Friday, December 14, 2012

Covert White Genocide of Today


  1. White Genocide in Sandy Hook, CT Kindergarden? The shooter, Adam Lanza , Lanza an Italian Jewish name, had computer gaming friends named Israel, Joshua, , his aunt's name is the Hebrew spelling Marsha. His brother and father are accountants while his mother was an alimony fed possible shiksa from NH.

    Meanwhile the MSM is eerily silent on the shooters ethnicity / religion, whereas if he was a Tim McVeigh christian or Ali Jihadi, we would be discussing mass arrests.

    was the ct shooter motivated by zionist rage at being bullied, as in columbine ? ie micro white genocide.

  2. You may want to delink to aangirfan.blogspot, John. It is constantly posting disinformation about the populations of Germany, the Third Reich, NAZIs, and Adolf Hitler. As recently as Fri 12/14, under the heading "Sex in Argentina.." it again claims that Argentina had a NAZI past, giving erroneous details, and, also again, that Hitler RETIRED there.

  3. I have to agree with the first poster, Anonymous December 16 8:43 AM. The Trayvon Martin killing, Zimmerman was portrayed as "White" while there was no mention, even from White Nationals, that Zimmerman is a Jewish surname and that his father is Jewish.

    There is a graphic in this video showing migration from Mexico to the U.S. indicating that is part of the "genocide" of the White race. News flash -- the U.S. is NOT a White nation. The Europeans who settled America committed genocide against the native population. Are you suggesting that Whites settled in America go back to Europe?

    Jews want to "open the floodgates" against all NON-JEWS; all GENTILES no matter who they are or what race they are. Look at the genocide and chaos they are doing in Latin America and Africa.

    There is no problem showing Black on White crime but equally so the White soldiers in the US military are committing crimes and devastation against Black and Brown people at levels that well exceed Black on White crime. So lets keep things in perspective. Jews hate everyone and create chaos and despair and exploit all our differences so that all groups be they Black-White, men-women, young-old, rich-poor, are at each other throats while Jews sit back and gain and laugh.


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