Thursday, January 24, 2013

Made in Russia 'The Holocaust' - Carlos Whitlock Porter

"The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety." 
- Robert Faurisson

"The author finds no evidence that any of the facilities normally alleged to be execution gas chambers were ever used as such and find, further, that because of the design and fabrication of these facilities, they could not have been utilized for execution gas chambers. [...]

"We have produced definitive proof that there were no execution gas chambers utilized for genocidal purposes by the Germans at these wartime camps. The simple fact is that the holocaust story is not true."
- Fred Leuchter

“There exists no document signed by Hitler, Himmler, or Heydrich speaking of exterminating Jews… and, the word ‘extermination’ does not appear in the letter from Herman Goering to Heydrich concerning the Final Solution of the Jewish question.” 
- Aryeh Leon Kubovy of the Israeli Center for Jewish Documentation


  1. A few quotes from the magnificent Prof. Faurisson:

    He then told his audience what Zionists do fear: They fear the weapons of those who have nothing left to lose -- the poor and the weak. They fear the stones and suicide bombers of the Palestinian Intifada -- and they fear the weapons of that other intifada -- the words of the revisionists.

    The Holocaust Wars - Paul Eisen

    In the end, the Jewish religion -- and one sees this only too well in the tales of the "Holocaust" -- is anchored in that perhaps deepest zone of Man: fear. Therein lies its strength. Therein lies its chance for survival, despite all the hazards and despite the battering that its myths have taken at the hands of historical revisionism. By exploiting fear, the practitioners of Judaism win every time.

  2. Holy shit man !! I didn't know you did a whole 3 friggin hour Jews vs. Jesuits debate with that Robin Fisher guy !

    I hadn't been back to their site since all that BS went down last time. I'm downloading the large file right now, will have to listen later when I have time. Dude, Fisher is out there saying Shack is a shill now !! Shack was not very pleased and left this comment:

    "Robin, so you keep calling me a "troll" and a "pathetic worthless lying male"? These are quite serious accusations. So let me ask you:

    1: Why do you think I am a liar? What exactly am I lying about?

    2: Why didn't you say so when asked by Ab on his radio show what you thought of the media fakery research as expounded on Cluesforum?

    3. Would you stop calling me a liar if I converted to your religious creed ?

    Just three questions. I hope you'll take the time to answer them - since I am genuinely curious about what precisely motivates your pretty virulent attacks on my persona.

    Irato has kept quiet but I seriously doubt Shack will ever go back on his show unless he stops having this Fisher guy on or Fisher apologies for the disrespectful comments.

    1. Yeah man, it was a total waste of time. Robin is a complete idiot, and Ab is totally on his side. I didn't prepare for the "debate" and wasn't really into it from the very beginning. I listened to the first hour and Robin and Ab just rambled on and on and on, sounding like complete fools. Then I came on and made a few points, but Ab wasn't impressed. Then Robin joined the call again and I just got frustrated and impatient and ended up basically hanging up on them. How can you have a conversation with clowns like Ab and Robin who literally think the Vatican and Knights of Malta are behind the "New World Order" conspiracy, 9/11, control the media, etc? These guys are total fools dude, I will never even bother listening to another show or visit their website.

    2. Yeah, instead of just shooting from the hip, you should have just taken the oppourtunity in your hour to just open a bunch of documents and basically read a whole bunch of stuff on air. Who cares if they agree with you or not ? Others listening will. Not everyone out there is a shill or an idiot. Plant those seeds in their subconscious.

      I knew there must have been some reason for you not to promote it on your website. Thanks for saving me 3 hours of my life listening to those two dufuses ramble on. LOL

      What's with all this Jesus stuff Fisher pulled out of his ass in the comments section ? Trust your heart to show you the righteous path ? What's all this mystical stuff ?

      I have the file saved. Maybe I'll listen to about 10 minutes for a good laugh or two.

      They're working together, exactly like I told you. Also notice that Ab Irato did not answer your question in the comments whether he is Jewish or not. I think on one of those long 4 hour shows he mentions that there are Jews on one side of his family, so he might be half or a quarter Jew.

      Anyway, this is likely to be the last they have seen of Shack unless they apologize which is a good thing. A legendary researcher like Simon doesn't need to be associated with black-poper clowns like these. lol

      ~Negentropic MK V

    3. Check out the full page of Shack's comments to Robin, they're friggin' hilarious. Here's a small portion:

      "Why not call them all (the goons who rule this world) "Jewsuits" and get over with it? But would this term even cover all the scumbags of this world?"

      By the way he also tells Irato that he'll never appear on any shows that Fisher and Markus Allen (Goldstein) are on.


    4. According to what he answered John in the comments section, no, if you want to take his word for it. But why would you ? God help the poor soul who takes the word of a black-poper at face value ! LOL

      Shabbos goys - where would the heebs be without them ?


  3. War has recently been declared on the Federal Reserve. Ending the money monopoly should result in ending the lies, including the holohoax lie. Real history needs to be known. It goes way beyond the 20th century hoaxes...

    1. EV,

      The problem is not merely with the Federal Reserve.

      There are 187 currencies around the world. How many of them are jewmoney frauds? Just about all of them.

      The Federal Reserve is merely the US branch of the fraud. The fraud is world wide.

      In addition to the massive domestic theft perpetrated by the Federal Reserve, the jews also operate the various jew central banks around the world. Obviously, the most important countries are those with the most to steal.

      The jewcentralbanks operate in collusion with eachother to "liberate" wealth from one country to another. One major crime tool they use is the Foreign Exchange Market. This is where world currencies are traded.

      In simple terms, if Country A and Country B agree to "Price-Fix" their currency - a fraud might look like this:

      The jewcentralbanks of County A and Country B agree that their exchange rate will be "one A equals 2B".

      Then lets say the jewcentralbank of Country A trades 10 A's for 20B's in a currency transaction.

      Now the jewcentralbank of Country A is holding 20B's.

      Then, a little later the jewcentralbanks of County A and Country B agree that their NEW exchange rate will be "one A equals one B".

      Then, the jewscentralbank of Country A takes those 20 B's and trades them back for 20 A's.


      Go back and read that over if you have to. This is organized crime. It happens all the time and most people have no idea about it at all.

    2. "One of the criticisms of people who want to dismantle fractional reserve banking is:

      well, give us an example of where state banking has succeeded.

      In 1815 at the congress of Vienna, they were discussing what to do with Europe after Napoleon's defeat. Of course, Napoleon had been defeated because he had set up a state bank, the Bank de France, in 1800. The whole purpose of the Napoleonic wars was to destroy Napoleon's bank. The Rothschilds used the British army, their usual dupes.

      So in this 1815 congress, Czar Alexander I was approached by Nathan Rothschild who said:

      Hey, how would you like to have a central bank like they have in England ?

      Czar Alexander distrusted him completely because the Russians had been having enormous problems with their Jewish population, usury and the exploitation of the Russian peasants. They also controlled the liquor industry since they owned all the distilleries of Vodka.

      Three years previously, Napoleon had wanted to form a pact with Russia and Czar Alexander had been willing to go along with it but he said to Napoleon: Look, England provides most of my industrial products. Can you replace them ? And of course, Napoleon couldn't because there were no roads or railroads at that time and the English navy was paramount on the seas. So that's why he invaded Russia.

      So the Russian empire distanced itself from fractional reserve banking and in 1860 they set up the Russian state bank. This bank was under the ministry of finance, operated as the bank of the bankers, minted and printed the nation's coins and notes and it regulated the money supply. It also provided the commercial banks with very cheap loans.

      In this way Russia built up the largest gold reserves in the world. This was because there was no usury there, there were no major parasites there extracting or creaming-off the industrial production.

      This is proven by statistics which are available which show that the national debt of Russia was minuscule compared to France and Great Britain.

      Russia at that time produced almost half of world's barley, oats, rye and wheat and at the end of the 19th century they were ahead of every country in the world in industrial output and mining production.

      This also greatly benefited the peasantry as Czar Alexander II freed the serfs, who were about 50% of the population and by 1914 80% of the arable land was all under control of the peasants and so there was no reason whatsoever for a revolution.

      The peasants' bank granted loans at a very low rate of interest, allowing them to slowly buy up land. Education was free right up to the university level and they had the finest system of code of laws. Labor legislation as also well-advanced. It was almost a perfect society, so the reasons that are advanced for the Czarist system's demise are all lies. Almost everything that is told about how the peasants were suffering is untrue. What is true is that during the war years of 1914 to 1917 there were disruptions of the food supply and things did deteriorate.

      So the Russian state bank of the late 19th century is a perfect example of a state bank that functions for the benefit of everyone. It's a TOTAL UNTRUTH what's been told about Russia in the late 19th century. In fact, they destroyed that country. Tens of millions of people were murdered by the communist regime or sent to gulags to freeze to death. They literally wrecked their entire country." -- Stephen Goodson

      excerpted from

      Spingola Speaks 10 / 01 / 2012 - Guest: Stephen Goodson, a former (non-executive) Director of the South African Reserve Bank


    3. "By the turn of the 20th century there were 16 central banks, all except 2 in Europe:

      Indonesia Java

      After world war II the numbers expanded phenomenally.

      The primary reason for world war I was to destroy the State Bank of the Russian empire. The secondary reasons were to break up the other empires - the Austro-Hungarian, German & Ottoman - into smaller states in order exploit them more efficiently through central banks and last but not least, the theft of Palestine.

      So after WWI there was this huge expansion of central banks.

      At the conference of Genoa in 1922, attended by the governors of the various central banks and the heads of state, Montague Norman, the governor of the Bank of England and a freemason, insisted that central banks should be independent of their governments.
      In other words, they would be acting solely on behalf of private banking interests, not the state.

      "Despite the audacity of these proceedings they were entirely successful. The paid economists duly discovered that reserve banks were marvellous scientific improvements, the newspapers joined in the chorus of applause, and the politicians of the various States behaved as so many bellwethers leading the sheep into the slaughterhouse. The fact was entirely overlooked that these financiers are in no sense public servants, but simply the paid agents of the shareholders in a banking company whose interests need not in the least be identical with the national interest." ~ A. N. Field

      All these central banks were also being established at the same time as the establishment of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel which is the central bank of the central banks.

      The Bank of International Settlements does not pay any tax. It is above and beyond the law, immune from any regulation or oversight and, of course, it's ultimate control lies with the House of Rothschild through its investments in various central and private banks.

      The purpose of WWII was to destroy the State Bank of Germany, the State Bank of Japan and the State Bank of Italy, followed by the dissolution of the European colonial empires and again to allow another huge proliferation of central banks, so that today we have 155 central banks !!

      The only countries that are left of the 155 are the so-called 'axis of evil' which is currently Iran, North Korea and Cuba. Former members of the this 'axis of evil' that were recently taken out were Iraq, Libya and currently Syria which is still fighting these bastards trying to take it out.

      So virtually every country in the world now has a central bank and has to obey the International Bank of Settlements, the central bank of the central banks, because THEY decide the amount of reserves each country has to retain and although it's not a legislative body, everyone follows it, and if you don't, well, people won't trade with you or you'll excluded from the International Banking Settlement system and you have no choice.

      They also starve people into joining the World Trade Organization by putting sanctions against them until they follow through. " -- Stephen Goodson

      excerpted from

      Spingola Speaks 10 / 01 / 2012 - Guest: Stephen Goodson, a former (non-executive) Director of the South African Reserve Bank


    4. I'm hoping that the various factions of psychopaths will war with each other. The Bundesbank wants their gold back from the NY Fed - or at least 300 tons of it (out of 3,000). No deal says the Fed - we need at least 7 years to hold of that kind of money. This despite have 6,700 tons of gold stored at the NY Fed. The French equivalent of the Fed has even more of Germany's gold - looks like the Germans will have to wait until the French have stolen enough gold from Mali - the new "terrorist" threat in the global neighborhood. Gee, now Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ireland want their gold back. Weren't they in on the plot? Does anyone have the gold? Was it "recycled"? China and Russia are pissed off, too. (Perhaps that's why Merkel took her entire cabinet to China for a meeting prior to announcing the request for gold repatriation.) Japan's gold was exchanged (stolen) after WWII for phony Fed Reserve Bonds, not US Securities. The CBs of the US, UK, and France have some 'splainin' to do...

      Perhaps you are right - maybe it's a coordinated take down of the dollar to be replaced with a one-world currency and we're still all screwed.

      Re: psychopaths - I'm starting to conclude that they will win, because they are evil. They are willing to do things that no ordinary, good human would do, just to grab and keep power. If they get their way, then the living will envy the dead.

      I don't know about any of you, but I'm sick of all talk and no action. Tired of not knowing whom to believe.

    5. I agree EV. Don't believe anyone though - we all have to think critically and come to our own conclusions. One thing we all should be on the same page about is that the Jews are the destroyers of all decent, honorable civilizations, particularly Western civilization.

  4. This comment is in regards to the SH shootings. The link below has some excellent info on the many absurdities of that black op.

  5. Your not going to crush the Federal Reserve or the Global Jewish money system without crushing the Jews first. Where do you people get these naive ideas?



    1-5. The mission of PSYOP is to influence the behavior of foreign target audiences (TAs) to support U.S. national objectives. PSYOP accomplish this by conveying selected information and/or advising on actions that influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign audiences. Behavioral change is at the root of the PSYOP mission. Although concerned with the mental processes of the TA, it is the observable modification of TA behavior that determines the mission success of PSYOP. It is this link between influence and behavior that distinguishes PSYOP from other capabilities and activities of information operations (IO) and sets it apart as a unique core capability.

    There is a tremendous body of evidence that points to the fact that the PSYOP mission has been turned inward on the citizens of the United States.

    The following video pretty much sums up the fact that a foreign nation controls the US Government and seek to destroy your liberties.

    The gun grabbers are almost entirely jews. Citizens of the jewish nation.


    Members of the US Congress and certain Mayors of major US Cities hold a foreign passport and have SWORN AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to a FOREIGN NATION.

    Senator GunGrabber is a Foreign National. Can you guess what country she is a citizen of? The Mayors of both New York and Chicago are also Foreign Nationals. Can you guess what country they are citizens of? Most of the (s)elected officials who seek to disarm America are also either actual passport holding citizens of that foreign nation or are “eligible” for citizenship in that nation." Can you name that nation?

    Is this a "Conspiracy Theory"?

    CONSPIRACY THEORY...where did that come from?
    In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent the detailed directive CIA Document #1035-960 to all of its bureaus. Titled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report”. It instructed the use of the term to discredit and marginalize investigators.

    1. Psy-Ops are always meant to advance tyranny or a false view of reality which works in favor of tyrants on as many fronts as possible. If one doesn't work, they try another. If none of them work, they have planted PSYCHOLOGICAL seeds of trauma and outrage for more psy-ops in the future. The goal is to 'outrage' the sheeple masses artificially so they go along with their plans over the longer term. One PSYOP builds on another and they're never independent of each other, in fact, a PSYOP done today will always be done in ways that build on PSYOPs done in the past, and, it goes without saying that they would never ignore the massive psychogical leverage planted for them by 60 plus years of holohhoax programming.

      If they can pass more gun legistlation obviously they will, but that's also simultaneously a red herring to other PSYCHOLOGICAL programming they're installing so that they can pass even more tyrannical legilsation, all the way down to hate-speech laws. They're not 'evil geniuses,' they're just power-mad maniacs who take a wide shot, as you might do with a shotgun, and try to hit as many targets as possible in the direction they shot in.

      The Clues Forum guys have already identified how the holohoax psychological angle is likely to be exploited:

      "2. They use the psychological barrier of dead children and grieving relatives, as the "final frontier". If you question the existence of them, you are kind of equal to a "Holocaust-denier", and you are "spitting on the graves of dead children and in the face of their grieving parents". Its a pathetic last resort, but on the other hand a very strong one, taking advantage over our best, most human feelings. The outrage over the possibility of offending the memory of dead children and offending their grieving parents, is similar to the outrage one feels over the original "shooting"." comment left by Clues Forum member warriorhun

      "My current conjecture on why they are baiting us with all this obvious fakery is that they want to bring the issue into the mainstream and spin it as a form of terrorism (questioning such media events) as a setup to some form of legislation against public speculation regarding media fakery, "false flags," psy-ops, and so on.

      It's documented by the perp's own research tool, Gallup, that the media is markedly losing it's grip on the American public:

      60% have little or no faith in the media. That's HUGE.

      Other polls give similar results. A 2009 poll in England shows 25% do not believe in the Apollo moon scam, a Russian poll by the Russian Public Opinion Fund in 2000 (google it) reported 28% of Russians don't buy it.

      The media's spell is crumbling and the Alex Jonesian shills are not controlling the damage. They must now fight the truth directly by publicly demonizing people like us with their "big guns" -- Anderson Pooper, Diane Sewer, etc., etc. Most likely to be followed by legislation making it illegal to question such events.

      The media is their biggest weapon and it's really the only thing that protects them. Even their own military would turn on them if they knew the whole truth about what the perps are doing and have done." comment left by Clues Forum member lux

      "Yes, they will likely position those who question these things with "Holocaust Deniers." With the intent of making it illegal to question these newer media hoaxes.

      But Igan predicts a civil war in his video and I think that is the red herring because it is unrealistic.

      He also says gun control is a red herring but, as you pointed out, it's not. And, it won't end with guns. They will try to ban all weapons." comment left by Clues Forum member lux

      ~Negentropic MK III

    2. ""My current conjecture on why they are baiting us with all this obvious fakery is that they want to bring the issue into the mainstream and spin it as a form of terrorism (questioning such media events) as a setup to some form of legislation against public speculation regarding media fakery, "false flags," psy-ops, and so on."

      EXACTLY! This is what I've been noticing for sure. These PSYOPS advance so many tyrannical agendas, it's ridiculous. And this is the most frightening one, next to the push for more "mental health services". If we let them take away our free speech rights politically (as opposed to free speech being totally dead socially and professionally), we are officially fucked. I mean, we can have our free speech if we're willing to be socially and professionally ostracized, but if they take it outright politically, that would be a whole new level.

  7. In the words of Hutton Gibson..(Paraphrase)

    Did 6 million really die in a 2.5 Car garage Sized, Vented Room, by use of bug spray in 18 months?

    It insults any with a 3 digit IQ.

    JohnF.-Great Debate with Jim C. ( I called in-Bill)
    The issue should not be whether or not Hitler worked with Zionists to rehome Jewry (he did, who cares-he wanted them gone humanely), or who and where his funding came from-I believe it was grass roots German volk after reading Mein Kampf, as Germans were sick of Jewry destroying their economy, society and currency. He started out in beer halls with a dozen people for heavens sake.

    The debate should be How Hitler and his economic and social model was Successful in making Germany the Greatest nation in the world, in just 5 years, The envy of the world economically, socially, nationally and politically, while the USA went through its greatest depression and Jews bankrupted our nation and amassed fortunes from which to control us politically and socially.

    Hitler did nothing that 107 other Catholic Euro States did in evicting Jewry, and confiscating their ill gotten wealth.
    What made him so unique, was that he united Catholics and Protestants Together, something not done since the Reformation or since.
    And you can believe that scares the hell out of Jewry.
    They are vulnerable since the internet has ID'd them.
    They dont control information anymore.

    Best to you John!!
    GOD Bless


    This article posted on the Sandy Hook thread at that
    I thought readers here might find interesting.

    The article is about a school shooting drill that was cancelled.

    Was this another drill that was planned to go live but had to be cancelled because too many people found out about it? And notice who was being demonized as the designated patsy: a young anti-illegal immigration "white supremacist."

    1. "My view is that we are dealing with psychopaths who, by nature, are unruly, unpredictable individuals. One never knows how such minds will react under stress. I'm aware that the 'psychopath' word may sound banal/hackneyed/trite to some, but there cannot be any doubt that the folks behind these ever-crasser psyops are socially unfit and in need of serious mental help. I now think that we (myself included) should stop 'giving them credit' by musing/theorizing whether they may actually have some smart, sophisticated strategy going on here. They have simply been caught with their pants down, fabricating 3000 fake victims on 9/11, so they've brashly decided to push this 'game' to the very limit, in the wishful hope to trigger some sort of boomerang effect - perhaps a "mass-rejection of all (the so-called) conspiracy theorists"? Who knows? To be sure, the mindset of your average, smalltown socio-psychopath has never been fully understood - and much less that of those in positions of power, which is the sort of specimens we're dealing with here." comment left by simonshack administrator


  9. Indeed and the Bolsheviks are firmly entrenched in the US government, planning to exterminate their next 60 million.

    Keep up the good work John.


  10. John,

    I heard Carolyn Yeager's recent interview with Mike Delaney and noted that both of them made sure to malign you specifically by name.

    In the aftermath of the recent fallout and exposures precipitated by the Sandy Hook PSYOP - I found their actions noteworthy.

    As you know, Carolyn Yeager seems quite friendly towards Alex Linder, who also specifically derides the notion that the Sandy Hook PSYOP was a government operation. He event specifically created a "Wacky Conspiracy Theory" subcategory for that discussion. What does this tell you?

    Online persona's may not be as advertized in real life. Many of these people are......well - you figure it out :)

    I found a recent comment by Aservant to be very insightful. It appears here:

    BTW, I am not convinced that totalfacism is not an enemy operated site.

    As you know, "the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".

    Regards, and keep up the good work.

    1. Yeah, Carolyn is super critical of everyone. I simply do not understand why Mike Delaney just won't admit he's dead wrong about this "no plane" and media fakery stuff in relation to 9/11. I've talked to him about this before, and I've asked him to debate it with me. But whatever, we're not all going to agree or see eye to eye on everything.

      Anyone dismissing or deriding the fact that Sandy Hook was a gigantic PSYOP is a total clown at this point, and we should stop visiting their websites and supporting their work.

      TotalFascism is not an enemy operated site at all, at least as far as I can tell. Thanks for the comment!

    2. It makes no difference if it is, as long as it does things that play into their hands. Pride and arrogance confused with strategy is the recipe for hitting a brick wall. Look at how many brick walls the Jews themselves have hit due to their pride and arrogance despite all the massive power in their hands.

      I guess their goal is to try to fight the uphill battle of trying to rescue the term 'fascism' from its 70 years of black-propaganda associations. They don't need to do that because it's already been done by 30 years of heavy research by people not silly enough to ignore the power of propaganda, nor ignore the most basic strategic strength that can be built of words and symbolism and the huge effect it has on people. This strength is on the Jew side and their black-propaganda because the ultimate weapon of the mass-media is in their hands.

      “We won this war with atrocity propaganda and now we will start more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from the Germans anymore, until everything is destroyed which might have upheld them sympathies in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they don’t know what to do anymore. When this is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this not reluctantly but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then the victory is complete. It will never be definite. The reeducation demands thorough, steadfast nurture like an English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.” -- Denis Sefton Delmer, British chief propagandist after the capitulation of Germany in 1945 to the then German expert on International law Professor Grimm

      No one will take your word of what 'fascism' really was and come to a proper understanding of it, when the black-propaganda programming installed in his or her head since birth cognitively dissonates. It's the same as walking down the street wearing a swastika armband. Who would be foolish enough to think that if they went to a job interview wearing a suit with a swastika tie, that they would get that job ?

      The day that that wearing fascist regalia is no longer considered any more strategically injurious to your relations to other people than walking down the street wearing a Mao-Tse-Tung or Che Guevara T-shirt, which you can do right now, with little injury but a few sneers, courtesy or the same media, is the day that you no longer have to worry about what you name your site and how you approach the information.

      The main guy that writes there, Andre, is a talented writer, and you can always learn things from the process of reasoning and organization of thoughts of a talented writer, even if you disagree with most of what is written but obviously writing talent and rhetoric should never be confused with true historical research.

      ZCF tried the same thing early on with his swastika banner but has since taken it down learning his lesson. Unfortunately he's now let his anger get the best of him and he uses racial slurs in almost everything he posts, a cheap way of expressing outrage that will gain you the loyalty of the bitter few and lose you the offended and curious but still not straight out bitter and disgusted millions, at the very least those still stuck at the so-called Alex Jones gate.

      As always the principle to keep in mind is that of the ancient Greeks: 'Temperance is not the same as compromise.'


  11. Thank you for this link, absolutely incredible stuff. Sad part of it is, it is clearly decades old.

    We must send it to the great unwashed out there, just like we get sent the propaganda mass emails about great and famous escapees from the holocaust and how they should've been nominated for peace prizes . . . seriously, it needs to be a massive guerrilla effort.


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