Monday, November 12, 2012

Truth Militia Radio with John Friend

I just finished the third edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend.  My guest John Kaminski and I discussed the recent election, the various techniques of destabilization used by organized Jewry to corrupt and destroy America, Jewish supremacism, Hurricane Sandy, and related matters.  You can download the entire show here or subscribe on iTunes via the Truth Militia Radio page on Blog Talk Radio.  

Thanks for tuning in and downloading!  Next week will be a 9/11 and JFK special with Dr. Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.


  1. Why are you interviewing anti white Muslims and religion hating crypto Jews John ?

    I just wonder ??

    1. I'm not sure who you are referring to? I haven't interviewed any anti white Muslims or religion hating crypto Jews to my knowledge.

    2. @anonymous: Mark Glen is a Christian of Lebanese extraction. Amazing the ignorance of some.

  2. John mentions a change in frequency in the Solar System, he is correct. I highly recommend people watch the following, take the time to think about this with an open mind and do further research

  3. I have no doubt in the integrity of John Kaminski, but isn't he of Jewish descent himself?

    1. Kaminer is a jewish last name. Kaminski just might be. There is a 5% chance of that. It is dangerous judging anyone by their last names, if anything it may only be a hint. Take a look at:
      U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Her Grandfather was supposedly a Lithuanian Jew who decided to change his name from Akiva Hornstein, first to Gifford Hornstein and, later, to Gifford Giffords. On top of that Gabrielle Giffords claims to be a Jewess though her mother was a Christian Scientist. This takes a lot of hutzpah and a lot of Judaic reforming. It is the lies that make someone into a Jew/Jewess

      New Testament is actually an instruction manual on unbecoming a Jew.

    2. John, GREAT show! You're a natural! You mention Visible's questioning NOBODY standing up. Have you seen the Halle Berry apperance on Leno (I think) in which she absolutely PANICS after making a mild Jewish joke. Very informative.

      Also useful is Ezra Pound's quote on the Protocols: "If or when one mentions the Protocols alleged to be of the Elders of Zion, one is frequently met with the reply: Oh, but they are a forgery.

      Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever."

    3. New Testament is actually an instruction manual on unbecoming a Jew. ( end quote )

      The problem is that the entire Bible has been interpreted literally for a few millenia and everyone is stuck on the literal - despite the fact that the Bible says not to but it is 'dark sayings of old' - 'allegory' - 'mystery' - 'parable' etc etc.

      The terms Hebrew, Israel, Jew etc were never originally meant to be interpreted as a race of people or a geographic place, they are terms from Egypt describing different levels of initiation, Egypt itself being a symbol of the lower self and not the country. This is why Paul says 'a Jew is one inwardly' and why Christ says in Revelation ' beware of those that call themselves Jews but who are not, for they are the synagogue of Satan' - again this is referring to a 'mind set' - the Priest craft has created the 'false historicity' of the Scriptures and now it is hard to get people to see the meanings as they were intended - symbolic of inner things within us all.

      Paul also states that the story of Abraham and Sarah is an ALLEGORY, yet it is still interpreted literally.

      Furthermore the Bible states that the Temple is not made by human hands and is the Human Body - the entire Bible being symbol, allegory etc of the hidden ( occult ) workings of Consciousness and energy and the chemical make up etc of the Body, to raise the bodies make up to a higher frequency to accept a Higher Consciousness ( Christ in you )Christos means oil and the brain manufactures a precious oil which is the Christ in YOU.

      Jesus said that the 'kingdom of heaven is within you' - why then do we still interpret all of this as being outside of us ?

      A good book to begin seeing the inner meanings is:

      God Man - The Word Made Flesh by George W Carey

      The following are also very good in explaining the true symbolic meanings, it does take some serious study: ( very large blog explaining in quite some detail the true meanings ) ( many videos teaching the ancient science and symbol of the Bible )

  4. kaminski writes good, but is in fact not an Old Testament scholar and cannot accurately identify who the children of Israel are...[1st world nations]

    90% of so-called "Jews" are descendents of the Khazars' PROSELYTES [two fold children of hell]....and do not have to be in the stool scultpture deity cult compound....but are kept as hostages by the ADL & B'nai Brith....not to mention the cult leaders...

    if Kaminski & Mark Glen and many others who have the sun glasses to see the alien [JEWS} reptiles using [Khazars] the ASHKENAZIM as camo it would make such a huge difference...for the rest of the braindeadgoy...who do not know about the STONE OF DESTINY or where the 1st world nations come from...

    and why the talmud is an anti-mankind manual for MASS MURDER...

  5. I downloaded the interview to Youtube:

  6. When i listened to the podcast lecture was a very scary experience. I never heard of such extreme views and one can only hope they are not right.

    I happen to wonder as there are so many other secret societies, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Knight Templars, the white Dragon society. I don't know much about them but I fear that they too meddle with the politics and they may even fight one another.

    Hence, as an individual, we can decide every day if we want to become corrupt over money or hurt other beings or live a benign life. Perhaps we will one day all be killed by these psycho reptos because of their contempt towards everybody they can't use and exploit. Perhaps humanity will die out as a result as robots can't control the 450 nuclear melt downs we will have as they too stop to function. Forever living underground is no life either as these people will point their contempt for humanity against each other in no time.

    Either way, perhaps many want only to pray and meditate because above all, many want the gnosis with God. This world has nothing to offer a decent person and to become violent like these monsters in human frame defeats the purpose. I rather like to think that their mean spirited ways are part of myself to overcome. Lucky are those indeed whose life appear insignificant and in the midst of the turbulence still can experience God.

    It hurts what has been done to humanity. I sure would not know how to fight such people at all.

    the best would be that all the people o top of the pyramid wwuld kill each other out of contempt off. We as a humanity really don't need such dark and unenlightend forces here. Still, ultimately one may wish these sick people healing for that is what they are: very very sick individuals and totally far from the Divine Being.

    I hope that all of this is untrue.

    1. You "never heard of such extreme views"? Hopefully, English isn't your first language. Please tell us it isn't.

      I suggest that you educate yourself on the nature of the problem presented in the above cited podcast. Investigate the Money System. Find out what "Money" is - and what "debt based Money" is. Find out who actually issues your National Currency and sets it valuation. Find out how Central Banks around the world coordinate in their issuance of debt based Currency and the manipulation of relative valuation disparity - and how that tool is used to defraud entire Nations. Find out who benefits.

      Please refrain from attempting to tell us that "God" will save us. God hasn't saved us yet - right?

      We are going to have to do this ourselves.

      In the meantime, educate yourself on the Jewish Question.

    2. English is not my language, sorry to confuse you. I understand what you say about the money system. It is hard to believe that humanity is that bad ... or some of them. It just does hurt.

      I am not telling we are saved by a "God" (consciousness, truth, awareness... whatever) expressing only my personal spiritual longing to escape such a sick planet with psycho minds which do not care about living beings. No we won't be saved. It did not happen before.

      There is no need to react harshly, remember, this kind of stuff is really really very painful to expose yourself to. It takes stages of understanding.

      Yupp, my English is not so good. :-) Peace. Without the change of the money system, nothing will change ever that is for sure.

      I got depressed listening but appreciate honesty and authenticity.

    3. "never heard of such extreme views"? - end-quote

      oh man, you haven't heard nothin' yet. Talking about Jews is an exercise in debating lies. Semitic culture 2300 years ago was an antidote to Greek science and rationalism, Greek admiration of physical human body and the power of reason. See Epicurean philosophy of happiness. Jews at that time were considered sore losers and whiners. Stupid, lazy nomads telling each other the most ridiculous tall tales.

  7. Awesome John. Three in a row. Great start!

    The better you get, the more they will come after you. (You will improve naturally so no need to try).

    Congrats on becoming a target and taking some shots. Many of us from all sorts of different pigeon holes need to flock together against those that celebrate our deaths and sufferings.

    As you hoover over the target, the flack will become more heated. Stay cool and on target. You represent strength and truth. "They" hate that.

    As "they" keep attacking more and more targets, their strength weakens and it shows in the caliber of their keyboard attack goons. When they throw their sickest heavy hitters at ya, it should be entertaining. Looking forward to it! I believe there are more than a few that got yer back.

    Just keep doing what you are doing. It is appreciated a lot.

  8. Excellent interview by John Friend. Kaminski describes the Jewish Problem very well, and to his credit - handled a suspect caller very well.

    Kaminiski described one of the Jewish tactics designed to discredit those who understand the Jewish Problem. That tactic is to piggyback expose's of Jewish Criminality with discussions of "aliens" or other fringe concerns. Unfortunately, Kaminski seemed to employ that same piggyback tactic himself with his insertion of "Chemtrails" and "a change in frequency in the Solar System" - spoken in the same breath as the verifiable Jewish Problem.

    The "Chemtrail" issue and "the change in frequency in the Solar System" both involve facts in dispute - and insertion of those subjects without a complete investigation of the verified proof of claims(or lack thereof) did nothing to support the veracity of the program to a new listener.

    The Jewish Problem is not a "Fringe Concern". It is a Mainstream, Worldwide problem.

    The biggest single problem we face in the Jewish practice of charging interest for the use of money coupled with the fact that Private individual Jews have seized monopoly control of the issuance and valuation of our National Currency.

    Frankly, the "Chemtrail" issue and the "change in frequency in the Solar System" issue pales in comparison (and will not resonate with the average person on the same level) to the financial crime that World Jewry is perpetrating us.

    I applaud both John Friend and Kaminisi for a great show. In the future, however, it might be best to separate discussion of highly disputed subject matter from discussions of well documented and provable Jewish Financial Crime.

  9. Anonymous,

    Is there any books or vids that you would recommend on the "Jewish Question "?

  10. @ Anonymous November 13, 2012 6:15PM

    That questionable caller you speak of was Rich from the Truth Militia Show. Kaminski may be awake to the Jewish Problem, but my God is he depressing as hell to listen to. Enough with the "fake moon landing" stuff and the whole idea that we're all gonna die in 3 months or 3 years, whatever the hell he was saying... it just makes him sound looney. Saying we don't have 5-10 years left is pretty stupid too. And I'm glad Rich called in and challenged him to expand on that prediction. 3 years until what John? What are we going to be seeing in 3 years??? This kind of fear mongering should be left to the Jew Ass Kissers like Alex Jones. Anyway, John's a great interviewer, and he did an excellent job trying to keep this guy on track.

    Love the show John,

    Keep up the good work,


  11. Kaminski was pretty disappointing. A lot of generalizations, jews this and jews that without names and facts. Elite Jewish power can be limited by exposing physical human beings, their deeds and motives.

    So what makes a Jew a Jew? As of 2009 the most popular definition in Warsaw Ghetto was that a Jew is someone who wants to be buried at the Jewish cemetery at city's expense.

    Take a look at Polish Jewess - Agnieszka Holland. In her movie "Europa, Europa" she has a scene where a German high school teacher demonstrates to his pupils how to identify a Jew. This is a lie obvious to every Pole born after the war and was repeated over and over in numerous jokes. What she is not saying is that the routine method of positive Jew identification was to pull down the pants of the subject in questing and check for signs of genital mutilation.

    Foreskin restoration became big business in Budapest starting 1943. Some of the individuals involved in this business now have a tree planted in the "Righteous among the Nations" garden in Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

  12. You sure are linked to a lot of shills.

  13. Vinnie, read The Controversy of Sion by Douglas Reed, tellingly out of print at Amazon but available online. KT

  14. John Friend - Hello, I really appreciate your morals, your character and integrity, and the kind way in which you treat your guests. There's some important info I want to send you but I don't want to put it here in the event that a Jewish shill will see it and censor it before you can view it yourself. I can't find an email for you anywhere. Can you please give me your email address or put it in an EASY TO FIND place here on your webpage? I know the links I'm going to send you will blow you out of the water. You have no idea how demonic the "chosen" ones really are until you read what I'm going to send you. Please let me know your email. When I send you the email, I'll put Shar in the subject.


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