Saturday, December 22, 2012

9/11 Propaganda, Sandy Hook Propaganda

It appears that both 9/11 and the recent Sandy Hook school "shooting" PYSOP were staged, Hollywood-style operations utilizing scripted actors, "witnesses", and reporters.  Even many of the "victim" family members appear to be actors scripted to promote the official narrative and target the emotions of the gullible public.  A few examples...


A federal district court in Manhattan yesterday entered a historic ruling that reveals new facts about Iran's support of al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels ruled yesterday that Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly supported al Qaeda in the September 11, 2001 attacks and are legally responsible for damages to hundreds of family members of 9/11 victims who are plaintiffs in the case.

Judge Daniels had announced his ruling in Havlish, et al. v. bin Laden, et al. , in open court on Thursday, December 15, 2011, following a three-hour courtroom presentation by the families' attorneys. Judge Daniels entered a written Order of Judgment yesterday backed by 53 pages of detailed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law.

Fiona Havlish, whose husband Donald perished in the World Trade Center North Tower on 9/11 said, "This is a historic day. For ten years we've wanted the truth to be known about who was responsible for our losses. Now we have that answer."

Ellen Saracini, the wife of United Airlines 175 pilot Victor Saracini, which the hijackers crashed into the WTC South Tower, said after the hearing last Thursday, "We just came from Judge Daniels' court where he ruled in favor of holding accountable those who perpetrated the attacks of 9/11... I just smiled up to Victor and I said we're still thinking about you ... we're there for you... we'll always be there for you. But today's very special."

In Havlish, et al. v. bin La den, et al. , Judge Daniels held that the Islamic Republic of Iran, its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei, former Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and Iran's agencies and instrumentalities, including, among others, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps ("IRGC"), the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security ("MOIS"), and Iran's terrorist proxy Hezbollah, all materially aided and supported al Qaeda before and after 9/11.

"The families have waited a very long time for this day and they have been through a lot. So I was greatly relieved that the families received an answer to the question that they asked me ten years ago: they asked who was the responsible party? How did this happen? Today a federal court judge has said that a principal responsible party is the Islamic Republic of Iran," said Thomas E. Mellon, Jr. of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, law firm of Mellon Webster & Shelly, the lead attorney for the Havlish plaintiffs.
Sandy Hook

This is a totally scripted ABC News broadcast:

More actors perpetuating this hoax:

The brother of a teacher slain in the Newtown gun massacre has pleaded with President Obama to ban the sale of assault rifles - the first victim’s relative to do so.

Matthew Rousseau, who sister Lauren was among the dead, said it was ‘ridiculous’ how often mass slayings happen and that the slaughter has to end.

He said that America should be a ‘safe country to live in’ and that he is so upset by the over gun killings that it has brought him to tears.

Matthew, 27, said that ‘at the very least’ the President should reinstate a 1993 law that banned the sale of assault rifles that lapsed under the George W Bush administration.

Mr Rousseau’s comments come amid what appears to be a change in the mood in Washington on gun control with the President vowing to make it a key second term issue.


  1. I wonder if they used this actor's guild to do the Sandy thing?

    Apparently, they were used in interviews regarding the Batman Shootings:

  2. before the shooting - family altogether. See Emilie in her red dress:

    After the "shooting" - why is Emilie with El Presidente?

    I got this from

  3. A rest in peace page for one of the victims was posted on facebook on the 10th.

  4. Consider that Sandy Hook was a staged event by a company that does "crisis acting:

    So as we watch the Talmudic vision what do we see? Staged performances.

  5. Thank you John for doing such a great job posting how Sandy Hook is a staged psyop, I totally agree. For a young man I am very impressed at your clear articulations and website posting this critical information at this dire time for our republic.

    Thank you John Friend!

    1. Thank you sir, very much appreciated. Merry Christmas to all, may 2013 bring truth and much needed justice to the criminal gang destroying our beautiful world.

  6. I found this on a popular conspiracy forum, Lunatic Outpost:

    100% proof of foreknowledge/conspiracy at Sandy Hook

    Look closely at this article from shortly after the shooting:

    [Image: A182_50D820BC.jpg]

    Other than always knowing an anonymous source (in these cases) is part of the conspiracy, I would have NEVER caught what this writer says:

    Who exactly is this ‘law enforcement official’ that has access to the premier news agency in the country, and on behalf of which state agency does he/she work for?

    How did they even know at this point that Ryan had a younger 20-year-old brother when there are no public records of Adam Lanza since 2009 and the two brothers had not seen each other since 2010, as claimed by Ryan? How could they have known on Friday morning that Ryan had a girlfriend and that she and another friend were missing in New Jersey? How did they even know that Ryan had any connection to New Jersey at all? The Lanzas’ mother was dead at this point and their father only found out later through a reporter asking him about Adam, who had by then become the ‘lone gunman’ in the official narrative.


    The only logical conclusion I can draw at this stage is that somebody or some group with high-level media access had FOREKNOWLEDGE of the crime, foreknowledge that is revealed by their ‘anonymously’ leaking to the press things which they could not otherwise have known, foreknowledge that exposes their hand in originally planning to use both Lanza brothers as patsies.

    He's right! At that point, all LE allegedly knew was that they had a dead young man, whom they believed to be the shooter, with ID saying he was Ryan Lanza, 24 years old. There is NO WAY they would know anything about a brother, especially a YOUNGER brother; no way they would know anything about Ryan having a girlfriend in New Jersey, and no way they would have any information about her and a friend being 'missing'.

    Remember they also said they had a dead body in New Jersey and that Mr Lanza (the dad) had been found murdered. It is obvious they planned on framing Ryan and killing him, just like they did his little brother, and killing their father, as well.


  7. You are going to believe this! The Sandy Hook kids are fake or missing people, lol

  8. I am totally on board with the info you've offered up. The minute I heard about the shooting, I told my bf I had a bad feeling. I googled the topic... and it took me here. 2 reasons I like this site, one: I couldn't agree with your view anymore, you are right on track - And two: I am a Friend as well, family originally from Maryland - Grandpa was named John (?!) :D . So from one Friend to another Friend... Keep up the good work with spreading the truth! I will now be following... :)

    1. Hey TrishA, thanks! I was named after my grandpa, John W. Friend. Our family is from Omaha, Nebraska, but I now live in San Diego, California. Thanks for the comment! Feel free to find me on Facebook if you're on there.


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