Monday, January 14, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend

On this edition of The Realist Report, we are joined by long-time essayist, historian, and poet DC Dave Martin to discuss his website and past writings, WWII and post-WWII American political history, the mysterious deaths of James Forrestal and Vince Foster, the fake left versus right political paradigm and the wide array of dishonest voices in the alternative media, and related matters.  Be sure to check out DC Dave's website where you can read all his excellent essays and poems.  BuelahMan from BuelahMan's Revolt joins us in the second hour.  

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  1. That was definitely one of the very best radio shows I've ever heard.

  2. John Friend, GREAT interview with (DC) Dave Martin and BuelaMan.

    James Forrestal secretary of defence in 1949 warned: "unless the American support of the Zionist demands guaranteed the rights of the Palestinians would be justly upheld and the boundaries of the new state explicitly drawn, the United States would alienate not alone the Arabs and the Middle East, but of the whole Moslem world...and the eventual harvest would not be a peaceful homeland for a race exhausted by persecution and massacre, but a reaping of a whirlwind of hate for all of us."

    This guy was a fooking genius!

    P.S. The zionists suicided him shortly after he made this 100% accurate prediction by strangling him with his dressing gown sash and throwing him out a window. See for details.

  3. Mouser,

    I have to believe that Forrestal knew that the Holy Hoax was just that - a hoax. So, I find it difficult to reconcile his implicit endorsement of the Jewish Lie with his reference to a "race exhausted by persecution and massacre".

    Forrestal had to know about the platform upon which National Socialism stood with respect to debt and interest free money.

    Forrestal was a "close friend" of Bernard Baruch. Bernard Baruch was essentially the devil incarnate - so what does that make Forrestal?

    The Jews killed Forrestal because he tried to throw a wrench into their plans for Israel. But before that - Forrestal happily went to war killing good people.

    Forrestal was not one of the good guys.

    The fact that he was murdered is unfortunate only in that it was not done much, much earlier.

    1. LOL, well that's an interesting take on this subject. And I think you're probably right! The only people in America standing up to the Jew World Order and the genocidal war against National Socialist Germany were prosecuted for sedition by the Communist/Jewish Roosevelt administration! America has been controlled by criminal, foreign, ANTI-WHITE interests for over 60 years now! WTF guys?!

    2. Mouser, I think you're dismissing Forrestal without much ground. Do you have any thing more concrete? "Being friends" with Baruch ain't enough.

      It's easy for us to look back in hindsight with the access to info we have, but there were few at the time who didn't fall for the horseshit. Much like with the Big Lies of today.

    3. Forrestal took a stand against Israel and they wreaked their usual "protocol" on him: 1) they made him look crazy (drugs?); 2) they finaigled his commitment to a mental ward; 3) they strangled him and threw him out the window, strangling being their standard "Book of Esther" method of murder.

      Forrestal's ideas EVOLVED. At first, he bought the "persecuted" (rather than persecuting) Jew-bunkum. He found out the truth gradually, as most of us have through nasty experience with their sayanim and secret police methods.

      Clueless remain: Congress, journalists, bubble talking heads, the American public.

  4. I posed this comment at Mami's Shit blog, and I think it's appropriate here as well:

    Thanks for posting guys, I thought this was a very interesting conversation. It is clear to me that the entire Roosevelt administration was controlled by Commie Jews. Think about that. Our government has been controlled by a hostile, foreign, CRIMINAL group of people for over 60 years. It's time to ditch this fucking government and start over. We need a form of government that protects and advances the interests of its people. Fascism/National Socialism are the only answer.

    See Bill Finck's excellent audio files on the Communist takeover of the Roosevelt administration:

    1. " Fascism/National Socialism are the only answer. "

      Please explain what this sentence means. I don't think fascism is ever a good idea.

    2. That's because you don't understand what it is. You, like I was, like most are, have been indoctrinated with the "Jew" definition of what fascism and national socialism are.

      Or maybe I am giving you too much benefit of the doubt. Maybe your a communist, liberal or Jew (more or less the same thing) that is trolling here.

      But in the case that you are being sincere, my advice is this; do some home work and then come back to the discussion.

    3. Aservant or John;

      Define fascism.

    4. First off, please listen to these audio files:

      And read this:

      I view fascism and National Socialism as the only ideologies that actually protect and advance the interests of the nation, or people. When people throw around the term "fascism" now, they are usually referring to the plutocratic, international capitalist system operating in the United States and much of the world. What we have in America is NOT fascism. It's capitalism, with a cultural Marxism social bent. The term "fascism" and "fascist" have been greatly distorted and misused, and still are today, even in the so-called truth movement.

    5. Jeffersonian libertarianism, starting with repeal of civil of rights and all groups rights, is the other obvious answer and much more feasible in the USA but ONLY if there is no compromise on basic principles or led by shills who lie and misrepresent the truth. It cannot be voted in, it has to be established by a corrective force. This force is not available to the righteous anymore as it should be, this force is used AGAINST those who demand to have free choice.

      This system was uber-successful in the past but also had to be fought for with fierce physical force by Andrew Jackson and the founding fathers before him every step of the way.

      Those who say that Jackson sold out the USA to the Rothschilds have a lot of trouble explaining this:

      "Between 1820 and 1910 the American dollar RETAINED its purchasing power. In other words, a dollar was still worth a dollar 90 years later.

      Within six years of the Federal Reserve Bank being established, the prices between 1914 and 1920 increased by 56 percent !

      Since then, there have been 18 recessions, 2 depressions if you count the current one, and the dollar has lost 97% of its value !" ~Stephen Goodson, a former director of the South African Reserve bank.

      So, if Jackson sold out the U.S.A., why is it that the USA experienced the single longest and most economically prosperous period in all of human history in the post Jackson and pre-1913-Fed-Reserve-Act years ?

      This made the unbeatably prosperous and industrious USA, the deciding factor in both WWI and WWII as the post-1913 usury-shackled stooge of the Rothschilds. Remember that it was the strength of American industry that won those wars not just the ruthlessness and savagery and despicable treachery of the leaders.

      Ruthlessness and savagery are not worth much in the face of sheer size and overwhelming force born of a superior industrial capability. That capability was not built during the Rooseveltian depression years, it was built in the years of Jeffersonian libertarianism, established by force, and as vigilantly guarded as possible, when whatever other injustices went on, and I'm sure plenty of people who hate allowing others their free choice will list a myriad of them, the economic bottom line was still this:

      "the American dollar RETAINED its purchasing power. In other words, a dollar was still worth a dollar 90 years later."

      Can you imagine your dollar being worth the same 10 years from now, never mind 90 years from now, while inventions and cheaper and better products are proliferating all around you ?

      This is not a 'romantic' picture of the 19th century USA. This was the economic reality as proven by the easily verifiable economic statistic.

      The media is key, because that's where the software for the human computer gets loaded. It's very hard to re-write that software later. You load the correct software and that person will function properly. Now AJ and these other guys like him have loaded 80% of the software into millions of people and poisoned the other 20% with bugs so that the system malfunctions. .

      We have to de-bug that 20% without compromise until it functions the way it should. Numbers game, tipping point, all these concepts still remain valid. Educating people on the true history of National Socialism and Fascism is part of the debugging operation, but very few Americans will run that as a full program, rather than a feature or an option. You cannot breed or brainwash 200 years of individualism out of Americans even with the complete media control of today. Look at how much lip-service they still have to pay to 'the constitution' and 'how they hate us for our 'freedoms,' etc. All they've managed to do is poison them with extreme forms of libertinism, hedonism and counterfeit alienated individualism born of sloth and laziness. Real freedom is a hard discipline and all creativity is born of disciplined free minds.

      ~Negentropic MK VI

    6. Read "The Conspiracy of Zion" and the last 100 pages of "Far and Wide" by Douglas Reed written in the 1950s. He has it all figured and spelled out in these two books. One stop shopping for the truth about the New (Jew) World Order.

  5. "Fascism/National Socialism are the only answer."

    Did you mean Patriotism/Nationalism arm the only answer?

    Please explain. Is fascism ever good for anybody, really?

  6. I so agree with your comments here this week, John, and on this broadcast. I love DC Dave Martin, and you and he together was as good as Spingola and he together on her show. One of my happiest moments of 2012, was getting to talk to him when I called in to Spingola Speaks. God bless all three of you.

  7. John, GET a copy of Evans' Blacklisted by History. Brilliant book on the destruction of Sen. McCarthy. There is NO QUESTION that McCarthy was right as the release of the VENONA files proved in 1995.

    FDR was a piece of shit and Truman was a best an idiot. The McCarthy battle was the last hope and a very important piece of the history of the Jew takeover.

    1. From "The World Order" by Eustace Mullins:

      "Despite a later reputation for "anti-Communism", Herbert Hoover was not only the most tireless proponent of the League of Nations in partnership with Col. House; he also was the first American to step in with large scale assistance to prevent a massive uprising against the faltering Bolshevik regime. Hoover saved the Bolsheviks by organizing a massive program to rush food to the beleaguered Communists. On Nov. 28, 1917, his associate, Col. House had cabled Wilson a few days after the Bolsheviks seized power, urging the extreme importance of suppressing all American newspaper criticism of the Bolsheviks: "It is exceedingly important that such criticism be suppressed." The telegram was placed in a confidential file, and only came to light six years later.

      In "The Unknown War with Russia", Robert J. Maddox noted in 1977, "Wilson greeted the March Revolution in Russia as a major step toward achieving the kind of postwar world he envisioned. He made sure the U.S. was the first to recognize the Provisional Government." Maddox points out that Wilson insisted that No. 6 of his famous Fourteen Points at Versailles was that "Russia should continue under institutions of her own choosing", thus guaranteeing the future of the Bolshevik regime. His closest political aide, Col. House, sent his own secretary, Kenneth Durant, to Russia to become a secretary in the Soviet Bureau in 1920!"

      Mullins worked directly for McCarthy for a while by the way


    2. Mullins continued from "the World Order":

      "William Laurence Sanders, chairman of Ingersoll Rand, and deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, wrote to Wilson, Oct. 17, 1918: "I am in sympathy with the Soviet form of government as the best suited for the Russian people." George Foster Peabody, also deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since 1914, and noted "philanthropist" who organized the General Education Board for the Rockefellers, stated that he supported the Bolshevik form of state monopoly.

      Thus we had three of the most prominent officials of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on record as supporting Bolshevism: Sanders, Peabody and William Boyce Thompson. Thompson then announced he was giving one million dollars to promote Bolshevik propaganda in the United States! Because the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was controlled by five New York banks who owned 53% of its stock, and because these five banks were directly controlled by N.M. Rothschild & Sons of London, we can only conclude that these three men were merely stating the preferences of their employer.

      The National City Bank had already loaned Russia $50 million, and Guaranty Trust, whose directors were the leading financiers in New York, now became the financial correspondent for Soviet interests in America. In January 1922, Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover introduced on behalf of Guaranty Trust a resolution permitting relations with "the new State Bank at Moscow". Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes strongly opposed this resolution, but Hoover succeeded in getting it approved. A German banker, Max May, now vice pres. of Guaranty Trust, became head of the foreign dept. of the Ruskombank in 1923, the first Soviet international bank.

      "Who's Who" states that Max May came to the U.S. 1883, naturalized 1888, vice pres. Guaranty Trust 1904-18, director and member of board Russian Commercial Bank 1922-25. J.P. Morgan and Guaranty Trust acted as the fiscal agents of the Soviet Government in the U.S.; the first shipments of "Soviet" gold, which was actually the Czar's gold, were deposited in Guaranty Trust.

      In a typical move to disguise their operations, Otto Kahn and several officials of Guaranty Trust then founded an "anti-Communist" group, United Americans, which circulated virulent anti-Communist and anti-Jewish propaganda. Like most such organizations, it was designed to discredit and render impotent anyone opposed to Communism who became involved in its work."

      Pay special attention to the last paragraph, the funding of their own 'controlled opposition.'

      ~Negentropic MK II


  8. It's tragic that so much of history has been covered up. As bad as things are, we are blessed to be finally learning the truth. Thank you guys for a great show.

  9. I admire your courage to seek the truth. We may never find proofs, but it is important to see and feel what must be true - you help us see it. Thank you and Happy Birthday, John!


  10. Fine show, John! Dave's a wealth of info. Loved it. You're one of the very best mein freund!

  11. jb campbell said in a recent interview that john kaminski was at the VA in las vegas for kidney failure, can't confirm, heard anything?

  12. Here's a bit on the theft of the Skippy name by, surprise, surprise, the Rosenfield Co. Nice that Crosby got the Ezra Pound treatment or perhaps it's the other way round:

    "Skippy" was first used as a trademark for peanut butter by the Rosefield Packing Co., Ltd., of Alameda, California, in 1933. Percy Crosby, creator of the "Skippy" comic strip, had the trademark invalidated in 1934, but Rosefield persisted after Crosby was committed to an insane asylum, and its successor companies, most recently Unilever and Hormel, have been granted rights to the trademark over the objection of Crosby's heirs. There has been much litigation on this point over the decades, some of which has continued into the 2000s

  13. Crosby's attacks on the Jewish traitor FDR:

    Although he had voted for Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 U.S. "Presidential election, Crosby opposed Roosevelt's controversial Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937.[citation needed] Crosby's vitriolic editorials called the president "crazed for power", and referred to Roosevelt's Fireside Chats as "talking from the Moscow room of the Spite House".[28] He also fired editorial broadsides at the gangster Al Capone.[29] When the Internal Revenue Service brought a tax claim against Crosby and his corporation Skippy, Inc., for more than $67,000 in 1937, Crosby—who fought the decision for years, ultimately unsuccessfully—claimed it was in retaliation for his political writing."

  14. What bothers me is how Eustace Mullins who courageously exposed the vile actions of the Rothschild- and Baruch-controlled White House, was persecuted throughout his whole life by the ADL-controlled FBI. The local police in Staunton, VA -- rubes who lick the feet of the Feds -- harrassed Mullins mercilessly. See the videos on youtube about the ruthless persecution of Mullins in his final days. Eustace Mullins is a Christian martyr and true American patriot.

  15. The Bolshevik conspiracy is ongoing. Mikhail Gorbachev lives at the US military's Presidio in California. Now what is THAT all about.
    The Zionist takeover of US finances by the Federal Reserve Bank is approaching a crisis that may crash the Money Power's ability to control anything. The dollar is backed by oil -- and oil reserves are dwindling. War, which will distract everyone from the dollar's crash and kill oil demand by killing millions of people, seems to be on the horizon.

  16. No need to give slick talking shills and liars like Conduit ever air time. We've been hearing this "Hitler was a zionist" bullshit from everywhere, starting with Icke and ending with Makow. Some newcomers may actually buy this.


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