Thursday, January 3, 2013

John Friend & Brian Staveley discuss 9/11, Sandy Hook PSYOPS on Freedomizer Radio

I called into Freedomizer Radio on Thursday, January 3rd to discuss the PSYOP aspects of 9/11 and the recent Sandy Hook "shooting". Brian Staveley of The Real News Online was the guest. Sorry for the lame picture guys, I didn't have the time or energy to put other photos with this audio clip. The entire 7 minutes is worth listening to though, especially the end when I bring up the Jew factor.


  1. Do you see any Vatican involvement in this ? I personally fail to see how anyone cannot see that the Vatican is not involved. Yes, Jews are at the top, but the Vatican and others are highly involved. But then these are 'jews who are not jews' and the only effort i see people are making is to try figure out who the 'physical' jews are ... if you read the NT carefully it reveals it, it isn't a race of people, so thats a dead end people. The Bible is a veiled book and you need the keys to work it out but it seems to me no one is really interested, i've posted links and info on quite a few sites giving the keys, it takes time and effort but no one has bothered. Carry on down the 'literal, physical' road and you'll never see it.

    1. Everything is a 'veild book,' not just that particular collection of fairy tales so many people are obsessed with. The English language itself is veiled in many ways and was specifically crafted from the very shapes of the letters up to convey a certain message that the often perverted literal translations of the words do not. Dennis Fetcho knows a lot about this subject of language construction and codes embedded in language.

      "The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland." A Propaganda Pamphlet by Hubert Hermanns (1933)

      "The NSDAP declared the Catholic order of the Jesuits 'public vermin' [Volkssch├Ądlingen] – the same term it used to describe the Freemasons. Conspiracy theories about the Jesuits had circulated since the seventeenth century, and the order had already been banned repeatedly. Entitled "The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland," this propaganda pamphlet by Hubert Hermmans warned against the Jesuits' 'dark power' and 'mysterious intentions.'"

      So Hitler and the NSDAP, whether or not Hitler himself was a Christian depending on "the Table Talks" being as authentic as David Irving claims, were certainly not anti-Catholic or anti-Christian in public but they were definitely anti-Jesuit in public, in addition to being anti-Freemasonry and anti-Communist while, of course, being above and beyond all the others anti-usury and anti-Jew.

      As they declared in the 25 points back in 1920:



      "Since the NSDAP is fundamentally based on the principle of PRIVATE PROPERTY, it is obvious that the expression 'confiscation without compensation' refers merely to the creation of possible legal means of confiscating when necessary, land illegally acquired, or not administered in accordance with the national welfare. It is therefore directed in the first instance against the Jewish companies which speculate in land."

      ~Negentropic MK II

  2. I only discovered Brian Stavely about 6 weeks ago; I also think he is a good guy.

    I hope you are able to interview him on Truth Militia Radio; in fact I'm sure you will be able to because there is no doubt Brian is committed to getting the truth out, and I might add so are you John.

    1. Direct link for the whole show.

      Brian S Staveley on Freedomizer Radio 01 / 03 / 2012

      The entire show is absolutely essential listening. Brian was trained as a sportscaster so he really excels at communicating information on the radio. Notice how confused the two female hosts are due mainly to Alex Jones / Loose Change disinfo dead ends and how far ahead of them Brian is and how clear-headed and logical and consistent due to his heavy research into media fakery. John's call was the icing on the cake, setting all three of them straight on their most important Jonestown manufactured confusion but without condescending to them or blaming them personally as if they were deliberate shills. Only time will tell if they stay on the road of honest research or take one of the many easy paths of shillery paved for them ahead of time.


    2. I'll be on the same show Brian was on with Freedomizer Radio this coming Tuesday from 1:30-2:30pm PST. I'd like to get Brian on my show soon, I'll keep everyone posted.

      Negentropic, do you follow and their podcasts? Ab has this clown named Robin Fisher (Jew?) on with him all the time saying the Jesuits and Vatican run the show, lol. I just listened to their January 5th show, at least the first two hours. It's so bad man, so very bad...

    3. Yeah, I was just listening. It's friggin hilarious ! It was like a comedy of 'symbolism' of how literally EVERYTHING is controlled by Jesuits to set up the poor Jews. lol

      I knew he was a shill right away because he was so polished and articulate and well-spoken and trained-sounding but I was really hoping for a little bit more subtlety and strategic ability. This guy's like Eric Jon Phelps Jr. ! That Norwegian guy who sounds like Shack's drunken grandfather pushing nothing but Frank O. Collins stuff is not much better. It's not that all these other pieces are not important, it's that they are put out there to distract attention from the head of the snake by substituting for it another one.

      Last time I'm linking to those guys unless Simon Shack is being interviewed directly.

      Luckily both Shack and Hoi Polloi and especially Nohocapito (one of their best posters) over at Clues Forums are extremely stubborn and individualistic and will not be easily convinced by such obvious shillery.

      At this point I'm thinking this Tim Abirato guy and Fisher are obviously in it together and they are both brilliant in their analysis of media fakery but that's the bait to pull you in. If they thought that it was enough, they're sorely mistaken.

      Besides, even if by some absurd hidden conspiracy of history that's been hidden so well no one but a Phelps or a Fisher can makse sense of it, the Jesuits do end up being the 'top of the heap,' that still would NOT let the Jews off the hook now, would it ? lol


    4. Brian Stavely used to be an administrator for Phil Jayhan's Let's Roll 9/11 blog, but they had a falling out because Brian didn't agree with Jayhan's pod theory re: 9/11.
      Jayhan is a big Christian Zionist and Black Poper who goes ape shit if anyone mentions the Jewish angle on his forum.
      Now that Brian has broken with Jayhan I have hope that he will soon be on board with real truth.

    5. Yeah, the only thing you need to know about Jayhan being a shill is that he has no holohoax threads on his forum, maybe just one that's very short and pro the official lie and nothing else, zilch, only casual references, not even the David Cole at Auschwitz basic 101 film.

      Anybody with that big of a forum and website who's been around as long as he has and still believes in that gigantic of a hoax really deserves nothing but ridicule since we have SO MUCH proof against that hoax, just MOUNTAINS of stuff, 40 years worth of books, articles, court cases, culminating in 4 or 5 great videos instantly accessible on you tube that just completely blow that hoax out of the water, once-&-for-all.

      None of the main contributors at September Clues forums believe in the holohoax. If they did and admitted it, they'd be laughed at. They might still believe Not-Sees were worse than Roosevelt, Churchill & Eisenhower, that part of the brainwashing may not have been deconditioned yet maybe even in Simon and Hoi but they do allow discussion of it, as long as it's not done in the usual, idiotic, crude WN chest-thumping way.

      So, in my book, that makes Jayhan a bigger shill than Icke whose forums allow holohoax threads up the wazoo, screw the lizards and I don't care if he makes 2 million a year as long as he allows that free speech on his forums. What the hell is 2 million a year anyway for someobody as famous as Icke is compared to the 20 million a complete douchebag like Howard Stern makes on Jew owned Sirius satellite where Fat boy Jones also gets a big portion of his paychecks ?

      The Black Poper thing only becomes relevant when a couple of people who are, apparently exposing the holohoax also, I know that Abirato is, since he's talked about it on previous shows, I don't know about Fisher and the old drunken Norwegian Simon Shack's grandfather sounding guy, they hang it out there and then they bring the Black Poper stuff in to Dallas-Goldbug the well with mysterious figures, the false-flag symbolism, etc.

      In other words, they're saying these symbols point to Jesuits behind the Jews whereas when you think about it, considering how much mountains of more evidence is pointing directly to Jews, it would be much easier for Jews to just pick some of these non-Jew so-called symbols to veil themselves or false-flag their activities on the symbolic level and send people on blind chases, fodder for more and more silly conspiracies when proof is already at hand.

      It's totally idiotic to take symbols as direct proof of anything. Symbols can be clues to further research when you can prove that they weren't falsified or used as veils, when it wasn't false-flag symbolism. If I went and shot somebody and I had a Swiss army knife in my pocket with the so-called 'templar cross' or was wearing templar shirt or something, would that mean I was a mind-controlled templar operative through the 'red-shield' of Rothschilds who were formerly Bauers ? lol

      Just laughable stuff and the best part is that they actually try to say that it's TOO EASY to point to the Jews. Yup, it's so friggin 'easy' that if you say it on national TV and not on the internet, you instantly lose your job. Even if you say Zinonists like Patricia MacAllister did, you could instantly lose your job. Most people don't use their real names on the internet because they could get fired from their jobs if the boss saw them on the internet pointing to this 'easy target' set up by those super-cunning-masterminds: the Jesuits. Then they would have a hard-time getting hired again when new employers googled their names, etc.

      Too 'easy' to point to Jews.

      What friggin' bunk! lol

      ~Negentropic MK X

    6. And don't forget another thing !

      It's so friggin 'easy' to point to Jews that if you point to the Jews in 17 countries and say 'hey these Jews are lying about the holycost,' your total 'ease' and 'comfort' are guaranteed in grand style in a prison cell for up to 5 years !! lol

      I wonder what would happen in ALL 17 OF THOSE COUNTRIES

      Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Czech Republic
      The Netherlands

      if you did nothing but hold PUBLIC SPEECHES criticizing the Jesuits, the Black Pope and the Vatican ?

      Nothing, that's what would happen. lol

      You can give all the Black Pope speeches you want in all 17 of those countries and MOST OF ALL in Israel itself (lol) until you're blue-in-the-face and nobody will lock you up in prison even for a day.

      In fact, you will almost certainly not even have to be bothered by the hassle of getting booed off the stage like John Friend was in San Diego unless you're doing it in the center of the Vatican itself, in front of the Sistine Chapel or something.

      And who could possibly imagine a lawyer being put in prison for 3 and a half years for defending the legendary Eric Jon Phelps, the Israeli Diamond Merchant ? lol


    7. Mary I was a Moderator for LRF but not an administrator. Same difference though. I just wanted to correct that. Phil Jayhan of LRF is so full of crap it's ridiculous. He has no filter when it comes to spreading lies and has even accused me of choreographing 9/11. lol. To the person who said I should go on Militia radio or whatever, I'd be glad to. I'll do almost any interview. Glad to help trying to expose the 9/11 hoax.
      Thank you,
      Brian S Staveley

  3. Real nice job there, John. Love your manner. Very effective.

  4. ZCF: "The Jesuits Hoax"

    "Are Jews Propagating Anti-Jesuit Conspiracy Theories?"

  5. Thanks for calling into Freedomizer Radio, John. More of us should be calling into radio shows.

    I hope that you and all your readers read and listen to's "Crazy Old Jew Blows Sandy Hook Anti-gun Psyops". Dr. K on Rich Adams Uncensored is publicizing that a source he trusts has relayed to him that the federal government (Tel Aviv} controlled its radio coverage.

  6. Nice job John, agree more should be calling talk radio shows. And "Freedomizer" is one I was unfamiliar with before.

    I'd be interested to see you have Ted Pike on as guest. Spingola would also do a good interview with him, or Giuliani. His phone is at his site to arrange interviews. Unfortunately he's got a little disagreement going with DDuke/KMacDonald-

    but that ^ could be fodder for frank discussion... and maybe you could arrange to have Duke and/or MacD call in. As you'll read above though, Pike was invited on Duke's show, but Pike insisted on the condition that Duke proclaim his "racist/genes" views... just read the above links, you'll see. But Pike still gives good interviews, has several with Rense & others posted at his site. We have much more common ground than we do disagreement, and everyone will come away smarter from an honest dialog.

  7. Hostile Game TheoristJanuary 5, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    Ted Pike has nothing new to say, except to muddy the waters with his faith based Christian take. Intentionally or not, his voice unnecessarily dilutes the debate about wrestling power from the Jews while the Szymon Perskis (Shimon Peres) of this world laugh all the way to the bank.

  8. terrific C.Yeager discussion with 2 sandy hook skeptic guests, 2 hrs:

    Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager Jan. 5, 2013
    How Big of a Hoax was the Sandy Hook “Massacre?”

    Don, a lawyer from California, and Martin, a writer from England, discuss with Carolyn just what kind of a hoax took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, when 20 first-graders and 6 teachers were allegedly killed. That’s right. The big question is not whether it was some kind of hoax but did this really happen at all or was it a “media event” in which no real deaths occurred? It’s a frank discussion that leads into possibilities most people would never consider, but more and more people are finding plausible. Some highlights:

    -Is there such a thing as “media paintings” for TV that look like real life;
    -No survivors; no witnesses; no one saw the crime scene or a single dead body;
    -Was there ever a classroom of these children in that school or is it all invented;
    -Are they testing just how much they can get away with on a television-addicted public?
    -And much more!

  9. If you undertake real time and energy research the only conclusion you can come to is that talmudic (cabalist) jews are the source of the worlds problems period.For those of you Americans who have not seen the excellent film "7/7 Ripple Effect" i would suggest you do.One more false flag attack (in London) following the same "script" ie;"actors" being used as witnesses etc.Like many nationalists in Britain i came into our movement ignorant, many years of research have proved how perilous our (white peoples) stuation is.
    Whiteboar, England


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