Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When Jews Rule The World


  1. Nathaniel has stereotypical Jewish facial features. I can't help but notice the subtle expressions of mirth that forced their way to the surface during his monologue.

    The guy was born a Jew.

    But he's wearing a big cross on his chest and even has a smaller one hung over the first one in case you missed it - and to top it all off, he even has one on his hat.

    Boy, all those crosses really make me lower my guard. No way he can be a Jew. Not with all those crosses - right?

    He preached this religion that talks about joining all the races together. Wow - that sounds kind of Jewish - but it can't be...not with all those crosses. Nah...

    So yeah, the guy is telling us that the Jews are screwing us. Yep.

    The Jews are really dead set against any form of Ethnic is this guys religion.

    Could he really be a Trojan Horse? Could he possibly be an enemy plant whose "schtick" is to earn some cred by talking real shit about the Jews - but whose real mission is to undermine any sort of Ethnic Nationalism?

    Some German guy taught us that the only thing that can save us is Ethnic Nationalism and Self Determination.

    This guy with the crosses isn't saying that.


    1. Points well taken. Maybe I should ask Brother Nathaniel if he wants to come on the program?

    2. If so, ask the Brother about 1) his idol, Putin re a) Putin's personal funding of a Jewish museum in Israel, b) praising of Jewish supremacists in Israel, and c} threatening of any who claim that the holocaust is a holohoax; and 2) his many detailed libelous attacks on the poor African NYC maid with full written support of her Israel-Firster vulture banker rapist, Strauss-Kahn (who just paid off the young mother about $6m}.

  2. Interesting insight from a former chosen.....nice.

    1. Once chosen, always chosen.

      Don't deceive yourself.


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