Wednesday, January 30, 2013

John Friend visits the Wise Old Man

John Friend, a young foolish man, with Zan Overall, truly a Wise Old Man.

I've been meaning to take a trip up to Los Angeles to visit my good friend, Zan Overall, the Wise Old Man.  Zan and I met over one year ago, and have been good friends ever since.  I drove up to Los Angeles yesterday morning and spent the day with Zan.  We perused his excellent library of books, drove around Hollywood, enjoyed a nice dinner, and attended an open mic night at a local Hollywood club.  Zan sang a wonderful song he wrote, which I will hopefully have on YouTube later tonight or tomorrow.  

Zan and I had some great conversations and just enjoyed our time together, which was very nice considering all the bullshit drama going on in the "truth" movement lately.  At dinner, Zan and I brainstormed and discussed some of the issues dividing the "truth" movement, and ways to overcome these differences to effectively and pragmatically make some concrete moves against the criminal forces controlling our society.  I will have a post explaining all this in the near future.

Here is the video I took of Zan singing his wonderful song, Strangers Again.  Lyrics are below.  


Strangers once, strangers again,
Trying to forget what lovers we've been.
Strangers once, until the day we met.
Strangers again, I've lost you and yet---
No matter what I do, I go on loving you!
I love you, though we're strangers again!

Lovers once, lost in the night,
Running from the dawn,
Afraid of the light.
Saying goodbye,
Afraid to really live!
Afraid to really love!
Afraid to really give!

Oh, it mustn't end this way!
I'll find you and I'll say,
"My love is yours!
My life is yours!"
And then ---
I'll hope we're never
Strangers again!


  1. John, just wanted to say thanks and that you are doing a great job with the blog and the interviews.

  2. Cool John - props to you both!

  3. The truth brought you two fine people together and that is a beautiful thing.


    Sylvia Stolz - Reply to Holocaust Denial Accusations Jan-2013 - 'Eng Subs' (full)

  5. with all the zionist BS on parade it is good to exit the poop storm for some R&R..

    observing the Hagel bagel fest looks like the leaven of the pharisees is a pill the zionazi psychophant crack whore "Senators" have to swallow to collect their pay...truly disgusting

    keep climbing

    1. Hey Davy, please refrain from using words like "zionazi" as these terms play right into the hands of our enemies. The Zionists were not "Nazis", and the "Nazis" were not Zionists. The National Socialist Germany Workers Party stood up to the international Jew and took measures to protect their society and nation from these plutocratic, subversive, degenerate, and destructive people.

      Thanks for the links though!

  6. I just uploaded the video I took of Zan singing his song Strangers Again. Unfortunately, I missed the first 20 seconds of his performance... but the video is still pretty good.

  7. The song was absolutely beautiful...both the melody and the words. Hats off to the Wise Old Man...not only courageous but talented as well.

  8. I wish the wise old man many years of breath on this green earth.

  9. Wow John Friend, you're such a great guy! Such a great, great guy!

  10. John, very thoughtful to upload the song. Great stuff and and a tonic.

  11. they are supposed to have a one million muslim march , on 9 11 2013. i think we all should go help them. why not?

  12. John is a good looking dude. I like this site alot. Keep it up!


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