Saturday, December 8, 2012

John Friend on Star Theory Radio

I was on Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt earlier this evening.  We discussed my post Organized Jewry: destroyers of Western civilization, WWII, Adolf Hitler, international Jewry, and issues relating to religion and race.  You can download the entire program here.  


  1. Interesting perspectives brought to the floor by John Friend.

    Kyle Hunt used the term "Supremacist" in his dialog.

    Kyle, do you drive an African car?

    Kyle, would you have any qualms about traveling to Haiti for medical treatment?

    Not sure I fully understand Kyle's use of the term "Supremacist" there. Is Kyle preaching that all races are "the same"?

    Kyle, do you want to live in a primarily African society? If not, does that make you a "Supremacist"?

    Kyle, what happens if we become overrun to the point where we DO live in a primarily African society? Do you think your kids will be safe walking the streets?

    Kyle, have you ever been to Detroit? It's now konwn as "Detoilet". In case you are not aware - Detroit used to be known as "The Paris of North America". The demographic was primarily White European. Then what happened? Is what happened to Detroit the same thing that happened to Egypt? Any parallels there?

    Kyle, are you the kind of person who would call the Golden Dawn in Greece "Supremacists"?


    Great show John.

    1. Did you even listen to the show ? Hoont never said a friggin thing about all races being the same. In fact, both Hoont and John said that racial differences are a fact of life.

      So what are you trying to say ?

      The word 'supremacist' is off limits to your 'whites created everything worth a shit on the entire planet' sensibilities and the folks at VNN & Stormfront would never even think about lynching someone from a tree without a trial & this 'sooprahmassist' behavior has never existed & simply cannot possibly exist among 'holier than thou' whites but using the same word when you talk about Jew 'supremacism' is ok ?

      What would your pampered ass prefer ? 'White Nationalist' while you reserve the right to call anyone else anything you feel like ?

      Blast your Led Zeppelin & deny that it was 3/4 based on black blues & say it was really Irish blues ?

      Play your electric guitar & deny Hendrix any contribution at all in that field & besides, he didn't invent the electric guitar, right ? Nah, he was just a drug-taking negro going wild & if he lived in Haiti he'd be playing his 'Voodoo child' on jungle drums, right ? Besides, it was only his quarter white ancestry that had any kind of artistic talent, not the black part, right ? lol

      Ever play trumpet or saxophone ? God forbid, oh lordy Jesus, joo muzak ! lol

      Ever play or listen to any Jazz-influenced music at all ? I'll bet you hate Jazz because so many negroes are good at it, am I right ?

      Or maybe you deny them any contribution in that field too because they did not invent the trumpet or saxophone ? Besides, it was just 'Jew music' anyway & was on Hitler's degenerate music list, right ?


      It was on the list in the beginning but later, because American Jazz was becoming so popular amongst NS Germans, they came up with their own Aryan version of a Jazz group to counter it:

      If you want to be called 'White Nationalist,' behave like Hitler & the National Socialists & not like some punk skinhead jackass & then you'll deserve the title. Otherwise, screw off to VNN & Stormfront.

      Don't tell me, 'punk, skinhead jackass' also hurts your sensitivities ? lol

      Why do you think both Zion Crime Factory & John Friend don't link to your favorite forums: Stormfront and VNN ?

      Take a good guess.

      Could it be because of idiotic, bigoted behavior that merits this word you're so sensitive about ?

      And no, I wouldn't call the Golden Dawn 'supremacists' unless they started acting like Linder & the rest of the asswipes at VNN. Throwing water in some douchebag TV reporter's face on TV & threatening to smack her doesn't count.

      By the way, the admittedly vastly disproportionate interracial rape statistics you guys like to always pull out about how 20,000 to 30,000 whites are raped by blacks every year while only 10 to 20 blacks are raped by whites, deliberately ignores two things: 43% of whites are still raped by other whites & the Black-on-White rape statistics were in no-way disproportionate at all, much less to such a sickening extent in the 1950's. Go check the crime stats from the 1950's for a history lesson.

      Nowadays, 13% of the population (blacks) rape almost as many white women a year as 73% of the population (whites), a vastly disproportionate violent crime statistic.

      What are the main differences between the usury-ruled society of today & the usury-ruled society of 1950's USA ?

      1) Civil rights or 'group rights' violating individual rights & freedom of association
      2) Massive upsurge in non-stop, multi-culturalist / Marxist propaganda since the 1960's
      4) Jew sponsored gun control laws

      You have to take ALL of those back by fully-justified self-defense force for even the possibility of a sane society.

      ~Negentropic MK IV

    2. You are a babbling idiot.The blacks have contributed nothing to our society.Self hating Whites and non-Whites like use the invalid Led Zeppelin argument.Listen to the songs that the jews accused Led Zeppelin of infringing upon,they are not even remotely similar.Jimmy Page is a genius.Jimi Hendrix wouldn't rank in the top 100 guitarists if he wasn't black.Not to mention his lack of song writing skills and dreadful vocals.

  2. snow : proves God is a white supremacist.

    Jewry proves shit can walk & talk

    all the politically correct programming makes people who want to pursue truth offensive to "JEW" worshippers....

    what is truly pathetic in the 21st century is to "qualify" oneself as not being a dreaded "racist" if wanting what is good for you is evil

    only a Jew worshipper would want a truth hating psychopath to claim what is rightfully yours....something of value

    how did that happen without talmudvision

  3. Another great interview. You are a real truth seeker.

    Your interview with Bill Finck was great and hope you have him on again. I'm looking forward to your discussion with Eli James.

    Much respect.

  4. If it wasn't for Europeans being able to unite under the banner of the Christian cross 1000 years ago, Europe and the west would have fell to Islam and the Mongol hoards 900 years ago, and we would all be living in a very different world today.


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