Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dr. David Duke: How We Can Defeat Zio Globalism!

Replace the word "Zio" with "Jewish" and Dr. Duke has this 100% correct.  Must watch nevertheless.


  1. Dr. Duke is also wrong about the recent Sandy Hook shooting hoax. The entire thing was a media created PSYOP.

  2. Just left this comment on this YouTube vid, hopefully it is approved and responded to by Dr. Duke.

    Great video Dr. Duke, as always. Personally, I would replace the word "Zio" with "Jewish", but I understand where you are coming from. Most people refuse to come to grips with the fact that Zionism is JUDAISM, just as plutocratic international capitalism, international communism, multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, and even liberal democracy are Jewish ideologies. FYI, the Sandy Hook "shooting" was a total PSYOP manufactured by the Jewish owned media.

    1. Excellently expressed to David Duke, John Friend. Please let us know if he responds, and how he does. That will influence my decision about whether or not to honor his Christmas letter request, and send him a donation for 2013.

    2. Go over to the YouTube page and check out his reply to me, very well stated. I support Dr. Duke!

  3. Has David Duke been compromised? Is David Duke just another Frank Cohen from Skokie but using different tactics? What is "Opinion Shaping" and what is "Framing The Debate" all about?

    David Duke has a very close, cozy relationship with the Stormdrain "White Nationalist" forum. You get banned for being too aggressively honest on the Jewish Question over there at Stormdrain. Question is: Why?


    The Jews want to polarize the debate on the Jewish Question as much as possible. How? By putting forward fake "Nazis" who totally misrepresent the National Socialist perspective. How? Frank Cohen was a great example. He wore a "Hollywood Nazi" costume and went around saying A FEW true things about Jews in a very crazy, theatrical way. But Frank Colin DID NOT go around explaining about the long standing Jewish organized takeover of entire societies through their Usury Banking Monopolies and associated practices. He just marched around in a clown suit talking shit about Jews.


    The effect was to turn normal people off to the "Hollywood Nazis". Jewish strategy involves keeping the number of people who will join an anti-Jewish movement to a minimum. One way is to associate anti-Jewish movements with undesirable attributes. If a suitable anti-Jewish movement does not exist, the Jews will create on themselves.


    Judaism is s criminal ideology. Zionism is merely an offshoot of that ideology.

    The Jews had been subverting governments long before "official Zionism" even existed.

    Let's say you join Duke in his campaign against "Zionists". Let's say lots of people align with you against "Zionism". Let's say the "Zionists" start to feel the heat. What will they do? They will simply jump from the "Zionist" camp back into the "Jewish" camp...........and NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

    Only by that time maybe they will have enacted LAWS here to quash any criticism of anyone who is a member of a "religion".


    Time to wake up.

  4. Speaking of "Framing the Debate"...

    Stormdrain calls itself a "White Nationalist" forum.

    Why don't they call it an "Ethnic Nationalist" forum?


    Because the Jews don't want the "debate" framed in that way. That's why.

    Who among you are opposed to "Ethnic Nationalism"?

    Nobody. Except Jews and their lying stooges.

    1. Why don't they call it an "Ethnic Nationalist" forum?

      Because there is close to a million distinct ethnicities. White/European is easier to identify with. By no means is it a cohesive group. Jews are bound by narratives of holocaust, Israel, ethnic ethos derived from religion, but most of all a sense of being unwelcomed parasitic outsiders.

      It was pretty amusing how 150 years ago Karl Marx tried to convince fellow Jews to abandon their primitive Asian identities in favor of joining capitalist classes. See. World-Without-Jews-Karl-Marx

    2. The Jewish Controllers over at Stormdrain could have chosen the call their forum and "Ethnic Nationalism for Whites".

      Hey Rosa - since you seem to be speaking for Stormdrain, why don't you explain why you Jews over there promote the "19 cave dweller with box cutters" version of 9/11?


      Please explain to all of us here why you Jews over there at Stormdrain ban anyone who speaks openly about Jews?

      While you're at it - you can go ahead and explain again why David Duke is so cozy with you Jew fucks - and why he isn't a shill.

      We're waiting....

    3. Sorry for keeping you waiting. My access to the Internet is limited to a public library.

      First of all I'm not familiar with "Stormdrain" nor their reason for promoting "19 cave dweller with box cutters" version of 9/11. They may have their own redneck agenda that meshes well with cave dwellers.

      Dr. Duke speaks for himself and not for any other identifiable political group. He has to walk a very narrow rhetorical path to keep himself out of jail and a viable public political actor. Hence the ZIO narrative. It also plays well with his depiction of Jewish Nationalism versus German Nationalism or Ukrainian Nationalism.

      He got his Ph.D from MAUP -- the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, a major private university system in the Ukraine known for its firm anti-jewish stance. Some 7 million Ukrainians died in WWII yet, to this day Ukrainians consider Jews to be their main enemies.

  5. Rosa Luxenburg,

    It is indisputable that Stormdrain bans people who:

    #Dispute the LIE that 19 cave dwellers with box cutters did 9/11,

    #Assert WITH PROOF that Jews and Israel did 9/11,

    #Are critical of Jewish feminism,

    #Have a positive view on Adolf Hitler,

    #Reject the Jewish Occupied US cultural colonization of Europe,

    #Are critical of Jewish "democracy", and

    #Support the concept of a "republic".

    David Duke is intimately involved with Stormdrain.

    I'm going to repeat that.

    David Duke is intimately involved with Stormdrain.

    David Duke also plays the Zionists vs Jews game.

    So tell me - what kind of person would support an organization that bans the above cited opinions?

    What kind?

    A JEW?

  6. On Duke's long standing dubiousness on who did 911: in the 12/31 Spingola show with Art_from_Philly.

    Caller @ 1:01:10 said "Duke finally came out and said Israhell DID 9/11"

    Lindsey proposed that the caller had taken that claim from this Duke appearance on PressTV on/near the recent 9/11/12,

    Listening to the PressTV interview (which begins 2:40 mins into the above YT clip), I have to disagree, technically, that Duke "placed the blame on the Israelis". He didn't make that key leap from Muslim-blowback/izzy-foreknowledge/LIHOP, to ZIO-MIHOP (or ZIHOP as some call it).

    This would've been easy to miss coz Duke served up a lot of 'red meat' in the form of a recital of past izzy false flags, mossad living on same street as Atta, all izzy had to gain from 911 etc- but DD still never crossed that line that izzy/US-zio's DID 911 TOP TO BOTTOM - NOT ARAB MUSLIMS.

    The caller during this Spingola Art_from_Philly podcast makes that "Duke finally came out and said ISRAHELL DID 911" at 1:01:10. I'm afraid that's an invalid leap - Duke illustrated that, as the YT title says, izzy's fingerprints are all over 911, but he didn't make the more truthful "izzy did 911 claim", that just didn't happen. :(

    And I'd even go out on a limb and say, DD's even mentioning mossad & Atta as neighbors, helps enshrine the LIHOP notion which still implicates scary moozlems as having done the deed... which we've been given no credible evidence of, yet that Big Lie remains the foundation of the zio's post-911 war on arab/muslims and on western freedoms.


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