Monday, December 24, 2012

Truth Militia Radio with John Friend

I just finished the tenth edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend.  My guest Daryl Bradford Smith of and I discussed the history of his website and the books you can download there, the history of private central banking and related financial matters. You can download the entire program here or subscribe to Truth Militia Radio via iTunes here. Apologies for the technical difficulties!  Thanks for tuning in and Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Interesting show -pity you lost time due to technical issues

    would have liked to have heard more about the Bank of England (allegedly nationaliosed in 1947)

    I never can figure that one out

    I would like to make one observation

    and that regards the Jefferson quote regarding banking

    i have for several years wondered about the provenance -

    sure its all over the internet but when and where did he say this

    Today I must say this is a statement falsely attributed to him

    Inflation - as regards monetary matters was first recorded in 1838 in America and deflation -as rgards monetary matters - was first recorded in USA in 1891

    my source was the Online etymology dictionary

    Is there any evidence that the terms were used in the quote's context in Jefferson's time ?

    also i beleive the quote refers to "the continent their fathers conquered"

    I dont think the continent had been conquered by 1826.

    Jefferson died in 1826.

  2. John, great show. Glad you had DBS on. He was the guy who opened my eyes years ago. His site remains one of the best archives around.

    A MUST archive document to pair with Freedman's speech is the Chaim Weizmann letter to Churchill which references the WWI-Balfour swindle in the offer of American blood for WWII. Here's the link:

  3. John, a great book on FDR and WWII is Hamilton Fish's FDR: the other side of the coin. Shows the perfidy of FDR and the manipulation by an eastern 15% to take the nation into war. Fish didn't realize the problem completely but a very useful book

  4. Good show.

    Your guest is a virtual encyclopedia of information on the Jewish Problem.

    One Major Issue: You guest spoke in terms of differences among certain genetic groups as only being matters of "skin color". I imagine it's pretty easy to think that way from a rural home in France - well away from any direct interaction or effects of the BEHAVIOR of certain genetic groups.

    This issue is BEHAVIOR. The issue is INTELLIGENCE. The issue is COGNITIVE ABILITY. Are we "all the same"? No, we are not.

    As things deteriorate further here - how do you think you (John Friend) will do if you decide to try to get the Mexicans to help you eject the illegal aliens? You know damn well you'll get no help whatsoever. Why is that?

    The issue regarding blacks is very similar. Why is that?

    You know why.

    We are in a tough spot here - and we have been placed there intentionally - by JEWS.

    1. You are correct we are not the same, some are Mesomorphs others ecto's and still others are endomorphs! Did you know that most violent crime is committed by Mesomorphs? Perhaps it's time we separate ourselves from them... Come to think of it, being male, you and I are 80% more likely to commit a violent crime than any female in the land; is it time we kicked ourselves out?

      Didn't think that one out all the way did you?

  5. I looked at the content of and found nothing there that challenges the official narrative of Falsified Jewish Victimization Theology.

    I did find a link there in support of the spurious notion that "Zionists" are the problem - and not Jews and Judaism. Here is the link I'm talking about:

    I suppose much of the choice of content on Mr. Smith's website is directly related to the fact that he resides in Jewish Occupied France which is equipped with laws criminalizing any honest discussion of certain historical facts.

    I believe that Jewish Occupied France also has laws that criminalize any honest discussion of the expression and manifestation of human genetic attributes.

    Publishing under threat of criminal prosecution obviously forces certain concessions infringing on intellectual honesty.

    As a reader, I would find it useful if each content item were accompanied with a footnote indicating which Criminal Law in France was being sidestepped by the inclusion of that particular item.

  6. An excellent book on the bankster gangsters is Eustace Mullin's "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve," in which Mr. Mullins thoroughly documents how a certain group of thugs have been behind nearly every war since 1789.

    And 'Merry Christmas" to all, if I can still say that without having jack-booted DHS thugs appear at my door.

    1. Merry Christmas to you Greg, and to everyone here!

      Speaking of Jewish Occupied Government Thugs appearing at your door - if that kind of thing starts happening, we all have a decision to make.

      As you're aware, the Jewish Occupied Government "legalized" your "Indefinite Detention" on government say-so. You get no lawyer. You have no right against unreasonable search and seizure.

      I am not making this up.

      The question is: "Will you go quietly"?

      I am not trying to get you nervous and I'm not trying to unsettle you. This is reality TODAY due to Jewish Passed Laws.

      Why do you suppose the Jews had those laws passed? Is the NDAA just something that will never be used? Or do you think it's there to be used - against you?

      What does all this talk of disarming you have to do with any of this?

      Just a coincidence?

  7. Very Merry Christmas!

    - Aangirfan.

  8. all we've got to do is
    1) stop paying taxes
    2) start up our own currency

    The two are linked. If you don't get paid in fed res notes, then how can you pay the fed tax bill? If you decided to get paid in pebbles or veggies, what business is it of the fed gov't?

    How did these communities do it? Ithaca, NY, is one ('ithaca bucks'). Find others. How to print the money. How to distribute an initial amount (like the Monopoly game, everyone starts with something)?

    1. EV,

      It's not that simple.

      The Federal Reserve act was not the only unconstitutional bill pushed through congress in 1913. Also pushed through the same year was the Sixteenth Amendment, which gives Congress the power to collect tax based on income, without regard to the States or the Census.

      The Law requires Federal Tax payment to be rendered in Federal Reserve Notes. You can't pay in pebbles or veggies.

      Curiously, you use the "all you have to do" meme as if to simplify the impossible. That reminds me of a certain Lebanese person who also pushed totally unworkable strategies based on child-like over-simplification.

    2. Oh for fuck sakes get real. We're going to be paying taxes till the day we die, all I'm concerned with is where my tax-dollars are going and with the crumbling of U.S infrastructure I sure as hell know it isn't going into public works!

      "f you decided to get paid in pebbles or veggies, what business is it of the fed gov't?"

      You can get paid in whatever form of currency you want but the taxes must be paid in Fed reserve notes.

  9. Merry Christmas to all patriiots who read here.

    I hope that you soon have Eric Hufschmid,, to respond to your guest's smears of him, as you see fit, John,, and have him discuss his research and findings that the main enemy is the global, Jewish crime network. HUGE QUESTIONS is tremendously helpful.

    1. Took a look at Hufschmid's material.

      Hufschmid also blames the "Zionists" for Jewish Crime.

      Listen, we all KNOW that if you eliminate the "Zionists" - you'll still have the damn Jews as firmly embedded in the fabric of your monetary system as ever.

      Blaming the "Zionists" rather than Jewry itself is a Jewish Hedge against future risk. Though this strategy, they are splitting their risk hoping that they can dupe people into thinking that Jewish Organized Crime is only limited to "Zionists".

      The fact that the Jews are implementing this strategy is evidence that they understand that we are waking up.

      Another favorite Jewish theme that Hufschmid is pushing is to blame the massive mud invasion of White lands on White people. No discussion whatsoever of the Jewish hand in that problem. No discussion whatsoever of the Jewish underpinnings of Negro Slavery or the fact that the Slave Markets were run by Jews and were closed in Saturdays (the Jewish sabbath). Husfschmid also liberally uses the "White Supremacist" smear.

      Objectively, I am satisfied that Hufschmid is a diabolical Jew.

  10. As usual Daryl Bradford Smith spoke lies about the 'Nazis', their relationship to Palestine, and Zionist banking's supposed funding of same. I wish John would have corrected him.

    1. Yeah, what he said wasn't incorrect technically and I didn't want to get derailed. I didn't even want to bring this subject up, because him and I totally disagree about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany.

    2. law of the excluded middle


      merry christmas day to you john!

    3. Thanks brian, Merry Christmas everyone! Peace and love to you and your loved ones! May truth and justice prevail in 2013!

  11. John,

    Question: How do you differentiate a "Jew" from a "Zionist Jew"?

    Does on or the other have a particularly long and curly hook nose?

    If they appear to be identical, do we have to rely upon the veracity of a particular Jew to confess to be a "Zionist"?

    We all know how the religion of Judaism promotes and excuses Jewish lying to non-Jews in furtherance of Jewish objectives. What does this mean to us in a practical sense?

    You know what it means? It means that the problem is Jews, Judaism and institutions that have been infiltrated by JEWS who work together as a network to subvert the Nations within which they reside.

    They are NOT LOYAL to our Nation. They are ONLY LOYAL TO JEWS, JEWRY and ISRAEL.

    This is the "UGLY TRUTH".

    The problem is Jews.


    1. Your right. That's why Jew(ex Jews and maranos) put so much effort into getting people to think being a Jew is a religion.

  12. Just to set the record straight Gilad Atzmon never says the Holocaust is real. He actually promotes Revisionist history when asked about it and suggests people should check it out for themselves.

    1. Good call, thanks Ben. You're right, I've heard him criticize the Holohoax industry a la Finklestein, and say that we should keep an open mind about things. To my knowledge he has never come out and exposed 9/11 as a Mossad orchestrated false flag though... or even really questioned the event in general. I could be wrong though. Either way, he is writing and saying some very important things.

    2. So by your reasoning a good Jew defined by the holocaust...


    3. John F. I've also heard Finklestein say all his family were in concentration camps.



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