
      Why did the American army hold back from taking Berlin as there was nothing stopping them -- Why did the Americans hold back from taking Berlin and concede it to the Soviets?
      I mentioned Hitler's time in Vienna as a poor, friendless, lost soul type because that's what I always read in our abridged history books.It's also what I was taught in my college class about the history of Nazi Germany. I see now that's not true. Why is it so important for the court historians to have us believe Hitler was poor and without family,friends,connections, and came out of nowhere to lead one of the main countries in Europe? :
      It seems to be very important to the court historians we believe this. Why do the court historians distort,lie, and ofuscate everything about Hitler's past before he came to power -- very similiar as to how the court historians are now distorting, lying, and obfuscating about Obama's background.
      Why did the jew big-shots turn down Hitler's offer to send/re-locate the jews to Palestine? Another important question no one addresses. Joe

    3. “The Allies bombed Dresden, at the time a city of war refugees, a city without military facilities or factories pumping out war material, yet the Allies left IG Farben factories unharmed while destroying Dresden”

      The “Allies” were shit scared of two things at this stage of the war. That the Nazis, very real wunderwaffe, would drop a big one on allied armies or London. Two that the Commie scum would get their hands on the tech. fully engineered by the Germans, despite the fact that every “secret” project of the “ Allies” was fully penetrated by soon to be dual national commie Rothschild agents of destruction. Dresden had Prof Max Steenberg’s plasma research lab. Vaped, excuse the pun, Feb 13-15 1945. Any belief in any reference by Churchill in showing the Soviet scum what a ruined city looks like is delusional. Also see March 15th 1945 raid to take out the Uranium enrichment plant of the Auer Company, Orianenburg by USAAF.

      “And, while leaving every city in Germany in complete rubble : While IG Farben facilties were left standing.”

      The destruction of cities had two objectives. One, to kill off as many German women as possible. Two to make sure British occupiers, i.e. citizen soldiers, never got to witness what high quality, well thought out, public housing looks like. Here we have to recognise the removal of one way that the National Socialist state intended to shut up the traitorous Commie scum infesting Germany. Good housing. Compare and contrast the experience of the ordinary Tommie who was already pissed off at seeing Dutch households with inhouse WCs. His damp, stinking hovel back in UK had an outside bog.

      “Why did the American army hold back from taking Berlin as there was nothing stopping them -- Why did the Americans hold back from taking Berlin and concede it to the Soviets? “

      Joe you’ve put your finger on another button there! Check the activities of the ALSOS teams, during and AFTER the shooting match finished, for the answer to that one. Nothing in Berlin, anymore, worth the candle. As an aside compare and contrast the indecent haste of the British Army and 2TAF to move after the Soviets took Berlin. Look at the indolence and down right phekkmuppetry at Arhnem 1944 of UK armour. Note that once there is a threat of Soviet, for that read Moscuvey, getting an ice free port, the British forces are ordered by Churchill to block the possible Soviet heathen advance immediately. No consultation with SHAEF. Note also that the lands secured to block any Soviet ambition on Hamburg/Kiel are Hessian. That last word should make any American patriot get his/her musket ready. This is a clue that the whole war is (I use the present tense because the conflict is not over) prosecuted under a belief system not ever discussed under the usual academic obfuscation, by detail, in peer reviewed group think. Look at the British “Jewish Brigade” which after skulking around in the calm of the Mediterranean, got moved into the British Zone after the fighting finished in 1945 to “hunt Nazis”. To read that last sentence in context let me translate. “To seek out and destroy memory through a reign of terror. Memory of those who could contradict the upcoming “Fake history” by continuing to exist.”

      “Why did the jew big-shots turn down Hitler's offer to send/re-locate the jews to Palestine? Another important question no one addresses”

      The Commie/Zionists were just as interested in rubbing out the non compliant as Hitler or Stalin. In the Reich’s case, with a view to post war psyops, the Zionists were happy to feed non compliant “Jews” into the slave camp industrial complex. There are NAZI/ZIONIST agreements to that end that never get the light of day because everyone is staring at the bamboozletron that is Hitler’s legend and stunned by the mindmagicnumber6 gun.

      One question that never gets raised is how come a desert shithole got radioactive less than a decade after the pirate base got set up? Dimona, from where?

    4. Thanks INCOMING!!!!!!.

      Appreciate the info. I never heard of "ALSOS". Going to look into it.
      While Dresden had Steenberg's plasma lab,that doesn't explain why IG Farben facilties/factories were untouched by the Allied air forces during the war. Doesn't explain why IGF facilties were still standing while all of Germany was left in ruin and rubble-- while IG Farben managed to escape any damage at all -- and didn't miss a beat after Germany was left prostrate, desolate, and in complete ruins after the war.
      All the evidence points to Wall Street owning IG Farben. No one has been able to provide any evidence proving otherwise.
      As IGF financed Hitler & the Nazi party, and IGF was financed by Wall St, it follows that Wall Street put Hitler and the Nazi Party into power in 1933.
      If anyone disagrees with me, please explain why the Allied air forces never bombed any IGF facilities -- as IGF was the main supplier to the "enemy" Nazi military. One would think the Allied command would want to knock out the main supplier to the Nazi military -- the source of Nazi military strength -- considering there was a war going on, yet Allied command gave IGF a free pass. Joe

  39. National Socialist Funding

  40. Grave Of Adolf Hitlers Parents Desecrated By Priest

    1. John sholtes
      I do not need to see this video about the grave desecration because I am fairly sure either Carolyn Yeager, or CODOH did a story about this right after it took place a year or two ago, and the desecration was not done by a priest.
      If memory serves me right it was done by "jews", who then organized a protest to have it removed from the cemetary altogether.

      US Army Vet
      Marc C. Daniele

  41. Churchill's succesfull coup in Yugoslavia in 1941 and the bad weather experienced in May and June 1941 delayed the invasion. Its not entirely the Italian's fault. The Russian Tank T-34, the best tank of all time, surprised the Germans in 1941 and greatly helped turn the conflict against Hitler in the East.

  42. I don't know how anyone can watch the Condit video and walk away shrugging off all the information Condit gives us, and simply conclude Hitler was a true-blue German/Aryan. Condit gives us plenty of sources to turn to for a deeper insight into Hitler, his motivations, his background,and his blood-line.
    I made a mistake in my above post about the Transfer Agreement. I didn't know the agreement allowed Jews to leave Germany. I always thought the Zionists turned down Hitler's offer to repatriate the Jews to Palestine. Turns out the agreement allowed about 60,000 Jews to leave Germany to go to Palestine. I didn't know that.
    This leads me to ask some questions about the Transfer Agreement: Why would the Zionists have not agitated to allow more Jews to leave Germany? One would think the Jewish leadership would have bargained to get more Jews out of Germany, not just 60,000 Jews. Why would Hitler not allow more Jews to leave Germany under the agreement? One would think Hitler would have used the opportunity of the Transfer Agreement to ship as many Jews as he could out of Germany, considering how anti-Jewish the Nazis were and how they wanted to cleanse Germany of Jews.
    Condit makes an excellent point towards the end of his presentation.He makes the point that the Jews are using holocaust as a bludgeon against the Christian -- or if one prefers -- the white, Caucasian gentile world. It's palpable Condit is trying to break the power of the narrative concerning the holocaust; To do so, however, requires breaking the Whole narrative regarding Nazi Germany, considering the abundance of evidence pointing to Hitler being part Jew, and all the Jews and part Jews in top Nazi positions in the Nazi party.
    One truly can't separate the holocaust and the Nazis and the Nazi leader, Hitler. The whole narrative has got to go if we white Christians [gentiles]are to free ourselves from this horrible, contrived Nazi narrative that causes so many whites to feel guilty. In guilt,the white race acquiesces to one jew demand after another jew demand.
    If the evidence pointed to Hitler being a true-blue German, and if the evidence pointed to him doing the best he could for the German people, there'd be no need to chuck the whole narrative. But,the evidence points to Hitler being part Jew ; The evidence points to Hitler working with the top Zionists to do what had to be done to get the Jews to Palestine, and to get the Jews to Palestine on Zionist terms -- and On Zionist Terms Only.
    The thing is : The Zionist Terms included the Complete Destruction of Germany [ except IG Farben facilties. The Allies were under orders Not to bomb IG Farben, Major supplier of the Nazi war machine/military ].
    Considering all of Hitler's egregious errors in tactics, and executing any patriotic Nazi, who, in good faith, questioned Hitler's blatantly obvious errors [It's not hindsight. The errors were obvious to alot of patriotic Nazis at the time].It breaks the whole narrative of the Nazis.
    To my mind, as someone interested in what's best for my white race, it only benefits us if the evidence points to Hitler being a part Jew and hooked in with the top Jew/Zionist leadership. The Jews can no longer bleed us dry, and constantly bludgeon us about what happened in Nazi Germany,Hitler, the holocaust,etc.; How intrinsically evil we are, how we need to repent,etc. -- as per the Jews pushing the official Nazi narrative down our throats.
    I think Condit has done us a great service. I commend him for it.
    WN'ers,and all white,Caucasians period, should be disseminating Condit's video all over the net and shouting it out to the whole world.
    The information it contains can free us from the Jew bludgeoning forever. Then we can move on as a race to build something substantial,viable, and sustainable. Joe

    1. "He makes the point that the Jews are using holocaust as a bludgeon against the Christian -- or if one prefers -- the white, Caucasian gentile world."

      Swing back at these Jews and their holocaust lie (internment in work camps is not a "holocaust") with an even bigger blugdeon--the Red Holocaust--where ten times as many Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern European people were executed, starved to death in an artificial famine and worked to death in subzero Siberian gulags thanks to JEWISH COMMUNISM, a wicked, horrible, heretofore unseen, mega-tyranny that dwarfs the Jews' fraudulent, kabbalistic, symbolic six-million figure!

      This fact must be repeated over and over again, and emphasized more and more and more because these Jewish scumbags have NEVER been held accountable for unleashing this monstrous tyranny, a so-called "workers paradise" (yeah, right!), where so many suffered and died, upon humankind, which these Jewish supremacist monsters certainly are not a part of!


    2. @ Phil

      Excellent advice. Everyone should know what happened in the jew soviet union. It's a good idea to bring the subject up while simultaneously pointing out the bullsh*t of the holocaust narrative.
      I shoot off posts to many various websites about the jew gulag called the soviet union.

      Google : "Communism + Jews + The Talmud + Noahide Laws"

      I mention the search term for those readers who may not know what happened in the soviet union. It's important information everyone should know.

      The above search term is a good way to start. Joe

  43. Condit,
    As expected your entire argument with John has been completely destroyed by Veronica Clark on the Deanna Spingola special Jan. 26,,

    Stop your lying ignorant shilling garbage Condit. You have been added to "the" list. When the time comes you will be remembered for your crimes.

  44. In my continuing search to learn more about Hitler,I just recently googled "Hitler was a Jew". Google recommended the prompt, "Hitler Was A Jew Himself" so I went with that.
    First up on the list : "DNA Tests Reveal Hitler's Jewish and African Roots". The article is on the "Haaretz" website,an Israeli newspaper. Yes,an Israeli newspaper. The article is dated Jan. 27, 2013.
    Google : "Hitler Was A Jew Himself"
    This is good news as it will help free the white Christians [and all whites,Christian or not] from their collective guilt, and will help free the Jews from their collective paranoia of "the gentiles".
    It's time for the Jews to see clearly it was their own Jewish leaders who played such a giant role in WW2 Germany. Let them take it from there and work it out amongst themselves, and us white Caucasians can move on without the heavy load of collective guilt under the heavy bludgeon of "the narrative". Joe

    1. That was already dealt its death blow by Luis Munoz. Distant cousins' DNA is not Hitler's DNA. Plus it was unscientifically gathered and mishandled.

      Pure bunk. But nice try.

      Need a source? I'll reply with it.

  45. @ Dio
    Yes, I would like a source. In the meantime, I will continue my research into Hitler's past and his blood heritage, as an overwhelming amount of evidence points to Hitler having Jewish blood.
    Do you know why IG Farben facilities weren't bombed in the Allied bombing raids over Germany during the war, by any chance?
    No one is addressing the IGF issue -- An issue that stands out like a sore thumb.
    In the meantime, I will do an engine search of Luiz Munoz, but I would appreciate it if you reply with a source for Munoz' "death blow". Joe

  46. @ Dio
    Oh dio mio, why has thou forsaken me ? I'm still waiting for the source to your claim. I try keep in mind "God" calls us to patience.
    In the meantime, I'm wondering why the Israeli/Jewish newspaper, "Haaretz", didn't mention anything about Munoz' "death blow" to the research about Hitler's Jewish DNA blood-line & heritage.
    One would think an Israeli/Jewish paper would be the first to shout out to the world that Hitler didn't have Jew blood -- yet Haaretz doesn't mention anything about the scientific study into Hitler's Jewish DNA/blood-line being debunked by Munoz -- or anyone else.Why would an Israeli/Jewish newspaper report a scientific finding/conclusion that Hitler had Jew blood, and fail to mention Munoz ?
    Why do you call yourself, "Dio" ? Dio means God in Latin, si?
    One would think "God" Himself would be able to provide the source to "His" claim alot quicker than you are, oh dio mio. Joe

  47. Hello John:

    Perhaps you have read the pamphlet that is linked here entitled Postive Christianity in the Third Reich by Cajus Fabricius. It explains in concise matter the position of the National Socialists on Christianity. Essential reading I believe.


  48. @ Dio
    I know God calls us to long-suffering patience, but this is getting ridiculous, "Dio".

    I'm still waiting for "the source" for your claim.
    And "God" said, "Need a source? I'll reply with that"

    Oh dio mio, maybe "Dio" es muerte.

    God helps those who help themselves anyway. I looked online [alot]for information about Munoz' evidence refuting the DNA research into Hitler's jewish blood/DNA. Can't find any information about it. Couldn't find anyone else who was able to scientifically refute the DNA research into Hitler's DNA/blood, either.

    I guess that's why Haaretz - the Israeli/Jewish newspaper -
    was silent about Munoz [or anyone else ] refuting the DNA research & the finding.

    Seems to me if Munoz, or anyone else ,scientifically refuted the conclusion Hitler had jew blood/DNA, an Israeli/Jewish newspaper would definately want the "refutation" to be known to it's predominately Jewish readership. Si?

    I shall pray to God so He gives me patience. Joe

  49. I'm at the 1:50 Hour mark. I've got to say that after listening to what I've heard so far, I agree with your guest. I have always maintained in the back of my mind that there is no way that the Jewish power would have let someone with truly good intentions rise to power. John, please pray about this because it is possible that your good heart's intention to hope that there actually was someone that was willing to stand against Jewish power, someone visible and on that kind of a platform.

    And your guest is right, Socialism, even National Socialism is not a good thing and it is not Christian.

  50. Sorry I didn't finished my sentence above.... I was going to say it's possible that your hope that there was someone good to stand against Jewish power is keeping you from seeing the truth about Hitler.

  51. The LORD is not going to allow us to overthrow the Satanic Jewish system until the people completely repent of their rebellion to Christ as their Lord, and make him the King. Fighting this battle as just white people is not going to cut it. It is just as your CI guests have said, If we obey the LORD then he will restore us and bless us. If we do not, and we fight this battle in the flesh, we will certainly lose, as it should be.

    1. I agree with you. I probably wouldn't have a year ago, but now I totally agree with you.

    2. That is a blessing to hear, John.

  52. Great show. This is a very important issue because what will happen if a similar situation were to arise here, where a leader of the white people will arise and get funded by Jews, in order to start a physical war to wiped us off the map? I am sure that just about any white nationalist will fall for such a leader and fight in the war.


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