Monday, December 3, 2012

Truth Militia Radio with John Friend

I just finished the seventh edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend.  My guest William Finck and I discussed international Jewry, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, and the differences between international capitalism and international Marxism on the one hand, and National Socialism and fascism on the other.    Be sure to check out and The Mein Kampf Project, two of William's websites that I frequent.  You can download the entire program here or subscribe to Truth Militia Radio via iTunes here.  Thanks for tuning in!


  1. Great show John, enjoyed it

    Remove below if you want--- its more a msg of suypport to you John

    you will catch a lot of hate for this as CI is hated by non whites, whiggers, muslims etc. everyone because they fear the white man and what he can become when he is free and independent.

    When the white man stops proping up the others races, and places our interests 1st, the world will change and the non whites + mamzers -(race mixed ppl) fear that

    I checked out the CI message a few years ago, and have not been able to disprove it, everything i learn proves it.

    I chose to believe in CI version of Christianity. Its obvious when Man rejects God he makes gods of this own. 1st 4 Books of Bible were Law books of unchanging laws from God.

    So choose yourself who is your god, you or GOD.
    Check CI message for yourself and try disprove it.

    Bertrand L Comparet, a man of our Race :-)

    What you believe is what side your on.

    1. I am also inclined to believe in the CI version of Christianity - rather than the JEWISH version of Christianity.

      So......this to you Christians:

      Which version of Christianity do you follow? The Jewish version or the CI version?

      If you follow the Jewish version, you may as well be Jews yourself.

      Time to look in the mirror and figure out what you're all about.

      Those of you who follow the Jewish version of Christianity look just like Jews from here.

    2. truth is what Jesus admonished to {all} KNOW...

      only one so-called "Religion" hates Jesus

      whether Mark Glenn, John Kaminski, or David Icke refuses to examine the facts about the Children of Israel from Genesis 49
      to Rev. 7 is entirely the Truth.

      2 issues arise...

      1} a company of Nations...{1st world nations}

      2} a blessing to other nations..

      only a malicious idiot would avoid the truth to promote a LIE...,7340,L-4315343,00.html

  2. John,

    Fantastic show. Your show touching on the subject of religion goes to the core of the Jewish Mind Control strategy that has misled so many.

    The use of corrupted religion and the allowance of Usury based economic criminality are keystones of Jewish success.

    I heard your guest Aservant, who I am quite familiar with. I was dismayed to hear about his discomfort concerning attacks on "Christianity". Aservant does not subscribe to what William Finck calls "Churchianity" which is Jewish corrupted "Christianity". People like Aservant are not the intended target.

    Churchianity is a Jewish Tool being used to destroy us. Todays "Christianity" is Jewish Christianity.

    My lack of subscription to the basic concept of a spiritual “God” does not directly bring me at odds with a true "Christian" because a true "Christian" is not working to promote Jewish Communism and undermine my Nation.

    True Christianity promotes ETHNIC NATIONALISM and Cooperative Ethnic/Nationalist Socialism.....NOT MARXIST SOCIALISM.

    Jewish Churchianity (a.k.a. "Christianity") promotes "open borders", the destruction of Ethnic Nationalism (only in White countries), and promotes Marxist Socialism which is Jewish Communism.

    I don't have to be religious to hate Jews. I hate what Jews are doing. I also don't have to be religious to hate "Christians" for the same reason.

    Maybe self-identifying “Christians” need to do some research on what their own Bible says about attending “Church”


    1. xtianity is a crutch for the scared, weak-minded and GULLIBLE. people who like to be told what to do and how it goes. xtianity is a word and places its sayer in a belief box of submission and servitude to the story-teller. lots of stories to be told, puppy tails to forever chase and dizzying rat wheels spinning nowhere in perpetuity... never allowing the slightest opportunity for the would-be ubermensch to plant his feet firmly on the ground.

      xtianity is a jewish production. double agent saul/paul, double agent josephus and the flavian emperors being the point men. and let us never forget the room full of black hatted script writers - the rabbi brain trust. bred for the duty.

      for eons or minutes... judaic-psyops-are-us. 'we've got one just right for you.'


    2. I would hope that the Christians who visit this blog would investigate the brand of Christianity they subscribe to.

      All too often, when the facts concerning just how Jewish the Christian Churches are - the response is a hysterical defense of their beloved belief system.

      The Churchianity Belief System is anti-Nationalist. It seeks to import negroes into our neighborhoods. It does nothing against Jewish Usury.

      According to Mr. Fink, real Christianity does not condone those things and seeks to build, preserve and protect our Nations -- and recognizes that our Nations are primarily Ethno-States.

      Today, the Jews have their own sanctioned Ethno-State. It is a sovereign State with Nuclear Arms.

      Where is our Ethno-State?

      Why is our Ethno-State being totally destroyed and flooded with non-Whites who just want a hand out?

      Why do Christians go along with all of that?

      Frankly, if you are a Jewish Christian - you are an agent of the enemy. If you attend Church, you are an agent of the enemy. If you are part of a group importing non-Whites, you are an agent of the enemy.

      The battle lines have been drawn. Christians are actively working against my best interests and they work WITH the Jews.

      Unless you're a CI Christian.

  3. Looks like Christian Identity CI is taking over the comment section, quotes from the comment section:

    "Which version of Christianity do you follow? The Jewish version or the CI version?"

    "Churchianity is a Jewish Tool being used to destroy us. Todays "Christianity" is Jewish Christianity."

    I understand the passion of these comments and I also understand the inherent problem that Christianity has to Judaism, the two are married and Christianity can never escape Judaism no matter what argument, no matter the passion of the CI adherent.

    Mark Glenn says in latest radio show "there is no good Judaism", likewise there can be no good Christianity because the foundation of Christianity is Judaism.

    Jesus is the son of the Jewish god, the Jewish god killed his only begotten son to save the world from his wrath. Jesus died for your sins because without Jesus the hell god of the Jews is going to send you to hell forever. Jesus can only exist if Jehovah exists, Jesus's magic trick of saving you only works if there is a judging Jewish god.

    But there is no Jewish god, Jehovah is a myth. Hell is a myth. The devil who used to be an angel is myth. Eternal punishment is a fear meme used to control you, its not true, its a spell, its Jewish black magic.

    The solution to this conundrum? Obvious. Dump Christianity. Dump the myth from your mind and start over. No European should worship a Jew god. End of story. Period. Take your thumb out of your mouth, stop nursing at the Jewish tit of deceit, stand up like a man, a white man and be proud of your heritage.

    You don't need to be forgiven and you don't need to be saved, you are white man and to hell with the Jews.

    1. Why do you cite a Lebanese anti-White activist?

      Isn't that the guy who is telling us that "all we have to do" is embrace all of the non-Whites and "unite" against the Jew...and that's a "No Brainer"?

      Please have your Lebanese boy go to Greece and explain that strategy to Golden Dawn. I'm sure they would be happy to be enlightened by such a towering intellect.

      Gee...why didn't the Greeks think of that brilliant strategy.


      There is no need for any White person to be listening to anything that some Lebanese guy has to say about anything - unless, perhaps you're planning a trip to Lebanon and you want to know where to stay.

      Now for you White people - Let Mr. Fink explain about Hitler and Christianity.

    2. maybe you could get circumsised.

      The Almighty is not a Jew, and neither is Jesus.

      The Children of Israel are not Jews.

      avoiding [Hating] the Truth is Jewish.

    3. Yes, CI's are against Jew crimes, and that is good enough for me.

    4. Amen brother. You know your stuff

      and yes, it helped circumcise America. Now it is being castrated.

  4. Scofield Bible is an obvious fraud. No European protestant church would ever conflate biblical land of Israel with the state of Israel. Catholics would be last to do so.

    Mr. Fink is very wrong or misleading. Chamito-Semitic race is a race, like a race of dogs. Golda Meir, Yaser Arafat, Muammar Gaddafi, Simon Perez(Szymon Perski) Queen Sheba are all members of this race. So were the Phoenicians as shown by DNA studies of contemporary Lebanese. Ethnicity, that of Jews or Gypsies cuts across genetic lines. So does religious affiliation. Fink seems to be stuck on his Christian identity. Laughable to all European Christians. If anything, it is a weak cultural uniting factor. With old testament a bunch of metaphorical gibberish and the new testament linked to Christmas and a tale about unbecoming a Jew.

  5. @Scofield Bible

    "the new testament ... a tale about unbecoming a Jew."

    well said, the tale of Jesus is a story of a Jew rejecting Jewishness, he rejected what he was taught, he came to save HIS PEOPLE, the JEWS

    so, everyone, if you are a gentile that means you are already gentle and you don't have to unlearn being Jewish since you are have not been trained to be wrathful,

    unless, of course, you are raised Evangelcal/Zionist Christian, then you have to unlearn vengfulness and other Jewish traits taught by those Judaized faiths

    So maybe Jesus is for modern Christians because most modern Christians aren't really followers of Jesus, lol

    BTW it logically follows that any Jew that rejects Judaism is following the path of Jesus to enlightenment

  6. In the radio show William Fink says "Christianity is really Judaism" and Charles Giulani would agree as he says many times on his Oracle Broadcasting show Truth Hertz that "Christianity is Judaism for gentiles".

    John Friend makes a profound statement that Christians are in actuality worshipping the Jews and some even go to Israel to be slaves on Jewish communes. Yes brother, right on, thank you for pointing that out!

    Christians are WHOREshipping the Jews!

    And the United States Army is an army for the Jews, literally the American Christian goyim are fighting and dieing for Jewry.

    Even though Israel did 911 the United States JEW WHORE Army goes to war and kills Jewish enemies and all the while the American Christian JEW WHORE churches sing their praises to Israel and the chosen ones and keep voting for the Jew political whores.


    For the origins of the Bible.... in succinct form.


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