Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Muhammad Ali speaking frankly

Muhammad Ali, SPEAKING THE TRUTH!  God bless him! Video found via B'Man's excellent blog:


  1. I remember that interview all those years ago, i was about 13 at the time ... Ali was speaking on UK television at the time that, in my school, blacks and asians were just being introduced, i remember that well as we were given regular talks about accepting other races etc .. i remember my father saying we should listen to Enoch Powel who was a politician against immigration .. Ali in that interview talks about slavery and whites being the 'devil' . i can understand why he thought that at that time, back then they didn't have the knowledge we have today.

  2. Right on, Ali! God help the white man that stands up and says what he saying because they'll call you a racist! He just makes good common sense in this interview. I don't hate any particular race, I just don't like certain people with and all races as well as I like certain people in all races. It is big is the International Jew problem is, there are very good Jewish people of course. The good Jewish people, it seems to me, don't give a crap about the religion that they were born into. Some even have the smarts in guts to speak out against such as Henry Makow, or the late Benjamin Freedman. I am a Christian and glad I'm a Christian however if Christianity was anything like Judiasm I'd get out so fast in would speak up against it.

  3. Doesn't change the fact that 95% of black population can't wait to start killing white people in America.

    1. When has that ever happened? That isn't even happening in African-dominated Zimbabwe. Please stop overreacting to the illusory "Black Peril," as Black Americans are on the mass decline population-wise. The future belongs to the Chinese and Indians demographically, regardless of all other factors. And even this will not "wipe out" the white peoples of the world. Nor will the few white people who race mix. Mountain out of a mole hill.

      Whites have far more to worry about WITHIN their OWN race, i.e. white women are not interested in children anymore. Focus on that instead of every other factor which is statistically irrelevant.

    2. Haha anonymous well that's just what the jews would want you to think;-)

  4. Ali is honest and fairly articulate in his rant, and I agree with him. I'm not sure anyone would be so outspoken about it in this day and age considering how strong a force Political Correctness has become.

    Check out Barbara Spectre and what she is doing in Sweden. She has the opposite view and that New York Jew believes Sweden should be diluted. What gall she has!


    1. Oh yeah, I'm familiar with that anti-white, anti-European devil Barbara Spectre, what a bitch! Pardon my French, but she is disgusting, deranged Jewish supremacist bitch!

  5. the guy is just funny, I swear.
    This color thing, it's just a personal preference, we are all different. Some people are color blind and just marry for love. Could there really be anything wrong with that? Mixed race children are beautiful. I also don't mind it when certain people prefer to keep true to their race. Some people are like that.

    1. Race mixing is great if you think that destroying your culture and heritage is great.

      Maybe you think it is.

      Not everybody thinks so.

    2. I agree Genie, I think this type of stuff is personal. I believe in freedom of association, and if people want to be racial separatists, I totally support that. If people want to mix, I don't necessarily agree with it, but I'm not going to go out of my way to bash you. In a natural world, we would all be separate. But since we live in this Jewish/globalist/"multicultural" beast system, we have to deal with these issues. As Ali said, the Bluejays with the Bluejays, the Cardinals with the Cardinals, etc. The lion has no care for the bear, just as the fish has no care for the frog. They may interact, but they aren't going to live together, interbred, provide food/shelter for each other, etc. I think it's generally the same thing with the different races, or at least it used to be until the Jews got us to believe otherwise.

    3. All children are beautiful. No one has a choice of what color they are. That has absolutely nothing to do with the point of this discussion.

    4. Genie,

      No disrespect or trashing intended. But, why is it for every ten black/white couples you'd see, nine out of the ten are white women with black men?

      I think white women are being submissive and self-destructive and masochistic because I believe black men are much more likely to be domineering and abusive. I have always treated women I've dated with courtesy and consideration (but show my aggressive side when I'm crossed). Treating them that way has gotten me nowhere. I resent that. The dating scene is just one more area in life where I've had INJUSTICE and hassles SHOVED down my throat. Hassles undeserved and beyond my control.

      There aren't enough single white men to go around?!

      I'm a 250 pound bodybuilder known for my assertiveness and aggression to all who know me. If you find white men passive, try me.

      I agree with John F. that it's freedom of choice -- of course it is. And I wouldn't dream of telling anyone what they can do or who they can date -- but I do have an opinion on the matter.

      Frankly, I see white women with black men as traitors to the own kind. I'm glad I never see white knockouts with black men. And the ones I see are usually fat.


  6. It is definitely true that Africans do not share the same genetically influenced characteristics as Whites.

    Did you know that Negro's have a shorter gestation period than Whites?

    Did you know that Negro's reach puberty soon than Whites?

    Did you know that Negro's are different than Whites?

    Did you know that Negro's have been taught by Jews that the only reason why Negro's have not reached the intellectual and technological heights that Whites have - is because Whites are "keeping them down"?

    Did you know that the majority of Negro's believe that?

    All true.

    1. Did you know that if you breed horses and donkeys you get mules who can't have offspring ?

      Did you know humans can't impregnate a gorilla or chimp ?

      But you CAN mix different breeds of horses, different breeds of dogs and different races of humans and have offspring who can have more offspring and so on and so forth. The German shepherd dog,

      didn't even exist until the late 19th century and yet it's a great breed of dog because it was carefully bred for a purpose. Would this have been possible without careful breed-mixing ? Of course not.

      So obviously Gott disagrees with you that all race-mixing is always bad or else he would have just simply made it impossible for different races to have offspring now, would he not ?

      Therefore there must be an evolutionary purpose to some race-mixing as there is surely a purpose for racial purity.

      Or are you saying that you know better than nature ?

      What are all you white nationalists so afraid of anyway ? That if given 'free choice' too many whites, whom you consider superior, would choose to breed with too many non-whites, whom you consider inferior to differing degrees, the bottom of the barrel being for you obviously the negroes, due to some OTHER REASON than the all-powerful mass-media chosen-foreskin multi-cultural programming ?

      What could this 'other reason' possibly be ? What is that 'other reason' that the programming is able to manipulate so well to your dismay ?

      Could it be some kind of bizarre 'inferiority complex' when it comes to sex ? Why would 'the master race' of the 'intellectual and technological heights' forever inaccessible to all inferior 'muds,' how could it have an inferiority complex of the penis ? Don't you think this is absurd ? lol

      How can this be, yaweh jehova pray tell ? LOL

      Is that why they had forced segregation on blacks through Jim Crow laws from the 1880's to the 1960's throughout almost the entire United States ?

      Not on their property, not on their piece of land, not in this or that business, not through free choice, but forced segregation by law statewide, nationwide. Even Nat King Cole had to enter through the kitchen entrance of an auditorium his name alone had sold out.

      Forced segregation which resulted in the big backlash of FORCED INTEGRATION of civil rights in the 1960's ?

      Since when have two wrongs ever made a right ?

      Since never, but the absurd cycle goes on & it doesn't take much for those who control all the money & the media to sit there and fan the flames and have a good laugh at all the morons clamoring for their 'group rights' while they eat away at the only rights that count, the only rights that have ever existed or mattered : that of the individual.

      "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law', because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." "No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him." ~ Thomas Jefferson to Francis Gilmer, 1816

      Muhammad Ali - The Irish Interview (July 1972) [FULL]

      ~Return of Fu Manchu in the guise of Negentropic

  7. "As Ali said, the Bluejays with the Bluejays, the Cardinals with the Cardinals, etc. The lion has no care for the bear, just as the fish has no care for the frog."

    I suppose I did marry an Arab because of the's because of them the Arabs have been chased all over the globe and one landed with me! Well, sometimes good things come out of bad things. Now I have traveled the globe and I would not have otherwise. Nothing worse than not traveling and becoming acquainted with the rest of the world, I am a better person. I use to be one of those brainwashed white people that huddled with other whites.

  8. oops that last comment came out not as I intended...wondering how to rephrase it but can't. That's the only way to put it. Because it's true. I call these kind of whites "huddlers" because they try to avoid everyone of color, afraid of other cultures, religions, experiences etc. And they are often Christian Zionists.

  9. I think it was Daryl Bradford Smith who made a good argument that these jews-in-charge (boy, that's depressing ...) have made it so America mixed its neighborhoods with races that don't get along well with each other to make us fight and be angry with each other. It's a very affective trick and apparently has been done before although I cannot remember his references as to where and when. It's not that certain races can't get along with each other however we're not necessarily supposed to live next to each other as we are different in many ways and have different cultures and values. There is nothing wrong with living separately we've been sold the idea that we're all the same that is not true! I'm not saying that whites are better than blacks or blacks are better than Arabs are anything like that it's just the fact that we're different. At the heart of this whole argument, in my opinion, is that the Jews have been deceived by Lucifer. This is not to say I absove the jews of any of any wrong doings but I believe that this truly is a war between God and Lucifer and of course God will win in the end. However we live on earth and we must fight these jews no matter what. We cannot give our lives to them freely. Stand up and fight!

  10. Why do you people care about if people want to mix races?
    You are sitting ducks for the zionist lobby that just have to call you racists for everybody to dissmiss everything what you say!!! It is so tragic, that I start to belive that all you don't-mix-race-people are controlled by the zionists....

    Stop whining about racemixing!!! Your problem is the privatley owned jewsih controlled federal reserve thats sucking your blod!!!!

    Please stop talk about race-mixing!!! It is none of your buisiness anyway!

    Yes, I am white and I would prefer to have a white grandchild, but that is none of my business!

    1. It appears that you are the one whining. Why are you upset? That some people think differently than you? How liberal of you. Liberals seem to think that everyone should be able to have a voice unless it interferes with what they think. Total double standard! Go think what you want, and I'll think what I want and stop *your whining.

    2. I, for one, don't care what you choose to do and will absolutely do not look down on a racially mixed family. Maybe you are looking too far into what Ali said and the comments here regarding the point of what he said. Just by people such as myself who happen to agree with Mr. Ali's statements you are assuming that someone who agree with him thinks everyone should agree with his points. This is not true at all and is short sighted and maybe its you that's been programmed. In a family sense I prefer to stay with my own race and that's how I feel. If this makes me a racist in anyone's eyes then that's their issue, not mine. You have completely missed the point! If you can't understand what I'm saying then you are not intelligent enough for me to consider having a conversation with in the first place. Typical intolerant liberal....

  11. There is absolutely no excuse for Whites to racemix. It is totally unacceptable,disgusting, and repugnant, and is a tool of the jews to achieve White genocide. Not speaking out about it is acceptance of it. I believe that White women who mix with blacks have a serious mental problem as well as those Whites who condone it. What is natural is to stick with your own kind ... PERIOD!!!

  12. DICARLO, What say ye about white men who race mix sith black and other-colors women?

    Posted at JewishProblem this date is the Marxist/Communist Manifesto:

    "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory.

    While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to in still in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

  13. On January 31, 2013 – veteran Israeli journalist and author, Gideon Levy, wrote at daily Ha’aretz: “When (Israel’s new rising politician) Yair Lapid says he admires Muhammad Ali, he should remember why Ali became a role model. The boxer was a courageous conscientious objector, exactly the kind that Lapid, would surely find appalling“. Frankly, I have not heard of a single “conscientious objector” among the 4 million Zionist Jews living inside Israel – or for that matter among Jewish leaders around the world.

    Take for example two famous Jewish Islamophobe Israel-Firsters, Abraham Foxman (ADL) and Dr. Daniel Pipes. Both slammed president George Bush for honoring Muhammad Ali with a prestigious award in 2005. Pipes called the event ”the nadir of his presidency”. Abbe compared it an insult to the families of 9/11 victims. Daniel was reminded by professor Yehuda Pearl, father of WSJ Jewish reporter and Mossad agent, Daniel Pearl, that Muhammad Ali did issue an appeal to captors and Pakistan government for Danny’s release. Daniel Pearl, a dual (US-Israel) citizen, was murdered by a pro-Taliban group for spying for Israel. On May 27, 2010, Barack Hussein Obama signed the Daniel Pearl Act – and thus immoratalized a Mossad agent.

    When it comes to charity and humanitarian work, Muhammad Ali, never differentiated between his fellow Muslims and Christians or Jews. On December 27, 1975, The Jewish Week, reported that Ali gave $100,000 donation to the Jewish Self-Help Community Services Hillside Aged Program of Washington Heights, New York.

    In 1996, Ali, went to Cuba, a Catholic nation, and donated $50,000 toward the Foundation for Education and Disarmament’s fund for fighting Parkinson’s disease in Cuba. In 1998, Ali along with Hollywood Jewish actor Edward David Asner (Mary Tyler Moore comedy show), revisited Cuba to deliver $1.2 million worth medical supplies. Ali met Cuban president Fidel Castro, who said that Ali’s visit proved American, in general, hate their government’s sanctions against Cuba.

    In 2002, Jim Dasney, who covered Pope John Paul II visit to Muslim-majority Azerbaijan, wrote that “seeing the Pope up so close, reminded of Muhammad Ali. Just like the great boxer, John Paul II commands great respect and love“.

    Professor John C. Walter (University of Washington, Seattle) posted a great investigative article at ARNet on January 18, 2013 – in which he summerized the career of former world boxing champion, Muhammad Ali in these words: “Mohammad Ali was more that an outstanding athelte: he was a catalyst for social change, a model for possitive imitation, an inspiration to generations of people of all races worldwide“. Read the article here.

  14. This was a nice interview with Muhammad Ali, who became the best boxer during his boxing career years. He talked about the importance of every body's race and culture. He said that every body was unique as God made him or her unique.


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