Monday, November 5, 2012

Truth Militia Radio with John Friend

I just finished my second broadcast on Truth Militia Radio.  My guest Jonathan Azaziah of the Mask of Zion and I discussed international Zionism and Jewish supremacy, the Talmudic origins of the "New World Order" conspiracy, "anti-Zionist" and "anti-war" activist groups that fail to discussion international Jewry, and the Jewish multicultural agenda versus the concept of international nationalism.  You can download the full program here.  Thanks for tuning in!

By the way, I apologize for the static and interruptions, especially at the beginning of the show. During the show, I did not notice much feedback and static.  Hopefully, this will not be a problem in the future.  


  1. Mr. Friend, check out this blog that has some interesting comments about the world's problem(s).

    1. Excellent source, thanks Greg! I've read most of Hitchcock's book, but I'd like to purchase a hard copy.

    2. John, think there's a power point of the book....

  2. Great show John!

    Jonathan Azaziah was able to convey an almost encyclopedic barrage of information on Jew, Judaism and many of the effects of the evil Cult.

    Azaziah certainly understands that the Jews use the "divide and conquer tactic" when ever possible. In other broadcasts, Azaziah has called for unity among all of the various ethnic groups - and that once united, we could effectively fight the Jewish oppressor.

    If we wait for non-White groups to develop the cognitive ability, intellect and behavioral control necessary for them to stop victimizing White people and focus on the real oppressor - we may as well just give up now.

    Azaziah is of high intellect and he certainly knows that his intellect is due to his genetics.

    I live in the US. My background is White European. I will not bore you my own personal experiences in being victimized by members of "certain groups" due to my being White.

    In most circumstances, the most workable solution is separation. I have chosen to live in a predominately White area - because quite frankly - its safer for me. Not only that, I live around people who are pretty much like me and we generally share similar values.

    I fully agree with the call for unity against the jewish oppressor. Unfortunately in the US - "unity" among certain racial groups is simply not going to happen.

    1. "Azaziah is of high intellect and he certainly knows that his intellect is due to his genetics."

      I hope you know that Jonathan Azaziah is the son of an Iraqi Arab father and a Russian Jewish mother. That is what he himself has said in several of his programs. He is undoubtedly highly intelligent, but I am less enthusiastic about his Muslim fanaticism.

    2. I am aware of what Jonathan Azaziah said his mixed ethnicity was.

      He is quite definitely a smart guy.

      I am not a fan of his Muslim fanaticism either. That is a very big part of his life. Evident from listening to his ever present and repeated references.

      I am not a Muslim and I will never be a Muslim.

      I also do not appreciate those who advocate for the destruction of my culture. I am sure that, as a Muslim, Jonathan Azaziah can understand my viewpoint. What if I were flooding Jonathan Azaziah's homelands with non-Muslim White Europeans? I bet we would be hearing Jonathan Azaziah speaking out against that.

      In the present day, the Jewish Oppressor is actively seeking to flood every White European area with masses of non-Whites. They are doing this in an attempt to literally destroy the primary danger to their continued Criminal Enterprise.

      Jonathan Azaziah has spoken about his close connection with the "black community". I think Jonathan Azaziah should spend more time attempting to stop members of the "black community" from victimizing White Europeans - rather than calling for White Europeans to "embrace" yet another group of oppressors.

    3. Which only shows abundantly that anti-Zionists are not automatically White Nationalists or even sympathize with their cause. Ultimately Islam is just as hostile to the interests of European peoples as are the Jews. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

    4. Throughout history, Jews have employed the Usury Scam to enslave men and destroy Nations. Usury is the practice of charging interest for the use of money. This practice is made even more lethal when a private entity controls the issuance of a Nations currency.

      The story of the screwing of the US is pretty simple. In 1790, the Jews struck again using their agent Alexander Hamilton.

      The newly appointed First Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton proposed a bill to the Congress calling for a new Jewish Controlled Privately Owned Central Bank.

      +++ Coincidentally, that was the very year that Amschel Rothchild made this statement:

      “Let me issue and control and Nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

      In 1791, the Jew Bank was give a 20 year charter. 80 percent of the shares of the bank were in Private Hands and the owners names were kept SECRET. This bank was called The First Bank of the United States.

      The Bank of the United States (BUS) was given a monopoly on printing US Currency. So, who held the 80 percent controlling shares in that PRIVATE BANK? The fact pattern strongly indicates it was the Rothchilds.

      In France in the year 1800, the Bank of France was organized. Was the Bank of France a “government” institution? No. It too, was a PRIVATE BANK. Napoleon understood the scam and declared that France had to break free of “debt slavery” to a Private company. Napoleon stated that “when a government is dependent upon Bankers for money, the Bankers - not the leaders of the government are in control.” Unfortunately for all of us, Napoleon was defeated in July of 1815.

      As a result of this development, Rothschild usurped control of the Bank of England and the English Bond Market. One year later, in 1816 - the JewS Congress passed yet another Bill permitting yet another privately owned Central Bank. This Bank was called the Second Bank of the United States.

      Just as before, the primary Stock Holders names remained Secret. But it is known that the largest single block of shares (about 1/3) of the total was sold to Foreigners.

      What? Foreigners? Really? Say it ain’t so……

      By 1816, the Rothschilds had not only taken over control of the Bank of England - but they also controlled the privately owned Central Bank in the JewSA.

      The Jews were floating the idea that the US “needed” a Central Bank and that only a Central Bank could prevent Bank failures. J.P. Morgan led the charge. Morgan was a Rothschild agent. Are you surprised?

      To underscore the idea that only a Central Bank could prevent Bank failures they (J.P. Morgan and friends) engineered a Stock Market crash in 1907.

      Don’t you remember being taught that in school?

      You don’t? Gee. Maybe you saw it on Talmud Vision? You didn’t?


      Anyway, Morgan convinced Congress to allow him to prop up failing banks. The public fell for it and stopped hoarding money.

      Woodrow Wilson, then President of Princeton University hailed Morgan as a “hero”. Are you starting to see a pattern yet?
      Woodrow Wilson went on the become President of the JewSA and signed the Federal Reserve Act into law and also created the IRS. LOL!! He got us into WW1 and murdered tons of Europe’s best White men.
      Nice huh?
      Then, the guy named Hitler popped up and tried his best to save his people.
      …….I think you know the rest.
      And here we are today.
      Now what?

    5. Unfortunately you can't have it both ways.

      You can't on the one hand say, Jews have passed laws in pre-dominantly white countries that let non-whites violate the individual rights of whites, & this is WRONG & then at the same time say: whites should separate themselves by force by violating individual rights of non-whites & then only have individual rights amongst themselves, if at all.

      One is integration by force & violation of rights, the other is separation and segregation by force & violation of rights.

      In principle, they are both equally wrong if you are in favor of individual rights. If you're NOT then you shouldn't complain when you lose the game of tribal warfare. If 'might makes right,' then you lost at the game you fully support.

      Racial theory on the other hand says that 'culture itself is a racial construct' and only people of a certain race are pre-disposed to certain levels of civilization. White racialism says only people of a certain heritage even have the ability to live up to European white standards and to the responsibilities and disciplines of freedom and individual rights and the rest cannot, therefore they have to be excluded by force in a pre-emptive measure to prevent inevitable problems.

      Hitler thought this in Germany & instituted racial laws that limited opportunities to non-Aryans by simply not giving them full citizenship. During the war, he changed his tune a bit and started accepting many Non-Aryans even into the Waffen SS, made the Japanese honorary Aryans, etc.

      I don't think racial laws are necessary once the usurocracy has been taken out by the roots.

      Whites established Western civilizations mainly through their own productive achievements, not merely through force & exploitation as Marxist theory would have so many believe. They usually only resorted to force when some tribal or backwards people couldn't be dealt with otherwise and then the relative freedom of their minds INVENTED (in-vent, coming from the inner, the in-side) instruments of force that none of these others could possibly deal with. Free thinking and inquiry, recourse to VENTING from the INSIDE and access to civilized discourse is paramount in all cases, even that of best defending against aggressors.

      In other words: rights have made might which then has realized that reverting to rights will make it even more might. This is an ongoing dynamic process of building strength upon strength logically.

      You don't have to be a white nationalist or racialist to defend the non-aggression principle that's at the root of civilization itself BY FORCE at all times. Initiated force always meets self-defense force by those in favor of civilization and those who are not go back to the jungle or are kicked back over there by those who are.

      "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law', because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." "No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him." (Thomas Jefferson to Francis Gilmer, 1816)

      No equalization of results permitted, only equality BEFORE the law. This is NOT egalitarian but fair and the way it should be. The only problem was people forgot to pay the price of freedom which is: ETERNAL VIGILANCE. That price has to be paid on a daily basis.

      Under this system, 'political' candidates become almost pointless since valued leadership is in productive ability and not that of running a looting party for favored groups and parasitical exploiters. No Jews that follow the Talmud or Torah or any other criminal code are allowed in this system based strictly on criminality.


  3. I learned a lot about Jonathon I didn't know before. Thanks.
    Were you both using Skype (did that cause the audio problems)?

  4. I'm pretty sure that the Khazar connection has been debunked by more recent DNA research.

    1. No, it was not. Check the motives behind this claim. First of all show me a pure blooded Khazar. The place where large numbers of Khazars met Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews was Galicia at the end of 19th century. This is also the place from which came the grandfather of Ben Shalom Bernanke. 19th century Galicia was administered by Austria, Poland, Ukraine/Russia and Romania. A true melting pot. This was a high density/intensity Jew becoming and unbecoming pot.

  5. Good one John! Kicking butt with the first two shows. Huge guests! Good on ya for letting Mr. Azaziah go on some long runs. He is amazingly knowledgeable and I always enjoy listening to him. Thanks for what you are doing.

    1. Its time to shed some light onto the real meaning of all scriptures and end all the nonsense in this world. All scriptures are Science and Philosophy of the Highest Degree, veiled in myth and allegory etc .. knowing what IsRaEl is, what a jew is, what a Hebrew is, what Jerusalem is, what Abraham is, what the Christ is, what Jesus is etc etc etc will end all this insanity, it really is that simple.

  6. Jonathan apparently discounts the history of Solutrean White people on North America many thousands of years ago. These were genocided by the later Mongolian Invasion of North America, which is happening again.

    He may not know that ca. 1900 nearly a third of the world's population were obvious European type White people, but that today there are less than one quarter of that -- today less than eight percent of the seven billion are White people. THAT is genocide -- no matter how it happened!

    Amalek: Please be aware that those DNA 'studies' (and those related to Neanderthals) may be controlled by kikejews and their jewthinking lapdogs.

    RESIST !!!

  7. Nothing new here. Jonathan's info on Christianity is false just like the info on his website regarding Mugabe, Ian Smith and Rhodesia.

    Not to mention Islam and Mohamed's close relationship with rabbinical Jews and marrying Jewish women. Jews and Arabs(Hebrew for mixed) are blood brothers.

    As Mel Gibstein says, never trust a Jew. Jonathan is a Jew.

    Don't stop seeking the truth because it does not end here.


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