Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HATE CRIME: Black Teens Kill White Mom After Denying Them Cigarettes & Telling Them to "Get a Job"


  1. Did you see the recent news conference where Obama stated that the two "youths" could be his sons? Jk...

    This kind of thing happens every day. The Jews strive to keep these incidents buried and simultaneously incite "the youths" to attack "supremacist" White people.

    That White woman made the "White Supremacist" remark "get a job". Apparently, "the youths" reacted to her "supremacy".

    "The Youths" should not be expected to "get a job". You as a White person should have to give "the youths" free stuff on demand. You are forever indebted to "the youths". Forever.

    Those of you who disagree and own guns...well, I can't even talk to you because you're "racists".

    You White people need to understand that you "OWE" your standard of living to every non-White invader around the globe. It is not their fault that they don't have the inherent ability to create anything. They need you. That's why they are flooding into your lands. They "need" your stuff.

    So don't be a "racist"...or a "supremacist".

    Or else...

    1. This was a truly horrific black on white crime that makes the point about our JEW media very well:

      Channon Christian and Chris Newsom Murder Trial Updates -

      Ooops, missed the murder and rape of the 97-year old woman. Not sure why the perp didn't rape and murder the husband.

  2. So, where is the usual penis gallery with their "well all need to unite with non-Whites against the Jew"?

    Where did you all go?

    No comments on this routine murder of another White person by a non-White P.O.S.

    Don't think we don't notice.

    1. To borrow a phrase spoken by a negro thespian in a well-known Jewlywood Clinton Eastwood movie: Who's we sucka ?

      Jeffrey Dauhmer, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacie, Ted Bundy or Henry Lee Lucas ?

      Or the Russian zoo animals that raped every female from 9 to 90 in Germany after WWII ?

      Or the British animals that firebombed & burned alive 150,000 in Dresden and hundreds of thousands more in Hamburg & many other German cities ?

      Or the American animals who melted alive 150,000 Japanese in 2 days & just 5 years later hundreds of thousands of Koreans, and in a still 90% white USA in the 1960's & early 1970s, 1 million Vietnamese peasants ?

      The Jews give the orders & the hordes of dumb-as-shit white cattle follow & then come back & are pissed off about black animals invading their neighborhoods and committing rapes & murders at 7 times the rate of whites when they allowed civil rights or 'group rights' laws to stomp on the very principles of the founding of their whole country ?

      It's principles laid down by the tiniest of minorities with half-a-brain intact and living by them that make civilization & the hordes of barbarians that makes the effort to live by them gradually more and more civilized and prosperous. If you throw them out the window and start living by the opposite priniple or as scoundrels, then you return to barbarism in a span of even a decade. Just look at the huge increase in crime in America in the 1970's.

      In the 1950's and even up to the mid 1960's, the same people that had massacred millions in WWII & Korea with a clear conscience and no apologies, left their front doors and cars unlocked in all the middle class neighborhoods, just ask Daryl Bradford Smith and John Kaminski or anybody that was alive back then. Today such a thing is unthinkable.

      You don't need to unite with 'non-whites' of any kind, not even the billions of Asians and the billions of already Jooweizze Muslims. Who needs them ? Country boys will survive, right ? lol

      Just see if you can bring some of your own genius-level-IQ 300-pound, Walmart shopping, lilly-white-assed white cattle around to stop impersonating Senor No-balls-passing-the Motza-balls year-in-&-year-out, decade-after-decade & you'll be sitting pretty up in the cold Northern climes without any wonton soup or falafel to bother your cheeseburger-stuffin' habits ever again. lol.

      ~Negentropic MK XXI

  3. Who do you think is responsible for teaching these "young" people their hatred? If their own people "love" them, why don't they mooch off their own people? Why would a black kid ask a white person for a cigarette??

    The day after obama was "re-elected", I was approached, on two separate occasions, by two different black outside of a restaurant and the second in a grocery store! Both instances, the black was bumming money from a white...the day AFTER a BLACK was re-elected as president!!!

    Why? Why do blacks feel it is ok to bum money from a white instead of a "loving" black?

    Why don't the blacks go to jewish neighborhoods and bum cigarettes from them?

    Who puts these black people up to this?

  4. John,

    The silence from the non-White crowd on this murder is deafening.

    You know what? I'm not deluding myself into thinking or believing that non-Whites are anything but collective enemies and an opposition force easily bribed and directed by Jewry.

    Those of you who can't see this deserve what's coming to you.

    Those of you who understand what's up need to ALWAYS be armed. In this environment, you need to be expecting a problem and be prepared to deal with that problem before it happens.

    Do not lower your guard.

    1. The Non-white crowd do not control the media. Jews control the media. This is a tragedy reflective of the culture of violence that is America and the entertainment fed to these youths by Jewry and by the socioeconomic conditions caused by Jewry.

      This tragedy is no different from many other shootings regardless of race. These killings all reflect a society in utter chaos and decline.

      To fight this problem ALL GENTILES regardless of races must find a way to get organized. News to Whites -- you are not going to resolve the Jewish question alone. You haven't done so in 2000 years and you are not going to do so in the next 1000 years unless you get together with your perceived "enemies.

  5. curiously the Zionazi terrorists use American supplied high tech weapons [Drones] against bottle rockets and rocks...


    Americans jack whacked [16 trillion] sideways & upside down to bomb with billions [$] of weapons bombed out mud hut rubble MURDERING innocent people who don't even have a NAVY...
    to bring troops to America....

    who needs Quentin Tarrantino...?
    Matt Drudge, Susan Rice. William Kristol, Dov Zakheim, Dershowitz,Breyer,Pelosi,Schumer,Maddow,Sharpton,Matthews,Walters,Koppel,Blitzer,Bloomberg,Silverstein,Feith,Wurmser,Kissinger,Clinton,

    dontcha just love the painty waste limp wristed multi-cultural ASSHOLES who comment on Kennys' sideshow...?

    Mr. Friend....Racist...Homophobe...Anti-Semite...?


    here's a question...

    why is it so evil to want what is good and Right ?

  6. Run away and hide nazi boys....the jooooooos are coming to get you all!

  7. Hey John why do you label these teens as "Black"? From the news report they are Hispanic and have Hispanic surnames.


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