Friday, January 18, 2013

Sandy Hook "shooting" hoax - Updates

A reader sent me the following information that I have not seen anywhere on the internet or discussed on any radio program.  Apparently, the blog Don't Forget 2 Breathe posted an article on September 8, 2012 about the fake Sandy Hook "shooting" in Connecticut - almost three months before the official "shooting" even took place.  I went to this blog, and the article has been removed. The only post for the month of September was this one titled Revival, which reads (bold and underline mine):
Things don’t remain the same. They either grow or decay, and without effort, my blog has lost momentum. But it’s not too late, and my plan is to revive and heal it. Make myself a space to write freely and to share with anyone who cares to be shared with.

I often feel it’s impossible to connect to the energy of this time with all its themes of renewal and return to who we really are (as the Jewish New Year approaches) yet perhaps for me its expressed in the simple act of finally sitting down to type.

My hope is that this new phase can be more dynamic and alive with more chatting and feedback. Please post comments – good or bad – so I can learn how to create a space that is nurturing but real and ultimately sweet and full of love. I so want to.

So, Noa may need heart surgery. Breathe.

How does any mother wrap their head around that?

You would never know. She is as passionate, vibrant, charismatic, energetic as always. She now says words with a New York-tinged drawl – No-a and No way, she has a brilliant sense of humour, she watches people carefully and she learns, she knows fiercely what she likes. And she spins circles round me as she delights, and excites over every little thing.

I just left her at cr√®che, and with the backdrop of potential surgery and not wanting to stress her out, I feel a little scared about our hard goodbye. Yes, I left her in good hands and yes, she knows so well that I love her, and that I am always with her. But her cries have stayed with me, and I feel a little stiff. Up until now I have tried so hard to meet her needs, to keep her happy, to keep her healthy. But it has been at my expense and it’s ultimately not good for her too. I have always believed that a happy child is one with a happy mom, and so why should it be any different with my child? But it’s difficult; my instinct is to protect at all costs.

She has her own destiny in life I’m told. And life is not a fairytale; struggle can help make a person enriched and wise. But I nonetheless pray for her recovery and ask you to pray for it too. Noa Tziporrah Bat Liat.

And on that note, this collection of thoughts for the day is over. I am trying (more or less) to stick to my allocated time so that I can be sure to not overdo and thus to be in my writing chair tomorrow, sharing even a thought or two. Hope to hear from you too.
Who is "Noa" in this post?  Noah Pozner, the Jewish kid who was allegedly murdered at Sandy Hook?  The Noah Pozner who has already had fake memorials set up in his name, right after the alleged "shooting" took place?

Here are the screen shots a reader sent me of the alleged post on the blog Don't Forget 2 Breathe:

Did the Sandy Hook "shooting" drill/staged event take place months ago, and the footage, interviews, and other video and audio coverage run in December, allowing the puppets and actors in the media and government to prepare their talking points for the PSYOP?  I don't know what to make of this, other than to say it further supports the conclusion I drew shortly after the official Sandy Hook "shooting" story broke on December 14, 2012 - that the entire thing is a gigantic hoax and a PSYOP meant to propagandize the traumatized American public into accepting more gun control, more "mental health services", and more tyranny.

If you haven't seen this 30 minute video, it's worth it.  It goes through all the discrepencies, inconsistencies, fabrications, outright acting, and other anamolies with the Sandy Hook "shooting" hoax.

After viewing it just now, I really think this entire event was totally fake.  They probably even used video and photos that were shot well before December 14th and put on TeeVee pretending it was "live footage" or whatever.  The people who own and control the media have the capabilities to do things like this, whether you want to recognize that or not (Mark Glenn, Mike Piper, Jeff Prager, ahem).

I am starting to think that all of the stories of multiple shooters, different number and type of gun(s) involved, and all these other issues that lend credence to the very notion this shooting even happened are just disinfo.  I wouldn't be surprised if those photos of Robbie Parker and his family and the other photos of Obama with the kids are faked or Photoshopped as well.  Who knows?  These PSYOPS people know how to release information, bit by bit, some of it being legitimate, most not, but they do it in a manner that just keeps people investigating, bitching and complaining, never coming to the obvious conclusion that the entire event is fake.

Here are a few more videos worth viewing:

Can you believe this clown Gene Rosen?  Who is this guy?  Does anyone buy his bullshit story? Now he's doing his act in Spanish?  


  1. good stuff, John ...

    Like we have talked, I think it's all faked to sucker "truthers" into chasing their own tales and look like CT nuts to the 99% who swallow governmental false flags.

    The only way to get to the bottom of these things is to get an army of 50-500 people to go to that town, get boots on the ground, and grind the truth outta the situation with questions and videos--make Rosen talk; make Sally Cox explain her statement about Nancy Lanza being a teacher there; make Shannon Hicks show the rest of the pics on her camera (that she says she can't bring herself to look at) other than the photo-op "ray charles conga line" ... 'course finding these will-o'-the- wisps might be tricky, haha.

    We need to do the same to the 9/11 plane people relatives.

    These charades splinter people, even those seemingly on the same side, and of course Tavistock goes belly up guffawing at this lemming-predicted behavior.

    These events could easily be investigated. Tho, Obama might break out the national guard, ala not being able to discuss the Holocaust in many countries or be jailed.

    The jig is up, EJPs.

    The Net has exposed these D-league psyops.

    NOW, whether your article is true or not really doesn't matter. WE know enough to realize Sandy Hook was a grammar-school play riddled with holes so numerous it's become a toddler's 5 piece wooden puzzle to piece together the gist.


  2. There's definitely something terribly wrong with the 'official' SH narrative, like the United Way web page for SH that was started 3 days before the incident.

    And have you noticed that the M$M has put SH in the background? That's spells bad news as the PTB realize that their little psyops went wrong or maybe not far enough, which means their is an even more horrible event planned for the masses.

    Those guns will be demonized and taken and if you don't like it, we'll show you what a force of armed goons can do to you and your home.

    Between the manufactured fuss over Hagel, SH and the drive to take out guns, no one seems to be talking about another Jew being put in charge of the Treasury Dept to replace the Jew who is leaving.

    Several years from now, when the last of our wealth has been looted, we'll get the usual "Duh, I don't know what happened" from the Treasury while the crooks laugh all the way to the synagague.

    Check out this blog:

    Here's proof of photoshopped pics.

    1. Your so correct, I spoke to someone who works in the news, the BBC to be exact, and he reckons just the fact they are keeping this out the media should set alarm bells ringing.When Dunblane happened it was in the media for months and months, same with madeline mc cann that went on for years.20 children are shot to death and no tears, no mass media coverage other than the initial event, it's not right. no way.I,ve seen people more upset over losing a budgie.

  3. Yep. Very plausible theory. Filmed in September 2012, released in December 2012. A full fledged hoax replete with crisis actors.

    Wag the Sandy-dog.

    Closed coffins and ALL the "parents" held incommunicado? Hmmm...

    Are they (zio puppet gov't) trying to spark a civil war with a breach of the 2nd amendment? Have the 250 FEMA centers been empty long enough?

    Eco collapse within weeks...hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

  4. John,

    You're onto something here.

    FYI, "boots on the ground" in the Newtown area on Dec. 14th said that there were a "lot of cop cars driving around" and they saw "about 4 different helicopters" flying around the area.

    So, that portion of the "show" was real. As for what actually happened at the school - we can deduce that the official story is untrue.

    On another note: The jews have attacked Incogman's site and destroyed the comment section of his latest article.

    That comment section basically laid out a tremendous amount of information on the Sandy Hook Show and the Monetary System Fraud.

    There were over 700 comments there. Gone.

  5. FYI,

    A call the the NRA ILS Grassroots Division asking about the NRA's stance on an Independent Investigation into the Sandy Hook "event" was met with this statement:

    "I don't foresee the NRA sponsoring an Independent Investigation."

    So there you go.

    "F" the NRA.

  6. John- you might want to check out this audio from the From the Trenches radio show on Dec 14, especially at the 39-45 min mark when caller from Sandy Hook calls in:

    I’m not too familiar w/this From the Trenches Radio show (I think he used to be RBN and grizzom used to post his show), but I found the Dec 14th episode posted on Dr. K’s site. It’s on some sort of UStream video and I don’t know how to bring it over here, so people are just going to have to go to Dr. K’s site here.

    Anyway, it’s actually very interesting and worth a listen, especially from 39-45 minutes when a woman named “Kathy” calls in and claims to be from Sandy Hook (I have no way of proving it, so people are just going to have to judge for themselves)

    Amanda1: Okay, this is basically what she had to say:

    She woke up early to lots of sirens, so she turned on her scanner (I guess this is that thing people use to listen to the police radio?) and was listening all morning. Kathy said thing seemed to move slowly, like maybe not much was going on, almost like maybe someone shot themselves in the foot. Then all of the sudden it’s announced by AP that 20 people are dead.

    She said that she didn’t hear anything on the scanner to suggest that, that she thought someone would have sounded excited or something like that on the radio. She said “It makes no sense and I’m here.” She said she hadn’t seen any photos of anyone hurt (I guess she also had the television on?) Kathy said there were lots of “weirdos driving around town in dark cars.”

    Also mentioned that there were supposedly three people who were taken to the hospital, but nobody saw anyone putting anyone on stretchers and into ambulances. She’s about 2 miles away from the school, says it’s like a circus around there, “bizarre, very bizarre.” Kathy also said they shut down the post office b/c of this and that when she was driving around town, she saw lots of dark colored vehicles w/lots of antenna (someone called in and suggested these were DHS vehicles?)

    She said there were lots of “intense looking, scary guys, not suit and tie kind of guys, more like military guys.” Then she said something like “there’s an operation going on here, I just don’t know how real it is.” Kathy also said something about wanting “to go into town and see that these people really existed.”

    She also mentioned that there had been lots of weirdness around the Aurora/Batman shooting as well. Then she went back to talking about the scanner and how the whole thing seemed very strange b/c what she was hearing was very subdued. She said that early on it almost seemed comical b/c they were talking about looking for a maroon van with two guys, with one of them dressed in a nun outfit (!?!).

    Kathy said it almost seemed like a joke for awhile and then things suddenly shifted w/AP announcing dozens dead and that “was just bizarre.”

  7. You might be familiar with the jewish Steven Spielberg movie "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3RD KIND".

    The plot line of that movie involved a massive government/media deception that was designed to result in the evacuation of an specific area around Devils Tower in Wyoming where "contact" with extraterrestrials would be made. The government did not want citizens viewing the event.

    So, a fake "US Army train accident" was staged. The public was told that the train was carrying NERVE GAS and the entire region needed to be evacuated.

    News reports were generated and broadcast.

    People bought it.

    But not everyone bought it.

    Now, consider this. Steven Spielberg made that film back in the late 1970s. The concept of mass-disinfo disseminated by a corrupt media was not new back then.

    I wonder is THE SANDY HOOK MOVIE is a Spielberg production as well.

    No, I'm not saying this in jest. I really wonder.

  8. The postings on regarding the Sandy Hook Shooting from 8 September to 12 December 2012, are still available. It would be nice if everybody could take screendumps of these:

    It is likely that the above-mentioned domain has been utilized for a test run.

    The domain is registered to:

    Loren Minsky
    Apartment 4, 13 Bilu St
    Jerusalem, 93221
    +972 54 946 1245

    That particular registration runs a business called Nature's Colours at This business (selling health care products) states a business address and telephone number as follows:

    First Floor, 301 Dartfield Road, Eastgate Ext.13, SANDTON, 2148, Johannesburg, Gauteng
    +27 11 262 4392

    If you type in the following at the Google search page, you will be able to see the dates for each of the pages on the domain.

    If you use the following Google search, you will be able to see the dates for each of the pages on the domain:

    Not surprising that the domain is registered to an AshkeNazi Jew just like practically every single individual involved in the charade is an AshkeNazi Jew.

    It is time we invade Israel and kick everyone out so that the Palestinians can take back their country. Please leave my fellow Torah Jews alone, though; they are innocent!

    A bit of information regarding Jews:
    Most Jews are AshkeNazi, but many Sephardic Jews are involved in the sociopathic supremacist idea of a New World Order with Jews at the top of the tyranny. Many people erroneously believe the New World Order is coming. It's already here; and it's just a matter of completing the last couple of stages to ensure the tyranny is permanent. Whether it truly will turn out to be permanent is a different matter, but at least that is the strategic intention.

    - The Observer

    1. Amazingly no one on Earth has to be a "Jew".

      There were never any Children of Israel - Hebrew - Israelites that were ever so-called "Jews".

      Jews are a manifestation of the Talmud.

      Sepharvaim from Samaria so-called "Jews" are not Hebrews, not Judahites, NOT Levites and not from the Tribe of Benjamin...

      No One on Earth HAS to be a "Jewish"...just know Truth !

    Rolling you own gun is now easier than rolling a cigarette.

  10. I think the massacre at sandy hook was a very well pre-planned event, staged and presented exactly as it was suppose to. There were no mistakes...everything came off very well. We the people are suppose to see that it is contrived and then we are suppose to come to the conclusion that there is nothing we can do about it....the event re-inforces our weakness against the powers that's a and so what are ya going to do about it moment....and we are left to realize that we must accept this and much more and shut up.

    1. There is a lot that "we" can do about this.

      Consider that the guilty are of flesh and bone.

      I don't need to say any more than that.

    2. It seems to always be a combination of previously filmed events passed off as 'live' reporting and actual live reporters in-on-the-lie who are in a studio talking about it and then showing these previously staged events as 'live reports.' Not hard to pull off at all if you have a fully compliant world mass mainstream media like they do.

      That's what happened on 9-11 too and it fooled almost everyone in the world except Simon Shack and few others. Actually it fooled Shack too until he started researching it really heavily and found fakery after fakery after fakery and eventually by 2009 fakery all the way down to the victims themselves.


  11. Could it be that Sandy Hook was deliberately done in an obvious way to flush out all the public who are no longer drinking the propaganda koolaid? All our e-mails and posts are monitored, so perhaps the hoax was delivered with see-through mistakes to get all the names and IP's of people who know the government is a zionist puppet toward a one world order.

    If correct, this begs the question: what is the government going to do with all the (rising) numbers of people who know Sandy Hook was a hoax as was 9/11 and a slew of other false-flag psy-ops? Could it be that everyone who identified Sandy Hook as a hoax will be rounded up simultaneously when some sort of martial law is activated when the dollar collapses and the food shortages begin? The implementation of gun grabbing, a breach of the 2nd amendment, may only be part of the reason for the D-grade Sandy hoax event.

    It was so incredibly false that TPTB surely know it will be torn apart. There is certainly some other goal in this event. It was to obviously fake.

  12. Hey everyone, no time to respond to any comments right now, but thanks, great input. Here is a revealing article in The Jewish Daily Forward that showed up in my inbox this morning. Read the whole thing to get a picture of the meme they are trying to push - the internet fuels extremism, "anti-Semitism", and "conspiracy theorists"; these people are sick and twisted and need mental help; questioning the government is dangerous and evil; etc.

    The Jewish Victim of Newtown Conspiracy Theorists (JF: of course poor old Gene Rosen is a "victim"; the Jews are always the "victims", right?)

    Gene Rosen was walking out of his house to get lunch at a diner in his hometown of Newtown, Conn., when he came across six children and an adult sitting in his driveway. Confused, the retired psychologist asked them what they were doing.

    The date was December 14, 2012. Less than a mile away, a shooter had just opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The adult was a school bus driver who had just driven the children away from the scene of the violence.

    Rosen, 69, who happens to be Jewish, did exactly what any normal person would do, nothing more, nothing less. He took the children into his house and allowed them to stay there until their parents and authorities arrived to pick them up.

    The simple act of kindness isn’t really remarkable. But in a startling and disturbing twist, it has somehow landed Rosen in the middle of a storm of hatred. He has now been targeted by hate-fueled conspiracy theorists who claim the Newtown shooting either didn’t actually happen or was somehow concocted for political gain.

    Rosen has been harassed by phone and by email. Fake social media accounts have been created in his name. His story has been the subject of dozens of YouTube videos, one of which is mocked as an “audition tape” for his TV debut. The video shows Rosen, distraught and sobbing, explaining to a reporter what happened from the moment he saw the Sandy Hook children in his driveway.

    “[The children] said, ‘What are we going to do for a teacher? Our teacher is dead,’” Rosen says in the video, his voice cracking between sentences.

    Rosen’s hesitant manner of speech has been flagged by those suspicious of a cover-up as proof that he is an actor attempting to learn his lines.

    “I don’t know what to do,” Rosen told in an interview on January 15. “I’m getting hang up calls, I’m getting emails with, not direct threats, but accusations that I’m lying, that I’m a crisis actor, ‘how much am I being paid.’”

  13. Golly -- thanks so much for your work on this latest report, dear John about the ungodly Sandy Hook (poor Adam), and this comment about that srticle from the Jewish Forward (Obama's last campaign slogan, a campaign during which he captured Jerusalem for them). "Sex in the Stone Age" a NATGEO video one can watch at YouTube does look into the plausibility of a Neanderthals and homosapiens crossbreed and such.

  14. John,
    I hate to be a buzzkill but the gun shown being pulled out of the trunk was an AR style shotgun (5 round magazine). Notice the bolt pull from the right, plus you would eject the magazine first for an AR15 (unless your a dumb-fuck).
    Note that the shotgun in the video was pulled out of the trunk at night, but the reports of the AR15 being found in the trunk were early on that day, and by police sources. Also heard that the car the shotgun was taken from did not belong to either Lanza's.
    I heard nothing about the AR15 actually being used in the shooting until the "Medical Examiner's" Press Conference after a reporter stated it was reported the AR15 was found in the trunk the morning of the shooting.

    Now I hate to toot my own horn, but I do believe I may have been one of the first to notice this "Gene Rosen" character, and I think I brought him up on this vary blog site.
    My comment was something like, Why after a "mass shooting" at their school, would someone just leave these children in this fools yard, etc.?
    I saw this "Gene Rosen" fool in his first interview on CBS that day. Need I say more!
    I wish I had DVR'ed the news that day!

    US Army Vet
    Marc C. Daniele

  15. Great work, John!

    Please send this to Rense or have him Link to your blog.

    It NEEDS to go Viral!!!

  16. John, what is up with that second video? Some footage and pictures of people involved in SH and a bunch of rave music.....What am I missing? I could not see that this video adds anything about anything at the whole world. Except maybe to educate on how to make the world's most pointless, strange, and kind of creepy video.

    As to the comment about Incog man....I was just there, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

    But good post John, good work as usual.

    I have to agree with a couple of commenters about the obviousness of the SH fraud. I think this is done on purpose as well. It is done to provoke. They are fishing. Don't bite.

    1. Hi Aservant,

      Commenters at Incogman were getting 404 errors this morning. There is evidence of that in their posts. The problem seemed to have cleared up pretty quickly.

      One of the things that really bothers me about the litany of lies here is the the statement by the school nurse that she remained locked in a supply closet for about 4 hours after the shooting.

      If this was real, the entry teams would have "cleared" every single room in that school - including every damn supply closet.

      I simply refuse to believe that lady could have remained in that closet as stated.

      No way her story is true.

  17. The Sandy Hook Movie (2012) – Movie Synopsis & Plot

    With the election recently completed, the jewish Shadow Government decides to advance their agenda. With the Debt-For-Nothing-To-the-jews-Crisis looming, the jewish Shadow Government decides to pull a 12/14.

    The jewish spin doctor Steven Speilberg had been consulted by representatives of the jewish Shadow Government to create a domestic terrorism attack. Perhaps evil White Supremacist obtained a dirty bomb… Or terrorists are attacking Americans…Or a school shooting…

    Speilberg a filthy jew in his own right, immediately came up with a whole storyline, which was a little too extensive for what the filthy jew Sunstien wanted. But after a little brainstorming, they came up with a simple but startling plot… a mentally ill White kid snaps, kills his mother and attacks and kills a whold bunch of innocent White children in a quiet suburban New England town. The murderer is said to have used an "evil Assault Rifle" and "commits" suicide on scene. These two points are vital to the plot because public outrage can be immediately re-directed away from the shooter (who is conveniently dead) and onto the "Assault Rifel". This strategy side-steps any “racial” angle and mount a frontal media assault on the 2nd Amendment.

    With the help of real actors, actresses, and state-of-the-art special effects, Speilberg and Sunstein must carry the story forward and make sure it finishes off without any doubt of the reality of it. But what if Speilberg wants credit for the masterpiece? And what if White America gets suspicious?


    Do people hate jews – or do they hate what jews do? Can you separate the two?


    Jews operate a world-wide money creation fraud. That’s the main thing that jews do.

    The money fraud is very simple.


    Money is a means of exchanging the “value” of products and services. Money itself has no value – unless you use something valuable as money.

    For example, you could use useful objects such as automobiles as money.

    In such as case, you might say to someone, “Hey, if you build an addition onto my house – I will give you this automobile.”

    Literally anything can be used as money.


    Jew money is different. Jew money is not merely a means of exchanging the “value” of products and services. It is a method of thievery.

    In the above example, an automobile is being used as money in a transaction involving building an addition onto a house.

    So let's say that initially the homeowner who is offering the automobile as money shows the carpenter a brand new car and presents it in trade for the carpentry work.

    Let’s say that once the carpentry work is completed, the homeowner delivers that same car minus an engine, transmission, wheels, tires, and interior…and says: “here is the car”. I paid you a car. Now get out of here. What do you think would happen?

    Jew money works like that. Jew money is a swindle.


    Your dollar is jew money. Think of your dollar as your “cup of value”. The jew can change the size of your cup of value at will by employing several different methods. These methods constitute theft.

    Please wake your friends and family up to this swindle. This is what powers the jews ability to damage you.

    You can stop them. But first, you need to understand what they are doing and how they are doing it.

  19. "Jew World Order" uploaded by topgamelord at YouTube, forces the viewer to REALIZE what kind of world we are living in; Sandy Hook will be soon repeated. Please watch!!

  20. I'll make this simple, FUCK THE JEWS!

  21. Highly recommend:

    Investigating the Sandy Hook Narrative and Asking the Hard Questions

    Mike Powers is a US Naval Law Enforcement Veteran and US Army Infantry/Reconnaissance Military Veteran. He seems to have lots of expertise when it comes to guns/weapons. Plus he seems very knowledgeable about police procedures and he has participated in mass casualty/emergency drills (i.e. he knows what they’re about and knows them when he sees them!!)

    For those who don’t have time to listen, Mike basically states that he believes that this was a District Wide Disaster and Emergency Services Mass Casualty Incident Practice. He seems to think this was staged and explains why.

    -24/25 min- Mike says that by distinction of their uniforms, he counted 5 different SWAT assets, which suggests to him that this was a DISTRICT WIDE DISASTER AND EMERGENCY SERVICES MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT PRACTICE. He adds that this is still speculation, but this is what it looks like to him.

    39 min-Mike says he’s NOT convinced that anything happened at Sandy Hook, he’s not convinced that there are any victims. He said it seems like an exercise. He has NOT seen anything to make him believe that this incident actually happened. He says IT SEEMS LIKE A DRILL SCENARIO!!

    At some point he also asked questions about why those emergency vehicles were parked so closely together. In his opinion, they did this to “get the drama photo as the helicopter flew over, to get them all into the frame of the photo.” (so, again, he seems to think this whole thing is STAGED)

    Also, if you watch the video on youtube, you will see in the description the 30 questions he reviewed in the interview (he came up w/these questions about the official story along w/20 other people who have a law enforcement/military background similar to his)


  22. Here's more evidence that this was staged:

    This sort of follows up on the info posted by Dr. K here: (please visit site for more photos and info)

    Okay, this whole thing makes absolutely no sense to me. If this was a real emergency, I refuse to believe that they would have the ambulances parked so far away from the location of the actual shooting and have emergency workers walk the stretchers all the way up the road from the firehouse to the school and then back---this makes no sense!!

    Rare Footage Of Sandy Hook Victim Being Rolled Half A Mile To The Firehouse In Stretcher

    video description: Why they felt the need to roll this stretcher almost a half mile to the firehouse, instead of just loading her in an ambulance at the school and booking it, I do not know. This doesn't appear to be very realistic.

    -Were not ambulances already at the school?

    - No I don't think they could get up there because the road was blocked with a bunch of police cars and police tape. For some reason, instead of pulling up into the school parking lot, they decided to park mostly all their cars up by the firehouse to block Dickenson road. Probably to keep the press from going up by the school and seeing them tamper with the crime scene and what not.

    - this is TOTALLY against the first responder guidelines. funny something as serious as this with SO many broken guidelines. Standard order of procedures went out the window.

    - That's what happens when you try to fake a live event. On TV it's different, a lot more controllable and you can take a lot of takes to get it right. Plus you can edit too. Not sure why they felt like they could pull this off. This is a really sloppy operation, they must think we are really really dumb.

    - She survived the shooting. I find it odd there have been no interviews with her.

    - Isn't there usually a person or persons attending to the patient while they are pushed on a stretcher?

    Here's another video of them walking the stretcher to the ambulance parked at the firestation:

    Sandy Hook's Lone Survivor Being Taken to Ambulance on Gurney 12-14-12 KMOV

    here are a couple of good comments:

    - Having worked in EMS I've treated and transported hundreds of patients. A trauma gunshot victim would have an IV established and usually not placed on gurney in this position. They would usually be secured on a backboard first. There is no way that I believe that this is one of the two critically injured children who ultimately died at the hospital. I thought that the 3rd person transported was an adult with a foot wound.

    - having been an EMT and FF for many years, IF there was a gunshot victim on that stretcher, there would have been multiple EMS with the stretcher all working on the victim....sorry that is more bullshit footage!

    And this video below really gives you a good overview of the distance between the firehouse (where all the emergency vehicles were gathered) and the school, so you can get a feeling for how far they are walking those stretchers.

    Sandy Hook Hoax Explained Sesame St style


  23. Gene Rosen appears to be a Wanker.

  24. One very important piece of information on Sandy Hook. The name of the man who was arressted laying on the Ground is Christopher Rhodes a convicted Jewsin pedophile who also had a gun collection. It was his license number on the car that the claimed was Adam Lanza. Also the gun they found was a side loaded shotgun not the kind thy claimed it was. I'm sure you mossad Military intelligence personel who monitor this site know all about that.
    Then you use the so called updated complete story made by Alex Jone$tein which didn't include this. As usual he will grab top spot on the coverup conspiracy and not include facts like these and will shift the blame to Satanists, Jesuits who own Hollywood and the usual Nazi connection although there is not one Satanist, Jesuit or Nazi in this cast of actors they are all jews.

    1. Your information is incorrect John Sholtes. The man they arrested was Christopher Manfredonia, who was a father of a student at the school.

      The other guy you are talking about is Christopher Rodia.


  26. I just found this short interview that's quite interesting.

    Mom talks about bringing a jacket to her son.
    Notices a hatchback with all the doors open and black clothing strewn about.
    Notices how quiet the school is.
    Sees another mom who shows her the broken glass.
    Then, she hears gunshots and is ushered to safety behind a firetruck.

    So I suppose the police were there during the shooting.

    Also, notice the typical dead-pan face of her and her husband that we continue to see from the friends and families of the victims.

  27. This could be a bombshell development in the Sandy Hook shooting, if it is true.

    "New York couple's terrorist connection to the Sandy Hook tragedy" so says Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, on Mike Harris' daily talk show "Short End of the Stick" January 14, 2013.

    You can download the radio show from the website,

    1-14-2013 Hr2-

  28. The madness never stops!!

    Okay, just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger...looks like the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) has the date of death for Adam Lanza listed as December 13th 2012 (!?!?)

    Looks like the woman who runs has set up a blog for that just for Sandy Hook research:

    (I actually first learned of her blog b/c Rivero used to link to some of her posts, but looks like he's not linking to her on Sandy Hook b/c he believes in the lone gunman narrative;)

    Okay, there's definitely some info at her site that's worth looking at and it looks like she's going to be updating it on an on-going basis. There's some stuff we've already talked about, but there's also some new info that I haven't seen before, like this:

    Adam Lanza Death Certificate says Dec. 13th 2012 NOT 14th (day of shooting) Nancy Lanza's Obituary !!!!!!!

    Okay, you have to go to her site, click on that headline, then sign into some (free) and you get this info:

    Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record

    Name: Adam P. Lanza
    State of Issue: New Hampshire
    Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
    Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
    Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
    Confirmation: Proven

    Donations for Sandy Hook through United Way (page created 3 days before shooting) - Sen. Joe Lieberman part of one controlling 8.5 million raised

    full story here:

    NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) -- Since the Newtown tragedy occurred last month, millions of dollars have been donated to help in the recovery effort. On Friday officials addressed the best uses for those funds.

    Newtown 2nd Selectman Will Rogers, former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, and United Way of Western CT official Kim Morgan discussed dealing with the millions donated to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund in a press conference Friday.

    Rogers said once a foundation is created the transition team will no longer exist. However, Lieberman, one of the current transition team members, will continue to work with the foundation.

    One of the keys to the foundation will be guaranteed public input in the distribution process.

    According to Rogers, "Lieberman has a wealth of experience, specifically we're looking for the experience he acquired in the dark days after 9-11." (!!!!!!!!)

    When asked to help, Lieberman said he "not only felt honored, but felt a sense of duty."

    Lieberman said the transition team wants to quickly turn the responsibilities to a "broad-base, community foundation, which will be transparent, all inclusive to members of the community."


    1. Are you certain that you know what Rivero REALLY believes about Sandy Hook?

  29. ok that lady came back kathy from the IN THE TRENCHES and claims she attended the funerals and saw open casket etc .... 10 mins in ....

    my questions, she went to 3 funerals, did she know these people, did she even think to take cam pic since she was so doubtful initially... how many people showed up? what were the kids names she attended etc

  30. Now, why would 'KATHY' go to 3 diff funerals within a week, did she know all these kids, she didnt even give their names .... how many people attended, was it a block party, she even tossed out some people were laughing there to protect robbie P in my book, then when some caller recited Parker's laughing w/o giving his name she played dumb, said she hadnt heard of this etc.... if she is so tuned into the whole thing she hasnt gone on YT? the first thing shown is PARKER'S bs ... also why didnt she take one pic ... Kathy is slick, she phoned in day one on the 14th and made it seem like she doubted story etc, now back 6 days later and parroting OS tho she agrees lotsa holes .... weird stuff, look how organized it all is, but then again with 50 bill from the CIA to orchestrate such events they can cover a lotta territory.

  31. gee, i tried to post this on kenny's site - wrote a nice long commentary, too. Damn. I must be on his shit-list, since I duked it out with "andie351" who seems think that robbie parker really is a normal grieving father.

    There are 4 parts to this video, which speculates that the SH hoax was so sloppy so as to incite revolution so that we the people can then be crushed. Makes about as much sense as anything.

  32. I retract my statement about Kenny's site - he just posted my comment. I guess I'm a little over-sensitive to this kind of thing. It would be especially hurtful to be banned from that site, since I've always really appreciated what Kenny does there.

    re: From the trenches - they seem 1) so totally ready to start a war and 2) keep bringing up the holohoax and hitler. Hmmmm. On the other hand, they bring up quite a lot of interesting info.

    In fact, info on the FTT site led me to an interview transcript of Pete Santelli speaking to Gordon Duff ( (GD sounds pretty dicey - admitting he works with the Israelis, for one thing.)

    Also, FTT led me to a youtube of Santelli interviewing Morgan Reynolds ( Do any of you know who this Morgan Reynolds is? He is against the idea of planes on 9/11 (makes sense), likes J. Wood's work, and thinks that Fetzer is disinfo and likely involved in the murder of Wood's assistant. Reynolds' site is

    1. Reynolds used to be in Reagan's cabinet, some kind of economic advisor or something. He was one of the earlier No-Planers, not as early as Nico Haupt who was a No-Planer from 2001 on, but going back to at least 2006. He got on Fox saying there were No-Planes on 9-11, etc.

      Fetzer used to be good friends with Reynolds and they have done many shows together since 2007. Both have had Wood on many times whose work is disinfo because none of the images and videos from 9-11 can be trusted.

      Images, photos and videos are not the arbiter of truth, have never been the arbiter of a damn thing, only clues to further investigation. There is proven photo-fakery going back to the holohoax and for someone like Wood, in this day and age of easy digital image manipulation (already widely available by 2001), to take a bunch of images and videos as authentic without question, and base an entire theory and book on it is anything but scientific, it is fraud posing as 'science.'

      Physics lessons don't apply to cartoons.

      Before any of her lessons can begin the images have to be 100% authenticated. After authentication then they can be shown to match the nano-dust she claims to have anaylzed.

      They have not, she has only 'sourced' them to this or that supposed photographer (also BS since all the images & videos actually come from only 2 sources, Joel Meyerowitz and Stephen Rosenbaum of Camera Planet, pretending to be from 'many sources'), which is irrelevant. Sourcing is no more 'authentication' than saying this cartoon was made by Walt Disney and that cartoon was made by Walter Lantz.

      She has photos of toasted cars ? Who took them ? Can she prove that they took them ? What proof does she have that these are authentic toasted cars with those physical characteristics and not pre-made props, driven on a truck and dumped out there by the perps to mislead people into silly theories of Directed Energy Weapons, that may exist, but no one has ever seen used, certainly not on any scale that Wood claims is possible ? Does not all this pseudo-scientific charade again end up constantly implying a not-to-be-questioned authenticity for the videos and images it is based on ?

      The seismic data, the bathtub and the Hurricane Erin are the bait to draw you into her web of disinfo. Whether she did this on purpose or through useful idiocy or useful derangement, makes not one bit of difference at all, the result is the same: obscuring the truth and misleading people into believing a bunch of fake cartoon collapses are real because a Ph.D has based her entire theory on it. Surely she can't have based her entire theory on fake images and fake videos in order to mislead people into thinking these same images and animations were real ?

      The answer is yes she can and yes she did.

      ~Negentropic MK II

  33. Anons- Thanks for the info/thoughts on "Kathy" from Sandy Hook. When I listened to the first audio w/her calling in, I thought it was good info, especially since she seemed suspicious as well. But as time went on, I started to get suspicious--like was she a plant somehow? Do people from Sandy Hook (located in one of the wealthiest counties in the US) really listen to "From The Trenches"? And, yeah, if she was initially suspicious and so tuned into this that she attended three funerals, then how could she be clueless about the video w/ Robbie Parker laughing/smiling before the press conference?

    Right now I'm really starting to think that there's a lot of damage control going on---that way too many people are waking up to this and they are desperate to silence us. I've also noticed this with different alternative media sites. I occasionally visit b/c I sometimes find a good article or two. Anyway, they initially ran this story which really proved the official narrative was a load of BS (the article was later posted at Veterans Today). More recently, though, it seems like has turned tail and is basically running as its top story an article that bashes "conspiracy theories" about Sandy Hook.

    And it seems like the people who are questioning Sandy Hook are more than just the anti-zio or 911 truth movement--it seems like lots of ordinary people are questioning this as well and the numbers are growing. Just think, if ordinary people start waking up to how much the govt. and media lied about Sandy Hook, then they would definitely be more receptiving to questioning other things as well, like 911, 7/7, OkCity, and Holohoax, etc. I definitely think they are in panic mode now b/c they are throwing out lots of disinfo now to get people confused. Plus, even the local media/radio seem to be getting marching orders to start bashing the internet and "conspiracy theories."

  34. I have to agree with the last commenter that they are indeed panicking, primarily due to the fact that so many "ordinary" people are now slowly waking up and those who were already awaken have started asking much tougher questions.

    It is also worth noting that despite YouTube sabotage, several videos dealing with the Sandy Hook Hoax have hundreds of thousands of views, keeping in mind that these view numbers could have been manipulated to a lower number than reality. For instance, the video, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed", has in excess of 15 million views (if you include various mirrors, etc.), and if it hadn't been for the JewTube sabotage, perhaps a worldwide view could exceed 50 million. I'm not convinced that Eustace Mullins/Ezra Pound ever reached those numbers.

    Ask yourself this: Isn't it strange that the so-called media is almost exclusively Jewish while supposedly investigating the Jewish crime syndicate that has operated quite successfully throughout history? Isn't that a bit like having the fox guard the chicken coop?

    Examples of Jews who deliberately lead you astray include Michel Chossudovsky (Global Research), Julian Assange (WikiLeaks), Max Keiser, Gerald Celente (Trends Journal and fearmonger # 1), Alex Jones (InfoWars and fearmonger # 2), Gordon Duff (Veterans Today), Noam Chomsky (one of the most filthy of them all together with the fraud Albert Einstein), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now), Russia Today, David Duke, Alan Watt, Webster Tarpley, We Are Change, Michael Rivero (What Really Happened), David Icke, Michael Moore, Jordan Maxwell, and Henry Makow, and the list goes on almost indefinitely.

    Barack Obama, for instance, is also 100% Jewish and part of this same criminal Jewish network. His mother was a Jewess and by decree of Jews that makes Barack Obama 100% Jewish. So is Adolf Hitler, by the way, but I know I am in disagreement with John on this one, so I won't dwell on that further on this posting.

    I have reasons to believe that because so many people warned about the Olympic 2012 terrorist attack, they had to call it off. This, in turn, led to their disastrous execution of the Sandy Hook false flag operation.

    They are up against the clock and the reason is simple: Once you pickle that cucumber, it can NEVER go back to being a cucumber, i.e. once someone knows the truth (or at least starts seeing the true picture) there is no turning back.

    - The Observer

    1. Please explain how Henry Makow is a fraud? I've yet to see one shred of evidence of him being a shill. No offence, but you are wrong about Makow. That's almost as bad as saying Bill Cooper was a fraud too!

    2. Makow does not pass the holohoax litmus, at least not entirely

      I think he only goes so far as to say the numbers were exaggerated and some of the more outrageous atrocity stories but that's about it. That's shillery supreme right there.

      And of course, he also claims Hitler was a Zionist/Illuminati agent, a completely debunked fable, and that's shillery supreme, extra cheese, hold the pork.

      The way shillery works is in layers. Cooper did not name the Jew and was into UFO crap but was good on other things, later disawoved the UFO disinfo, etc. He was like Alex Jones before Alex Jones except Jones was never into UFO's, but he died before people could see if he kept shilling into eternity like AJ or he changed his ways. Cooper is considered 'honest' more because he was supposedly killed than for anything he actually did.

      It's really hard to tell who's a direct agent and who's a useful idiot but actually unnecessary anyway since the RESULT of shillery is the same harm done to the cause of the truth.

      "The objective of disinformation is not to convince you of one point of view or another, it is to create enough uncertainty so that everything is believable and nothing is knowable. " -- Jim Fetzer

      and NO, just because he identifies it does not mean he's not engaged in it. Every kid knows the game of 'He who smelt it, deal it,' right ? It's exactly the same for adults.

      I have learned a lot from Fetzer over the years but there are plenty of activities he's been engaged in, especially in the past year or so that make me suspect that he is, either deliberately or by useful derangement, engaged in what he accuses others of doing : 'creating enough uncertainty so that everything is believable and nothing is knowable.'

      You have to remember that he has been a No-Planer since 2007 !! And he has still not bothered to do a show on or to even investigate the fake jumpers

      or the seminal VICSIMS report:

      Deconstructing 9/11
      by Simon Shack - January 1, 2010

      In fact, he has been asked by Brian Staveley point blank to investigate these things and he has refused saying 'I don't deny that you guys may be right, but I don't need to look at it, that's for you guys to figure out.'

      So he won't take a day to look at crucially important information in order to stop spreading 'everything is possible and nothing is knowable' confusion but he'll spend weeks feuding with the Judy-Wood disinfo pushing groupie Pete Shamshilli:

      Ridiculous and that's why I haven't listened to Fetzer in months and don't plan on listening to him in the future unless he makes some major changes to his views on things.

      The way I look at it is this:

      If people want to shill, I'm not going to ask what their motivation is, that's a waste of time, I just identify the shillery through a litmus test or two and move on to greener pastures. In the end, the truth is all that matters, not the characters behind it and their transient passions and agendas. The truths identified by any number of shills are still there as building blocks of the structure when the BS elements have been identified to prevent weakening and destroying the structure. The structure gets built regardless once the shills have faded away until at the end the least shill-prone and most truthful of all stand with a finished and indestructible structure for future generations to learn from and emulate.

      "Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants see farther ahead than the giants." --Pascal.

      ~Negentropic MK IX

  35. Can anyone make out what language this is?

  36. Following up on the comments about them panicking about the truth of Sandy Hook getting out and how even ordinary people are starting to ask questions, I think it's really important to step back and observe how personalities and certain websites in the alternative media are handling this.

    Now I mentioned in my comment above that, which initially carried a very good story that proved the offical story was full of holes, was suddenly turning tail and posted an article bashing "conspiracy theories" about Sandy Hook. It was interesting that they started using that term and were now demonizing people who questioned the official narrative(they didn't do that in the "Sandy Hook Massacre Official Story Spins Out of Control"). What was also interesting is that they kept the article that bashes "conspiracy theories" on Sandy Hook as their lead story for almost a week--it struck me as strange b/c my general sense is that they rotates stories more frequently. Anyway, I just visited their site today and now they have as their lead story a radio broadcast on Sandy Hook (I didn't listen), with the summary saying that there is "very little to go on that points directly to any conspiracy"--LOL!!!!!!! Well, they are showing their true colors. It definitely seems like major damage control to me. It kind of seems like some of these alternative media sites initially questioned the offical narrative to perhaps maintain some crediblity. But now that the questioning of Sandy Hook is spreading like wildfire, they all have their marching orders to squash it.

  37. I forgot to add in my previous comment that hasnt' done radio broadcasts in YEARS!!!! Now all of the sudden they are starting to do radio broadcasts??

  38. They [the people in power] thought we would believe the birth cartificate, now shown to be made up in photoshop.

    So they now think the people [us] are going to take what the show us at face value.

    They [the people in power] are so up their own ass, they just think they can get way with all this shit.

  39. Latest from Jesse Ventura:

    Beware of Conspiracy Theories About Sandy Hook

    "I don’t see enough evidence to think Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. This is more of a tragic event turned into political opportunity than it is a staged event."

    Like Dr. Carley always says, it's good to know who's who in the zoo. The shills are showing themselves. Seems like this has gotten out of control and the masses are waking up to the hoax. So, now everyone who is compromised or under control has gotten their orders to silence the questioning.

  40. if all of the wetback women looked like that, there might not be a problem about them coming to this country.

  41. This video is from the woman who runs the "SherrieQuestionsAll" blog (she also runs

    Proof Sandy Hook was not an operating school

    She basically uses bing satellite maps to show Sandy Hook Elementary School looks like it wasn't operational back in 2011. The place had no cars or school buses in the parking lot, yet when she scans over to the St Rosa Lima School, there are lots of cars in the parking lot, so it's obviously a school day.

  42. Read Harriet's comments about Mark Glenn and Mike Piper, found at, particularly at the post of 11/3, "LAX Crisis Actor Admits that the Airport Shooting was a Hoax".


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